Shemale Yum: Sexy Venom Cums!

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Venom Sinn of Portland, Oregon informs us that she’s going to cum by the end of this Shemale Yum update produced by Radius Dark. With glasses on she looks studious but more like a graphic designer or an art director than a librarian. She’s on the bed wearing a lightweight black cowl neck sweater dress and black panties. As she rubs her body, Venom reveals that she’s got a blue bra on underneath.

She opens the bra to exposes big round circles of nipple and aureole and caresses her hormone breasts firmly. When she pushes her boy shorts down, her cock head is fully exposed and the shaft is almost fully extended. She strokes it firmly and except for her jewelry, Venom is now completely naked. She’s squeezes one of her tits firmly enough to show that she bruises easily and that she’s lactating. There’s even more milk to pour from her other nipple, so much that it surprises her. She has very long legs to match the long dick that’s fully erect while she lays back to beat off. A glass dildo and magic wand feels so good that it makes her eyes roll back in her head.

As Venom buzzes away, fucks her tight ass wit the sex toy and jerks her raging hard member, it’s pretty much obvious that she’s going to cum. But we’re only about halfway through this scene. Near the end, Venom uses one hand to buzz her cock head with the vibrator and to stroke the shaft with the other. Her lithe form shudders uncontrollably and presses her cock head against her tight tummy and streams of cum pour out across her skin!

There’s a superb close up sequence of Venom working out the last spurts of cum from her big lovely cock at the end of this update.

Horny Cutie Jenny Flowers!

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“The third time is a charm,” some people say, but for Jenny Flowers, her first two Shemale Yum photo and video sets were too. I happen to think this is perhaps the finest collaborations between Jenny and Omar Wax to date. Although the bulk of Jenny’s online work went live in 2016, I believe that 2017 will be her year in terms of worldwide recognition. With each new performance, more of Jenny’s personality shines through.

If you think she’s hot to look at, it gets even better when she speaks. In “Horny Cutie Jenny Flowers” she’s very vocal and her vocalization is sexy enough to lose it over even if you’re just listening to her naughty dialogue. It all begins with Jenny lamenting about her boredom and wishing she had someone to play with. Wearing the cutest of cute outfits and thigh-high socks, she’s so glad that you showed up.

Jenny proceeds to engage with you in an erotic fantasy that I’ve decided to label a masterpiece. She wants your opinion on her skirt and twirls around in it. Then she does a curtsy. lifting the hem of her panties and exposing her panty bulge. She then caresses her breasts through her top and confesses her love of their firmness, adding that she plays with them a lot. Jenny says that you can rub and even pull on her hair and lift her skirt as well to see what she’s got for you underneath it.

Her undies look like they’re made from cotton and the outline of her cock and the corona are clearly visible. Jenny begins moaning while rubbing her bump and says, “I’ve got some fun things to play with back here too,” referring to the plump butt cheeks she turns around to expose. Using a strategically-placed finger, Jenny shows you just where she wants you to penetrate her. Then she moves the panty panel aside to present her tiny wrinkled rosebud. Jenny sits on the bed next and tells us that she needs attention in the front also and she seems beside herself with lust as she masturbates through her panties. Jenny lowers the suspender straps of her skirt and tears her white top a bit when revealing her brassiere. Although it’s cold in the room, Jenny discards her top with the hopes of you warming her up. You’re provided with a dazzling close-up view of Jenny’s super pretty face and one of her pink nipples as she caresses her boobs firmly.

She removes and drops her bra next and repeats the process with her little skirt. Before shedding her panties, Jenny peels her long socks off. Her long legs and dainty feet look virtually flawless. You’ve got to hear her high-pitched giggle when she exposes her lovely cock and begins playing with it. Her sexy toy penetration while completely naked is simply exquisite! I strongly suggest that you get some Jenny Flowers wherever you can.

Jenny’s performances on are breathtaking and she’s also magnificent on TGirls.Porn! She also has a new account for her astounding LIVE performances and you can register for free and follow her at!

Boss Black Babydoll 2x Creampies

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5’5″ (166cm), 132lbs (60kg), 5.5 Inches (14cm) Thai trans girl Boss is perhaps one of the finest models on from the network ever! When her scene opens, she’s standing in a room wearing a black babydoll and matching fishnet stockings. She’s not wearing panties so you can see her bare cock and balls gently swaying before her thighs.

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As this is a POV shoot, the guy whose legs she arranges herself between while stroking her expanding cock is yours. Boss jerks her pecker to a full erection with pre-cum oozing from the cockhead, then turns around to give you an explicit rear view. There’s no mystery left about the tight ass you’ll be fucking after she sucks you off.

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Boss gives you a blowjob with great eye-contact, licking from tip to balls and takes the cock deeply in her throat. She tea bags your nuts carefully and climbs on top of you for a cowgirl bareback ride! Her pink, sprung cock bounces as her bottomless ass-pussy engulfs your plunging rod. She loves the way your stroke her hard spike while fucking her. Then she takes a reverse cowgirl ride on your throbbing tool. You don’t stop pumping your hips upward until you’ve creampied her tight ass. 

As you recover from your powerful climax, it’s time for back to lay back on the bed and make herself cum. She gazes at up you smiling cutely and jerks off with one pretty breast and nipple exposed. 

You capture the creamy white cum spurting out of Boss’s swollen cockhead and she spreads her buttcheeks to give you one last look at the deposit you’ve made. You can see what’s trending in the Ladyboy Gold network when you get to and it’s also fun to click on “Newest” to see if you’ve missed anything.

Benzey – Oiled Cock and Jizz Mouthful & A Threesome

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The lucky producer who fucks beautiful Benzy twice on says, “The previous times I spent time with Benzey were good enough for me to give her another buzz. She was the first ladyboy on my to do list and she didn’t disappoint. I couldn’t have imagined a warmer welcome back to this country. She reminded me of what I had been missing and I knew right then that my time here would be too short. Benzey’s sweet demeanor almost made me feel guilty when I saw her face twitch when I pushed too hard too quickly. I wanted to glaze her face in the end and hurt her cute puppy eyes with my sperm. The guilt trip made me hold back and go for a bit more controlled creaming of mouth and her cock which she was stroking for me. Something tells me I’m not done with her.” I’m not done with the incredible bareback scenes on this site and keep going back for more. As promised, he brought Benzy back to follow up Oiled Cock and Jizz Mouthful with her hot friend Aisha in Two Ladyboy Blowjob! He says about this video, “I was feeling particularly evil horny after I got drunk at a bar. Thought I was in for a nice long night with this cute girl I had been buying drinks, but when the time came to move on the next stage it turned out we both had very different intentions and I ended up empty handed. So I rang Benzey and told her about my appetite. She suggested she’d bring a friend and I agreed. Once they showed up I felt intimidated, Benzey is already a strong tall girl, but her friend Aisha was plain big with a fat cock. Whereas usually I slap the cuffs on to turn me on, this time I did it for my own protection just to make sure they wouldn’t attack me. Watch them suck my cock in a double blowjob!” It’s hard to say which scene I like better with the BDSM content of the solo with Benzy and the hardcore lesbian content in the second video. Luckily I don’t have to choose, nor do you! Stream or download on and don’t forget to check out more trailers on which is also part of the network!

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Yuyi – Slimy and Busty Cum Target

Scene Trailers
Scene Trailers

Most models on the Ladyboy Gold network are Thai and it’s refreshing to see Japanese or new-half beauties here every now and then, especially on with stats of 5’5″ (165cm), 103.4 lbs (47kg), 34C-28-34. In Slimy and Busty Cum Target on, the horny producer writes,”I had been gathering as many Japanese Twitter friends in Japan as I could hoping I could find one that understands English enough so I wouldn’t have to rely on unreliable translate service apps or websites.”

“You wouldn’t believe the miscommunication it caused. After a translation came out saying I need pay to same farm trucker friend. I knew it was time to just keep searching until I found a Japanese ladyboy that I could talk to directly. And so when I finally found one I was thrilled, Yuki is a drop dead gorgeous Japanese 20 year old with a rocking body and a hair style I had been obsessing over ever since I was a teenager and saw it on some Asian women in movies.” He begins his point-of-view filming with Yuyi sucking his cock and it’s almost raging hard before her beautiful face and deep cleavage. We get to see more of her lithe yet busty form from the camera he films with beside them. The action switches back and forth between that stationary camera and his handheld one.

Once Yuyi is on all fours, the mystery man continues his POV filming while la generous amount of oil on her incredibly sexy bottom. This model is exquisite to watch completely naked from head to toe. It appears that she’s really tight from the way she winces and squeals during this bareback railing. But when the mystery man is ready to explode, Yuyi is so ready to receive his huge facial. She really savors the huge cum blast but she hasn’t cum herself yet. So she lays back on the bed filming herself with the man’s camera in wide angle footage and her own POV filming. I think this is the first time I’ve seen a Ladyboy Vice model film herself jerking off and making herself cum! Check out more scene trailers on which is part of the network of sites.

Two TGirls – Kira Crash & Lena Jade – Fucking the Fitness Trainer

MP4 Scene Trailer
MP4 Scene Trailer 

Two Tgirls videos always start out with humor, but there’s only time for a moment of it before Kira Crash makes her move on Lena Jade in Fucking the Fitness Trainer. The kissing is long, deep and passionate, just the way we transbian porn fans like it. This scene runs just over 26 minutes and you might find yourself cumming by the midway point when Kira eases her extra-long cock inside Lena BAREBACK!

After a long hard day at the gym, Kira Crash and Lena Jade are looking for just one last workout. Lena asks Kira if there’s anything she can think of that would help her burn calories. Kira has just the thing, a nice fuck session! Kira moves in to kiss Lena, Lena exclaims that she doesn’t think her girlfriend would be very happy with them doing this workout. Kira tells Lena to not worry, she did the same workout with her girlfriend last week! Kira leans in and starts to kiss Lena. Kira slides off Lena’s sport skirt and starts to rim her tight ass! It doesn’t last long before Lena takes Kira’s MASSIVE cock in to her mouth! She sucks her off good, deepthroating her like a good girl. Kira grabs her head and pulls her in and starts to throat fuck her. The girls switch in to the 69 position for a while, pleasuring each other passionately.

Kira flips Lena over and starts fucking her in her tight ass BAREBACK! Lena’s never had a cock this big before! She moans with pleasure! Kira pulls out and blows a hot load all over Lena’s butt, then she wipes it with her finger and feeds it to Lena. You don’t wanna miss this one!!! You can download this exquisite hardcore release on the website in your choice of 480P (SD), 244.57MB, 1080P (Full HD), 1.03GB 4K (Ultra HD), or 5.73GB 720P (HD), 484.12MB formats.

Pure-TS: Two Hot TS Girls Get Fucked by a Random Nerd

Becca Fatale & Lina Cavalli find a cute nerdy guy wandering around the lobby of their hotel and they grab him and throw him into their room. Then they ROCK his world with their tight asses and nice cocks.

I suppose I’d have been super turned on even if there was an absence of strong transbian content in this scene. While watching I’m thinking that Becca and Lina are primarily into men, lucky men like Christian XXX of Pure-TS. But there’s plenty of girl-on-girl action here so I was totally satisfied!

The Pure-TS principal star and producer spoofs trans porn scene with, “Oh, my Gosh! She has a cock!” themes. Never mind the fact that Lina’s boner is peeking out now and then from the slit in her skirt at the very beginning.

Innocent Christian is on his way to a museum and convention when he gets pushed into the hotel room by Becca and Lina. The Russian babe and star of rubs his crotch while black beauty Becca does most of the talking and forces the first kiss. Lina gets one and then both girls move back to lean against the wall. They expose their cocks to Christian’s feigned surprise.

Becca runs a finger across one of Lina’s clothed boobs while getting a blowjob from Christian. She encourages him to please Lina who’s jerking her prick erect and all he has to do is move a little to the left to swallow her lovely dick. Becca holds her friend by the waist as she gets her cock sucked and the TS on TS sexual tension builds. Christian beats his stiff meat while switching between both girls while on his knees. Then they all stand up. More kisses are exchanged and Lina’s full breasts are revealed just before she sinks down to take Christian’s massive member into her mouth. Becca’s short dress begins to fall away too at this point.

By the time Becca sinks down to share the huge sex organ with her friend, all she’s wearing is her tall platform heels. Lina discards her dress and there’s crystal clear POV footage of the dual cock sucking. Then it’s off the the bedroom area.

Both Becca and Lina are bent over across the bed with their beautiful bare asses awaiting. Becca’s full round rump is first to be penetrated by Christian’s stiff prick. This scene really kicks into overdrive for me when Lina grasps Becca’s ass to assist and the two trans beauties start kissing. Becca assists by holding Lina’s pretty bottom when it’s her turn to get pounded by the male star.

Becca gets drilled again and there’s more intense oral action. Then Lina devours Becca’s breasts while riding Christian’s cock in the cowgirl position. This leads to the girls kissing again and more oral. Becca also gets a cowgirl ride and there’s more transbian smooching. Becca holds onto one of Lina’s sexy legs to keep it held high as Christian fucks her like a jackhammer in the missionary position.

While Lina takes this drilling, Becca sits up on the bed and strokes Lina’s cock while Christian pumps in and out of her tight ass. Finally, Christian can’t take it anymore. When Christian withdraws, Becca jumps to catch his cum face first. She looks incredible staring up at the big man as she takes his cum shot across her tongue.

Lina gets a few swipes of cream from the swollen cockhead before she an Becca close this bareback Pure-TS instant classic with a passionate cummy kiss. Becca is such an incredible porn star and I hope that she’ll someday have her own website as her exquisite trans partner does with

Pure-TS Nikki Vicious

The official Pure-TS synopsis reads: Nikki Vicious is a beautiful blonde model that the fans just loved in her debut scene. Now she is back for round two, but this time she wants Christian’s cock all for herself. This passionate bareback anal scene will blow you away with its intensity and earnestness. And the creampie is just the icing on the cake!

Stunning Blonde Nikki is Back for a Good Pounding recalls the 08/17/2016 Pure-TS threesome scene with Brooklyn Roberts. That bareback blowout was was a killer and Nikki’s first hardcore scene anywhere. I loved Christian’s powerful man fucking along with the transbian intensity between the stunning girls.

The new scene opens with Christian and Nikki standing together. He’s still fully dressed, but Nikki is only wearing a bra, panty and stocking set with tall sandals. Nikki Vicious is one of the most gorgeous new trans girls in the adult industry today. We see that she’s horny as fuck when after Christian exposes her killer ass, she turns to the side and her big dick is stiff as an iron rod. I don’t think I’ve even seen him sink to his knees faster to suck a girl’s cock.

Nikki’s erection points right at Christian’s face when it pops out of his mouth and she sinks down when he stands up to return the favor. Nikki’s beautiful boobs are exposed through the half cups of her bra as she delivers a blowjob while jacking her hardon. She’s incredible to watch with her hair pulled back like reigns. Nikki gets her hot body raised to the bed and her ass gets a few spanks before Christian sucks her from behind. She strokes her boner as he sinks his bare cock inside her in the doggy style position.

She takes a missionary position and cowgirl pounding next. I really, really love the reverse cowgirl banging that shows Nikki stroking her raging hard cock while riding Christian’s mammoth prick. Nikki is getting pounded side saddle when she makes her cock shoot creamy white jets of spunk. The blonde beauty takes a trademark Pure-TS creampie at the end.