PornOCD Interview with Isabella Sorrenti Pt. 2

April 25, 2016

Twitter: @isabellasorrnti

I conducted my first interview with Isabella Sorrenti here on February 9, 2016. My @PornOCD followers on Twitter have been on steady notification to see updates about the #ItalianBarbie. About this follow-up with Isabella, the Italians would say, “A volte desiderato si avverano” or to me and you, “Sometimes wishes do come true.”

PornOCD: Was this year your first attendance at the Transgender Erotica Awards and how much fun did you have?

Isabella: Yes, this was my first year attending the TEAs! I had a lot of fun and met some very interesting people. I feel that I gained a lot of exposure being at the award ceremony. I was actually given the opportunity to present an award to one of the talents. I definitely felt glamorous on the red carpet. My dress was a total head turner.

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PornOCD: How much deciding did it take to pick your outfit and where did you get your dress from ?

Isabella: I had been looking for dresses mid-January. I didn’t really know what kind of style I wanted to go for. I went to some boutiques in Los Angeles and found some amazing options. Since my style is floral, the dress I ended up buying contrasted well with my skin tone, hair style and shoes. I was searching for a decent dress for well over a month. I didn’t actually get my dress until the week before the awards.

PornOCD: Was it great meeting your fans at the Fans Convention ?

Isabella: You know, I actually didn’t make it to TEACon. I was getting my tattoo half sleeve finished. I’m sure it would have been nice to meet my fans. I did meet most of them at the pre and after parties and the actual awards ceremony.

PornOCD: More ink. Tell us about the new artwork?

Isabella: I actually covered up two of the three tattoos I already had. The tribal tattoo was covered up because it had no meaning and I had gotten it because my ex-girlfriend wanted me to. She wanted a matching tattoo which was an absolute mistake. The fox is actually my spirit animal. I feel that the fox being a symbol of adaptability, intense loyalty, a joy to watch and be around and I can be foxy at times. 🙂

The Eagle Globe and Anchor tattoo was covered up with roses and a portrait piece from a Margaret Keane painting. Although people admire my service, I didn’t have a good three years in the Marines. Towards the end there was a lot of judgement. I actually decided to tell some of my closest comrades about my gender dysphoria, but they went behind my back and told the Chain of Command. In the process, I was discharged for being “gay”. I feel that the experience was great and it helped me grow, but the tattoo was a mistake so I decided to cover it up with something that fit my personality. I also recently got an infinity symbol with mine and my friend’s initials. She’s very sick and could actually pass away soon. I wanted something that I could remember her by.

PornOCD: It’s really great you got a tattoo dedicated to your friend. They must mean so much to you.

Isabella: She really does mean a lot to me. She’s my mentor. If it wasn’t for her I probably wouldn’t have began my transition when I did. She’s taught me how to do makeup, dress like a woman, be a woman etc. I love her very much.

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PornOCD: What’s your thoughts on how the military treats LGBT?

Isabella: Well back when I was in about six years ago, they were extremely trans and homophobic. I saw a lot of LGBT military members being treated like animals. I’m just happy they allowed trans to freely serve in all branches last year. It’s been awhile since I’ve followed military politics on that matter, so I’m sure there’s a lot more acceptance now.

PornOCD: You have become so popular on Twitter with TS fans with 30,000 followers. You must be very proud of how far you have come in such a short space of time.

Isabella: Yeah, I started to really blow up after the AVNs. I never really thought getting a Twitter account would help me gain the popularity I have so far. I’m definitely pleased with how things are going so far.

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Isabella: I know I’ll continue to grow in the industry and with other things. I’m actually going to do some acting for independent films really soon. Performing in porn isn’t going to be something I’ll be doing forever, so I have to find something to fall back on once my shelf life goes kerplunk.

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PornOCD: You must be getting in the air miles with all the work your doing.

Isabella: Yeah definitely! Spain is for sure happening next month! and then I’m planning on doing a shoot with Nica Noelle next month for TransSensual.

PornOCD: I recently saw the trailer for Tranny Glory Hole Surprise #02 and it looks like a must watch. Tell us about your scene ?

mp4 Trailer

Isabella: That was my first shoot with Devil’s Film. It was a very fun shoot to say the least. My male talent was Eli Hunter who was a lot of fun to work with. He was respectful and extremely funny. There was a part when we were doing the fucking scene which went something like this:

Eli: You’re a fucking little slut aren’t you?
Me: How’d you know my nickname?
Eli: I saw it on your Twitter.

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Isabella: I started to laugh so hard while he was fucking me when he said that. I don’t know why. I thought he was pretty funny. The scene basically started with me going into the restroom across from the strip club where I “worked” at. Everyone was out for lunch so we decided to have some fun. We did a blowjob scene through the glory hole and then we moved to “his office” and did the fucking scene on the couch.

Flash Trailer

PornOCD: It ended with a facial cum shot. Do you like it being aimed at your face?

Isabella: I love doing shoots for Devil’s Film. I feel everyone is super chill and just make all their videos look so good! I really don’t like getting people splooge all over my face, but I put up with it if the director requests it. It messes up my en-pointe makeup.

PornOCD: You have shot another movie for the Devil’s Film Transsexual Babysitters #28. Tell us about your scene ?

mp4 Trailer
Sample Photo Gallery
Flash Preview

Isabella: Well, it starts with me talking Mr. Weinermeir on the phone and then making my way upstairs. I start playing with myself and the burglar starts to walk up the stairs and jacks off while I’m doing my thing. I then get furious and grab the burglar and dominate him. I end up slapping him around and fucking him. I then switch and he does the fucking. My male talent was Chad Diamond.

PornOCD: So do you prefer being the top or bottom ?

Isabella: I prefer being a top. I’m a really good top and dominant. I will switch if need be, but I like to be in control.

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PornOCD: You like sex toys or more partial to the real thing ?

Isabella: Sex toys are fun, but the real thing is nice. I haven’t had many real dicks that could please me. They have to be thick and long and have good stamina.

PornOCD: So who has a cock in the business you would love to try out ?

Isabella: Most of the really big cocks that I’d like to try out are in straight porn. If I had to pick one it would be @johnnysins.

Twitter: @isabellasorrnti

Thank you for reading the second installment of my interview with Isabella Sorrenti.

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