PornOCD Interview with Ariana North

June 4, 2016

Twitter: @real_ariana_ts

Amazingly sexy pre-op TS girl Ariana North is not only fairly new to Twitter, but she has just done her very first shoot with UK-TGirls. It was great to get the chance to interview this hot North East girl. If you are not following her on Twitter, you need to change that right away. @real_ariana_ts.

PornOCD: So you’re Newcastle born and bred. How was growing up in the North East?

Ariana: I can’t say it’s been good or bad. I grew up on a council estate. Everyone knew each other, but I had some good friends around me. I still keep in contact with some of them also.

PornOCD: The question that everyone will want to know is where do your football allegiances lie?

Ariana: I’m not a fan of football in all honesty, but I’ve got family who support both sides. I’d class myself as a Geordie rather than a Mackem though!

PornOCD: So when did you first feel you wanted to live as a TS and complete your transition?

Ariana: Very early memories. It was only after I got access to Internet around 11 or 12 year old I started to understand it more. My family were not the best to talk about it though.

PornOCD: How did your friends and family take your decision?

Ariana: My family were iffy at first and I did get some mocking from a few of my outer family in particular. My mum had passed before I got to tell her, and my dad didn’t agree to it, who has also passed away. My aunt has been a gem and the only person in my family I regularly keep in contact with.

PornOCD: How have you dealt with rude and narrow minded people?

Ariana: Trans will always have to deal with these, but I can have a joke about it. I dated this guy a couple of times and we got on well. He was a bit of a joker and knew a few of the ‘rough’ people where I grew up, but then word got round and we lost all contact. I’m sure the words they said was pretty bad, but it doesn’t bother me. Some of my close ‘friends’ also used to say that I was a man to guys I wanted to chat up, but I always denied it. Even one of them was in a relationship, but she was jealous that I was getting the good-looking guys! It’s not my fault I wasn’t ginger and had a skinny frame!

PornOCD: How long did it take to complete your transition?

Ariana: I truly believe that no one has ever finished transitioning, even when post-op. I’ve been taking hormones since 17, and I’m 29 now.

PornOCD: I have read on your bio Love the Glam Life, Fast Card and Being Wild. Seems you live life to the max. Do you have a motto for life?

Ariana: Work hard play hard! I’m always keeping busy and love working, but I’m still young and I have plenty of energy. I want to be successful and won’t stop until I get to a certain point! Especially since coming from a council estate, no one in my family working, and I’ve accomplished a lot so far. Due to both my parents passing away when I was 14 and 19, it’s been very tough and I struggled to attend college a lot. Had I done so I think I’d have done better in life, but I can’t complain too much.

PornOCD: So when did you first think about shooting porn?

Ariana: I have quite a lot to be honest. I first spoke to Steven at Grooby Productions when I was around 21, but I had to travel to London and I had absolutely no money! I think had I done so, my life would be a little different!

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PornOCD: How did your first scene with photographer Kalin at UK-TGirls come about and tell us about it.

Ariana: I was nervous, but I looked forward to it. It’s different to anything else, and I’ve made a few new friends from it. He was amazing and if people want to see me again, I think I’d go in with a different approach.

PornOCD: How did you feel stepping in front of the camera for the first time?

Ariana: My friend taught me some modelling tips a few years ago. I just remembered those and just tried to forget there was a camera there. Of course being in London with a total stranger is nerve-wracking, but at least I knew the Grooby company was legitimate.

PornOCD: So how has your shoot gone down with your friends?

Ariana: No one knows. I’m tempted to tell my best friend, but for now I don’t think I will.

PornOCD: You recently joined Twitter. How are you finding it?

Ariana: It’s different! It’s my only social media account linked with the adult industry, and it’s great to speak to people who have seen my content.

PornOCD: So what is your favourite part of your body now?

Ariana: My eyes. They’re very bright blue and I’ve always had long¬†eyelashes, and it’s always been my favourite¬†part of me.

Review by TS Caramel

PornOCD: You have tattoos across your stomach. Tell us about them. Any stories behind them and any plans for more?

Ariana: To be honest, I wanted one for a while, and then I spoke to my friend who works in a studio and said I wanted some! I was hungover and not thinking straight, but people seem to like them!

PornOCD: So what would be your perfect 24 hours?

Ariana: Wake up in California, put my bikini on, and jump in the pool. After breakfast, hop in the drop-top Rolls, and head to Long Beach and meet some friends. Catch up my tan, then grab some food and a few drinks. After start getting ready to head out while loudly playing cheesy dance music. Dance and drink to excess, while trying not to fall over in my drunken state, and then wake up the next morning wondering how the hell I got home!

PornOCD: Do you have any party tricks?

Ariana: Unfortunately not!

PornOCD: Right. For those who have never visited Newcastle on a night out, tell us all about the atmosphere and it is just like Geordie Shore lol?

Ariana: It’s a party zone, and there are a lot of spice boys! There are lots of different types of pubs and clubs. I prefer the Bigg market or Jesmond, two vastly different areas! There’s some nice bars on the Diamond Strip, but the guys are just fake tans and low cut shirts!


PornOCD: So do you have a shoe and bag fetish like most girls or do you have other things you spend money on religiously?

Ariana: I do spend a lot on bags. My friends think I’m daft! My last one was a Michael Kors tote. I did buy a fake Louis Vuitton when in Turkey, but I just don’t like cheap and fakes! When I go to Primark I get a rash! Ha.

PornOCD: Have you ever had any truly terrible chat up lines used on you and did they work?

Ariana: A few times yeah. I had a stint on Plenty of Fish, and it was terrible! I did put on my profile I was trans. There were people who didn’t care though, more than I initially thought!


PornOCD: Any plans to do more scenes?

Ariana: It all depends if the viewers want to see more! Other than messages on Twitter, I wouldn’t know if they like the material or not.

PornOCD: Where can fans find you online?

Ariana: Just on UK-TGirls so far. I am on Twitter @real_ariana_ts and try to be active as possible, but it’s a bit of a time sink!

Twitter: @real_ariana_ts