TGirls.Porn: Jelena Vermilion & Nicole Montero

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Description: It was at our TEA2018 weekend when Lifetime Achievement Award winner Nicole Montero suggested we shoot her in an all-girl affair with her partner of choice, lovely Jelena Vermilion to which we instantly responded “hell yeah!” before getting Radius on the case to work his magic…

Okay, I’ve seen the legendary and model and producer railing other gorgeous trans women all over the world, but I can’t recall any of her hardcore co-stars being from Canada. I’m hoping you’ll remember Scott’s exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Jelena Vermilion and my several reviews of Nikki’s amazing work over the years.

While I’m not surprised about which partner turned out to be the aggressor, I couldn’t have otherwise predicted the aggressor. Before seeing the actual TGirls.Porn scene, I knew that Nikki would probably fuck Jelena silly, but I just had to see how it all played out.

I can only describe the opening as passionate. These hot ladies give you time to warm up to the wild sex they engage in with slow-rolling intimacy. I can almost sense Nikki thinking, “I can’t wait to fuck the hell out of this girl,” while Jelena thinks, “I like making love too – not just fucking.” What I see is both vibes playing out.

Breasts are bared first and then Nikki’s cock is exposed. Jelena’s nudity follows rapidly as does her cocksucking! Nikki gets a mouthful of Canadian bacon, but that comes after performing a rim job. They repeat a few acts and discover new ones and Mr. Dark captures the action in brilliant close-up and full body footage.

Hee are the ways Nikki both pays tribute to and destroys Jelena’s tight ass: Doggy style first, then missionary, and straight down into the mattress like she’s trying to fuck her through it.

There’s a cumtastic climax and more intimacy yet again! Mr. Dark and these babes did not just mail in in on TGirls.Porn. They’ve delivered a memorable classic.

TS Pussy Hunters: Cassie Woods Grants London’s Wish!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Synopsis: London Rivers wishes for the best sex of her life, and genie Cassie Woods appears magically from a lamp to fulfill her wildest fantasies! Trussed in rope and squirming on the bed, London looks Cassie up and down suspiciously, “I like girls, but I need dick,” she purrs, and Cassie gives her a knowing look. Whipping back her flowing skirt to reveal a hard, glistening cock, Cassie is quick to shove her gorgeous dick deep down London’s throat, gagging her and making her droll spit all over her ropes.

Wet and ready, the devious and beautiful Cassie takes London’s other hole – pushing deep and far into London’s waiting, hungry cunt as she screams out her pleasure. Cumming over and over again on Cassie – first in cowgirl, then missionary, then in doggy – London confesses to the genie that she’s never cum so much, and truly her wish has been fulfilled! But Cassie isn’t done with London quite yet!

She uses London for her delicately arched feet, moaning as London slides her cock through her foot pussy and sucks on toe after deliciously beautiful toe. London then straps on a long and thick cock, sliding it deep into Cassie’s tight little asshole, fucking her into oblivion as Cassie strokes her cock and begs for more! In missionary and doggy, Cassie’s wishes are truly coming true as well! In a final, pleasure-driven moan, Cassie shoots her load high onto her own tits, and London leans down for a final kiss from this magic genie.

This is Cassie’s debut and London has been on several of the network’s sites since the Fall of 2015. Both gorgeous models are extremely kinky so when asked what they’re into, the answers make one wonder what they’re not into. Safe words are established after the plot line is explained in the opening interview.

I think that London might be the actress more interested in delivering strong foot fetish content. Cassie didn’t mention her affinity for it in the opening interview, but it sure as hell looks like she enjoys it greatly. What astounds me first is how quickly this update begins with nudity, for instance with London’s only clothing being the rope she’s bound with. Then Cassie The Genie is exposing her stiff cock moments later! Now this sequence is totally convincing as a lead-in for London’s wish to have the best sex ever.

The oiled foot job on Cassie’s raging hard cock is followed by London on top, slowly sinking down on her turgid erection. This is not only one of my favorite scene or update, but one of my favorite scenes of 2018 in all genres.

Cassie rails London bareback in a variety of positions, but roles are reversed with London’s strap-on pounding. London’s beauty combined with Cassie’s and the trans model’s tits jiggling and big hardon bouncing as she rides the fake phallus are out of this world!

TS Playground: Gigi, Scene #01

MP4 Scene Trailer

Gigi B is a super cute and flirty model from Bangkok, Thailand who has been making the rounds on a plethora of adult websites. She poses with a few twists and turns for about half a minute, then raises the hem of her party dress. There’s a big, juicy boner underneath with no panties. We’re off to a quick start with this update!

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There doesn’t seem to be a shy bone in Gigi’s body, yet she doesn’t appear to be immodest either. She just seems confident and horny. She shows off her ass with the same brazen attitude and she shoves her stiff cock between her butt cheeks to remind you that her erection is going to need to be pleased.
Gigi later clasps her fleshy butt cheeks in both hands, exposing her rosebud explicitly. When she’s posing in an aerial view, you can catch a glimpse at the shiny cock head mostly hidden by a fleshy hood.

Flash Scene Trailer

It’s clear to see why the head is so shiny when Gigi pulls her foreskin back. The moisture is pre-cum! Once she pounces upon the couch, there’s a more closeup view on her long legs. I can make out fine hairs on Gigi’s thighs and I do not know why this does not turn me off. It’s as if she’s asking, “Are you going to let a little hair stop you from getting all this?”

Gigi reveals more and more of her body including the prettiest hormone boobs ever! She hardly makes a sound throughout the entire course of her shoot until she’s been jerking off for quite some time. Then you’ll here a series of soft moans as she shoots a load of cum across hr flat tummy.


TransAngels: Cocked Behind Bars

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: The voluptuous Kimberlee is behind bars and officer Chanel Santini is the only one who has the key! When locked up Kimberlee starts flashing her big tits, Chanel takes the law into her own hands and gives this bad girl just what she wants – a taste of her tgirl dick! Uncuffing her pretty prisoner, Chanel bends Kimberlee over, filling her with every inch of her hard cock for a thorough anal pounding! As soon as Kimberlee exhausts her jailer’s cock of all its cum, she cuffs up Chanel – it was a prison break and Chanel fell for it and the sexy felon!

Leave it to to present another hardcore video and photo set with two of the most beautiful adult trans performers on the Net of all time. It’s pointless to compare Kimberlee and Chanel Santini so let’s just talk about what’s going on here.

Chanel plays her role like a pro as either a jailer who’s never had a trans lesbian experience, someone committed to her job, or both. But Kimberlee’s striptease seduction on the other side of the bars is too powerful for her to resist.

It seems like Chanel has her almost completely topless prisoner under control after cuffing her to the bars. But when Kimberlee drops to her knees level to Chanel’s hidden night stick, it’s obvious that it’s going down within moments. Chanel’s big cock is already raging hard when she exposes it to her captive!

I’m convinced that Kimberlee can give better head and a more pleasurable rimjob with her wrists bound than most can offer free-handed. Chanel returns the salad tossing favor on Kimberlee’s sexy little ass and next comes a passionate sequence of French kissing. The fully nude pairing of Chanel and Kimberlee at about eleven minutes in makes me consider how professional veteran director Tom Moore must be to continue filming.

“Oh yeah, put it in,” are the words you hear from Kimberlee as Latinx Chanel is easing her bare hardon inside her tight Kimberlee’s tight Bavarian ass. Every time I think I’ve seen the best possible video ever, another one comes along to claim the top spot in my personal erotic ranking system.

These stunning model’s top shelf websites are and

Femout.XXX: Ava Sumner Pops Her Load!

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Description: Without a doubt one of the cutest Femout.XXX newcomers recently, gorgeous Ava Sumner returns for her second solo scene! Ava is indeed super cute and she has an amazing body with a perfect booty! Watch her stroking her cock just for you until she pops a nice sticky load on her sexy tummy!

Omar Wax presented the debut of Ava Sumner of Texas in early March 2018 and her first performance was quite memorable. The follow-up scene is obviously more explosive so to speak. I agree 100% with the description of Ava’s looks. Her striptease is fantastic. If anything, I wish she’d spoken a bit. It’s kind of like watching a silent video.

Ava is at her most animated when she’s laying back stroking her cock with her left hand rapidly. The silence is broken with soft moans as Ava draws closer to climax. Nothing outrageous happens in this scene – it’s pure fap fantasy material.

The new Texan beauty strips, strokes and cums. Her cum shot is a pretty big one with streams of creamy white spunk pouring into Ava’s belly button. Ava is so cute as she smiles and thanks us for watching. This is like a trans porn version of a sleeper film on Femout.XXX – a production that reaches out and grabs you at just the right moment in a subtle way.

Grooby Girls: Cumshot Monday – Nikki Vicious

Description: Canadian beauty Nikki Vicious makes her “Cumshot Monday” debut in a smashing episode brought to you by Radius Dark! Nikki has been with us for some time already and she looks better than ever! You got to love Nikki’s perfect body, long legs and an amazing ass! Watch her stroking her hard cock until she pops a nice sticky load just for you! What an amazing way to start a week!

Presenting Nikki Vicious! Slim, sporty and super fun, Nikki is a true thrill seeking adrenaline junkie who boasts the record for being the 1st transsexual to have world recognition as a paintball athlete!

This is her debut but you may have already seen Nikki on TGirls.XXX (profile link) in an interracial three way, getting railed by Colby Jansen , solo on (profile link) six times or on TGirls.Porn (profile link) with Jenna Creed in a killer trans lesbian performance!

Radius Dark is a pro at adding interviews with his models that compliment they’re highly charged sexual introductions. He films bubbly Nikki on the bed talking about what she likes to do for fun when her scene begins rolling. She describes herself as pretty submissive and a cuddler. She’s basically vanilla but she has a darker side too.

Nikki loves getting love taps on her amazing ass while she’s getting fucked. She loves looking at a guy’s face when she’s sucking his cock and she’s a swallower. She likes the taste of cum. She also knows the power of her sexy feet. Nikki is usually timid about showing them off, but not here. As she takes off her stripper platforms, I can see how she could have a foot fetishist cumming so quickly. You don’t have to be intensely into feet to know when you’re looking at a pretty pair. And this foot admirer content is long running.

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For those who aren’t into feet, other fans will love Nikki’s striptease to full nudity. The climax is incredible with streams of creamy white cum pouring from Nikki’s swollen cock head in this torrid update!

Bailey Jay: Worship My Feet and Fuck My Ass

Scene Trailers

Bailey Jay reminds you that she has a face because you’re staring at the big bulge in her panties. But then she focuses your gaze on her panty-clad erection again adding that the skimpy garment can’t fit. This is so confusing! Actually, it’s not really. She knows you’re back at to see her playing with her huge boner again.

Sample Photo Gallery

But it would be nice if you checked out her pretty face too. However, she continues to model her panties and they hug her ass magnificently too. She calls one of the smoothly shaven balls hanging out of her undies spillage. I must remember that. Now back to her face we’re supposed to be looking at – not into her deep cleavage when she takes a seat on the sofa. Pay attention to what she wants you to see next.

Sample Photo Gallery

She got a matching pink manicure and pedicure. She arches her feet and flexes her toes and if you have a foot fetish, the sexual part of this update is already beginning. She calls them her Lola Bunny feet because she’s short and they’re big. Well, they can’t be all that big. What I think of as big is the boner she withdraws from her panties only moments later. “I can breath!” she exclaims, wagging her schlong around in the open air. She jerks it off and asks you to take out your cock too.

Sample Photo Gallery

Bailey can only jerk off if she knows you’re jerking off. She kneels on the sofa and pulls her spaghetti strap tank top low enough to expose her huge tits. The next time she shows her butt, it’s not hidden by her panties, at least not the prime real estate of it all. She’s still playfully giggling as she masturbates at this point, but her big dick is now fully swollen. Her horniest time today is when she inserts a black dildo inside her tight ass.

Sample Photo Gallery

Then comes that deep moaning we’re familiar with. She fucks herself so good with that toy while jerking off! She confesses that she really gets into it and when she’s about to come, she moves her prick directly in your face so you can see her honey pouring out of the bulbous head. And that’s “Worship My Feet And Fuck My Ass” in a nutshell.

If you haven’t check out the that she belongs to and her Virtual Reality site, there’s no better time than the present!

TS Playground: Tanny Set 2, Scene #01

MP4 Scene Trailer

It’s nice to see a hot Thai model in a true fetish outfit and not a typical girly girl outfit. It adds dimension to this busty fox in her second set on Tanny doesn’t come across as a domme in it though. She’s not warm and fuzzy but not stern looking either. She’s just plain horny and you can tell by the big cock through her semi-sheer latex!

Sample Photo Gallery

The bottom of Tanny’s kinky shorts isn’t there, but it’s an opening that her big ball sack hangs out of. Her nipples are exposed through the open cups of her midriff-baring top. I can’t say I’ve seen a model with a finer ass – bigger yes, but not shapelier. Tanny quickly goes to diddling her fun spot explicitly too.

Flash Scene Trailer

Satisfying a particular fetish of mine, she pours latex onto her latex clad hardon. It looks great on the smooth complexion of her skin all over too! Her huge cock lurches out of her latex bottoms as she slowly lifts the garment upward. Her heavy sex organ takes a slight bounce then hangs pointing upward remarkably. It seems a bit strange to me to see suck a big dick stand up so high on its own. Tanny has amazing control over it, using her inner muscles to make it bounce and sway. Then comes the clear plastic sleeve she fucks. I love it when she fucks the toy while laying back, but when she humps into it from above, I can really picture her fucking a man, genetic woman or another hot trans woman.

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At almost 19 minutes in, you can tell that her sole remaining purpose is to climax. A big torrent of creamy white cum explodes from her massive schlong! Then there’s an instant replay of the huge cum shot!

Black-TGirls: Beautiful Megan Snow!

Description: Megan Snow is back for the first time in 2018! Megan is without a doubt one of our hottest models for years and we are always excited to have her back! As always, Megan looks even more beautiful than before and she is ready to have some fun! Watch her stripping and stroking her cock just for you in another smashing solo scene brought to you by KilaKali!

It took me awhile to realize what was going on downstairs with the outfit Megan Snow is wearing. There’s a lot of sexiness going on upstairs like her beautiful face and deep cleavage. Then it becomes clear that her bare pubic region is exposed as she sits on the bed.

The Dominican/Filipino beauty from Phoenix, Arizona has made 10 solo and hardcore performances on and Megan seems to be learning creativity with her modeling by osmosis. She’s definitely become more vocal.

Megan does some heavy boob hoisting before exposing her wide hips and trim waist. She then bares and shakes her big tits. Megan moves gracefully through a series of nude poses that are tame at first yet incredible to witness.

While masturbating, Megan tends to rub her fun spot rather than finger bang herself. She uses no toys to develop a big erection – just her firmly stroking hand. And she changes positions while jerking off completely nude with great frequency.

Is this the finest representation on Megan Snow on No, it’s more like a teaser to encourage you to go back a scene or two to see this phenomenal talent at her best.

TransAngels: Doin’ It For The Deed

MP4 Scene Trailer

Official Description: When it comes to selling houses, real estate beauty Bianka Nascimento is the best! But, with Michael Del Ray focused on her big tits, Bianka will have to drop to her knees and wrap her pouty lips on a big dick to close this deal. The busty, Brazilian babe is always taking charge, making Michael get naked and lick out her ass in the living room! Moving up to the bedroom, Bianka reveals her huge, tgirl cock and stuffs it into Michael’s mouth before he can even say a word. Without skipping a beat, Michael spreads is ass wide open as Bianka fills him to the brim with dick until he takes both their loads! Another successful deal closed for the sexy Bianka Nascimento.

The first HD look at beautiful Bianka Nascimento busting out of the jacket of her business suit sets up this exquisite update. The handsome Windy City native Michael Del Rey is totally convincing as a rich young playboy who can afford a home like his stunning realtor is about to see him. He’s cringing with lust upon seeing Bianka for the first time and he’s not shy about making his attraction obvious.

Bianka proceeds with a tour of the swank digs and she makes it clear that she’d like a tour of Michael’s body by unbuttoning his shirt in the kitchen. She sinks to her knees to also undo his pants and to withdraw his rapidly expanding cock from his briefs. Bianka then takes the thing of beauty inside her mouth. With her glasses on, Bianka’s portrayal of a business woman is complete and convincing. She injects humor into the scene by completely taking control over her hung client. There is a naked male clothed female element that’s almost painful to watch without moving to Bianka’s full nudity, but try hard to fast forward to that sequence. Try to wait until Bianka leads Michael deeper inside the house toward the patio.

If you are familiar with the official website of this adult industry trans goddess, or you’re seen her on you already know that she’s supremely verse. Her collection of videos is a plethora of pansexual performances and one of the finest individual sites in the TGirl-Network. As for her performance with Michael in Doin’ It For The Deed on, I challenge anyone to come up with a finer demonstration of a trans woman topping a man bareback. If you’ve seen it done better, I need to know about it A.S.A.P.