Tyra Scott Fucks Her Yoga Instructor

In February of 2016, the beautiful hostess of tyrascottxxx.com presented the second installment of What Happens In Vegas with Tyra and Rob Yaeger. Their chemistry was explosive in that set and I think it’s just as present if not more so in this single scene. I know Rob Yaeger aka “Yaegerman” is a self-described “omnisexual porn guy” and a masculine seeder and breeder. I know Tyra as one of the finest adult industry performers ever and a total sweetie pie. When the instructor tells his skeptical student that he’s been a Yoga expert for a decade and has also studied in India, she almost takes his word for it, but they’ve been meditating for a half hour already and Tyra is still stressed out. He replies with some esoteric mumbo jumbo and their meditation continues. It’s not working, but what works for me is great comical acting in this scene. I don’t usually go for acting in porn unless it’s done at a high level like this and with humor.

Just stretching isn’t doing it either, so the Yoga Master positions himself behind his student to help her relax with a massage. Things get hilariously weird when he stands up and places his crotch against the back of her head, adding that there’s an actual name for this secret, ancient method. Tyra is familiar with the sensation of her pants being pulled down and her ass worshipped, but not as a method of Yoga practice. It feels so good however that she goes with the flow.

A few moments later, her instructor’s cock head is right in front of her mouth, pressing against it. Luckily she’s familiar with the practice of taking a nice dick inside her mouth and sucking on it masterfully. She looks gorgeous sucking the ginger stud’s prick and it doesn’t hurt that Master Yaeger has the type of body that blends well with the theme of this scene. He lays back on the bed and gets kissed before the cock sucking resumes. Then he tosses her salad again in preparation to ease his erection inside Tyra’s hot, tight ass BAREBACK.

I don’t know if this actor really practices Yoga, but he certainly knows how to fuck. A doggystyle railing evolves into a side saddle banging. I can tell how much Tyra is enjoying this by her moans and gasps and they way she lays face down on the bed while getting fucked next. This is one powerful pounding that has to eventually come to an end. When it does, Tyra lays back and strokes her cock furiously while Yaegerman does the same while hovering above her. Tyra convulses in orgasm wildly as the swollen head of her cock shoots a load of creamy white cum across her tummy. Rob lays beside her and jerks off for a few moments. Then he starts fucking Tyra again! This railing is in the missionary position and goes on until Rob withdraws and gives Tyra a huge creampie. Naturally, the student is completely relaxed.

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TransErotica – Chanel Santini

Chanel Santini Creampies Jasmeen, Chanel Santini Fucked By Alexa Scout, Chanel Is Back In Black, Chanel Stroking On A White Couch, Chanel Santini’s Five Legged Stool, Spreading Wide In Pink, Chanel Santini In Black Lace Lingerie, Chanel All Alone In A Bubble Bath, Chanel Santini Red And Ready, Loving Las Vegas, Chanel Santini In Long Blonde Curls, Chanel Santini Is Pretty In Platinum, Chanel Bent Over Ready To Fuck, Chanel Santini Cums In Camo and Chanel Santini Sits And Strokes are titles of the photo and video sets the Las Vegas-based it girl and her friends for the complete ChanelSantini.XXX collection and more on the incredibly jam-packed network TransErotica.com.

Chanel Santini In Kinky Hardcore With Jasmeen

Don’t go looking for the official Chanel Santini website just yet. But you can find “Chanel Santini in Kinky Hardcore with Jasmeen” on TransErotica now. You’ll also find “Chanel Santini Creampies Jasmeen” on TransErotica. I could tell you all about both videos, but let’s focus of the kinky hardcore update today and I’ll get to the creampie scene in a future update. Chanel is a Domme who has captured the intruder Jasmeen and knocked her out with chloroform. When Jasmeen awakens, she’s tied and ball-gagged on a sofa in a luxurious apartment. There are a few things I didn’t know about Chanel. First, I didn’t know how convincing she could be as a Mistress until I saw her administering verbal humiliation and rubbing her pussy and swatting it with a riding crop. Chanel pleasures and torments Jasmeen’s large breasts and nipple in the same manner. She holds gagged Jasmeen by the neck firmly as she sucks one of her nipples. She proceeds to rip the bodystocking Jasmeen is wearing with her long talons and exposes her pretty petals. Then she spreads Jasmeen’s lovely labia wide and moves in for the kill face first. This is when the second thing I didn’t know about Chanel happens. She’s straight in her personal life, but I wouldn’t have guessed she’d be so incredible to watch with a cisgender female star, or that I’d ever see this happen at all. The chemistry between Chanel and Jasmeen is magical and the balance of glam and BDSM is just right. This is my favorite porn niche and the killer footage for me is watching Chanel fucking Jasmeen bareback completely naked. The pairing of the hostess of jasmeenlefleur.com and Chanel Santini is absolute casting genius. Until TransErotica announced the official launch of Chanel’s website, this scene plus the creampie set is available now. You can also watch Chanel LIVE on Chaturbate. Her webcam broadcast channel is chaturbate.com/chanelsantini.

Jessy Dubai Fucked Hard by Rob Yaeger

Megastar Jessy Dubai of jessydubai.com is fresh out of her bath and drying off with a towel. Her man is beating off in bed beneath the covers to some porn when she enters the bedroom drying her voluptuous body off with a towel. She’s not surprised as they obviously both love watching porn. They have twin beds in what seems to be a hotel room and Jesse starts jerking off under the covers like Rob Yaeger does. The beautiful and curvaceous fox gets deeply immersed in her little fap session and is startled but pleased to discover Rob standing beside her bed jerking off at the sight of her. Jesse’s large breasts are the only nudity she’s exposing, but that’s enough to do it. It gets even better when Jesse tosses her bed sheets down and says she thinks she needs some help.

Rob continues jerking off as he leans down and takes Jesse’s dusky erection inside his mouth. She returns the favor and gets it back, jacking her hips off the bed with her face fucking. The naked Latinx babe gets a rimjob next and does some finger banging while the omnisexual High Commissioner of Assfucking prepares to ease his cock inside her tight ass BAREBACK.

A powerful missionary position railing is followed by and equally strong doggystyle fuck. Jessy’s thick cock is squeezed between her lovely thighs during their side saddle banging and an exquisite reverse cowgirl ride comes next. Robe holds her big tits firmly as her cock and balls bounce all over the place. Then her ass is magnificently displayed when she gets fucked in the cowgirl position.

My favorite part of this scene is when the hung ginger stud rams in and out of Jesse so hard that it seems like her might fuck her to the floor. But it’s not over yet, so I have another favorite. It happens when Jesse is on her back again, beating off while getting pounded. “Cum for that pussy!” she shouts and her big, dark and lovely cock shoots a big wad of creamy white spunk across her tummy. Then Rob’s large joint explodes, hitting the same spot and between her cleavage and above her gorgeous, jiggling boobs.

For more information about this incredible trans star, check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD interviews with Jessy Dubai Pt 1 & Pt 2. The official jessydubai.com website is powered by the Transerotica.com network that also brings you tyrascottxxx.com, chanelsantinixxx.com, pornstarslovetgirls.com and some of the most diverse trans star lineups in the adult industry.

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TransErotica Signs Chanel Santini, Alexa Scout

Watch The Trailer on TransErotica

Alex Henderson wrote on XBiz on May 13, 2016 that TransErotica has announced the addition of two transsexual performers, Chanel Santini and Alexa Scout, to their growing network of sites. “I am thoroughly enjoying working in this industry,” Santini said. “To have my official site built and launched on the TransErotica Network is thrilling. I am looking forward to the finished product.” A TransErotica representative said that Santini “is proving to be quite a fan favorite” and that Scout, since launching her career just over a year ago, “has also carved out a name for herself amongst the TS niche.” “I am very excited about my website partnership with TransErotica,” Scout said. “This is my first online venture, and I am both ecstatic and honored to be a part of their network. Look for my site in the next month or two.” According to TransErotica President JC Baumgartner, both sites will contain exclusive HD videos and hi-res photo sets and are scheduled to be released in the next 30 to 60 days. “To say we are lucky to grab these two popular teen stars is an understatement,” Baumgartner said. “Each girl is bringing her own unique personality and style to the table, which is going to complement our family of sites so well.” TransErotica.com debuted last year with TyraScottXXX.com, the official site of Tyra Scott, and Jessy Dubai’s official site, JessyDubai.com. The niche site PornStarsLoveTGirls.com, which features trans performers and cis male and female porn stars performing together, was added months later. Alexa’s “Extreme Solo” TransErotica video is glamourous, yet torrid and kinky! She’s a gagged submissive captive who’s not allowed to utter a word until after her gag is removed. Even then, it’s like she’s been ordered to shut the fuck up and suck on her huge back dildo. She’s not allowed to say anything until she jacks off and finger bangs herself. Then she has permission to speak, shouting only the sluttiest of obscenities as she approaches orgasm. Finally, she’s allowed to cum across the mirrored glass table. I totally get it and I hope you will, too. Chanel is a frequent LIVE webcam broadcaster on Chaturbate at chanelsantini. Chanel, Alexa Scout and TransErotica!

Kimber Haven Dildos Her Ass Until She Blows

Watch The Trailer on TransErotica

When I went to TransErotica to see the trailer of this Kentucky-based beauty I had the honor of interviewing here on TS Dreamland before she became a bonafide porn star, I didn’t expect to actually see her cumshot in the preview, but I did. You can, too! But it’s more fun to watch the full-length video for the build up. Kimber enters the living room area topless in her corset and kink boots asking if you want to have some fun with her. She wastes no time playing with the bulge in her panties and asks, “Do you want to see my big fucking cock?” It’s already hard when she whips it out. She sticks out her pierced tongue a few times making the visual of her sucking you develop in your mind and makes her large dick bounce up and down. She also cups and fondles one of her big tits and the camera zooms in on her stiff prick and smooth, hairless ball sack. She uses her free hand to suck on the big red dildo she’s got, but that doesn’t stop her from talking dirty. Kimber pour some lube on her long-nailed fingers and rubs it into her fun spot, finger banging herself. Her ass seems tight as a vice when she fucks herself hard with the large phallus. Kimber’s cock is so hard at this point that its swollen head touches her latex corset, wetting it with pre-cum. It’s actually about 14 minutes into this TransErotica scene when that big cumshot you see in the trailer blasts out of her big dick. If you were logged into chaturbate.com/kimberlylynnhaven today, you may have cum with her just a few hours ago. She also has her own official website Kimber’s Playroom – kimberhaven.modelcentro.com.

Trans Erotica: TS Tarynxo Solo Masturbation


Sample Photo Gallery

I was running through my TransErotica collection and realized I forgot to rave about a TS Tarynxo video that was released on or around December 17, 2015. Over 150 images grace the photo set. Preview the trailer here. I’m not sure when this was filmed and perhaps you knew her as simply Taryn Elizabeth then, but she does introduce herself as TS Tarynxo in the scene. The video plays out pretty much the way you’d imagine after seeing the above sample photos with lots of sensuous position changes. Taryn begins to strip, stroke and finger bang early into the clip. She’s fapping a gloriously full erection about 4 minutes in and this lovely vision continues for another 10 minutes or so until she has a tremendous climax. A blast of creamy white cum spurts from her swollen cock head and lands somewhere below her jiggling tits and streams down her shaft. She leaves you with a sexy parting wave in this stunning TransErotica video. I’m a little late with this little review, but I’m so glad I didn’t forget to rave about this scene about one of the fastest rising TS stars in the adult industry.

Video Trailer

Tyra Scott XXX Transerotica Masturbation Lesson

The “Masturbation Lesson” video is like the film version of the type of taboo fiction story you’d find on Literotica or Nifty in the naughtiest categories they have. Cousins Tyra Scott and Holly Parker are trying to work out Holly’s teen personal issues. Her issues are raging hormones which are something Holly’s mom has neglected to tell her about. Tyra tries to explain how Holly can satisfy these urges verbally, but it’s no use. Tyra encourages Holly to withdraw her “clit” so she can teach her how to jerk off. Tyra is such a good cousin, she allows Holly to kiss her clit, also. Soon it’s rock hard and huge, yet Holly somehow manages to suck it all the way down to the base. Since Holly has never had hers sucked on, Tyra returns the favor. Then the girls sit side by side and stroke themselves together! All the sudden, Holly’s mom Robbi Racks enters the room and they’re busted! Robbi thinks it’s time for “The Talk” and she whips out her own sex organ to give them both a lesson. Mother sits between the girls and I’ve just described the first half of this kinky scene. You can stream or download the full length movie and save the Zip photo set from Tyra Scott XXX and/or Transerotica.

Jessy Dubai Fucks Sarina Valentina

I drove myself half crazy looking for this hardcore scene I’d already downloaded from the official Sarina Valentina website with Jessy Dubai. That’s because it’s one of the best transbian flicks I’ve ever seen. But here it is again and I can stop filing through my archives to see Jessy fucking Sarina silly. When I first saw this scene, I had no idea that Jessy would have a TransErotica network site, but I know now. This isn’t the first time Jessy has had an official website, but the stars seemed to have lined up for the best showcase for the two trophy winner at the 2015 Transgender Erotic Awards and 2015 XCritic Best Transsexual Performer. Jessy performs with the top male talents as well. Then there are her incredible solo performances not to be missed. Check out the trailer and sample photo gallery. You can also watch more video previews and see more photos of the official Jessy Dubai website!