Two TGirls – Bikini Virgin Gets Fucked

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Casey Kisses and Sarina Havok star on in Bikini Virgin Gets Fucked” After things heat up under the sun, they set fire when the girls return home and fuck! It’s the first time that Sarina Havok has EVER been fucked! Who better than Casey Kisses to help her lose her virginity!? Who would want to lose their virginity and not have a fox like Casey to take it?

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This is the burning question from the official synopsis from Since this is such a plot-driven scene I just had to see how it played out, not to mention that it stars two of my favorite adult entertainment stars. We’re gonna skip the humor with this update. Right after Sarina says she’s not into guys during a little small talk with Casey they begin making out. This is one pretty and passionate sight. Sarina’s character may be a virgin but she’s no stranger to sucking cock. I can tell by her technique and by how fast Casey develops a boner!

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When the favor is returned Sarina gets a stiffie in no time flat. I’m so glad that this scene has a bikini theme. There’s not much to do to render these babes completely naked. It would be a shame to hide a single inch of their amazing bodies. Casey does all the fucking and you’d think I could name the hottest position they screw in but I can’t. One moment I think I’m seeing the best sequence and then there’s another one. It’s just delicious all throughout and right up to the sizzling cummy kiss at the end.

Two Tgirls: Slutty Schoolgirl Fucked By Principal

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I’ve never had a principal like River Stark before. I’ve had stern ones but not hot ones. Gorgeous Jelena Vermillion dresses for school in a slutty outfit with the appropriate tartan plaid skirt yet it’s too short and they’re not to be worn with fence net stockings. Not to mention a midriff-baring tied blouse. When the principal makes Jelena spin around in the office we can even see her panties! This is just so wrong and discipline must be administered with this naughty student.

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First comes a brief spanking with a long ruler while she’s bent over the sofa. Principal Stark removes Jelena’s skirt and lowers her panties for some sort of inspection and a bare hand spanking. For some reason she takes hold of the poor girl’s cock shaft and begins pumping it. There’s an option available to Jelena to keep her from being suspended from school. If the student sits on the couch and quietly allows the administrator to suck her cock, this will help keep her out of further trouble. Jelena obviously likes getting her first blowjob but she admits that she’s shy. The principal says she’s not, switches places with Jelena and lifts the hem of her skirt to expose her big panty bulge. The discipline phase is ending and the lesson in cock sucking begins. River’s cock is raging hard already as Jelena takes it inside her mouth. Soon, River tears off her dress and reveals her big tits in their skimpy bra. The principal devours the student’s pretty nipples after giving her a forceful skull fucking. Then the lady and the girl rub their cocks together.

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The next part of Jelena’s lesson involves taking the principal’s big cock bareback with her hot, tight ass! “Slutty Schoolgirl Fucked By Principal” is available on in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 8.88GB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.69GB, 480P (SD) 400.48MB or 720P (HD) 800.13MB resolution!

TwoTgirls – Strippers with Matching Outfits Fuck

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Coco Dahlia and Kira Crash are all set and ready to leave the house and head out to the club for a night of dancing and hustling. When the two girls realize they’re both wearing the exact same outfit, an argument occurs and fucking ensues! There’s usually some humor at the beginning of this site’s scenes. This time it’s stupid funny. I can’t remember the last time a pair of gorgeous Two Tgirls models actually made me laugh out loud. It takes a lot to tickle my funny bone.

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Coco and Kira can’t agree to a truce until Kira mentions she’d planned to top someone. A lightbulb goes off for both girls when Coco confesses she’d planned on bottoming. A night of hustling customers is off, but someone is definitely going to get fucked long and hard. There are very few trans girls around who can top like Kira Crash and Coco Dahlia is so sexy looking I know this is going to be great. Kira might be the dominant one but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to suck cock. She gives Coco a deep blowjob and stroking that gets her dick big and hard. Then she gets her long joint devoured in return.

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Coco then gets Kira’s face buried in her ass pussy and then the hung brunette gives her erection a few pre-penetration strokes. “Fuck, you are so tight,” Kira moans as she begins pumping her hardon in and out of Dahlia’s sexy little butt in the doggystyle position! That about sums up the first half of this torrid twosome’s bareback drilling! “Strippers with Matching Outfits Fuck” on is available in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 8.88GB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.69GB, 480P (SD) 400.48MB or 720P (HD) 800.13MB resolution.

Two Tgirls: Office Slacker Gets Fucked

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Casey Kisses is making her rounds at the office checking up on her employees, it’s a tough job being in middle management but someone’s gotta do it! She stumbles across Kayleigh Coxx who appears to be fucking around on the clock yet again! She’s Sitting at her desk chatting up boys on her cell phone instead of getting her work done. This isn’t the first time Kayleigh Coxx has been caught red handed fooling around at work. Casey is PISSED and tells her that they need to have a talk! Kayleigh sits down on the couch and Casey delivers the news, she’s fired! Begging for her job, Kayleigh Coxx says she’ll do ANYTHING to keep her job, ANYTHING! Casey Kisses happens to have something for her to do, right in her panties! This video features some HOT raunchy office sex with positions such as doggystyle, missionary, the famous reverse cowgirl, and tons of oral as well! Both girls have nice big titties that jiggle as they fuck! The story ends with Casey Kisses blowing a GIANT LOAD of cum all over Kayleigh Coxx face!

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This scene might be the closest I’ve seen to a BDSM shoot. Casey is so hot as an aggressive top and Kayleigh’s dutiful side is deliciously revealed the moment she’s “forced” to suck cock. Casey does not want to reciprocate. You’ll find out how she obviously cannot wait to ease her big hard dick inside Kayleigh’s cute tight ass. She rails her employee standing over the desk and then doggy style on the office sofa. That’s where Kayleigh is pummeled with jackhammer thrusts until they switch into the reverse cowgirl position. Kayleigh gets to share some of the hump work this way and then she lays back and just takes a pounding the best way she knows how to. Kayleigh takes Casey’s cum exactly the same way.

Two Tgirls: Cookie Scout Girl Gets Fucked

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Kira Crash is just your friendly local cookie scout girl going door to door raising money for her troop to go to camp this summer. She’s going door to door selling DVDs when she runs into Alisia Rae who invites her inside to get a little closer look at her wares when things get crazy! Alisia Rae tells Kira Crash she’s more interested in her than the DVDs then she moves in for a kiss. Kira really wants to make the sale so she plays along with it and before you know it Alisia is fucking Kira Crash HARDCORE on the couch! After a while though Kira decides she’s had enough dick, the girls switch it up and then Kira Fucks Alisia! The famous Two Tgirls switch! After a bit of fucking Alisia pulls out and cums all over Kira’s face! Turned on from all the cum on her face Kira then blows her own load all over!

This is the official synopsis of “Cookie Scout Girl Gets Fucked” on! It’s available in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 8.88GB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.69GB, 480P (SD) 400.48MB or 720P (HD) 800.13MB resolution. If you’ve seen Horny Cheerleaders Fuck also starring Kira and Alisia, this encore performance between the two amazing performers shows a different side of each actress. The scene rolls out with the studio’s trademark humor but Alisia portrays more of a take charge character.

When Alisia’s adult industry career began with another studio, I didn’t know we’d ever see her playing with other hot trans girls. I think we have the producer Mayumi Sparkles to thank for that, but it all seems so natural. The way she kisses Kira makes it seem like taking dips in the lady pond is her #1 thing! Upon hearing about this release before seeing it I thought to myself, “Oh, Kira’s going to fuck Alisia into oblivion again.” Well, we do get a repeat of that, deliciously filmed, but Alisia shows off her aggressive skills with penetration also! After trading oral favors, both blowjobs and rimjobs, the girl scout fucks Alisia.

But after taking the railing of a lifetime from Kira, Alisia gives Kira a good hard pounding in return and a face full of cum! The we get a big creamy white cum shot shooting out of Kira’s huge schlong in this spectacular update.

Two Tgirls: Horny Cheerleaders Fuck

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Cheerleader porn is one of the oldest and beloved themes in the adult industry. Take Two Tgirls who are fine actresses as well as fine to look at and you’ve got an instant classic. Enter Kira Crash and Alisia Rae. We’re watching the girls hop on the bed with curly-haired Alisia asking Kira why she got detention for kissing a boy in school. Kira explains that she’s been so horny lately and can’t seem to stop being slutty. If she only had someone outside of school to satisfy her needs, maybe she wouldn’t have to worry about being expelled. Alisia wants to know who could possibly fulfill her needs. Kira responds by lifting the hem of hr uniform. The answer is the sight of her big cock that’s getting stiff from being next to Alisia. The two kiss and it’s one of the most passionate makeout sequences ever on! Don’t be surprised if you’re at your highest possible state of arousal before these sexpots display and further nudity. If you can manage to proceed you’ll see Kira kneeling while Alisia sinks down low to give her a blowjob. This isn’t some sneakers and socks cheerleader movie that misses the mark for leg admirers and foot lovers. It’s all bareness below the uniforms. As Kira pulls up Alisia’s hem we see that there are no panties in this scene also. Alisia’s magnificent sucking and slurping technique develops a large, raging hardon from Kira who soon decides she wants to return the favor. Alisia is flaccid at first but she doesn’t stay that way for much longer. Kira’s blowjob gives her a hardon and then she even gets a rim job. Afterward, Alisia wiggles her perfectly rounded bottom and Kira positions her lithe form behind her. If you’ve seen Kira topping many times before on you know that Alisia is about to get the fucking of a lifetime. A jackhammer doggystyle railing evolves into the missionary position with Alisia jacking her dick off while getting plowed. After piledriving her squad buddy, Kira hits it from the back again. Kira Crash and Alisia Rae in Horny Cheerleaders Fuck on is available in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 8.88GB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.69GB, 480P (SD) 400.48MB or 720P (HD) 800.13MB resolution.

Two Tgirls: Kira Crash & Jasmine Jacobs

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“Two Tea Girls Take Turns Fucking” is what’s up on the groundbreaking website of model/producer Mayumi Sparkles. It features Jasmine Jacobs in her first ever tgirl on tgirl scene! Download options available are in 480P (SD), 354.96MB, 1080P (Full HD), 1.62GB 4K (Ultra HD) 7.25GB and 720P (HD) and the photos are remarkable. This just might be my favorite Two Tgirls scene ever! It begins with a little trademark humor and then the sex begins. What makes everything that leads up to the initial makeout footage so exciting is when Kira makes Jasmine think about the option of experimenting not only with guys, but with other girls too. Jasmine finds that she likes girl kissing so much that she eager follows Kira to the sofa to get more comfortable. You should also get more comfortable at this point because the makeout sequence is on fire! Jasmine makes it see like it’s really her first time as Kira helps get her pantyhose down. Her cock is already swelling when Kira takes it inside her mouth. It’s so erotic to see how sexy Kira looks while giving a wet and messy blowjob while Kira sits with her mouth open in a wide “O” enjoying it. Once Jasmine’s cock is hard enough to cut diamonds with, Kira devours her breasts and nipples, then let’s the hung redhead know it’s time for her cock to get some attention. Jasmine gets the brunette grower from flaccid to erect quickly and gets rewarded with a rim job for her amazing technique. Kira begins fucking Jasmine in the doggy style position and the footage is unbelievably hot! The crazy thing is that this scene is just past the midway point. Kira’s jackhammer bareback drilling changes into the missionary position with Jasmine stroking her big dick while getting fucked. It evolves into a position I don’t even have a name for and then it’s Jasmine’s turn to do the fucking. Kira strokes her extra-long boner with her calves on Jasmine’s shoulders and she then takes a tumultuous doggy style banging! Kira’s swollen dick swings around all over the place while humping Jasmine’s schlong in the reverse cowgirl position and I’m going to end this here. Hopefully I’ve convince you to get to to see how this scene exquisite scene with tremendous chemistry comes to an end.

Two TGirls – Kira Crash & Lena Jade – Fucking the Fitness Trainer

MP4 Scene Trailer
MP4 Scene Trailer 

Two Tgirls videos always start out with humor, but there’s only time for a moment of it before Kira Crash makes her move on Lena Jade in Fucking the Fitness Trainer. The kissing is long, deep and passionate, just the way we transbian porn fans like it. This scene runs just over 26 minutes and you might find yourself cumming by the midway point when Kira eases her extra-long cock inside Lena BAREBACK!

After a long hard day at the gym, Kira Crash and Lena Jade are looking for just one last workout. Lena asks Kira if there’s anything she can think of that would help her burn calories. Kira has just the thing, a nice fuck session! Kira moves in to kiss Lena, Lena exclaims that she doesn’t think her girlfriend would be very happy with them doing this workout. Kira tells Lena to not worry, she did the same workout with her girlfriend last week! Kira leans in and starts to kiss Lena. Kira slides off Lena’s sport skirt and starts to rim her tight ass! It doesn’t last long before Lena takes Kira’s MASSIVE cock in to her mouth! She sucks her off good, deepthroating her like a good girl. Kira grabs her head and pulls her in and starts to throat fuck her. The girls switch in to the 69 position for a while, pleasuring each other passionately.

Kira flips Lena over and starts fucking her in her tight ass BAREBACK! Lena’s never had a cock this big before! She moans with pleasure! Kira pulls out and blows a hot load all over Lena’s butt, then she wipes it with her finger and feeds it to Lena. You don’t wanna miss this one!!! You can download this exquisite hardcore release on the website in your choice of 480P (SD), 244.57MB, 1080P (Full HD), 1.03GB 4K (Ultra HD), or 5.73GB 720P (HD), 484.12MB formats.

Two Tgirls – Game of Cumshots

It’s Jenny Flowers’s first ever threesome! Both her first time fucking on camera and her first threesome are only on!

MP4 Trailer
MP4 Trailer

Jenny Flowers and Kira Crash are sitting around the house when Sydney Farron walks in the room with a game to play. A classic game featuring a spinner and a mat with dots, we’ll give you one guess as to which game it is! Sydney explains the rules, Kira thinks the game sounds boring! Kira has the idea that if the girls took off their clothes it would be a bit more fun. Jenny Flowers, being the innocent girl that she is, isn’t so sure about this idea. When she asks if she can keep her clothes on, Kira and Sydney laugh and help her strip down naked! The three girls begin the game. Before you know it Jenny Flowers is in an awful naughty position between Kira Crash and Sydney Farron!

Things heat up when Sydney calls out “Left Hand Ass!” for Kira’s turn! Puzzled and confused about the rules, Jenny isn’t sure this is how the game should be played. Kira and Sydney tell her that these are the rules and that she has to follow them. Before you know it Sydney’s big fat cock is down Jenny’s throat and Kira’s long hard cock is in her ass! Bareback! Sydney and Kira each take turns pounding the sweet innocent Jenny Flowers ass bareback.

Things heat up when Sydney calls out “Left Hand Ass!” for Kira’s turn! Puzzled and confused about the rules, Jenny isn’t sure this is how the game should be played. Kira and Sydney tell her that these are the rules and that she has to follow them. Before you know it Sydney’s big fat cock is down Jenny’s throat and Kira’s long hard cock is in her ass! Bareback! Sydney and Kira each take turns pounding the sweet innocent Jenny Flowers ass bareback. They push her down on her knees and stand up at her sides, slapping her in the face with their big cocks and then shoving them down her throat. She takes turns orally pleasing Kira and Sydney. After a while Sydney and Kira both cum at just about the same time on Jenny’s face. Within moments Jenny practically drowns in cum! Her face is completely soaked from Sydney and Kira’s massive cumshots!

You can download this torrid release on in your choice of 480P (SD), 244.57MB, 1080P (Full HD), 1.03GB 4K (Ultra HD), or 5.73GB 720P (HD), 484.12MB formats.

Twitter: @tscaramel

TwoTgirls – Yuuki & Mayumi Teen Lesbian Schoolgirls Play Truth or Dare

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Yuuki gets Mayumi’s cock hard so fast once it’s released – rock hard while sucking on it. The same thing happens to Yuuki’s pecker when Mayumi returns the favor.

It’s been a long day at school. Yuuki is staying over Mayumi’s house and they are finally home for the night. Bored with nothing to do, Yuuki suggests that they play a little game of truth or dare. The questions and the dares get more and more naughty until Mayumi dares Yuuki to kiss her. Not quite sure if it’s ok, Yuuki moves over to Mayumi and kisses her. After the two make out for a while Mayumi dares Yuuki to suck her cock. Yuuki happily obliges. Mayumi moans, it’s obvious she loves the feeling of Yuuki’s tight lips around her. After a bit of oral Mayumi fucks Yuuki hard and long in her tight little butt. She fucks her so hard that Yuuki cums all over herself! That’s the official synopsis of the video and photo set Yuuki & Mayumi Teen Lesbian Schoolgirls Play Truth or Dare!

Yuuki has the cutest butt and I think you’ll love the way Mayumi rubs her erection between her buttcheeks before driving it inside. She slaps Yuuki’s sex ass also, asking if she wants it. I’m expecting a slow fucking to start with, but Yuuki obviously likes getting pounded hard and fast when Two Tgirls founder Mayumi bottoms. Later in the scene, we get to see more of Mayumi’s gloriously fuckable ass while she thrusts in and out of Yuuki doggystyle.

Mayumi also rails Yuuki in the missionary position until her stiff she-cock releases a sweet, sticky cumshot! You can download this torrid release on the in your choice of 480P (SD), 244.57MB, 1080P (Full HD), 1.03GB 4K (Ultra HD), or 5.73GB 720P (HD), 484.12MB formats.