Two Tgirls: Office Slacker Gets Fucked

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Casey Kisses is making her rounds at the office checking up on her employees, it’s a tough job being in middle management but someone’s gotta do it! She stumbles across Kayleigh Coxx who appears to be fucking around on the clock yet again! She’s Sitting at her desk chatting up boys on her cell phone instead of getting her work done. This isn’t the first time Kayleigh Coxx has been caught red handed fooling around at work. Casey is PISSED and tells her that they need to have a talk! Kayleigh sits down on the couch and Casey delivers the news, she’s fired! Begging for her job, Kayleigh Coxx says she’ll do ANYTHING to keep her job, ANYTHING! Casey Kisses happens to have something for her to do, right in her panties! This video features some HOT raunchy office sex with positions such as doggystyle, missionary, the famous reverse cowgirl, and tons of oral as well! Both girls have nice big titties that jiggle as they fuck! The story ends with Casey Kisses blowing a GIANT LOAD of cum all over Kayleigh Coxx face!

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This scene might be the closest I’ve seen to a BDSM shoot. Casey is so hot as an aggressive top and Kayleigh’s dutiful side is deliciously revealed the moment she’s “forced” to suck cock. Casey does not want to reciprocate. You’ll find out how she obviously cannot wait to ease her big hard dick inside Kayleigh’s cute tight ass. She rails her employee standing over the desk and then doggy style on the office sofa. That’s where Kayleigh is pummeled with jackhammer thrusts until they switch into the reverse cowgirl position. Kayleigh gets to share some of the hump work this way and then she lays back and just takes a pounding the best way she knows how to. Kayleigh takes Casey’s cum exactly the same way.

TransAngels: Domino Presley and Gabriel D’Alessandro

In “Stepsister’s Big Secret” Gabriel visits home and finds a note from his Dad that he and his mom are going out for the evening. His stepsister will also be out and she usually doesn’t return until very late. So for this trip he’s got the house all to himself. He carries his luggage up the stairs and plops down on the bed to relax. Meanwhile, beautiful Domino is in the shower lathering up her gorgeous body. She’s also lathering her cock to an erection.

High production values transform this sequence into a slow motion dream state and it looks like Dad jumped the gun on the stepsister being out for the night. Gabriel spots a bath towel near the bed and heads to the bathroom to shower. Luckily, he hasn’t made enough noise to startle Domino and he drinks in the sight of her nudity through the glass partition.

As she continues lathering up with her back facing Gabriel, he also begins recording video of her on his cell phone. Both hands are busy because he’s also jacking off under his towel. Then she hears his noises and Gabriel is busted! He’s never actually met his stepsister in person and when she turns to face him with her cock exposed, he’s in shock.

Domino is pissed off that he’s been recording and he explains that she could have been an intruder. But she’s willing to consider the mix-up a thing of the past if he deletes the video.

He agrees and joins her in the shower, giving her a blowjob and bareback fucking in a variety of positions! Director Tom Moore, Domino Presley and Gabriel D’Alessandro are veteran performers – adult industry masters of the trade who know how to get things done so expertly they make it look easy. Make this a must see scene on

Danni Daniels: DanniXXX Presents Hot Threesome

Since DanniXXX houses some of the most artistic adult content around, I was wondering if “Hot Threesome” might go in the high-art direction. Nope! We get high production values with hot sex already taking place. One of the guys is giving head. It’s a double sucking of Danni’s big cock and the one of the man whose lap she’s sitting in. When the dude begins giving Danni a rimjob, he continues jacking off his male friend. Then he wanks Danni off while inserting the dude’s stiff prick inside Danni’s tight ass. I would award him with porn multi-tasker of the month if I could.

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Danni then gets her full erection sucked while she rides the other man’s dick. As much as Danni seems to love getting fucked, I can tell what’s coming next by the way she handles the cock sucking partner. She hops of the schlong she’s humping when the other buy lays across the bed on his back. She helps the more muscular guy hoist his friend’s legs up and penetrates him bareback!

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He’s also getting his mouth sucked by Danni’s big cock but this is the gayest trans porn production I’ve ever seen and I love this! I love it even more when Danni trades places with the muscle stud. You see, usually I need a twink involved to turn me on if there’s Male/Male sex but there’s at least one exception to every rule. I think what makes this all come together is the fact that Danni is always the obvious star. Even if I didn’t know what or whom I was watching I’d know that. A bit later, Danni rides the muscle stud’s cock again. But this time the guy she fucked while he was on his back rides her dick again while standing up!

MP4 Scene Trailer

They’re now fucking bareback in a daisy chain that evolves into a side saddle three-way fuck! All this occurs until just after the midway point of the scene. There’s a long sequence with both guys jerking Danni off and finger banging her. They’re doing everything they can think of to make her climax. Then the guy she fucked twice straddles her and pounds her tight ass doggystyle while she jerks off and sucks muscle man’s big dick.

Not only is back full steam ahead, she’s also killing it with regular webcam shows LIVE on!

Shemale Strokers: Bailey Love

Did you see the Bailey Love scene trailer above? I didn’t expect the preview video to show her cumming but it does! Her official Shemale Strokers synopsis reads: Tall brunette Bailey Love is from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and she loves drinking Miller High Life and Puerto Rican hookers. She also loves to suck and ride big dick, especially being spit roasted.

And the two of you already have something sexy in common… you both love to fuck girls with cocks and make them squirt. Already turned on, Bailey takes off her thong and spreads her juicy ass cheeks wide part for you. Bending over, her clenched asshole is on complete display. Just a little bit of teasing has her dripping precum from the tip of her lady cock, so she indulges herself with a taste her own yummy girl juices.

Next, she pulls out a big 9-inch dildo to play with. She sucks on its entire length, and you can’t believe how she stuffs the whole thing down her throat. Now that it’s nice and wet, she sits down on the toy cock and rides it. The deck below her gets soaked with all her sexual fluids, but she just keeps bouncing on up and down in her high heels.

She keeps jerking her long clit while fucking herself in the ass, until she shoots tons of white gooey cum all over a glass plate. Of course, this dirty little trans girl licks it all up! I’m a little biased about this actress considering my interview with Bailey Love that you’ll find right here on TS Dreamland. Luckily my reviews aren’t numbered because I’d probably rate this update higher than the website would.

Even though I think I did a pretty good job with our highly enjoyable interview process, I really love what the Shemale Strokers interview drew out of her. She drove from Wisconsin to Las Vegas to the shemalestrokers set in Seattle, Washington where this debut was filmed. After learning her non-sexual likes, she gives us the whole enchilada about what turns her on sexually. It’s so arousing to hear about what she loves about sex with guys and girls! The only surprise for me is that she doesn’t mention the fact that the big boobs she’s squeezing are all natural while she’s handling them.

Perhaps she’s hoping you’re paying attention to her incredibly fit physique in her debut and the big cock rising before her creamy thighs.

Shemale.XXX: Nicole Mancini – Naughty Babe In The Kitchen!

Does confidence turn you on? If so, check out the words of this stunning new model: “I am the baddest BITCH! My tight slim figure will make your jaws drop. I can give and take dick like no other. It turns me on when guys are with their home boys and try anything to get my attention. Like literally at the park working out in yoga pants and sports bra. This guy playing basketball with his boys, walked clear across the park to come over and hit on me. After I told him about my little ‘big secret’, said he didn’t care because I was so hot. But yeah, it’s stuff like that, that makes me moist.”

With all this recent R&B singer Bobby V and Lil Scrappy/Breakfast Club controversy going on, I’m especially glad to hear about at trans revealing the truth about her status. It’s true indeed that Nicole’s cock is big when it’s erect. Hell, her fun spot is even big – impossible miss with your swollen cock. I think her best feature is her face however. She’s just so damn pretty! On top of that, she has an unpredictable side that’s riveting. You never quite know what’s going to happen next with her. My Nicole Mancini education seems sort of backwards.

MP4 Scene Trailer with Soldier Boi

Before she was doing major studio work like her two Shemale.XXX updates, I know of her from as a tremendously talented LIVE performer. Traditionally we see most models doing solo scenes before hardcore.

But many of us saw her hardcore debut with Soldier Boi or at least the scene trailer the website first. Her solo video kicks into high gear after the first half. I’m specifically referring to the sequence where Nicole spanks her ass while standing and then starts jacking her hips with a big, juicy hardon. Every moment from then on is erotically magical.

TSPOV: Morena Black

TSPOV is the kid sister of Pure-TS by Christian XXX and it’s where the co-stars really take the leading role. Although Christian is always in the act, he’s a mystery man and this allows you to concentrate more on the actress. This update, Morena Wants More of Your Cock in The Morning, is the followup scene of Busty Amazon Morena Enjoys Getting Dicked Down. The gorgeous Puerto Rican and Brazilian model was also in Amazon Beauty Morena Black Gets Fucked & Creampied on I love these self-explanatory titles and Morena was interviewed here exclusively on TS Dreamland. It might happen again someday because we’re real life friends.

In the new update, Morena is asleep in bed naked with her shapely ass facing you as you sit across from her. This is POV so just go with me here. “We had fun last night, didn’t we,” she asks while pushing the comforter down lower to reveal more of her body. She goes on to recall how amazing it was that you fucked her and that she fucked you and then she takes hold of her cock to bring it back to life. Morena also starts caressing and squeezing one full breast as she gets more immersed in jerking off. She takes some of the lube from the nightstand to fap with and then crawls toward you on the floor. Her destination is between your thighs with the lubricant in tow to apply to your erection. Her handjobs on both you and herself evolve into actually giving you head. She knows when you’re ready to have her sit on your cock, but she asks rhetorically anyway.

Morena then slides her gorgeous ass down your bare shaft and hoists herself up and down. When you’re ready to fuck her doggy style, you give her upturned derriere a liberal coating of lube and then ease your boner in slowly. You can bang her faster and even clasp her arms behind her back before giving it to her in bed. She rides you in the cowgirl position next with her big cock and tits bouncing and swinging wildly. See how she takes a powerful missionary position railing – a rough one! This is another instant classic on but don’t forget to check out the updates on

To catch Morena performing LIVE, go to

TS Playground: Natalie Mars Hardcore, Scene #01

MP4 Scene Trailer

Damian Cane directs Maid Natalie in the sleeping quarters feather dusting when she discovers a suitcase strangely placed upon the the bed. The pretty maid in latex knows she’s not supposed to touch the luggage and she innocently decides to move it to continue tidying up.

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Natalie is unaware that the suitcase is unzipped and the contents spill out all across the bed. The contents are all sex toys and lubricant! Natalie is shocked and frankly so am I with one particular phallus that looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie! What does one even do with something like that?! Well, curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.

Flash Scene Trailer

Natalie figures it out and it’s quite a thrill seeing how much she learns. As much fun as is it is for a girl to stroke her stiff cock thinking she’s all alone, it comes to an abrupt halt when the Soldier Boi unexpectedly returns. Natalie and her boner are busted in mid-stroke! And where is the eggplant toy? Guess where Soldier Boy finds it and what Natalie must do for him not to tell anyone. That’s for me to know and you to find out at today! For more of these incredible stars, go to and our exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi.

TransAngels: Jesse Flores & Eli Hunter

At the end of a long day, all Jesse Flores wants to do is relax. Her plans are ruined when she enters her bedroom and finds a thief, Eli Hunter, rifling through her panty drawer. Little does he know, Eli decided to mess with the wrong tgirl! Jesse wastes no time teaching her perverted would-be robber a lesson, giving him the punishment he deserves: a sound spanking and a hard fucking.

This is the official synopsis of “Charged With Panty Theft” starring Jesse Flores and Eli Hunter. If you’re not too familiar with trans porn, Jesse has been burning up the Net at the top of the adult industry for quite some time. But there’s a production twist here. This scene is packed with build-up from Jesse parking her car, emerging from it, and looking scorching hot when she drops her keys and bends down to pick them up.

I’ve been a devoted fan of Jesse’s official website for ages but it’s also refreshing to see her in a different light. The direction of Jesse Flores by Tom Moore might not be a brand new collaboration. That’s definitely something to look into but whatever the case, it’s an explosive one! Eli Hunter is not new to trans porn. He does a fine job in his portrayal of a busted burglar.

Both actors bring light-hearted humor to the scene before and during the sequence when Jesse takes out her revenge with her huge, hard cock! Soon the well-toned muscles of Eli’s thighs are flexing below his bubble butt and he takes a tremendous bareback railing from Jesse in the doggystyle position.

I’ve had the honor of interviewing Jesse (on my blog) and I remember her saying she didn’t need a female hormone regime. This statement is what I recalled when I saw her huge cum shot!

Be sure not to miss this Trans Angels instant classic and if you like individual trans star websites, is one of the best ever! Take a look at that $1 Limited Time Offer exclusive 2-day trial for

Review by @tscaramel on Twitter

Bailey Jay – I Got New Boobs

MP4 Scene Trailers

After Bailey Jay introduces herself while being filmed from the bust up, she announces that she’s hard already and that she’s got new boobs. When she hefts them within her white top she adds that they’re bigger but not that much bigger. I agree 100%. I’m sure I would have noticed at some point, but not right away. But the distraction causing her not to talk much more about her boob job is the raging hardon she has. When she stands up it’s projecting from her red hot pants like it’s so ready to penetrate something or someone. I mean that thick horny thing of beauty is standing straight out at you!

Sample Photo Gallery

Then she bends over so that her breasts are also in the frame and she bares them. I think they’re perfect and could you imagine if they didn’t turn out well. One bad breast augmentation from one of the world’s few trans household names and everyone would be going,”Did you see the way Bailey Jay fucked up her tits?” Next thing you know she might show up on Botched. Actually, no. I don’t think that’s her style. But the healing process after just 4 weeks is pretty remarkable so no need to worry about any of that anyway. I wasn’t personally worried because Bailey Jay’s tits aren’t the main attractions for me anyway. I’m more of a hot legs, thick juicy cock and smashable ass kinda chick. Plus, I like her vocal masturbation process which is like an HD studio version of a webcam porn show.

At any rate, Bailey Jay’s big new knockers are in the frame when she moans loudly and forces streams of cum to pour out of her thick dick and into her palm. After she tastes her superstar cum, she stands back up and her cock is just as hard as it was when this update began. The most recent photos sets are “Rainy Day ‘(see enclosed sample gallery) and “Girl Next To Doors”. I haven’t seen “Noobs” yet but I’m going to at either, or

Shemale Yum: Alexa Vex Cums For You!

It’s such a pleasure to write about this exciting new model again. “I’m gettin’ up to no good,” sexy Alexa Vex confesses when her encore Shemale Yum scene begins. Radius Dark films her kneeling on the bed with a form-fitting pink top and famous British designer panties raking her fingernails along her bulge. Oooo, that’s quite a long bulge too!

The shaft and bulbous head of her large, delectable digit are raging hard already as evidenced by it’s springy withdrawal from the undies. Alexa’s “secret” it out and getting stroked firmly. Alexa actually does seem hornier than she was in her debut of on Foot Fetish TS.

I think you’ll really love the way Mr. Dark captures her erection in various angles including a POV that makes it seem like Alexa is operating the camera.

When Alexa moans, “Mmmm, I wanna get fucked so hard right now,” I’m reminded of her spectacular Chaturbate LIVE shows. That medium is so much different than studio filming so I can’t say that one is better than the other. That’s unless we’re talking about production values.

Videos on are far superior in quality than any live production I’ve ever seen. It depends on whether you want to interact or not which medium you’ll prefer. The best initial but show occurs when Alexa is bent over beating off with her panties around her ankles.

While she remains clothed for a good portion of this scene, she’s completely nude before it’s halfway over! This is important because her body is a masterpiece of good genes combined with obviously hard work.

Alexa’s big dick fap session is assisted with her application of lube this changes the trajectory of her masturbation. It goes from casual at this point to more intent and focused. In fact, Alexa lets you know when she’s about to climax so you can time your orgasm with hers. She’s sitting upright when streams of cum eject from her swollen cock head in “Alexa Vex Cums For You!” on!

To watch Alexa Vex performing LIVE, register free and catch her on

Review by @tscaramel on Twitter