TSPussyHunters: Casey Kisses and Mercedes Carrera

TS Goddess Casey Kisses Creampies Submissive Slut Mercedes Carrera!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Official TsPussyHunters.com Description: This should have happened a lot sooner. The moment that TS goddess Casey Kisses and Latina porn princess Mercedes Carrera lay eyes on each other they knew that their depraved desires were about to be fulfilled. Casey wastes little time and immediately puts Mercedes in her place and demands that she worship her huge rock hard cock. Mercedes is only too happy to serve her mistress and gobbles her divine dick and balls. She gags and chokes while deep throating which makes her mistress pleased with her devotion. To reward her succubus, Casey flips her bitch over and shoves her massive wang into her tight pink pussy. Mercedes huge tits bounce up and down as she gets rammed by the stiff cock. She begs to orgasm but Casey isn’t ready for her submissive female sex slave to cum and instead revels in the torment of Mercedes orgasm denial. The fever intensifies as Casey fucks Mercedes from behind. Her toned and perfect ass shakes and trembles as Casey fucks her doggie style But Mercedes hunger for cock is bottomless and she begs Casey to let her deep throat her dom’s dick every chance she can. Casey’s sadistic nature gets the best of her and she coerces her submissive to surrender to her cruel whims and fancies. Casey plays with her perky tits and flips her golden blonde hair as she revels in the sight of her playthings devotion. Mercedes begs and pleads with her master to allow her to taste her precious cum. And Casey is only too happy to oblige and blows a massive cream pie in Mercedes tight little whore hole. She plays with the jizz and spoons it into her mouth devouring her mistresses divine love nectar. She ends her day by showering Casey with praise and thanks for her attention and sexual generosity.

Kudos to adult entertainment star and director Ariel X for this blazing hot TsPussyHunters.com production! Same goes to two of my favorite performers in the industry for their amazing performances! Casey has been here before with the lovely Cassandra Cain.

She was also on TsSeduction.com with Lance Hart and Ruckus. But this is the first time on any of the Kink.com network of websites and we also have Ariel to thank for the casting.

Having already been a fan of these superstars, and knowing they were no strangers to rough sex, I could imagine they’d be engaging in some pretty powerful fucking. But BDSM and Fetish are my favorite genres. I didn’t know how this would all work out until read saw the story line and watched the preliminary interview. I learned what would definitely not be going down from the preferences and few dislikes of and from the actresses.

I really don’t see how anyone could be the slightest bit disappointed with this plot-driven theme, even if they’re not crazy about acting in porn. The sex moves in quickly and there’s something pretty much for everyone from foot fetish action to full nudity to passionate kissing. There’s no old guard whip and chain action but even that type of discerning fan cannot deny that these young ladies are absolutely beautiful to watch in action. I know because that’s the type of Kink.com fan I am!

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TransAngels: Sex Utility Vehicle

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: When buff stud Damien Stone’s car breaks down, inked-up blonde babe, Aubrey Kate, decides to help out. Unable to hold back his attraction for this fit, car-savvy hottie, Damien pulls Aubrey close to him with a passionate kiss, and she kisses back. Hopping into his truck, Damien whips out his cock for Aubrey to wrap her luscious blowjob lips around. Not missing a beat, Aubrey spreads her juicy ass for a quick rimjob before Damien slips his huge cock in for some public anal! Pounding away at the gorgeous blonde, Damien passionately glazes Aubrey’s pretty face in his cum!

Damien is one of the best new leading men in the trans niche of the adult industry. Starring with one of the most highly awarded trans models in the history of porn, Aubrey Kate on TransAngels.com, he’s also very lucky.

I think he’s the most ripped male ever in trans porn. He looks a big cramped in the SUV while getting a handjob and sloppy blowjob from Aubrey. But fortunately they’re directed to move outside the vehicle for more foreplay, perhaps by legendary Tom Moore.

The buildup is almost tortuous as far as how explicit things become. We’re almost at the 15 minute point when Aubrey finally releases her cock from her training tights. But it’s hard as a rock when it eventually springs out. She gives the muscle stud a good outdoor face pumping with her erection and gets her salad tossed in return.

Aubrey is half in and out of the SUV when she gets a powerful doggy style fucking! Reverese cowgirl comes nex and this is where she’s showcased completely naked – riding the man’s hard prick! We get to see her jerking off with superb footage in the missionary position footage.

I’m going to stop detailing each sequence of this fantastic TransAngels.com update now leading up to the point where Aubrey Kate takes Damien’s spunk and makes her stiff cock blast a load of cum!

Delia TS: Raspberry Capri Pantyhose and Hands Free Cumshot

MP4 Scene Trailer

I think you’ll feel a stirring in your loins when you hear Delia DeLions of DeliaTS.com let loose a gasp and moan and announce “I thought I’d make a video for all my special pantyhose lovers.” She’s writing on her hands and knees on the bed with the deep cleavage of her big tits in your face. Actually, I prefer to say on all fours because it more directly suggests how you might want to fuck her with bestial lust.

She’s wearing orange panties strategically over her raspberry pantyhose but it fails to completely hide the cock she’s telling us about under her undies. But first Delia is more intent on making you imagine thrusting your erection back and forth inside her cleavage.

Delia doesn’t make you wait too long before exposing her lovely nipples and if you’ve been a long-time fan, you know which one she favors stimulating more. Two and a half minutes might seem like an eternity because you’ll have to wait that long before getting a peek at Delia’s hardon.

She withdraws it and hides it quickly after giving it a few firm strokes. She’s still wearing the panties but she moves it aside to show you the hard shaft through the sheer hosiery. You can see spots of pre-cum that have oozed out of her swollen cock head!

Soon, Delia is pumping her cock in her hand furiously inside her pantyhose. She’s now topless and when she kicks off her panties, she’s giving you a tantalizing rear view with the sheer hose on. It might be shaded by the hosiery but you can see everything! There’s even more pre-cum visible but you want to see the whole enchilada, don’t you?

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Delia pumps and grinds her hips hands-free, mashing her turgid cock head against the luxurious fabric of her pantyhose until her cum blasts violently through the material! You’ve got to see this blazing hot update on DeliaTS.com!

TS Playground: Ploy, Scene #01

MP4 Scene Trailer

As Ploy says in English when her tsplayground.com debut begins, she’s from Thailand. She proceeds to reveal her perfectly rounded breasts from her lacy lingerie. It’s clear that her cock is held upward in its panty pouch. The thong is between the part of a tremendously firm rear end.

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Her prong is clearly stiffening in the panties but it’s not until she withdraws it can we see that it’s uncircumcised and that its sheath of foreskin completely hides the head. I’m wondering if it’s so tightly drawn up that it would be difficult to expose the head with my lips.

Flash Scene Trailer

But I digress. Ploy easily eases the foreskin from her cock head to reveal the shiny bulb. Then she allows her rigid tool to just hang upward as if she’s thinking, “I’ll just leave this here for awhile.

All of this action takes place with Ploy standing. It evolves in to more of a masturbatory presentation once she’s sitting upon the bed. I’m not sure if Ploy is a bottom or a top. She fully exposes her tiny rosebud but she’s all about jerking off over penetration here. Once her fap session gets fully underway, she strokes her cock with furious speed! Ploy is laying on her back when she shoots her cum across her flat tummy. When she sits up, her prick still points upward. Then there’s a classic tsplayground.com instant replay of her erotic explosion!

Sasha de Sade: Sissy Toy Party With Sarina Valentina

MP4 Scene Trailer

Before I talk about Sissy Toy Party With Sarina with Sasha de Sade and Sarina Valentina, a few words about High Class Escortt on SashaDeSade.xxx. In Sasha’s words first, “Tonight I am your personal, devoted escortt, wearing the special clothes you’ve bought me <3,” says your personal high class escortt. “I have your permission to play with the pink fucksleeve you bought me, on one condition: I MUST NOT CUM. But being the helpless fuckslut that I am, I get carried away and disobey your order – to my shame! Fluttering my big blue eyes, I beg for your forgiveness and swear I will do anything, if you just promise not to leave me… after all, I LOVE you, Daddie.”


A little lingerie, fishnet stockings and tall, slutty platform heels – could Sasha de Sade possibly make a sexier escortt? I think not, especially when she reveals what’s underneath her skimpy outfit. She knows that you’ll eventually want to see her laying across the bed with her supple breasts exposed with the wide circle of her aureole encircling her nipples. The tiny straps of her outfit wrap around Sasha’s trim waist. Just below that, her bare cock lays across the smoothest set of pink balls. And her cock is extending with her lust for you.


Both before and after she’s stripped down to her stockings and heels, it’s obvious that there’s not an angle you can possible miss when viewing her firm bottom. “So now I’m all exposed,” she purrs. “Does that make it easier to use me?” Is that a submissive enough question for you? Does it give you a raging hardon when Sasha promises to submit to your every wicked desire?

Once Sasha’s cock is fully engorged, it looks so big while she’s fucking her rubber sleeve. You know the feeling of pouring a generous amount of lube across your cock head and shaft. You have a good sense of how you’ll feel right before you’re going to cum. You can anticipate the feeling your rental girl will experience while she’s shuddering in orgasm against you. Once Sasha milks every last drop of creamy white cum out of her big dick, you two still have more erotic fun left ahead of you. She’s not going away until you cum also.

This is a lifestyle and I adore it. Sasha and obviously megastar Sarina of SarinaValentina.com loves it. This sissy toy party seems so innocent even when the sissies are discussing the things Daddy likes t see them doing with their huge toy. But things turn from mild to wild when Sarina curls her fingers around her sissy sister’s erection and runs the vibrating tip of the huge toy across her cock head.

Sasha repeats the process with Sarina’s sissy clit and they strip their lovely torso’s completely bare! There’s an oily fap session and some cock sucking, sissy cream exploding and cummy kissing too!

TGirls.XXX -Honey Foxx Cums For You!

Description: Superstar Honey Foxx is back for more! In her second 2018 solo set shot by Blackula, Honey looks sexy as hell and she’s ready to have some fun! Watch her as she strips, shows off her amazing body, strokes her huge cock and cums just for you! Honey is amazing!

This is Honey’s 9th photo and video set for Honey on TGirls.XXX who is a superstar indeed! She’s got 6 solo shoots and her hardcore scenes are with Smith, Robert Axel and D. Arclyte.

I don’t thrown the terms “pornstar” or “superstar” around lightly and to back that up, Honey also has a tremendous body of work on other Grooby sites including Black-TGirls.com, Franks-TGirlWorld.com, BobsTgirls.com, and BlackTGirlsHardcore.com!

Producer Blackula of L.A. does the honors with this update of the hung Puerto Rican princess. She confirms that she kind of left us hanging in the last video. On TGirls.XXX a shoot without a cum shot is practically a promise of an orgasmic encore. This shoot shows off Honey in black latex which expresses the kinky nature of both Honey and her producer.

When Honey masturbates, the result is a big wet cumshot that actually resembles honey! The promise has been fulfilled. If anyone out there boasts that they’re got a complete trans porn collection and Honey Foxx isn’t in it, they simply do not. Please straighten them out for me.

TransAngels: A Raw Rubdown Ride

MP4 Scene Trailer

Now a globe-trotting TS sensation, Jonelle Brooks started her life as a country girl from the Floridian coastal town of New Smyrna Beach. A busty brunette who prefers flip-flops to stilettos and tractors to sports cars, Jonelle is a self-proclaimed country bumpkin who loves the simple life. Despite being a Southern belle with deep roots to her community, this tall beauty has always had a passion for travel and adventure. A few years back she surprised her family and friends when she packed up her sandals and moved to Pattaya, Thailand. Since then, she’s taken her exhibitionism global: living in exotic Thailand and taking frequent business trips to Amsterdam, London, and Barcelona. This sexy tgirl’s toned figure and rock-hard cock are in high demand around the world – with good reason. JonelleBrooks.com is her official long-running and successful website!

Seeing Is Receiving was Jonelle’s first of two scenes on TransAngels.com. In her first video, she and her insatiable dick-loving friend, Kassondra Raine, tore up the scenery in a TS/GG killer hardcore scene. In her second scene and today’s focus, red-haired stud Sebastian Keys is a cocky flirt who can’t help but go gaga when he lays his eyes on his masseuse, Jonelle Brooks, and what she’s hiding between her legs! Sebastian knows his cock is in good hands. Noticing this bad boy needs to be put in his place, Jonelle lays her tgirl cock right in his mouth while she strokes his dick hard! It’ll take some sloppy ass play before Sebastian’s asshole is ready to receive her every inch. A passionate ass pounding leaves Sebastian wanting more as Jonelle and her handsome client unload all over each other’s throbbing dicks in absolute ecstasy!

In A Raw Rubdown Ride, Jonelle tries to keep things professional with her massage client. He’s obviously hoping for something that will end in a happy ending from the start. There’s something special about Mr. Keyes that Jonelle can’t resist. Even when he’s laying face down with his hardon out of view, she already knows he wants her. She can’t help touching herself while administering the massage. As a matter of fact, she jerks off to a full erection with her free hand! Sebastian is a hot, masculine man who likes getting fucked by hot trans women and he’s soundly railed by his hung masseuse! Don’t miss this bareback instant classic update on TransAngels.com.

Trans500: Simply Rebecca

If you love these photos, you should check out the scene trailer from TransAtPlay.com or Trans500.com site. Rebecca Ferraz is a stupendous performer. With legs that seem to go on forever, she poses very elegantly while standing and seated, taking her time before getting naughty.

When Rebecca’s sexual nature kicks in, it comes with full breast exposure, an explicit butt show and her huge cock is as hard as a rock when we first see it outside of her panties.

Rebecca gives her big schlong a few strokes and then releases it. She then makes it swing from side to a horny pendulum.

While she masturbates in nothing but tall sandals with her back against the wall, you get to drink in her exquisite lines and curves from head to toe. She’s simply ravishing!

The second phase of Rebecca’s ass display takes place upon a bed and it’s absolutely glorious. She then moves onto her back and begins jerking off harder and faster than before.

It takes so long for Rebecca to get down to some ass play between fapping, I begin to wonder if she’s a total top. But then I remember the “Rebecca Gets Pounded” hardcore scene that you can preview. It’s from the IKillItTS.com section of the Trans500.com network and you’ll have full access to that area as well as a subscriber!

DanniXXX – The Lake and The Fisherman

Gorgeous superstar Aspen Brooks returns with a brand new hardcore scene shot by Radius Dark! She is joined by Rick Fantana and she’s ready to pound his ass hard! Aspen calls Rick to crawl over and suck her cock. Then she walks him to the bed, eats his ass and then sucks his cock. Watch Aspen pounding Rick’s ass in multiple positions until all ends up with two hot cumshots and a messy cummy kiss!

This is Aspen’s fifth TGirls.XXX performance and her second hardcore set on the site! Rob Yaeger topped Aspen in her last hardcore scene but she’s the aggressor with her new partner, Rick Fantana. Aspen and Rick have great chemistry as performers and Aspen’s thick cock and Rick’s bubble butt are the perfect match. His masculine body might be my favorite of its kind in the industry to see getting fucked! Anyone who knows me knows I’m into more feminine forms when it comes to bottoms. Rick is one of those exceptions.

Although Aspen isn’t dressed in official dominatrix regalia, she behaves like an experienced Domme from the start with a “forced” blowjob. She towers over kneeling Rick who appropriately wears a thong. Rick is allowed to jerk off while sucking Aspen’s swollen prick. No one has stated that this is an official BDSM video. However, it closely resembles one. Rick is ordered to remove Aspen’s tall sandals and his cock sucking duties continue. The aerial view Mr. Dark manages to capture works perfectly with the on goings of this sequence.

It’s crystal clear what will eventually happen when Rick is seen kneeling face down on the bed with Aspen and her big hard dick right behind him. But what happens first is a rim job from the aggressive young beauty. It continues when Rick is on his back with his girlish, hairless legs thrust into the air.

Aspens grinds their erections in her grasp and gives Rick head while jerking herself off. The moment of truth finally comes with Rick in the doggy style position with his thong pulled just below the shelf of his curvaceous ass. Aspen eases her bare cock inside him slowly. She thrusts faster and faster while grabbing Rick by the hair. Then she fucks Rick while he’s on his back. Then Rick straddles Aspen to ride her cock from above! This is not the last position they find themselves in before Aspen shoots her creamy load across Ricks face in this Domination/submission masterpiece on TGirls.XXX!

Transational Fantasies: Hazel Tucker & Jhonny Deep

MP4 Scene Trailer

Let’s start out with the official TransationalFantasies.com description: Hazel Tucker is one of the hottest teachers at the University. Today in Miss Tucker’s Anatomy Class, she will be discussing the reproductive organs of the male and female. She is going to blow your mind with a hot lab today showcasing her stunning anatomy. Observe Miss Tucker’s glorious trans stick. It is a thing of beauty, and today, Jhonny is the lucky student who gets to view it up close and personal. Will he get an A plus for sucking it? He does!

Beautiful Hazel Tucker has retired from the adult industry to become a mainstream author. I’m extremely happy for her, but this remastered TransationalFantasies.com update is a sad reminder of her absence. She was amongst the best of the best adult trans superstars and she can never be replaced.

Hazel makes her acting requirements seem easy. This is a porn scene and not a major thespian challenge, but some find acting more complicated than one might think. Jhonny is not bad either. I don’t know what happened to his porn career but he seems totally studly in this scene.

Jhonny fucks Hazel in a variety of positions with such range, it would be silly to try to describe each one of them. Hazel makes it seem like this is the fuck of a lifetime. I don’t remember when exactly this scene was released on the site under its former Shemale Strokers name, that was changed out of respect for those who are opposed to the slur, but it’s early in Hazel’s porn career. It was before she had breast augmentation.

Hazel is responsible for putting CaramelsTGirls.com on the map because she was the first big star to grant me an interview. You can find out interview here. Meanwhile, have fun with her blazing hot revamped scene with Jhonny Deep on TransationalFantasies.com!