TransAngels Review: Balls In Her Court – Sarina Valentina & Pierce Paris

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Curvaceous beauty Sarina Valentina knows that it’s important to stretch a powerful body out before any serious workout, and she does exactly that with the help of her exercise ball. Muscular stud Pierce Paris comes in just in time to find the busty blonde bent all the way over, with her thick sexy ass in the air. He gives her a rubdown, tears open her yoga tights and goes to town. Sarina moans with ecstasy taking Pierce’s big cock until her ass is pink and covered in cum.

Looking gorgeous in her workout midriff top and leggings, Sarina Valentina pads barefoot across the living room floor to her mat in this torrid update. She kneels down to do some stretches, with a little Yoga thrown in, and does some deep breathing exercises to warm up. After awhile, handsome Pierce Paris joins her while she’s straddled across the exercise ball.

Pierce actually straddles Sarina so we know he’s more than just her trainer. He gives her curvy ass a workout right through her leggings with a massage and a generous amount of oil. Pierce is a versatile actor who can be passive or aggressive. Hes’ in full Daddy mode the moment he appears on screen and establishes his dominance by tearing Sarina’s leggings wide open.

He slathers oil across Sarina’s bare ass and his big cock is already swollen when has her begin sucking it. Sarina give him a long, awesome blowjob and she tears the opening in her leggings even wider to release her cock an balls. What girl wouldn’t want to touch herself while getting a mouthful of tasty cock?

The last dousing needed is applied to Sarina’s big ass before Pierce eases his erection inside. Then she’s bent over the exercise ball getting balled! Eventually, Sarina gets her dick sucked for being such a good fuck. Then Pierce begins fucking her all over again! Don’t miss this spectacular update on For more of the superstar trans actress, visit the Official Sarina Valentina website powered by TGirl-Network.

TransAngels Review: Everyone’s A Critic

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Wesley Woods, noted film buff, is trying to watch a movie in peace. Unfortunately for him, Natalie Mars has a different idea. Sick of watching boring movies where the characters never actually fuck, she convinces Wesley to let her give him a sneaky hand job in the movie theater. That’s not Natalie’s only surprise though, when she pulls up her skirt to reveal her cock, Wesley has to admit that she’s a much better snack than movie theater popcorn. The two cinema lovers fuck in the theater, Natalie riding Wesley’s big cock until he’s ready to blow his load all over her movie star good looks.

Review: The first few moments of gorgeous Natalie Mars entering the movie theater and spotting Wesley Woods eating popcorn on perfectly captures a girl on the prowl. I’m not sure why Wesley looks at her like she’s crazy when she takes a seat next to him, but I guess that’s soon to be explained. You’d think that most guys would be thrilled at their luck.

She seems to be just innocently taking in the movie at first. But then she withdraws a lollipop from her purse and begins slurping and sucking on it suggestively. She’s also loudly sucking to the point where Wesley tries to shhh her quiet.

Natalie offers Wesley the candy, but he turns it down. She then begins speaking, suggesting that the movie characters should just go ahead and start fucking instead of beating around the bush. He disagrees and she suddenly reaches into his lap, fishes out and exposes his cock. Natalie begins jerking off shocked Wesley. Finally, he’s developing an erection (like the rest of us) and he puts aside the popcorn.

All this stroking has gotten Natalie excited and she opens her legs to expose her bare cock beneath her skirt. Is Wesley surprised that Natalie is trans or just by the beauty of her cock? I don’t really think we’ll ever find out but the following footage reveals that he’s seriously turned on at this point.

Wesley plays with Natalie’s bare ass as she’s bent over performing fellatio on him. We get an amazing view of her exquisite bottom, even as he gives her a rim job. Alright, let’s get to the fucking.
Wesley gets himself stripped down quickly to give Natalie a doggy style railing. She’s still wearing her top, skirt and tall sandals, but all of her naughty bits are exposed.

Wesley gets himself stripped down quickly to give Natalie a doggy style railing. She’s still wearing her top, skirt and tall sandals, but all of her naughty bits are exposed. A powerful bareback missionary pounding comes next. Then comes a reverse cowgirl screw with Natalie’s tits jiggling and her balls and stiff dick spinning wildly! The position changes keep coming in this amazing update and so will you! Also check out!!!

TransAngels Review: Fuck The Sheeple with Alexa Scout & Wesley Woods

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Alexa Scout is sick of her step-brother Wesley Woods’ bullshit. He thinks that just because she’s on the phone all the time, she must be shallow, but his tune changes when he spots her taking some sexy selfies in her room.

When Alexa catches him, she makes her hunky step-brother strip for her while she takes pictures on the phone he’s always teasing her about. When Alexa sees that Wesley has a huge cock underneath his air of superiority, the two of them find something a lot better for Alexa to do than sit around on her phone all day. Wesley gives Alexa a hearty helping of step-brotherly love worth texting her friends about, fucking her long and hard until they both cum.

TransErotica contract model and hostess of is in my top list of most beautiful and talented adult actresses of all time. So this review admittedly comes with perhaps a little bias. But I’ll do my best to keep a lid on it. Alexa’s gorgeous co-star, Wesley Woods, is a good actor too.

I love the moment when Alexa first takes in the sight of his stiff cock. She moves directly into giving a blowjob and having her salad tossed in return. I would like to have seen Wesley sucking Alexa’s cock before he penetrates her tight ass, and I’m thinking it’s not going to happen, but it comes soon after. At this point I’m telling myself, “Yes, this update is going to be perfect after all!”

Alexa gets her lovely uncut dick sucked erect as she lays back massaging her luscious tits. Wesley also rims her while stroking her boner! Then Wesley pounds her bareback again with his hard tool. After missionary comes side saddle and Alexa riding Wesley on top.

Her breasts are jiggling and her hard schlong is bouncing as Wesley thrusts in and out of her from below. This udate is yet another masterpiece!

TransAngels Review: Testing Your Wares

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Hot Brazilian angel Yasmin Dornelles is sick and tired of getting runs in her stockings, and she’s not going to take it any more. Yasmin will not rest until she finds a pair of stockings that looks as good as she does. Hunky shop boy Matheu is eager to help Yasmin find the pair she needs, especially after he catches a glimpse of Yasmin in her bulging lingerie. Yasmin would be crazy to buy a pair of stockings without taking them for a test drive, so after sucking Matheu’s cock she gives him a long, hard footjob in her new stockings to see if they’re all they’re cracked up to be. Ever the committed salesman, Matheu is quick to deep throat Yasmin Dornelle’s huge cock and ride it hard until she’s sure she’s ready to buy. In the end, the hot and horny pair celebrate a successful transaction the good old fashioned way, by cumming all over each other’s faces!

Review: Sao Paulo, Brazil native Yasmin Dornelles is a reasonably new adult model who’s been tagged the new “Queen of Cock”. That’s good for instant recognition, but she also has other great qualities we shouldn’t overlook. She’s incredibly sexy in ways that don’t involve her massive cock and the way she uses it.

Whether it’s with men or with other gorgeous trans models, I’ve only seen Yasmin top. I’m not sure if we’ll ever see her bottoming in a sex scene, but Yasmin is so incredible at topping, I don’t mind seeing her in the more aggressive role as her signature as we do here on!

Yasmin opens the scene with a solo striptease, revealing her lovely orbs before showing what’s going on downstairs in her lingerie. In less than a minute and a half, Yasmin has whipped out her enormous cock and it’s already as hard as Chinese algebra. She’s wielding it around at first as opposed to officially masturbating.

If you’ve never seen Yasmin’s boner before, it’s astounding every single damn time. It’s easy to overlook her smooth presentation as a porn actress while concentrating on her upward curving boner. Yasmin’s entire frame is exquisite. She has great tits, a protruding ass and remarkable legs.

From what I can tell by her going down on Matheu, she gives an amazing blowjob. She’s also crafty with her pretty, high-arched feet you’ll notice during the long foot fucking sequence. It’s a wonder that this young man didn’t shoot his load before that session ended. He manages to hold out and do his best to give Yasmin a satisfactory blowjob.

The hard and deep sucking of Yasmin’s huge schlong results in priming her up to fuck Matheu’s ass powerfully! She gives it to him doggy style, makes him ride it from above, and she drills him while he’s lying on his back. Matheu comes hard first, but Yasmin’s creamy white cum shot is the blast that takes us to the end of this special Brazilian Tour edition update on! Tour edition update on!

TransAngels Review: When The Cock Strikes Midnight

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: When sweet homebody Lena Kelly called a service that promised a New Years party to remember she didn’t think it would actually work! She especially didn’t think that her party planner would be the beefy stud Ricky Larkin! Ricky shows up and promises Lena a night to remember, transforming her apartment and offering her a rom-com ready New Years kiss. Lena is more than game, but seizes the opportunity to trick the horny hunk into planting his kiss on her cock instead of her lips! What follows is a ball dropping fuck fest for the ages with the hairy brown beefcake slamming Lena’s tight hole all over the apartment until he blows his load all over her pretty face. What better way to ring in the New Year?

Review: Some folks look forward to holiday porn. I’m usually the opposite but got me with this one! I’m a huge fan of the superstar hostess of so it’s easy to watching her doing her thing with any theme. Besides, I like the way Trans Angels handles this holiday special. It’s engaging and sexy enough to enjoy all year ’round after the first viewing.

Lena looks adorable chillin’ in her jammies with popcorn all by herself on what’s supposed to be the most festive nights of the year. Then studly Ricky Larkin shows up at her door with a magical surprise. It’s not his big dick. Not yet, at least. He produces real magic, creating holiday home decorations instantly, plus a formal dress for Lena to compliment his tuxedo.

What Lena would really like on top of that is a New Year’s kiss and maybe even something more. I can’t help but notice that while Lena and Ricky are delivering their lines, the buff actor’s muscles are the only things threatening to burst through his suit.

He’s already clearly sporting a boner. But’s it’s Lena’s hardon we get to see first! Ricky is taken aback at first, but her likes what he sees. It’s still pretty obvious by that huge bulge. Lena presents Ricky with a blowjob that looks absolutely amazing.

She also looks incredible in evening wear and skyscraper tall sandals. Her horniness is on the next level as Ricky goes down on her in return. I don’t want to give away too much about the sex in this special holiday update, but the bareback fucking is out of this world! Ricky manages to indulge in some oral foot fetish action while pounding in and out of Lena’s tight ass with jackhammer thrusts. This is one of the best XXX scenes of 2018. What away to take us out of the old and into the new!

TransAngels Review: Showertime Diplomacy

MP4 Scene Trailer Description: Tensions between Asian beauty Venus Lux and her hunky roommate Mason Lear have reached a boiling point. Venus is sick of Mason always banging down the door while she’s trying to enjoy her shower, and Mason is sick of Venus using up all of the hot water before he has to go to work! Mason Lear decides he’s had enough of Venus’s reign of terror and forces his way in while she’s taking a shower, but he gets more than he bargained for when she discovers the voyeur.

Venus Lux forces him to get in the shower and strip in front of her, then punishes his mouth with her hard cock. Mason Lear discovers he’s got a taste for Venus’ rough verbal domination, and soon enough he’s begging for her to fuck him right there on the floor.

Venus pounds Mason’s hole all over the bathroom until he can barely catch his breath, then, ever generous, swaps positions with the horny dude and lets him fuck her tight hole until both of them shoot their loads all over Venus. They celebrate the diplomatic victory with some steamy cum swapping that will ensure their conflict is put to rest.

Review: The superstar behind and Mason Lear deliver an incredible performance in Showertime Diplomacy on! Although the storyline has been utilized countless times in trans porn before (OMG, the beautiful woman in the shower masturbating has a cock!), Venus and Mason breathe new life into the theme.

Venus takes control of the situation by guiding Mason’s mouth to her upright and rock hard cock much like a dominatrix would. She then proceeds to fuck him silly in the shower.

Venus takes the time to please Mason’s boner orally between bouts of fucking. Otherwise, she’s always the top. That’s until Mason gets to fuck Venus back!

Watching Mason drill Venus powerfully as she stroked her hardon is immensely erotic. Her cum shot is a creamy white blast the proceeds Mason’s and this update ends with a humorous twist.

TransAngels: Fancy Facials

Cast: Aubrey Kate, Dante Colle, Janelle Fennec, Pierce Paris

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Description: Aubrey Kate and Janelle Fennec go to get facials, but there’s something special about this spa that keeps Audrey Kate cumming back again and again. Janelle is new to this special spa, but after experiencing the pure pleasure of hot oil and the warm hands of Dante Colle and Pierce Paris, she’s wide open for whatever treatments they offer.

They’re still surprising me with consistent top-notch updates. “Fancy Facials” on is yet another masterpiece. It begins when we see Aubrey and Janelle enter the massage room. The production values are incredible and the moment Aubrey disrobes is scintillating. Then Janelle follows suit for a double whammy.

Within the first minute, these beauties are laying prone – butt up and naked awaiting their masseuses to arrive. Enter handsome Pierce and Dante. They apply oil to their stunning client’s backs and thighs, professionally working around their bare butts. When asked to turn over, Janelle is apprehensive, but Aubrey reassures her that it’s okay.

There are white blinds that hide what’s going on below Aubrey and Janelle’s necks, but Janelle can’t help but notice her friend’s rapturous gasps. “Is she getting her cock stroked,” the look on her face inquires. Indeed, Pierce is jerking Aubrey to a full erection but Janelle is new here. Dante has not yet begun too masturbate Janelle.

The plot thickens, and so does Aubrey’s hardon when Pierce positions her to penetrate her bareback with his own erection. Dante takes a break from massaging Janelle to get a sampling of Aubrey’s tight ass around his dick. Janelle is still unaware that her friend is getting railed by both hung men, but she insists on getting what’s called the ‘special treatment’ that Aubrey orders. Soon, she’s getting fucked too! This update is one of the finest since the website launched!

TransAngels: Dita Dior, Dante Colle & Nicolette Shea in Face Swap

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Description: Dita’s boyfriend Dante is obsessed with porn star Nicolette Shea, and it’s got her feeling a little less than secure. When Dita catches him masturbating to one of Nicolette’s steamy videos, it’s the last straw. So, Dita decides to teach Dante a lesson he won’t soon forget and dons a mask that allows her to impersonate Nicolette. Her hot trick turns into a hot fuck once Dante discovers the truth behind the mask (and between her legs) and gives Dita the dicking of her dreams.

Dante Colle may or not be my favorite male stud on Trans Angels. I try my best not to play favorites online. He’s previously starred with Shiri Allwood, Kimberlee, Aubrey Kate and Annabelle Lane. He continues to deliver the goods this time with Canadian beauty Dita Dior. Veteran director Tom Moore works in special effects that rival the quality of the biggest budget mainstream adult films and fans of ultra-high production values will really appreciate this dedication to excellence. is produced in conjunction with the top shelf Brazzers Network after all.

Dita’s first display of nudity is her huge breasts. They’re not hormone boobs of course, but this is one virtually flawless rack! We get a view of it when she’s doing her face swap routine after catching Dante rubbing one out to Nicolette in a Brazzers hardcore video.

The fun part begins with Dita, disguised as Nicolette, sneaks past sleeping Dante and shows up at the doorstep. He’s shocked of course that the porn girl of his dreams is at his home asking for help since her car has broken down. He lets her in to charge her phone and some amazing camera work follows. I’m not going to spoil the rest of the story for you. Just know that the bareback fucking is incredible and we’re treated to two extraordinary cum shots before “Face Swap” on comes to a close!

Review written by @tscaramel on Twitter.

TransAngels: Natalie Mars & Chanel Santini

MP4 Scene Trailer

Slutty Study Buddy Description: Nerdy babe Natalie Mars is heading over to Chanel Santini’s place for a quick study session before the big final, but all Chanel wants to do is fuck! So Natalie decides to use a little motivation – her perky tits! One right answer later and Chanel is licking up her friend’s nipples. A second answer right and Natalie is on her knees swallowing up Chanel’s thick, tgirl cock like it’s going to be on the test! A third right answer and Chanel is pounding Natalie’s tight, little ass until they’re both drenched in orgasm!

Little Rock, Arkansas native Natalie Mars was recently nominated for “Trans Performer of the Year” at the 2018 XBIZ Awards. But she first began working in the adult industry as a webcam model. From late 2014 onward, Natalie started to develop a devoted fan base which led to major adult studio stardom. Many moons ago, I wrote, ““In perfect sync with her transition, Natalie also began to conquer the Internet with stunning amateur appearances here and there. The next thing I knew, I saw her on , my favorite webcam site, performing regularly.”
Natalie won the prestigious “Best New Face” accolade at the 2016 Transgender Erotica Awards.

Albuquerque, New Mexico native Chanel “Cici” Santini has already won “Best New Face” and “Gender X Model of the Year” at the Transgender Erotica Awards and she has graced the covers of countless best-selling DVDs within a few years. When Chanel graduated from high school, she moved to Las Vegas with her best friend. After working at the clothing store Hollister for several months and struggling to live from pay check to pay check, she entered the adult industry. A landmark moment in Chanel’s adult film career came in May 2016 when she signed with the leading adult entertainment network That’s the same label Natalie Mars is on now and they’re both currently considered to be adult industry superstars!

Veteran director Tom Moore has captured lightning in a bottle with their hardcore trans lesbian scene on As the story line unfolds, Chanel is bored half to death with Natalie reading the passages of Human Biology they’re supposed to be studying. In a bold move, it’s nerdy Natalie who decides to make their studies more interesting.

Chanel gets to study Natalie’s pert nipples with her tongue and to gaze at the protuberances escaping the panties beneath her pleated skirt. Natalie’s next forward move is to undo her study buddy’s denim shorts. She sucks Chanel’s cock to an erection rapidly. The girls fuck in a variety of positions. But I think it’s safe to assume that Chanel loves pounding Natalie’s tight ass best in the doggy style position as it happens more than once. It’s also the position she pulls out of to shot a big load of cum across Natalie’s freshly fucked butt. Anyone who’s pretty familiar with Natalie’s lusty desires will not be surprised that she shoots her load while eating Chanel’s ass. This update is of the highest caliber of trans porn available anywhere. The official websites of these amazing ladies are ChanelSantini.XXX and

TransAngels – Jessy Dubai & Natalie Mars The Family Friend with Benefits – Part 2

MP4 Scene Trailer

Here’s an excerpt from the Part 1 description of “Jessy Dubai & Natalie Mars The Family Friend with Benefits” to bring you up to date:

The main fun begins with Natalie’s exit when the grown folks begin to play. Cyntheria and Jessy share Colby’s big dick orally and Cyntheria oogles jerking off her pretty she-cock. Natalie’s horny parents give Jessy a blowjob and Colby fucks Jessy’s big tits.

Cyntherea’s fingers on her pussy are replaced by Jessy’s dark cock shaft and the pretty lady gets spitroasted with Colby’s schlong in her mouth. The fuckers switch positions and then Jessy gets fucked by Colby while carpet munching on Cyntherea!

Her pussy is deliciously bald, but you know what I mean. There’s a lot more juicy action that occurs before Colby and Jessy both cover Cyntherea’s face with their big cum shots. Director Tom Moore and have delivered yet another instant trans porn classic!

Now that Colby, Cyntherea and Jessy are sitting on the sofa completely naked after fucking each other’s brains out, they’re worried about Natalie being freaked out by what she just accidentally witnessed.

Mom, Cyntherea, is about to get up and talk to her, but father, Cobly, suggests it’s better that Jesse confronts her as a the stranger she still is. Jesse puts on one of Colby’s shirts to hide her nudity and when she knocks on Natalie’s door, she’s called a homewrecker and refused entrance!

Jessy barges into the bedroom and insists that Natalie sit on the bed and listen to her explanation. Natalie insults Jessy as just being her dad’s fucktoy. Jessy begs to differ and adds that she’s there to keep both parents happy. When Natalie asks what they see in her, Jessy opens the big shirt and displays her naked body. Natalie can’t deny it’s not one hot body and Jessy begins to cozy up to her flirtatiously. But the younger girl denies Jessy’s advances until Jessy accuses her of being scared.

In a move to show Jessy she’s not chicken, she grabs Jessy by the shirt and plants a hard kiss on her lips! The next thing you know, they’re kissing passionately on the ottoman with Natalie’s full bed right behind them. What happens on that bed rivals the action from the threesome with Jessy and Natalie’s parents. In fact, it rivals all trans porn productions site-wide for 2018!

TransAngels: The Family Friend with Benefits: Part 1

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Colby Jansen and his wife, Cytherea, are finally introducing their new partner, Jessy Dubai, to their daughter Natalie. But hearing about what her parents do behind closed doors freaks Natalie way out. Not to let an opportunity to fuck slip through their fingers, busty Jessy decides to grab a handful of Colby’s big dick! Cytherea quickly realizes she’s going to have to compete hard to stay number one when it comes to fucking! Each babe sucking harder than the last, until they start working together! Cytherea deepthroating Colby’s huge cock while Jessy fills her ass with tgirl dick from behind is enough to please this housewife until both her lovers are finishing off all over her pretty face!

Jessy Dubai, Natalie Mars, Cyntherea and Colby Jansen starring in The Family Friend with Benefits: Part 1 on is an extraordinary plot-driven video. Considering that I don’t always find story lines necessary in porn vignettes, that’s saying a lot. But this plot line is not only absolutely necessary, it’s brilliantly taboo.

If you’re not too familiar with mainstream porn, you might not know that Cyntherea is something of an icon in the cis world. She’s 36 years old, 5 feet and 3 inches, 106 lbs and her measurements are 32D-23-33. She’s been working in adult films for 15 years and won the AVN Award 2005 for Best New Starlet and for the 2012 XRCO Award: Nominated for Best Cumback.

There’s a cameo by trans star Natalie Mars who won Best Internet Personality and the highly sought after Best Solo Model at the 10th Transgender Erotica Awards in 2018. Mars broke onto the porn scene in 2015 when she debuted in studio porn although she’d been a fan favorite on Reddit for a few years. She’s appeared in multiple scenes from practically every production company. She is renowned for her anal prowess, with an ass that can seemingly swallow anything, from Bad Dragon’s XXL monsters to any performer’s cock. Handsome Colby Jansen now knows all about her amazing trans snapper! Jessy Dubai is a TS Dreamland favorite I don’t have to rave about today because I can direct you to the beginning of her two part interview with PornOCD which you can find here. Or if you need instant gratification, just visit

The main fun begins with Natalie’s exit when the grown folks begin to play. Cyntheria and Jessy share Colby’s big dick orally and Cyntheria oogles jerking off her pretty she-cock. Natalie’s horny parents give Jessy a blowjob and Colby fucks Jessy’s big tits. Cyntherea’s fingers on her pussy are replaced by Jessy’s dark cock shaft and the pretty lady gets spit roasted with Colby’s schlong in her mouth. The fuckers switch positions and then Jessy gets fucked by Colby while carpet munching on Cyntherea! Her pussy is deliciously bald, but you know what I mean. There’s a lot more juicy action that occurs before Colby and Jessy both cover Cyntherea’s face with thier big cum shots. Director Tom Moore and have delivered yet another instant trans porn classic (with a Part 2 on the way)!

TransAngels: Sarina The Sex Doll

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Michael Del Ray has been waiting for his Sarina Valentina doll to arrive all day, and she is an absolute masterpiece. Big tits, a thick juicy ass, and gorgeous blonde hair – she’s what he’s always dreamed of! Before he can get a word in, Sarina is on her knees putting her luscious blowjob lips to work on her master’s big dick. Sucking on her voluptuous boobs gets Michael ready to go, sliding his cock past her pretty tgirl dick, deep inside her tight ass! Pounding away as his doll, Michael finally pulls out and sprays his new toy in a warm load.

How realistic is Sarina The Sex Doll on featuring the superstar behind It’s pure fantasy aside from the fact that I’m sure that many of us would actually fuck a doll model after her if it were realistic enough. She’s a porn icon for goodness sake! The first part of this video consists of Sarina concentrating on you and stripping for you before the scripted action begins. But her pink, pretty nipples is as far as that goes, so you’ll have to wait for more of her naughty bits.

It would take more than taped dorky eyeglasses to make me believe that Micheal Del Ray is a goofy looking nerd, but I’m going along with the story just fine. I’m loving watching him fondling his doll’s big boobs and watching her eyeing the huge bulge in his pants. Sarina wastes no time sinking down to take his big dick inside her mouth and it’s swollen almost rock hard when she begins blowing him.

Sarina is busty enough to easily handle occasional tit fucks and Michael looks so cute sucking her cock and tossing her salad. A dominant nature seems to take hold of him suddenly when he begins fucking Sarina doggy style. She looks like a sex goddess while riding Michael’s large prick in the reverse cowgirl position with her sex flopping up and down! The cowgirl ride is a showcase for her big, tight ass.

The glorious man-cum moment comes in the form of a cream pie that Sarina masturbates to until she announces she’s cumming too. Don’t miss this torrid update and be sure to visit!

TransAngels: Kayleigh Coxx in Grilling & Drilling

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: On a sunny day, there’s nothing Kayleigh Coxx loves better than distracting her sister with a barbecue while she steals her new boyfriend! Sneaking off to the kitchen under the guise of getting snacks, the only snack Mason Lear is getting is a mouthful of Kayleigh’s tgirl cock! After sucking each other hard, Mason bends his busty blonde hostess over and slowly slides his big dick deep inside her tight asshole. With his oblivious girlfriend just feet away, this slim stud pounds Kayleigh as hard as she can take it, pulling out at the last possible second to unload all over her face as she finishes herself off at the same time!

5’8″ (173 cm), 120lbs (54 kg), superstar trans beauty Kayleigh Coxx is a Eugene, Oregon native who’s had one fabulous adult industry year! That’s about as long as she’s been in the industry and she’s been on a trajectory straight to the top since she hit the scene.

Kayleigh loves guys but mostly bottoms for men even though her lovely 7″ cock is fully functional. When it comes to genetically born females and other beautiful trans girls, she’s totally verse.

Kayleigh shows off her wicked sense of humor and acting chops perfectly in this update. Her interaction with her co-stars is well-timed and the opening sequence smoothly lays out her hardcore performance with handsome Mason Lear.

This is the first time I’ve seen Mason in action and I don’t know how Kayleigh feels about this, but I consider him an exciting new addition to trans porn. I hope Mr. Mason stays in the game. New male talent is refreshing. The oral sequences take up over half the scene, but there’s plenty of time left for the actual fucking. It begins with a forceful doggy style drilling and evolves to missionary pounding. Kayleigh’s cock is rock hard as she gets railed on her back. For those who have a thing for sexy feet, Kayleigh loses her pumps by the time she takes Mason’s big dick in the reverse cowgirl position. The side saddle sex culminates in a huge cum shot which Kayleigh devours greedily in this masterpiece!

One more thing before you go. For Kayleigh’s private Snapchat join KAYLEIGHCOXX84!

TransAngels: Janelle Fenne Cheeky Clean

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: No one makes doing the dishes look better than busty, blonde babe, Janelle Fennec. But all those soap studs frothing up as she churns that sponge gets her in the mood to get a little dirty and start playing her he big, pierced tits! Stepping out of her jeans while hosing herself down in the kitchen, Janelle seductively whips out her thick tgirl cock and slowly strokes herself! Spreading her juicy ass wide, this horny cutie puts her finger to work as she gently rubs her tight, little hole. Barely able to stand any longer, Janelle drops to the ground and finishes herself off all over herself!

Hi from Caramel @tscaramel on Twitter. I can’t top the sexiness of that synopsis, but I can go into a bit more detail. This awesome site now pumps out two scenes a week – one solo and one hardcore. It’s a welcome new erotic treat to get used to.

Janelle’s horny ass isn’t at all shy about finger banging and jerking herself off into a frenzy. And the production values are mind boggling. Director Tom Moore presents the highest quality with the top caliber talents in the industry on!