Wendy Summers in I Got a Present for You

Take a look at the lovely hostess in an explicit video preview on wendysummers.com. The one I’m referring to is the holiday-themed “I Got a Present for You” trailer. I think that Wendy not only looks magnificent and sounds incredibly sexy baring her gorgeous breasts. She squeezes beads of pre-cum out of her fat, cone-shaped cock in this recorded video. I’ve also just seen that she’s joined a brand new live cam website as a broadcaster. At launch on December 15, 2015, Fetish.net began delivering live webcams, video clips, phone services included latex- and leather-clad dominants, submissives and other kinksters, plus a listing of personal fetish fan-sites. I’m not only a huge fan of Wendy’s long-running website, but I’ve seen her amazing shows on Wendy TG Next Door also. I’m so curious to see one of her broadcasts on the brand new Fetish.net as well.

Wendy Summers

Wendy Summers hopes that her see-through mesh dress is enough of a hint that she wants her sexy ass pounded into submission. Meanwhile, she’s using a glass dildo to take care of her needs. She loves having her thick cock sucked, too. There’s also a hot hardcore video update on her site. Wendy has hot transbian sex with TS Robbi Racks until Christian XXX of Pure-TS shows up to fuck them both bareback! Check out all the new updates on Wendy’s transtastic website.

Wendy Summers Update!

The quirky, sexy webcam hostess of Wendy TG Next Door and proprietress of WendySummers.com needs a sugar daddy, guys.

About the Wendy Summers Gets It Done set she says, “I’ll be able to let go of all of today’s friction with my handy bottle of baby oil. Tonight’s reading: Moby’s Dick. Huh… looks like I could be in for a long night before I get to this climax. But don’t worry…I won’t stop until the end has cum!”

Wendy TG Next Door and WendySummers.com

Wendy Summers

Wendy TG Next Door and WendySummers.com are two places to visit if you want to see a transsexual who is so hot, she just might make you cum just listening to her. That’s just how sexy and horny she is! The sound of her voice and the torrid things she says swells my panties every time! Click on each image for Video and Photo Galleries to see Wendy in Solo and Hardcore sets.

Wendy TG Next Door and WendySummers.com

Chelsea Poe on WendySummers.com

Wendy Summers has no plans to stop modeling, but she’s been putting some serious time in behind the camera lately as well as in front of it. The “Not Your Fuck Toy” video and photo set features Chelsea Poe, the first ever guest model shot and directed by the hostess of Wendy TG Next Door.

Watch the first of an occasional series of guest performers shot by Wendy Summers through the lens of her brand of personality porn!

Wendy Summers

I came to the conclusion years ago that no transsexual on the Net comes close to Wendy Summers when it comes to talking one through an orgasm. She’s got the sexiest voice that rises in pitch the higher it gets when she’s masturbating one on one with you. The same applies when she’s getting fucked or fucking someone else. Click on Wendy’s images for video and photo gallery previews.

Cum with this gorgeous and extremely horny redhead on WendySummers.com