PornOCD Interview with Crystal Sopen

June 4, 2016

Twitter: @CrystalSopen

Crystal Sopen along with her camming friend Alice Night are lighting up Twitter and Chaturbate for the fans. Sit back and enjoy this interview with the truly awesome Crystal.

Chaturbate: crystalsopen

PornOCD: Where do you call home and where were you born and raised?

Crystal: I was born in Chicago IL, I grew up in Rockford IL, and my home is now in Dallas, TX.

PornOCD: When did you first feel that you wanted to live as a TS?

Crystal: I started to see myself more as girl all the way back to about the age of 6. I wanted to be one of the girls. I was trying to push my penis back in my body back then.

PornOCD: Did you act on these feelings or keep them a secret from friends and family?

Crystal: I felt a great deal of pressure to be the best boy I could be, so I did almost nothing to act on it. That non-action is my biggest regret in life. I did sometimes go into my sister’s closet and try on her clothes and play with her dolls.

PornOCD: At what point in your life did you tell your friends and family and how did they react?

Crystal: I came out after the age of 30. At that point most of them thought I gay or something, so it wasn’t a big surprise. They ended up being pretty supportive.

PornOCD: How have you dealt with rude and narrow minded people?

Crystal: I have dealt with some of that. Mostly, I try not to let them bother me. I find that people are more accepting if they get to know a person, even a little bit.

PornOCD: What advice would you have for anyone thinking of making the transition, but scared of telling people?

Crystal: As hard as it may seem now, if you wait, you will really wish you did it sooner.

PornOCD: I have read you suffered some real low times during the early part of wanting to transition? How did you deal with these feelings and could you tell us a little bit of your situation?

Crystal: Yes, I had hard time financially. Most of my career was selling cars, prior to transition. That wasn’t a good option for me after I started transition. Even though I had financial problems early on, I was personally happier. I had two incidents where people tried to physically attack me, and I got lucky. I got away without being hurt. But all the challenges of transition are better than the sadness and wrongness, which I felt prior to transition.

PornOCD: So are you in a much happier place right now is life good?

Crystal: Yes, I have a nice place to live, a good roommate, and income. In addition to the camming, and I do “devops” / programming work.

PornOCD: How did you feel the first time you went in front of the camera?

Crystal: Pre-hormones, I got on Chaturbate (room crystalsopen) to see if I could make myself look good enough. The response was mostly positive and felt good.

PornOCD: So when did the decision to start camming enter your mind?

Crystal: Speaking of those financial problems, I had trouble finding a good job. My credit card was over the limit. The savings I had when I decided to transition ran out. And I got a letter from the IRS saying I owed back taxes. I only had odd jobs so I wasn’t working consistently as I had just lost my job. Sounds like the circumstances when someone would start having sex for money, right? Because my early experiments went well, and with literally nothing to loose, I went for it. I put in a huge effort to make a living at camming while taking odd jobs as a “cover” for my income.

PornOCD: I recently interviewed Alice Night here on TS Dreamland and she talks about you being the main reason she started camming. How much does your friendship mean to you?

Crystal: She is a really a sweet person, fun and smart. I value her friendship greatly and I want her to be successful.

Chaturbate: alicenight

PornOCD: You and Alice post some great pics together on Twitter @CrystalSopen and @AlicesNight. How important do you think Twitter is, not just for your career, but for TS Porn in general?

Chaturbate: crystalsopen

Crystal: Twitter is very important, and it’s not just for promotion. The connection with fans and letting them see performers as regular people and that has been good helping trans people in society in general. Plus, often when I sit down to write, I don’t like what I wrote, and keep trying to rewrite it. 140 characters keeps me from going too wrong with that.

PornOCD: You have done a few porn shoots. How did your very first shoot come about and tell us all about Femout.

Crystal: Technically, I shot for first, and Femout was right after.

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I met Eva Cassini and Jamie French in bar in Dallas that we all like. Shortly after I met Jamie and Eva, they mentioned that Eva was about to launch a solo site and she needed some content for it. About 6 months later, we shot my first scene. Jamie shot stills of the two of us and Eva topped me. I was so excited and had so much fun. Eva and Jamie have been friends ever since. I had few long talks with Jamie that helped me. Eva and I spent a great deal of time hanging out, partying, and going shopping together quite often. I have been a fan of Jamie French for almost her whole career. And I love the scenes Jamie and Eva, did together on and on Eva’s website .


A week later I got a text from Jamie asking me if I wanted to shoot for Femout. The membership site Femout.XXX had not been released. Back then, if you went to there was just a placeholder site (I think it had a picture of mail box). Jamie shot this also, and she made me feel comfortable and free to express myself. She gave me a bunch of advice on posing, which I try to remember. We tried a bunch of different positions and shots. We had a fun shoot.

PornOCD: How much fun was it working with Tiffany Starr?

Crystal: I first met Tiffany a very long time before I ever got to work with her. So I was anticipating it for a long time. And it was tons of fun to game with her and shoot with her.

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PornOCD: Jamie French shot your scene on TGirls.Porn with Eva Cassini. We wanna know all about this.

Crystal: This was my third time working with Jamie, and my second time working with Eva. I would gladly work with Jamie anywhere, at anytime. I had an idea for me being called tech support and the providing of “additional support”. I like my content to be light, fun and not too serious. Based on my experience, that tone is more a reflection of most trans-girls sexuality. Tgirl on tgirl scenes can be really beautiful, and I love it when they feel like the real tgirl on tgirl sex in my personal life. Eva was VERY excited to use the bodywand, and as we had become good friends by that point, it was great to get work with her again. Her outfit was so cute, and the socks and boots looked so freaking cute. I think some of the stills from that site look really good. It’s amazing how Jamie can put things together.


PornOCD: So for the people reading about you for the very first time describe you in five words.

Crystal: Nerdy, queer, goofy, affable, techie.

PornOCD: Who would you love to shoot a scene with #PornBucketList?

Crystal: Mandy Mitchell.

PornOCD: What are you ambitions for the rest of the year and further in the future?

Crystal: I want to make my own content. I want content that has a fun amateurish feel. I also want to grow as a programming, by learning more and more.

PornOCD: Where can your fans find you online?

Crystal:,, Twitter @CrystalSopen, and I also have Google+, but that is for when I want to be alone 😉

PornOCD: Any new projects coming up for us to look forward to?

Crystal: I have been making more clips for my clip store, and I have been learning lightworks NLE to make better content.