Tara Emory on Pure-TS

Hi, from Caramel. I had the honor of conduction the interview with the iconic hostess of Tara-TS, Tara Emory. Centurian Publishing CEO Hanna Rodgers summed it up perfectly saying, “Tara Emory, in her third cover appearance for Transformation, along with a photo spread that is guaranteed to take your breath away. With limitless creativity, well-honed technical skills, and an erotic imagination which is unrivaled, Tara creates sensual fantasies that transcend all other genres of porn. And after more than 15 years in the industry this self-made pin up porn princess is going strong and looking hotter than ever!” You can order your copy of Transformation Magazine on centurianonline.com/transformation-97.


I think this is the perfect time to give you my take on her two performances with Christian XXX for his website Pure-TS and for Tara-TS. Tara doesn’t perform with many other stars so it’s only fitting that she’s gone straight to the top of the adult entertainment food chain with the King of Porn Texas native. “Hot MILF Tara Emory Wants Anal Sex In Her Kitchen” on Pure-TS is pretty straight to the point, right? It’s an extraordinary bareback hardcore scene with multiple position changes. I really like the reverse cowgirl footage with Tara’s stiff cock windmilling and later taking a huge facial.


“Busty MILF Tara Emory Sucks & Strokes a Big Dick” was added later to Pure-TS and it’s a POV video when Tara enters the room to find Christian lying on his back with a hardon. Tara’s member is swollen too and she’s got a cock ring encircling the base as she walks toward him with it bobbing and swinging before her. She looks gorgeous sucking his enormous tool and stroking it with one or both hands. If she doesn’t have one hand on Christian’s dick, she’s using one on her own erection. She makes a deliciously lewd show of licking up some of the cum that emerges from his cock head.

Tara Emory Channeling Marilyn

The world said their goodbyes to the icon over 50 years ago, but beautiful Tara Emory pays tribute to Marilyn Monroe with an erotic vision no one else could have presented.

If the first upload of “Channeling Marilyn” didn’t blow you away, the second time around, Tara Emory has added more ass shots and horizontal shots for a full set of 153 images!