Tiffany Starr, Korra & Chad

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Chad Diamond is trying to explain to Korra Del Rio that the French magazine he’s showing her to pick up the language from is a fashion publication, but it’s actually porn. Reading the magazine will supposedly help with the tapes she buys from him to learn French. Korra isn’t really understanding the door-to-door salesman so she asks her friend Tiffany Starr to join the conversation.

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Hopefully she’ll have a better idea of what Chad is talking about. Tiffany rushes him to get to the point and realizes the offer is a rip-off. If anyone is going to get fucked here, it looks like the salesman will be the first to. Tiffany grabs Chad across her lap and exposes the cock under her dress.

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Korra stands up to reveal her cock to the already shocked peddler. The scam artist has obviously never sucked a beautiful girl’s dick before, especially not two of them. But he does a pretty fine job when forced to give Tiffany a blowjob. He also sucks Korra’s prick and jerks Tiffany’s off while sucking hers again! The girls take turns giving Chad head next and he develops a huge erection.

Then he sucks Tiffany’s boner again while Korra goes down on him. While he’s sucking Tiffany’s big hard tool, Korra straddles him in the cowgirl position and rides his hardon fast! He strokes Korra’s boner while Tiffany watches the action with an equally hard erection swinging between her thighs.

One minute Korra’s hardon is flopping and swinging and the next it’s inside her girlfriend’s mouth while Tiffany is on her hands and knees. Chad the salesman positions himself behind Tiffany and begin plowing in and out of Tiffany’s tight ass! After getting powerfully spit-roasted, Tiffany decides to fuck Chad while he sucks Korra’s cock! The girls kiss passionately while spit-roasting the salesman and Korra then takes a reverse cowgirl ride of Chad’s prick while Tiffany fuck him. Tiffany then sucks Korra’s erection while Korra continues getting railed by Chad. Next, the focus is on Tiffany full on and she fucks Korra while seated with Chad jerking her off. He releases her hardon when standing for her to suck him again and her boner swings about in the direction of the ceiling! Korra produces a hug cumshot while getting fucked and Tiffany later coats her girlfriend’s cock with her own big blast of jizz.

Chad is the last of them to cum in this torrid bareback update available on and on! Don’t forget that Korra has a website of her own. Be sure to also check out KorraDelRio.XXX!

Tiffany, Nikki, Trixxy & Morena Super Fuckin’ Orgy

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Spoiler Alert: This review comes with not only trailers and a sample photo gallery, but a full description of the action. These TEA nominees and winners are involved in an annual orgy that goes down during the awards ceremony and after party events. Some of the players change each year, but the orgies are always torrid hardcore sexual events. The newest guests are Morena Black and the hostess of who can be seen in the “Skippin’ School” scene on Trixxy’s official website. The “Tiffany, Nikki, Trixxy & Morena Super Fuckin’ Orgy” can also be streamed or downloaded from Tiffany Starr XXX and Nikki Montero’s Latina Tranny website. Ecstatic, the producer of several Up Network sites including Piladyboy films the action that begins with the four babes introducing themselves in various states of undress. They wag their cocks around and some are already hard and the other ones are catching up. Everyone does their fair share of cock sucking. The fuckers are Tiffany, Trixxy and Nikki. The fuckees are Trixxy and Morena who gets a bukkake blast at the end. Nikki cums on her pretty face and in her mouth followed by one of Tiffany’s trademark cum showers. Trixxy is not to be outdone with her creamy white cum blast and after spunk-laden closing remarks, it’s a wrap until 2017.

Venus Lux and Tiffany Starr

The video preview of Tiffany Starr and Venus Lux is so long on the landing page of and so explicit! What you don’t see in the preview, unless you’ve digested the full-length video, is the full introduction. Tiffany states that this scene will also be featured soon on which is also another one of my favorite destinations. After four years of planning, this is actually their first time together. I’m glad I didn’t know it was in the works and it’s a welcome surprise, to say the least. If I’d heard that these two prolific mega-stars were planning to fuck, I couldn’t have guessed who would be railing who as they’re both so versatile. The opening scene delivers a lot of background information just in case you’re new to trans porn. Obviously, Tiffany takes the lead in this scene, even though ravishing Venus plays the agency executive CEO in the interview and Tiffany plays the hopeful model. Venus unexpectedly asks Tiffany if she’d be interested in adult hardcore and fetish modeling. With a little encouragement, including direct compliments, Tiffany seems open to the idea. Venus moves from behind her desk and sits on the sofa beside her. The compliments become more brazen and Venus touches Tiffany’s shoulder and begins to caress her thighs. She orders Tiffany to begin taking off her clothes and the gorgeous redhead stands up to obey. Tiffany is posing completely naked soon, except for her heels and Venus begins rubbing the bulge in her panties as she watches. Venus releases and strokes her cock to an erection while Tiffany does the same and sits on the sofa next to her potential employer. The scene is humorous until it’s not. The funny business ends when Tiffany gets a mouthful of raging hard Venus Lux cock. Well actually it resumes after the powerful transbian bareback fucking ends. The sex scene is followed by an insightful take on the action from both Venus Lux and the hostess of Watch the trailer on

Tiffany Starr in Fleshlight Fun

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The new Tiffany Starr XXX video is a bit like her New Year’s blast in terms of her surroundings, but this one comes with a new twist and a new toy. Tiffany is horned up in anticipation of a hot girl she’s going to have sex with. But she can’t wait until she arrives to get off. She starts rubbing her big boobs through her new pink and black bra, then shows off her matching panties. Her gorgeous legs are clad in sheer black stockings and she pats the full ass above them, reminding us how good it feels while sliding up and down on a nice hard cock. Tiffany presents her ass while standing at first. Then she poses sinuously on her leather sofa to give you a more explicit view. She rises again to bare her luscious breasts and after hefting their weight and rubbing her sensitive nipples, Tiffany produced a gold Fleshlight toy, the most realistic intercourse simulation device known to men and transgirls. It’s a genetic girl model and the gorgeous megastar slides the pink pussy lips over the head of her stiff cock and down the shaft all the way to the base. Then the pumping begins. Some of the biggest money shots I’ve ever seen are on Tiffany Starr XXX and she’s well-known as a heavy cummer. Watch how the beautiful New England native blasts off this time on her official website or with your TGirl Network multisite-pass.

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Kourtney Karkrashian is a gorgeous black trans girl I’m living through vicariously because of the fun times she had with superstar Tiffany Starr in late 2015. Tiffany also had some dildo delights. But today’s subject is her New Year set in which Tiffany rolled in 2016 with the pumping out of one of her notoriously huge cumshots! She’s like the trans version of Peter North if you haven’t seen her tremendous orgasms before. “Tiffany Starr New Year 2016” begins with our beautiful New England native getting ready for a big party. She has a few hours to let off some steam beforehand. It’s the perfect time to have that last orgasm of 2015. She plays with the big party favors that spill out of the top of her dress first. Tiffany isn’t wearing panties tonight and this provides easy access for her solo fap session. She uses a whistle to tease one of her nipples and a firm hand to stroke her big, swollen pecker. Tiffany also provides some stunning rear views and then does something that drives many of her fans completely nuts. She stands up and with her stiff cock hidden by the dress, she makes it swing around inside. Tiffany lifts the hem of her dress, but not high enough to make her boner pop out. She just shakes it around in there for a few moments. Sometimes what you don’t see is as much of a turn on as what you see. But if you missed the sight of her big dick bare, don’t worry. You’ll see more of it, plus Tiffany penetrating her sexy bottom with a black butt plug while completely naked, except for her mask. Tiffany stands up to jerk off furiously until her beloved cockhead sends a big blast of creamy white cum across her party table. Happy New Year, Tiffany Starr! We love you!