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Annabelle is like a new song that gets massive airplay from an artist you’ve never heard before. She’s exquisite in two performances, but the first one I’m focusing on is her debut. Buddy Wood does an opening poolside interview with Annabelle as she’s seated wearing a skimpy bikini. She’s into passionate kissing and she’s a verse bottom. One of her fantasies is public sex and she’s serious about having a successful adult industry career. She rises from her seat to pose while standing barefoot and tugs at the bikini top strings and loosens them. She removes her top pretty quickly and you don’t need me to tell you how pretty her bare breasts look. Without pushing her bottom far down her hips, Annabelle withdraws her growing cock and begins stroking it. You’ll see that the bulbous head is fully exposed when Buddy zooms in. He directs her to take a seat again and Annabelle continues to masturbate, this time with her legs raised to give you a clear view of everything she’s got. She’s completely nude so you really can’t miss any of her incredible form. There’s more tight footage in some special places and across her pretty face until she complies the request to pose in the doggie style position. Buddy is astounded by this sight and I’m pretty sure you’ll be too. This model is simply ravishing. Anabelle strokes her erection from behind while giving you direct views at her fun spot. The she jerks her boner while standing with spectacular full frontal footage in this killer Shemale Yum debut!

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Now time to get to her smoking hot performance on Buddy’s new website. It opens with a soundtrack and outdoor footage like you’d see in a Buddy Wood feature film with Anabelle walking down the street to his house. The opening interview this time around is much like the one on Shemale Yum, but the 21 year old adds that she’s an artist. She talks about a fantasy she hadn’t mentioned in her other video and then she begins taking her clothes off. Annabelle’s masturbation sequence here is absolutely intense!

Beautiful Ashley Washington Jacks Her Hard Cock!

Buddy Wood’s ingenue Ashley Washington of L.A. is popping up and cumming all over the place! In her debut on released on December 1, 2016, the Model of the Month sat in a bikini by poolside after her debut. She tells us what turns her on and the two top things are sucking cock and getting fucked. She prefers missionary position and doggy style is her second. Buddy directs Ashley to stand up and turn around for us and she does so while teasing and fondling her boobs before stripping. Then she’s completely naked and bent over a chair with her magnificent ass raised and explicitly exposed. She masturbates with her legs spread open when facing us and then squeezes her tits together. Ashley makes you consider giving her a tittie-fuck if you’re not thinking about what you’d do with her ass or with her cock at the moment. Ashley also sits upright in her chair with both feet on the ground, at times raising a foot to point her toes like a ballerina. Then she poses on the concrete on her beach towel in a variety of tantalizing positions. Her debut ends with a dazzling last butt show while standing. In her next scene, “Beautiful Ashley Washington Jacks Her Hard Cock!” released on December 15th, we’re indoor this time around with Ashley in a cute summer outfit since it’s Southern California. Once the horny babe is stripped down to her thong and tall wedge sandals, she finger bangs her fun spot and poses in a variety of positions in the leather chair. Strings of pre-cum ooze from her raging hardon as she sits up and squeezes it firmly. Ashley’s debut was on fire, but if you prefer money shot scenes, she ends up creaming into her open palm in this one.

These shoots inspired me to see what Ashley had done on Buddy’s new free-standing website Now it’s just a low-res video sample, but clearly you can see how gorgeous and sexy Ashley Washington is in her real debut! Much like she did in her second Shemale Yum performance, Ashley jerks off furiously wearing her wedges. Only she’s on the notorious casting couch instead of in a leather chair when she makes her pretty cock cum. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of gorgeous Ashley Washington in 2017!