TSRAW Review: No Condom Fisting Party

TSRAW.com Description: Naty Castro bends over for a wild fisting and stretching bareback session with Luana Pachenco and a horny stud! First Luana lubes up Naty’s hole and a giant black anal toy. Luana holds Naty’s buns open as the stud presses the huge anal toy against her wrinkled backdoor. The anal plug is pushed into the hilt, sliding it deeper and deeper until it bottoms out. Luana smirks lewdly watching Naty getting used anally. The toy slides fully in and out of Naty making her anus gape.

Naty instinctively moves towards the closest cock, which is Luana’s. Naty enjoys the erect TS dick as the toy slips out of her spasming rectum. Without warning Naty’s backdoor is slathered in creamy lube. A gloved hand presses fingers against her soft o-ring. Naty opens easily for the fingers and before she knows it an entire fist enters her anus to the wrist! The fist slides in and out of Naty while she kisses Luana. After the fist pulls out of Naty a speculum keeps her sex-worn anus held open. The stud spits inside Naty’s open hole.

Now it’s Luana’s turn to play with Naty. Luana fist-fucks Naty feeling her warm bowels wrapped around her girlish fist. With the stretching session complete it’s time for bareback pleasure. Both Tgirls go after the POV’s cock, taking turns sucking on his engorged rod. Luana is first to be barebacked, beding over and gaping for the plunging no condom erection.

Then it’s time for Naty to get her sphincter filled. The two girls flip-flop, taking turns over the bareback cock. Both girls cum while getting fucked, then slide off and pump the throbbing POV dick to climax. As the cock cums both girls greedily lick the spilling seed as it empties from the guys piss slit. Another incredible, rare and kinky bareback session only on TsRaw.com.

Review: I could care less about the fisting to be honest. The huge dildo insertion at the beginning also does nothing for me. “So what’s left,” you might ask. For me, it doesn’t get hot until we’re about 30 minutes in and the male stud, Yago, is getting a POV blowjob from both girls. His body is so clean-shaven, anonymous and shapely, even a trans girl can imagine that Naty and Luana are giving her head.

At times, one of the babes sucks two cocks at once! Then there’s a spit roast session where the dude does the ass fucking. There’s reverse cowgirl footage and something I must have whenever there’s more than one girl in a porno – intense lesbian action and chemistry.

After one of the girls shoots a thick, creamy load of cum, the other girl swoops down to engulf her cock inside her mouth. When her buddy changes places to ride the guy’s dick in the same position, she helps her cum and licks up her spunk too! They share a cummy kiss, make the man shoot of, and share his spunk. And there you have it. The second half of the 73 minute No Condom Fisting Party scene is absolutely cumtastic for those who don’t require all the extreme action in the first half to get off.

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TSRAW: Mah Herrera – Glasses, Piercings & Wet Bareback Sex

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Description: Mah Herrera is fucked raw in a private pool! Mah has her black framed glasses on and in black lingerie. She’s barefoot in the pool and greedily goes to work on a hard cock jutting from the water. Mah’s face and belly button are pierced and she deep throats the entire dick. Mah takes off her lingerie and her cock swings free and perky natural boobies in full view. She lubes up the bareback cock with spit and slides it deep in her snug ass cowgirl style. Mah takes it reverse, doggystyle and missionary. Mah pumps her meat missionary and cums near her pierced navel. Mah is ready to be fed and gets on her knees in the water for the POV’s cumshot. Mah’s mouth is wide open and looks up with a pierced nose as she swallows the guys hot load.

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The majority of the network included with your TSRAW.com subscription is dedicated to Asian trans models. However, this site has mostly South American beauties, the majority of whom presumably come from Brazil, though they aren’t tagged as Brazilian. Some of these models have biographies that state where they’re from. For instance, Mah Herrera’s stats of 127.6lb (58 kg), 5’5″ (165 cm), 7.5 Inches (19 cm), etc. About this 34:08 minutes update, Tony Lee is the hung mystery man fucking gorgeous Mah Herrera raw! Is it the best update I’ve ever seen on TSRAW.com? No, I’m more or an orgy fan but Mah holds it down. I can’t take anything away from her. But I’m mainly there for the group scenes and the BONUS SITES. Take the tour and see all they have to offer.

TSraw – Kelly Costa Smoking Topping and Bareback


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Trans porn icon Kelly Costa from Sao Paulo, Brazil could have been the one doing the bareback topping on TSraw, but obviously she chose to bottom instead. Her stiff cock soars in the direction of the ceiling as she rides the dude’s big joint and the nipples of her lovely breasts look as hard as bullets. A switch happens that you cant see in the preview clips above. This is a half hour scene and at around 22 minutes in, Kelly starts fucking her male partners cute bubble butt with as much force as he fucked hers! The poor guy sounds like he’s dying but he’s not someone to really feel sorry for. When they switch positions so he can ride her, his big prick is raging hard, bouncing and swinging all over the place. Kelly helps jacking him off while banging him and then he’s railing her again. Kelly shoots her cum across her perfect pelvis and takes the guy’s cum all over her beautiful face. It’s a good thing she closed her eyes in time. She slurps up the remaining thick nectar from his schlong before this TSraw video fades out. Also, check out some videos previews on Ladyboy Tube which comes with your Ladyboy Gold Network membership of top-shelf websites.

TS Raw: Fernanda Diaz in Pink Bikini Bareback Ride

The Ladyboy Gold network features at least 8 brand new exclusive updates per week. One of those updates is from one of my favorite new websites, TS Raw. Fernanda Diaz aka Fernanda Cristine was born in São José dos Campos, Brazil and currently resides in Rio de Janeiro. She’s one of my favorite performers and she has a most perverted new photo set and hardcore video on TS Raw. Fernanda pees when the video opens, but soon she’s posing on the bed and stripping out of her pink bikini. Some mystery man fondles her big tits while she undresses. Fernanda bends over teasingly, exposing her round curvy ass to the lucky stranger. She gets an instant erection from his finger slipping inside her. Fernanda gets her big cock stroked as she writhes and gyrates on her knees. Then the man’s big stiff dick appears before her smiling face. Fernanda’s prick points up from her loins as she performs an aggressive blowjob and handjob. Next, she hovers over the guy to rub their stiff pricks together. She’s more hung than her partner Raj, but that’s often the case when Fernada stars in a hardcore scene. In less than the midway point, the man gets to fuck one of the most remarkable asses I’ve ever seen in porn bareback. It’s a wild doggystyle ride that evolves into the reverse cowgirl position with a full-frontal view of Fernanda’s big breasts bouncing and her huge, hard cock flopping around all over the place. She switches into cowgirl so we can see her amazing ass getting pounded again. Then she stares at us directly as she gets banged side saddle. Now she’s getting railed completely nude while stroking her large boner. The view of Fernada squeezing her dick between her tanned thighs while getting fucked is just insane! She’s on her other side for the next side saddle ride beating off until she cums, blasting a creamy white load of cum across her tight tummy. Raj shoots his spunk across Fernanda’s big breasts. Don’t miss this torrid scene on TS Raw! You can also find “Pink Bikini Bareback Ride” on Ladyboy Tube which is part of the Ladyboy Gold network.