PornOCD Interview with Alice Night

May 26, 2016

Alice Night on Chaturbate

There is a buzz around Twitter at the moment about Alice Night and her Chaturbate webcam shows. If you’re reading out her for the very first time, you’re in for a treat. Enjoy my interview with Alice Night @AlicesNight on Twitter. 

Twitter: @AlicesNight

PornOCD: So where do you call home? Where were you born and raised?

Alice: I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I grew up in a northern suburb of the city. However, I have always lived within the Dallas area.

PornOCD: So you’re a Texas girl. Does everyone wear cowboy hats all the time like in the movies? 🙂

Alice: Lol not exactly. It’s not completely uncommon to see, but it’s not as bad as the movies depict 😛

PornOCD: So how was growing up for you and when did you first feel you wanted to live as a TS ?

Alice: Growing up was about what you would expect with a conservative family that has your common southern values, very religiously focused. Granted coming out as trans did not help things at all. I first started to embrace the idea of transition and living as such at the age of sixteen while I was in high school. Then managed to actually get on hormones a few months before I turned eighteen. The family is still not thrilled or even communicative to this day because of it, but such is life.

PornOCD: Did you have friends who you could confide in how you were feeling?

Alice: Oh absolutely and without those close friends, I don’t think I could have made it happen so early on. I am very grateful for all their amazing support. 

PornOCD: How have you dealt with rude and narrow-minded people whilst you were first taking your first steps in your transition?

Alice: At first it was difficult to handle. I have personally come across many a few. What was always the most difficult for me though was when it was people I considered family or friends and no longer being able to really see them as such. I always had a great support network though with all my friends. So while it may have been a little rocky at first looking back, things could definitely have been a lot worse and I like to think that after all of that it’s turned out pretty well. 🙂

PornOCD: Can you remember the first time you watched porn?

Alice: The first time specifically, however I started at a younger than legal age for such things, starting to browse my way online around thirteen or so and slowly starting to discover what I was fond of. At first it was always more innocent type of scenes and content nothing much not even actual sex. But eventually over time my tastes definitely broadened.

PornOCD: So when did you first feeling confident enough to start camming and how did it all come about?

Alice: I only just started camming in the last month or so and at first confidence was a major concern. However, I found it a lot more enjoyable than any typical job I had done in the past. At the end of the day though, the worst case scenario is when someone says something mean over the Internet, in which case whatever not really my problem. 😛 And most everyone I’ve encountered so far has been more than pleasant to interact with. I started considering the idea when a personal friend actually suggested it to me because she does camming as well. At first I was hesitant but in time the idea grew on me and I decided to just give it a shot. Now I don’t think I’m quitting any time soon. 😉

PornOCD: So how did you feel the very first time you turned on the camera and logged on?

Alice: More nervous than I can possibly describe, but also very excited as well all at the same time. It was definitely a new experience but not unpleasant at all. 🙂 People ended up being quite nice and I definitely enjoyed myself. 😉 And the whole thing just kind of grew on me. I look forward to turning the camera on now and being able to do what I do in front of it.

PornOCD: So have you started to get some loyal viewers?

Alice: I definitely like to think so. I haven’t been able to cam as much as I would like in the past few weeks due to some issues with my personal life, however after today, those should clear up and I will be able to jump back into things. However, people really seem to enjoy my photos on Twitter and I have been trying to keep up with having regular photos going up daily and people just seem to love them! It is a big confidence booster as well seeing all the responses 🙂 which definitely helps with getting to put more and more up.

PornOCD: You mentioned Twitter. How important do you think Twitter is to your career and TS porn?

Alice: I think it helps me get more people interested in my content. When I do a cam show, I post a link on Twitter @AlicesNight and let people there know that I’m online. I think the more people who get to see my content and the more audiences I can bring it to the better my possible career could be. Also it helps me judge what people like based off of how various photos do between different outfits, makeup and positions, which gives me an environment to test those out where it isn’t capable of negatively influencing a show.

PornOCD: Your tweets with @CrystalSopen are very popular. Tell us about your relationship.

Alice: Crystal is a personal friend of mine and is the person who actually introduced me to the idea of camming (crystalsopen on Chaturbate). We are good friends and enjoy to have fun with each other when the opportunity occurs. We enjoy doing photos and cam shows together as well and they always seem to draw in a large crowd. 🙂

PornOCD: So what are your short-term and long-term goals? Any plans to move into studio porn?

Alice: I am quite interested in moving into doing actual porn and would be more than thrilled to at least give it a shot and see how it possibly goes for me. I do also very much enjoy camming and don’t plan to stop that anytime soon either. So goal wise, I hope to be able to produce as much content as I am able to and am always open to any opportunities that possibly arise. 🙂

PornOCD: Okay, for those reading about you for the very first time, describe yourself in five words.

Alice: Hmm, that one’s a bit more difficult. 😛 “Excitable young pre-op trans girl”

PornOCD: Do you look up to any girls in the industry or see any girls as role models?

Alice: Right now I would say I currently look up to Crystal Sopen. She’s the one who first suggested getting started in the industry. She’s who I talk to about anything and everything regarding any of my work, and she’s been very helpful and supportive.

Crystal Sopen on Chaturbate

PornOCD: Right. Let’s play a bit of cupid Who would be your dream one night stand and dream threesome?

Alice: Hmm dream one night stand… That one’s tough… honestly? Probably Johnny Depp because he’s hot and seems to have a decent personality all things considered. A dream threesome would probably have to Depp as well and then an actress I personally have a soft spot for being Helena Bonham Carter. I think those two could make a thrilling and exciting experience.

PornOCD: So where can your fans find you online?

Alice: Right now I am currently available quite actively on Twitter @AlicesNight I post quite a few photos daily. I also do regular cam shows on at alicenight on Chaturbate and do post links to the show when I get online. I also hope to be able to produce some videos to be able to put on my Chaturbate account relatively soon. I hope to expand outwards from these two main locations and will keep people updated via Twitter as things progress for myself.

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