PornOCD Interview with Holly Parker Part 1 & 2 #AskHolly

February 22, 2016

After my first interview with Holly Parker of (that you can read here on TS Dreamland), I decided that I should turn the interview over to her adoring fans with #AskHolly on Twitter in December of 2015. It was an opportunity for her fans to ask her questions directly in conjunction with @TheHollyParker and via email. Here is #AskHolly Part 1 & 2:

Twitter: @TheHollyParker

@Roadrash_Tim: Do you want to settle down and get married someday? If so would it be to a cisgender male / female or a transgender lady?

Holly: Settling down and getting married. I’ve attempted to several times! I’ve been engaged five times, believe it or not. I’m thankful I have not tied the knot with anyone yet. I’ve come to a conclusion from a good friend’s quote, “You should strive to be a complete person by yourself first and then try and meet someone who compliments you.” So, yes, I do want to get married and have at least two children. As of now, I picture myself with a CIS man because I’m attracted to men right now. But that can change with time and I’m not going to put myself in any one attraction category because I do not know what the future holds!

Tom via email: Does you use Tinder or another dating app?

Holly: Dating Apps. Well, I’ve been down the road of dating sites and been unsuccessful. I’ve not had a chance to use or the want to use them because of my friends who have them. They seem to only be for hooking up! That’s my opinion gathered from observing others who use these apps. I am not looking for that type of thing, so these apps are not something I use.

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@KrzysztofS_22 In sex, do you prefer to be active, or passive?

Holly: Active or depends! I say this because it depends on who I am having sex with in an intimate setting. I feel like most times I am in the bedroom with someone they make it easy for me to be passive if I want to, but I don’t like that a majority of the time. I love being active in the bedroom! If someone else is putting in work, they should know I’m going to return the favor. It’s got to be 50/50! You can bet I’ll fuck you back just as hard as you fuck me rather than be me on top, underneath, from the side or from behind.

Craig (via email): How turned on to do you get when you see the size of the cock you’re getting to play with in your scene?

Holly: When I am on the set, I never get turned on by the size of my co-stars dick size. I am turned on by their personality. If I am not, usually by the time they are penetrating me, I am ready to go!

@slim1874 Scott: What is your favourite sexual position and why?

Holly: My favorite sexual position is cowgirl or “on top”. With little to no effort, I can always get off like that. The position of the dick at that point hits all the right places for me personally and then it’s like a firework celebration going off in my head!

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@LadyChrysallis: What is the greatest advice to the ladies that are just trying to get started in the industry?

Holly: My greatest advice to anyone starting in this industry is this, never worry about the way you look compared to anyone else. Remember each #girlslikeus are unique and desirable no matter what. Basically, do not ever feel self conscious about where you are at in transition. Embrace every stage of you beginning now! Also, to help people with the basics, find all the websites that you see any major TS porn actress or stars in and find their contact section on their website and they will either have a talent submission email or general info email. Follow submission guidelines if there is one. If not, just send an email that says who you are and that you’d like to be considered for future talent casting and ask them if they can direct you to someone you can submit your photos and stats to. If one company turns you down it does not mean all of them will. Never give up! Start your own website too! I’m happy to have mine through Grooby with ModelCentro!

@DonnatellaV: What makeup do you use and what products do you use on your hair as it always looks gorgeous?

Holly: It’s not just about make-up! I’m really self-conscious about my beard area. What woman is not? And I have had over 6 laser hair removal treatments and now I’m being told it is time for electrolysis. To help with this until it’s gone, this is the make-up I use and some beauty items I use as well. Before I shave, I scrub my face with an organic coconut oil sugar scrub and then shave with a moisturizing and cooling shaving cream. Then I apply a light amount of coconut oil and moisturizing lotion. Lotion with proteins in it is best. Then I apply Hard Candy’s Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer on the areas where hair is the worst. Foundation all over my face and neck with Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 and then apply Maybelline Fit Me Matte Powder with a brush lightly tapping the powder all over my face and then buffing it out with the brush to smooth the powder. Then contour with some bronzer! I use E.L.F. blush/bronzer duo compact kit. My favorite lipstick is Covergirl in “Yummy Pink”. I am a drugstore beauty-bargain girl!

My hair is my real hair, but I wear clip-in synthetic/human blend extensions I make myself with hair from Hairtensity. It’s inexpensive and lasts a lot longer than human hair IF you take care of it. I made a set 1 1/2 years ago with two sets of wefts and it has lasted me until now. On my real hair I use Joico Daily Shampoo and Conditioner and then spritz my hair with “It’s A Ten!” Miracle Leave-In treatment throughout towel dried hair and then perform a round brush blow-out on my hair and curl with a Revlon Curl Magic wand.

@horny_manc_area: On Dirty Blonde Transsexuals, what were the different girls like to shoot with?

Holly: On Dirty Blonde Transexuals, I enjoyed working with each of the girls because they were just as excited as I was to be there. It was simple, everyone was comfortable and on the same page.

anonymous: Would you ever consider doing scenes with fans?

Holly: Fans..scenes with fans..I would consider it if they were serious about being seen in the industry. They would go through the same interview and screening process everyone else does!

@ChurchOfFilth: What’s your favorite song/album?

Holly: My favorite song right now is “Bad Self Portraits” by Lake Street Dive. My favorite album though is “Pearl” by Janis Joplin.

@BolinRb: What is it like having sex on set in front of lots of people?

Holly: Filming scenes in front of a lot of people is not difficult. Having sex takes your mind off being on set because you have so much more to focus on than just that. Being naked and just standing around or laying there waiting for the next “ACTION” part feels awkward for me sometimes. I am not totally used to being just naked and not doing anything. I even chill in my panties at home if I feel like relaxing with no clothes on.

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@Avikall: Who is your dream date?

Holly: My dream date is Kaleb Followill from the band Kings of Leon. I have never done any research on him, but I am in love with his voice in every song he’s ever sang.

@GTOMafiaMan1: What type of guys are you attracted to?

Holly: The type of man I am most attracted to looks wise would be Seth Rogan for my best visual example. I am attracted to someone who loves food and has a filthy, vulgar sense of humor. He would not be terrified of me when I’m being a bitch! Just listen to “Any Man of Mine” by Shania Twain, that’s what I’m attracted to.

Dennis (via email): How often do you wear sexy high heels?

Holly: I wear sexy high heels all the time! If they make me feel sexy, I’m going to wear them. I don’t care if they make me 6’7″!

Andy (via email): How much do you love to spend time being a girly girl getting your nails painted, etc.?

Holly: I always get my fingernails filled of re-done every two weeks and it’s a different color every time. Right now I have a lilac purple color! I do not think I spend enough time being a girly girl! I wear dresses every single day though.

Adi (via email): Have you have cum while you have been having sex #NoHandsCumshot?

Holly: I have never cum with no hands! I did not even know that was possible, even without a toy? Now I need to find out more about this #NoHandsCumshot.

Laura (via email): I know my boyfriend looks at your pictures and I’m fine with it as you look so stunning. I wish I had legs like yours. However, how many men do you think are fans of TS porn but never admit to their friends?

Holly: Hi Laura! That is actually a great question! I want to first say thank you and I am so flattered that your boyfriend looks at my pictures and my legs are just limbs to help me get from point A to point B really. haha :p No, but I believe any man that watches porn has watched some type of TS porn in their lives or will eventually accidentally and love it. I think, at this point in time, though TS porn is becoming more than a niche. Most men are still not comfortable admitting they watch it. I think 20% of the men who have watched it are honest about it and always will and have been and don’t care and the other 80% will eventually get there, in my opinion. It helps that their significant other is okay with it and can be honest with them about it and not be judged just in case their boy/girlfriend ever came accross it. It’s just porn and no one should ever be shamed for watching porn with two or more consenting adults 18 years of age or older.

Jim (via email): Do you have to exercise to keep in such incredible shape?

Holly: Thanks Jim! That is really kind of you to mention and ask. I come from a family of very tall and lean people, but sometimes it does not last forever, even inherited. I do excercise and diet regularly to stay in shape. It’s extremely important to me to stay in shape and be healthy on the outside because it helps me feel great on the inside. I love Pilates and biking!

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Geordie George (via email) Will we ever get to see you in the UK anywhere?

Holly: Honestly , I’m not sure when I’ll be in the UK. I have always wanted to go. I still have not been out of the country yet! I hope to plan a trip there soon and would love to shoot for some production there as well. One of my best friends is British, but was raised in Germany and she wants me to go with her to visit some of her friends eventually all over Europe. I’m really hoping to try some great beer and see some amazing sights. I have to say I’m most excited about museums, night life and food! I’ll keep you updated!

Petr (via email): How much work does it take to run your website, Twitter and porn shoot arrangements?

Holly: It takes a lot of work. takes the most work. It will eventually have work other than solo pieces. I’ve shot my solo work for my site all by myself. There will be a few sets from prior shoots with other production companies, but those come in time. I want people to get personal, I want my fans to feel a connection with me. Twitter and shoot arrangments are the most stressful. I do not just do porn so my schedule is usually booked out randomly across my calendar so I have a talent manager ( who schedules for me and I oversee the details and a decision is made, same with Twitter. I always do my own interviews like this one.

@CheekyJen: Will we ever see you do scene with a non TS girl?

Holly: Hey CheekyJen! Unfortunately, there will not be any scenes with non-TS girls. I’m still debating if I want to do porn after my Gender Reassignment Surgery and then I would consider doing scenes with non-TS girls and even Trans* Men.

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Gordon (via email): How do you feel when fans tell you they masturbate over your pictures, movies etc?

Holly: When I meet people or am told by someone that they love masturbating to me, I’m extremely flattered! The content I put out there is specifically for that and to be told by people they are doing just that, it’s a sense of accomplishment for me. I feel like it’s brave for fans to reach out and speak to the people they masturbate to! They may not always get a chance to reply, but most of the time they will see what their fans had to say. I just want to give them a hug, shake their hand and say, “Thank you! You’re why I keep doing what I do!”

Sebastian (via email): Have you ever come close to having to stop a scene for a break as you were taking such a sexual pounding?

Holly: Yes! Oh my goodness. Sometimes the dicks I’ve put inside of me are so large, they hit some crazy spots. I usually have to stop to pee quite a bit! I know it’s frustrating to the crew, but it’s such a weird feeling to have a boner and have to pee and be pounded so hard. Sometimes I need a moment after a scene if I cum really hard. It’s like fireworks go off in my head!!!

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