PornOCD Interview with Mia Nicole Sparks

January 14, 2017

Twitter: @SylviaSlitTS

According to Confucius, “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” Mia Nicole Sparks has set her sights on breaking into the porn industry. Sit back and enjoy saying hello to Mia.

PornOCD: Every good story starts at the beginning, so where were you born and raised?

Mia: Born in Independence, Kansas, raised in Chanute, KS.

PornOCD: How was growing up in Chanute. Does it live up to the town’s own quote “Tradition of Innovation”?

Mia: Oh wow, you’re going in-depth. Awesome. Well, not really. The town tries to uphold itself some grand scale of living. It’s not. It’s a town on the edge of going down the drain, or thriving. For such a small town, it has a rather horrible poverty and meth issue. It’s simply an old town trying to ride off its hay days to survive.

PornOCD: When can you remember the first time you felt you might be in the wrong body or questioning your own feelings towards your sexuality?

Mia: From since I can remember, I never really lined up with how the boys were. I never gave the concept of my gender identity much thought till I was 8-9 yrs old. At that point when distinct differences between how the males were developing and females were developing. Soon after, I knew something wasn’t right ’cause growing up. I felt correct identifying as part of the girls. So I started researching ’cause this is when dial-up Internet was starting to pick up for residential usage. By 12, I learned the term transgender and knew ever since then I’ve been unapologetically myself owning being trans and being a big advocate for myself and the trans community, even though as far as I know and others, I was the only open trans girl.

PornOCD: Did you confide in any friends about how you were feeling?

Mia: Well, growing up I never really had friends. Rare occasions for a few months. I had what you could call a friend, but they usually didn’t stay in my life ’cause of having to move. I was the outcast of the outcast. Just that “One weird kid” growing up. So it was more of an announcement to those that tolerated socializing with me, and it spread like wildfire from there. Not that I gave two shits anyways. I was always able to be confident in who I was and am as a person.

PornOCD: How hard did you find telling your family?

Mia: I announced my trans status at 12. Let the gossip reach them, besides my dad. Which I told upfront. To say the least he didn’t accept it and I was kicked out.

PornOCD: That must of been a very difficult time.

Mia: It sucked, but you roll with the punches. It’s all I’ve been doing.

PornOCD: So what plans did you have for your life from that moment on?

Mia: Get the hell out of Chanute, get something going with my glamour/pinup photography, go to cosmetology school for my license. Adult entertainment was enjoyable, but at that point I wasn’t trying to get into it. Now that changed ’cause while I got into ’cause I have no other option for income. Though the more I’ve experienced different aspects, I’ve come to love this.

PornOCD: So where was your first destination away from Chanute? What city did you first call home after leaving?

Mia: I was stuck in Chanute for a while up till late 2015. Now I’m in Pittsburgh, KS just an hour away. Not really where I want to be, but it’s where I’m at.

PornOCD: So when did the idea of making a move into adult entertainment really settle in your mind?

Mia: At 19. @MMusesStudios approached me via FetLife. They just presenting what they could offer me and how they could help. While I’m still trying to get going, they are there to help me out either with marketing/networking or emotionally. I’m rather glad I’m part of the studio.

PornOCD: Did it take much thinking about or was it an easy decision?

Mia: Pretty easy also given it’s my only option for an income, given I have no legal protections in Kansas against discrimination.

PornOCD: What was your first piece of work you did in porn?

Mia: I’ve just been doing webcamming, well trying to do it as often as I can. Which it’s picking up on my end. I’ve now just started making content for Pornhub though I would love to get a chance to take it so much further with content. Hopefully get featured on sites, create content for them. Maybe appear at conventions.

PornOCD: How much do you enjoy camming?

Mia: Camming isolated me from everything else going on with me. I absolutely adore doing it. I just love showing off, having men and women, and whoever else enjoying what I have to show. This industry is amazing if you know where to look.

PornOCD: How log did it take to get a loyal fan base for your camming?

Mia: I’m pretty sure I’m still in that process. It’s a rocky start for me as being without hormones and not being lucky as many other tgirls are with being naturally feminine in many ways. I can’t quite get on as often as I would like.

PornOCD: So can you remember the first time you watched porn?

Mia: I was 11 and came across one of my dad’s Playboys. Hardly did anything sexual for me, but I was awfully jealous of them. 13 is when I saw my first porn video. It was a bisexual swingers. Two men, two women. Everybody was just fucking everybody. I was like this is my life right here. lol

PornOCD: So which girls do you think are doing amazing job in TS porn?

Mia: Mia Isabella is my idol. Sarina Valentina, Bailey Jay, Foxxy to name a few. Just so many.

PornOCD: So for those reading about your for the very first time, describe yourself in 5 words.

Mia: Anti-Establishment, Fun, Open-Minded, Artistic, and Adventurous.

PornOCD: What is your favourite part of body and why?

Mia: Lips ’cause I enjoy how full they are. With a little bit of makeup, I can go to BIMBO status. teehee

PornOCD: When did you start on Twitter?

Mia: This is my second account. I first started Twitter in 2013.

PornOCD: How important do you think Twitter is to your career and porn in general?

Mia: For me personally, my biggest collection of followers is on Twitter. It seems to be a high traffic site, which doesn’t ban you for adult content. So it’s probably the biggest arsenal for anybody in entertainment, especially adult entertainment. Though I have my Tumblr and FetLife as well.

PornOCD: So how popular do you think TS porn has become across the world?

Mia: It’s always been popular, just underground. What it is doing is going mainstream which has it’s positives to society. It means the acceptance of trans people is making progress. Though given it’s porn that’s getting popular it does induce stereotypes, but with independent porn companies putting out a vast diversity of TS porn, I think it’s breaking that which is good. It’s all great to have fantasies which I love playing out for myself and others, but in the end I’m human and can’t have my experience crammed into a neatly filed box.

Twitter: @SylviaSlitTS

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