Transational Fantasies: Alyssa Etain

Description: While writing in her diary about her first threesome experience, slender beauty Allysa Etain starts rubbing her crotch. She gets really turned on recalling her initiation into sex with two cocks. As she stuffed one in her mouth and felt another ramming into her ass pussy, she felt complete bliss. Now, before your very eyes, she begins to pull up her cute crop top and massaging her all natural titties. Soon, she reaches inside her pajama shorts and pulls down her leopard print panties. She pulls out her love stick and starts stroking. Her gorgeous head swells with blood. She bends over and shows off her ass. She fingers her tight hole and jerks at the same time. You imagine being behind her and pounding her doggy style. You look down and admire her beautiful feet as she pushes back into your hard cock. She concludes her all body rub down by relaxing with a drink on the couch.

That’s yet another super horny and well written synopsis from Another way to put it is the tip of the iceberg. If I hadn’t read before this video was released I would have recognized the signature direction and high production values of Jamie French immediately. Her work rivals several Hollywood producers and I’ve been saying that for years.

In one way I was hoping for a confessional format in which the strikingly gorgeous Alyssa Etain would talk about herself. But I forget about that almost instantaneously while watching the action progress. 

From my understanding, she was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida before moving out to San Diego, California. But that’s all I know and I’m not even sure that’s 100% correct.

Then again, a little mystery can go a long, long way. Alyssa is absolutely amazing and to learn more about her, I guess we’ll just have to wait. I’m sure it will be well worth it. Watch the Free Scene Trailer on formerly known as Shemale Strokers. 

Transational Fantasies: Alexa Vex

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Description: Leggy brunette Alexa Vex will you with her girl next-door look. Wearing a pair of sexy librarian glasses and thigh high stockings, this friendly cutie tells you how much she loves sucking cock and riding dick. One of her hottest encounters was when she and her friends all went down on the same guy at once. She starts oozing, just telling you about it.

If you were there right now with her, you could worship her ass. And she’d make sure you were well taken care of too. She slips off her high heels so you can suck on her pink manicured toes. She wants you to get hard in your underwear. Throbbing against the restricting fabric, so that it’s a little uncomfortable.

She imagines you inside of her right now, as she scratches her thighs and trans girl pussy lips. She knows you want to see her completely naked. So, she takes off her skirt, revealing an incredible ass, tiny waist, and wide hips. She bends over so you can eat her trans girl pussy out. Make sure to lick the rim and smack her ass cheeks while you’re down there.

Bite it, she pleads. Then, she turns around so she can feed you her girl cock. You do such a good job sucking her off, that she gives you a turn. She blows you sensually until you shoot your load into her mouth. At last, lies back and squeezes out a drippy mess for you to savor.

That’s another blazing hot write-up that makes my job a whole lot easier. To add a few words, Alex Vex is just the consummate performer. Her dialogue is steady and continuous and her body is a chiseled work of art. I don’t know what she does to stay fit but she’s got amazing curves in all the right places.

Natural hormone breast lovers will be thrilled with her bosom and ass lovers enticed by her upside down heart of a bottom. Leg lovers and foot fans as well will be totally smitten and that who will out most if they don’t see the full-length video.

Transational Fantasies: TS Sarayah Sin

The official description reads: Leggy brunette Saraya Sin began transitioning this year and is excited to meet our members! She begins by slipping down her tight shorts and sharing what she likes about bottoming. Losing control and letting someone have their way with her is such an empowering experience for her.

She loves taking dick in her ass because she loves the way it feels going in and out. It’s a whole new world of sensations for her! You notice a cute girl ball poking out of her pink panties as she goes on about how much she likes to give head. Her girl cock is growing, so she pulls it out to let you have a taste. She pushes her undies all the way down so you can see her pretty pink trans girl pussy too.

This flexible cutie pulls her legs wide apart and you stick your tongue in her love hole. She flexes her twat and spreads her ass cheeks wide while you dive even deeper. She strips completely and begins rubbing her all natural breasts. She’s got a lovely cock and balls to play with too.

You could spend all day worshiping this Goddess from head to toe! But now she wants you to fuck her doggy style on the couch. She pushes back into, taking every inch. You pound her so good she starts leaking pre-cum. Sarayah finishes your hot session with a vibrating dildo, before shooting a big stream of wet girl juice all over her stomach. She leaves the shoots with a jeweled butt plug firmly lodged up her tight ass. 

This pretty Vancouver, Washington model has been all over the country and to many exciting locales abroad. She’s not too much into sports but she’s obviously in great shape. She hasn’t started her transition long ago, but she likes the way her body is changing.

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Sarayah provides foot fetish content before releasing her big, stiff cock from her pink panties. I know that she’s submissive, but my goodness, she could do lots of damage with that large organ. Turning her around, she has the most perfect upside down heart of an ass. Hurry up and get all sexy with Sarayah on!

Transational Fantasies: Kylie Maria 6

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The official synopsis reads: When you cum over, bombshell Kylie Maria is ready to give you the girlfriend experience of your life. Your sex kitten sure is sweet, but she’s got a darker side too that she wants to share. She’s wearing a completely see through, fishnet dress, and you can’t take your eyes off her humongous, perfect breasts. Then again, she’s so sexy everywhere that you can’t even decide where to look. She leads you into the kitchen to whip something up to whet your appetite. She pulls out her huge titties and starts massaging them. She bends over the counter, pushing her black thong to the side, and spreads her luscious ass cheeks apart.

Her delicious booty pokes out, and her sexy girl dick hangs down between her legs. She’s got one last treat for you, she teases, as she shakes her love stick in your face. You look up and immediately latch onto her she cock. Make sure you lick her balls too! Looking up from below on your knees, you can see everything. Her juicy hole clenches while she jerks and pumps her hips. Suddenly, your dream queen is sitting before you, with her wrists and ankles handcuffed. She desperately wants to jerk off for you, but she is all tied up! After struggling to free herself, she crawls toward you on the ground.

Face down and ass up on the floor, she pumps her big clitty in her manicured hand. She’s so turned on that she drips precum, even helping herself to a taste. Finally, she sits back at the kitchen table and squeezes out a messy orgasm for you to lick up. Bon appetit!

It’s most likely Eddie who wrote the description of the latest Kylie Maria video trailer. It’s on the “Trailers” link on the landing page of The synopsis is almost as arousing as watching Kylie and seeing her pictures! The stunning AVN Award Winner and owner of needs no room for introduction this time around.

I love the hot music that doesn’t keep running after it’s time to stop. The slow motion sequences compliment Kylie’s beauty and her full nudity is sure to do the trick at the end of this blazing hot update. If you haven’t gotten your fill of this top model yet, it’s time to get to

Transitional Fantasies: Mara Nova

Shemale Strokers is transitioning to new name and website with the same awesome trans content you have cum to love. Updated 4X a week!

Scene Description: It’s a blazing hot summer in southern California, and gorgeous beach babe Mara Nova is ready to catch some rays outside. But you’d rather stay at home and cuddle up like a couple of beach bums. She’s got a super sexy tie-dye bikini, blue hair, and facial piercings. She agrees that the two of you could have more fun by staying in, so she peels off her bathing suit and whips out her huge love stick. She smacks it against her thighs and stomach, making a satisfying thud noise. Then, she bends over to show you her tight ass pussy. She instructs you to tongue bathe her from head to toe. Rather toe to head. You work your way up from her gorgeous soft feet, noticing the goose bumps that appear on her legs and stomach.

Mara is busy massaging and squeezing her perfect little titties. Next, she bends over so you can admire her round ass, especially the lady cock and balls hanging down between her legs. She wiggles around and flexes her butt hole, even smacking her yummy cheeks. Then, she backs into you and you fuck her doggy style. Finally, she lies back and strokes her lubed lady dick until she shoots a nice, white load of jizz all over her tight stomach.

Is that one of the horniest descriptions from a website you’ve ever read? If you think that’s hot, wait until you see the full length video! Going to the beach is great. It’s one of the world’s favorite activities. But so many of us would rather just stay inside with beautiful Mara Nova. You’ll totally get it when you see her stripping down to nothing in her little bedroom.

Mara is beautifully captured stroking her huge cock in a variety of tantalizing positions. Her cumshot in this update one the biggest I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen her cum a lot! Watch and I hope you’ll also check out Caramel’s Interview with Mara Nova.

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Shemale Strokers: Natalie Mars 3

I thought that this Shemale Strokers update featuring gorgeous Natalie Mars would be in interview format. I’m pretty sure that the way this scene is delivered is better. What about this trans porn megastar do we not already know? I this scene we get one-on-one interaction in less than two minutes, an erotic pseudo-dream sequence and shockingly abrupt removal stages of her colorful swimsuit!

I know someone out there is powerfully shooting their wad by the time she sits back on the sofa stroking her stiff cock when only wearing her white platform sandals! The official synopsis reads: Stunningly gorgeous Natalie Mars met you at a party last night, and now she wants you to cum over and hang out. You rush over, but when you get there, she tells you she has something to tell you… well, maybe it will be better if she shows you.

She used to be an exotic dancer, so why don’t you sit back and let her give you a lap dance. As she rubs her crotch and gyrates her hips, do you notice anything different? You start seeing the outline of her lady cock in her bathing suit. She unties her straps and exposes her all natural titties. She strips completely–except for her white high heels–and now you can see her fat dick head and clenching asshole up close and personal.

Do you want to suck on her girl wood from behind while she bends over? She stretches her ass cheeks apart with pastel, painted nails. You turn her on so much that she starts wiggling her pretty toes and dripping precum.

You must be a natural born cock sucker! Then, Natalie takes a turn slobbering on your knob. It’s so messy that she drools all over chin, and you get lost in her beautiful bluish green eyes.

Finally, sitting with her feet pressed together, your trans girl Goddess strokes her lady boner until she spurts out a string of yummy, gooey, girl cum. There’s no way I could top a description the way does it. Watch the Free Trailer when you get there. 

Shemale Strokers: Bailey Love

Did you see the Bailey Love scene trailer above? I didn’t expect the preview video to show her cumming but it does! Her official Shemale Strokers synopsis reads: Tall brunette Bailey Love is from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and she loves drinking Miller High Life and Puerto Rican hookers. She also loves to suck and ride big dick, especially being spit roasted.

And the two of you already have something sexy in common… you both love to fuck girls with cocks and make them squirt. Already turned on, Bailey takes off her thong and spreads her juicy ass cheeks wide part for you. Bending over, her clenched asshole is on complete display. Just a little bit of teasing has her dripping precum from the tip of her lady cock, so she indulges herself with a taste her own yummy girl juices.

Next, she pulls out a big 9-inch dildo to play with. She sucks on its entire length, and you can’t believe how she stuffs the whole thing down her throat. Now that it’s nice and wet, she sits down on the toy cock and rides it. The deck below her gets soaked with all her sexual fluids, but she just keeps bouncing on up and down in her high heels.

She keeps jerking her long clit while fucking herself in the ass, until she shoots tons of white gooey cum all over a glass plate. Of course, this dirty little trans girl licks it all up! I’m a little biased about this actress considering my interview with Bailey Love that you’ll find right here on TS Dreamland. Luckily my reviews aren’t numbered because I’d probably rate this update higher than the website would.

Even though I think I did a pretty good job with our highly enjoyable interview process, I really love what the Shemale Strokers interview drew out of her. She drove from Wisconsin to Las Vegas to the shemalestrokers set in Seattle, Washington where this debut was filmed. After learning her non-sexual likes, she gives us the whole enchilada about what turns her on sexually. It’s so arousing to hear about what she loves about sex with guys and girls! The only surprise for me is that she doesn’t mention the fact that the big boobs she’s squeezing are all natural while she’s handling them.

Perhaps she’s hoping you’re paying attention to her incredibly fit physique in her debut and the big cock rising before her creamy thighs.

Shemale Strokers: Kayleigh Coxx

All American trans girl Kayleigh Coxx, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a big smile, is the girl of your wet dreams. She might seem sweet and innocent at first, but this lovely lady has quite a dirty mind… and mouth. She looks gorgeous sitting out on the beach balcony as the wind blows her lovely blonde locks, but why don’t you cum inside so she can show you more?

With her pretty little balls poking out of her tiny black panties, she starts opening about what she likes to do sexually. She likes eating pussy, especially while watching the girl’s facial reactions. But don’t worry, she also likes giving and receiving messy blow jobs. The real question is, can you handle all 7 of her inches down the back of your throat? Might as well give it a try!

She also loves it when a guy eats her ass out and plays with her big clit from behind… or he teases her with his huge dick pressing against her trans girl pussy. But what she loves the absolute most is cumming while a guy is fucking her… it doesn’t get any better than dripping when a guy is pounding her in the ass!

She’s getting nice and hard now, and her lady stick makes a delightful thud as she smacks it against her flat stomach. With big titties and a pretty, pink lady cock, she’s also got a pretty, pink asshole to play with.

As she inserts her (pink) vibrating dildo, her lady wood jerks and quivers. She imagines it were you there fucking her, with your arms and legs wrapped around her, gazing deeply into her eyes. Rock hard and twitching, Kayleigh is ready to cum for you. So she pulls out her favorite toy, a masturbation sleeve.

Her sexy cock head pokes out the end of the plastic tube, and it makes yummy, gushy sounds with every stroke. At last, Kayleigh erupts with a milky white load of lady juice… all-American as milk! The synopsis writer described this scene so perfectly, my review is simply, “Yep!” this time.

Just kidding but it will be brief. I was very curious about the non-sexual side of this gorgeous model. I love that this site goes into depth about the person before things get pornographic. Feel free to watch the Kayleigh Coxx trailer on

Also, you can watch her performing LIVE on my favorite webcam site on!

Shemale Strokers: River Enza

Shemale Strokers Synopsis: Pixie dream girl River Enza is really into graphic novels, comic books, and online digital art. But she’s also a rope bottom with a year of anal training from her Mistress and Her kinky friends. As she has branched out sexually, she has realized that she feels the most pleasure by pleasing others. This bondage babe in pigtails loves protocol, rules, and being uncomfortable. You notice that by now, she is stroking her big, erect cock beneath her little pink dress. Her Master made her save up all her cum this week, and her juicy balls are full of lady jizz.

She’s an uninhibited sex fairy, and will do whatever you like. Do you want to eat her trans pussy? It feels funny at first, but she like it. You know how to lick and suck her just right. Take your tongue and lick all the way from her asshole to the tip of her girl cock. Now, she’s ready for you to fuck her. So she mounts the rocking sex machine and rides a huge, black dildo. She takes it deep and fast, but when she’s ready to cum she brings out another fun toy. She penetrates herself with a vibrating dildo while tugging on her big clit until she squeezes out milky mess.

I don’t know who does these write-ups but they never fail to get me aroused. As you can see I have a hard time editing them down. About River Enza, I always see as half of a full package of hotness, the submissive half.

The dominant side of this union is possessed by Goddess Kyaa whose path to womanhood was somewhat different. She was born female. They’re from Portland, Oregon and River explains how she caters to her Master with juicy details. She enjoys the best of the best herb and loves great Asian food. River grew up in New Mexico near Santa Fe so she’s accustomed to spicy things. I like seeing River be the spicy thing and after giving very interesting facts about her transition, she turns up the heat.

Some interviews are at the same level as the strip show and ending that that website promises. This is one of them. It satisfies what’s between my ears as much as what’s between my legs.

Shemale Strokers: Kandy Kreamzzz

Just one photo and a description of this ebony fox is so damn arousing: Totally crushable Kandy Kreamzzz is your very own black baby doll! Wearing pink fishnet stockings and a turquoise negligee, she tells you about a recent hot hookup. The guy cumming over planned on topping Kandy, but once he saw her candy stick, he dropped to his knees and started worshipping it. As she spills, her huge lady cock starts to grow, and she starts to play with the precum dripping out of her pee hole.

As she shakes her perfectly round booty, her mocha dick and balls swing back and forth, and her chocolate ass cheeks clap together. Her beautiful hair falls down her back as you grind into her from behind. Your nuts slam against hers with each mounting thrust. At last she lies back and jerks out a healthy, milky serving of trans girl goo. Its white thickness drips down her dark shaft, and you lick up every last drop. Allow me to add a few words to that tantalizing synopsis.

Gorgeous Kandy resides in Las Vegas, Nevada and she loves to travel. She’s been to most of the U.S. states and she love to smoke weed. Henessy is her main drink. She says she’s always looked feminine so transition isn’t as hard as it could be. Kandy goes into lurid detail about an encounter she had with some hot guy she met once. This is not the first time I’ve written about Kandy, just the first time about her on

So when she tells us that the date who planned to fuck Kandy ended up being the one who got fucked, I’m not surprised. If you’re thinking that all she might want you to do with that delicious looking BBC of hers, she might turn the tables on you and have you bent over on all fours taking it. One of the best parts of this update comes only under about ten minutes when Kandy has removed every stitch of her clothing. She says that breast augmentation is a future goal but I think she looks perfect just the way she is. But far be it from me to tell another trans woman what to do with their body.

You can watch Kandy’s free teaser trailer on that shows her big dick shooting a creamy white load of cum!