Sue Lightning Makes Her Debut

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I recently logged into Chaturbate in the Transsexuals section and catch Sue playing with Natalie Mars on Sue is on Natalie was sitting on the bed opening her legs before the camera while Sue went to the closet to slip into something more comfortable. Sue was wearing cut-off jean shorts with no top and Natalie had on a white t-shirt and black bra and panties. Sue sat next to Natalie with a Grooby Girls t-shirt on with her shorts. Natalie explained that she’d shot for Grooby (on Shemale Yum, several times I should add) and that Sue was yet to be seen on the site. Skipping forward, Natalie slipped on a pair of open-toe booties after walking around with her cock hanging out the side of her panties. Natalie took a short break and then Sue modeled solo. Then Sue started walking about with the hem of her t-shirt over her big boobs and her dick outside of her panties. About 25 minutes into this Chaturbate broadcast, Sue crouched on the bed to go down on Natalie. I looked at the time and realized that 43 minutes had passed. Sue has just made her Shemale Yum debut and it’s fantastic! She doesn’t say much when the Omar Wax video opens, but when someone is this ridiculously pretty, how much does she need to say? I already knew she was a bright light from reading her tweets. After removing her bra and caressing her big jugs, Natalie lowers her Victoria’s Secret panties. She’s popping a boner. Natalie has such a pleasant look on her face while she masturbates while sitting on a stool. “Feels good,” she moans softly and when she stands up, her stiff cock stands way up, too. Then she turn around and… I could go into further detail, but I’d rather you watch or download the debut of gorgeous 22 year old Sue Lightning on Shemale Yum for yourself.