PornOCD Interview with Holly Parker

February 18, 2016

Holly Parker’s Doll House |

Twitter: @TheHollyParker

In April of 2015 I was lucky enough to interview blonde bombshell TS Pornstar Holly Parker. Let’s take a quick step back into the PornOCD interview archive and revisit this interview. The fans loved it back then and I’m convinced you will still love it now. Here’s my first hello to Holly Parker:

Twitter: @TheHollyParker

PornOCD: When did you realise you wanted to get into TS Porn?

Holly: When I was broke as a joke! I had just left my life in Arizona to come back home to Washington. It was quick and easy, but I was so fucking nervous! If anything, I knew how to act and was pretty confident sexually. Modeling made me fairly familiar with being in front of a camera. When I first started, I never thought I would pursue it further than that first shoot with Radius Dark on my birthday. But life has a strange way, you never know where you are really going.

PornOCD: What goals did you have when you first started?

Holly: I had zero goals in the beginning. I was so scared, although I was confident in my talents. I was about to do something so intimate for the entire world to see. Now, my goal is to help with anyone who has low self esteem to love their body, TS or not.

PornOCD: Were there any girls you aspired to be as successful as?

Holly: I did not know there was an industry for TS porn until I began. I honestly can say I knew no TS adult actresses before I began. I knew some gay ones though! Today I’m just enjoying the adventure it’s taking me on. I have learned how to be so much more comfortable in my skin. I really want to be a Make-up/Hair Stylist in this industry. I went to school for hair and I have done my own makeup and hair every shoot except for two.

PornOCD: So do you plan to have full Gender Reassignment Surgery?

Holly: I do plan to have Gender Reassignment Surgery, most likely before I get boobs. Some have asked why. Well, because my surgery takes me out of the TS industry almost completely, but I’m not doing this to be aesthetically pleasing or please anyone for that matter. I’m doing this for me so I can be happy. I’ve wanted GRS almost my entire life and before I knew that was an option, I thought I may be stuck this way my entire life. I didn’t know what I would do if I had to do that. My physical congruence with my brain is necessary for me to live a full, healthy life.

PornOCD: The world is a pretty unforgiving place. What really pulls at your heart strings and something you think the world should stop ignoring?

Holly: Certain issues do not necessarily pull at my heart rather than it just makes me mad. Most of the time it’s because someone is ignoring the issue out of laziness and does not want to come up with a solution. Like saving a perfectly healthy animal or not putting it down after a certain amount of time. Animals have no expiration date, like we do. Shelters that limit euthanasia to those suffering severly with no hope for recovery and vicious animals that put humans and other animals in danger. They’re usually over packed and always need more funding. Support your local animal shelters! Also, the homeless. A majority are mentally ill. Many places for these souls fall just as fast as they rise. I have no solution unfortunately yet, but it’s something I want to bring more attention to so that can happen someday that’s also taxpayer friendly. These animals and people deserve a chance at rehabilitation.

PornOCD: When you’re away from the busy and often stressful world of porn, what do you do to unwind and relax?

Holly: In my free time, I masturbate, eat pizza and cookies and get my nails done, all while holding a fat joint. While that may or may not be true, I spend a lot of time alone in my free time, usually thinking, “What can I do next to experience what life has to offer and how can I keep my mind positive looking for that AND live in the moment?” Then, whatever comes next that sounds like fun to me, I pursue. Creating new goals while among current ones is such a help to keep you looking forward while working on the ones you already have. If I’m not doing that or spending countless, and maybe pointless, hours on Social Media, I’m spending time with a best friend learning something new about them. Right now I’ve been spending a lot of time on creating content for my solo website partnered with Grooby and ModelCentro, There is also gossip of more coming to Hmm… I also love food and burgers are my favorite!

PornOCD: I was lucky enough to review Tranny Hoes In Panty Hose 2 which I gave 5 stars ( review). How much fun was that movie to make?

Holly: It was very much great work and filming. I think the part of me by the pool is my favorite. It was a beautiful and perfect California day. I really got into it touching myself and that was fun to me. I didn’t think about anything and I think it came out great! I had never worn pantyhose like that ever! They were comfortable though and I’ll never think of pantyhose the same way!

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