Kayleigh Coxx on Shemale Club

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I love these indoor photo sets of the gorgeous model Kayleigh Coxx on Shemale Club! Whenever someone asks me who I believe the world’s best trans photographers in the world are, I never fail to mention Nick Milo, Isa or whomever it is producing new sets and the older ones too. They’ve raised the bar several years ago. I’ve seen Kayleigh on other membership websites increasingly more often lately. I actually saw for the first time her prolific Chaturbate LIVE shows. Her lastest video on Shemale-Club.com is swimsuit special and I wish I had photos to share with you already. They’re on the way however and I can describe what I’ve seen – the entire new video! Kayleigh introduces herself looking absolutely stunning outside and says she’s new to the business. As you can watch the scene trailer on Shemale-Club.com you’ll see the way her dazzling smile and pearly whites brighten up a cloudy day. While sitting the hot tub with her cock in her hand, Kayleigh doesn’t perform like an ordinary model.

Sample Photo Gallery

She’s a straightforward and real – a visualization of your dream girl. She presses her swollen cock head against the concrete every now and then and strokes the expanded shaft. She’s still sort of wearing her swimsuit bottom and it’s cupping her ball sack. The pouch holds her erection pointing straight out when she uses both hands to lower the top, exposing her big tits. You’ll know exactly the way she likes her sensitive nipples tweaked and her boobs caressed when you see her doing it. When Kayleigh’s topless and pulling her bottom down to reveal her bare ass, I’m sure you’ll know what to do with that too. I’d bring some Astroglide for sure! No one wants a dry ass fuck and you know how chlorinated water is. As the viewing proceeds, Kayleigh tells you how she likes her cock sucked. While it’s raging hard, she raises her legs and feet out of the water and a moment late she’s completely naked! What a vision. Plus, she’s brought some kind of lube and a big suction dildo to affix to the concrete ground. She fucks it while it’s stationary and then pumps it in and out with her hand while lying back comfortably. Then it’s back to humping the phallus while it’s stuck to the ground until she squeezes a load of Coxx cum from her erection! Treat yourself to this beautiful experience on Shemale-Club.com!


Watch this babe performing LIVE on chaturbate.com/kayleighcoxx84

Update July 17, 2017: It looks like there’s a Teaser Trailer gallery up now! Click here to see it!

Shemale Club: Wai Strokes

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Shemale Club presents amazingly gorgeous Thai trans Wai in a bikini on a sofa. I’ve never seen her before and I don’t know if she’s new of has only been featured on websites I don’t follow. She moves as gracefully as a cat on the couch and she’s also wearing skyscraper tall sandals. Wai removes her bikini top to reveal a set of perfectly rounded orbs and she opens her legs widely. There’s a bulge but it’s not all that big so I assume that she’s got a pretty small cock. When she unties the strings of her swimsuit bottom, my suspicion is confirmed.


Wai has the most adorable little penis and it’s flaccid for now but we’re just getting started. She sits back on the sofa to play with her little uncut dick in a position that gives you a clear view of her ass. Then she turns to her side smiling and gives her sexy butt a hard smack. Wai reaches to the table for some lubricant to apply to her penis and gives it a few strokes before squeezing both breasts with her hands. She then bends over and raises her ass for a little finger banging. Wai’s cock is still small once it’s fully erect but it defies the laws of gravity, standing straight up with the head exposed. She fully coats the head and shaft with more lube and literally shudders as she continues to masturbate. After shaking through an orgasm, Wai goes to take a pee and waves goodbye.


Wai is one of the most pleasant and gorgeous trans women I’ve seen for quite some time on shemale-club.com. You can also catch beautiful Wai on smcnetwork.net!

Nikki Montero and Natalia Dior – CUMSHOTS

MP4 Scene Trailers
MP4 Scene Trailers 

The follow-up to “Still a Teenager” on latinatranny.com is actually more than just cum shots. Did I say “just” cum shots? Anyway, Nikki Montero our hot hostess has gorgeous 19 year old Natalia Dior back in a hotel room in São Paulo, Brazil when they pick up where they left off. Nikki is jerking off while sucking on Natalia’s big cock. Previously, after exchanging lots of oral sex and frottage, Nat fucked Nikki doggy style and in the missionary position. More oral action was followed by a reverse cowgirl ride until we were sadly left with the “To be continued” message. When we return, it looks like Nikki is jacking off so furiously while giving head because she might top her equally naked partner. As it turns out, I think she knows how hot it looks having a raging hard erection when Natalie drives into her tight ass again. This time it’s a side saddle railing with Nikki’s boner smashed between her thighs. Natalia later holds one of Nicole’s sexy legs in the air and cups one of her boobs while ramming in and out of her.


Nikki strokes her boner rapidly and then comes some rear view footage of Natalie pounding in and out with jackhammer force. The intention is clearly meant for anyone who fantasizes fucking Natalia firm, flexing ass while she’s banging Nikki. When Natalia has had her sawing in and out, she withdraws and kneels above Nikki, both of them masturbating profusely. It’s obvious that they’re both straining to nut. Both butt naked trans girl’s tits jiggle wildly as they pump their own cocks and suddenly Natalia leans forward with her erection just inches before Nikki’s pretty face. After Nikki takes her facial, it’s Natalia’s turn to capture some cum. She holds onto her still hard member and Nikki beats off while kneeling above her. Natalia gets a sweet kiss after her pretty face is splashed with a big load of creamy white cum.

latinatranny.smcnetwork.net SMC Network of Sites

This two part hardcore scene, their first hardcore tryst with Natalia Dior at 18, and many more solo, duo and orgy scenes are available now on latinatranny.com for streaming and download and also on the SMC megasite of latinatranny.com.smcnetwork.net.

Bianca Hills

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Barbara Hills, or Barbara Todescato, Bianca Rios aka Bianca Hills shows off her 5’6″ (168 cm) frame to perfection in sheer black lingerie. This versatile Juara, Brazil native is already breathing heavily when her new video begins. It’s hard to determine which of her assets she admirers most about herself, but she gives us devastating rear views before exposing her firm, supple breasts. She move through her striptease in a way that hides that she’s a trans woman at first. In other words, Bianca is very good at tucking. Even when she only has her tall sandals on, she playfully hides her cock and balls for quite some time. We get a glimpse of her uncut dick from between her full asscheek for a moment. When she faces again, her junk is tucked between her thighs. Suddenly, Bianca’s legs are wide open and she’s stroking her big cock. I’m guessing it’s about 8″ (21 cm) in length, even though the tight camera angle makes it seem larger. As she’s seated, all that long, thick cock is right in our faces, so it’s a little hard to tell. It could be even bigger than that, but I’m thinking not much because it wouldn’t be able to stand up so high oon its own otherwise. It almost seems like the swollen head can touch her pierced belly button. One of the sexiest parts of this scene is when Bianca is filmed walking around at eye level with her large tool standing up at a 45 degree angle and bouncing with each step. The kinkiest moment comes when she pees against the glass in the shower area in this Shemale Club solo performance.

Megan Porter in Chicago

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Video Preview
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Megan Porter is in Chicago on business walking outside in a trench coat. She seems to have mixed business with pleasure and when she flashes the lingerie beneath her outerwear. You’ll see that it’s not always a bad practice when you see this Shemale Club video. Megan tells us what type of guy she likes and what turns her on sexually. Listening to what she like to do with cock while outdoors is a great way to heat things up. She walks off and next we’re indoors with Megan as she sits on a bed, beginning to strip. She’s dressed in another sexy outfit, a gold one this time complete with tall matching sandals and black stay up stockings. Megan raises and opens her legs next. Her lovely breasts are exposed and now, her big bulge is too. She removes her heels and spanks her ass hard. Then she begins to caress one of her soft, supple breasts. Megan’s pretty eyes rarely loose contact with you and she plays with her exposed rosebut before showing off her cock. She moves around on the bed gracefully, allowing you to drink in the sight of her gorgeous figure. Much of the footage is devoted to her magnificent ass. Soon she’s playing with her lubricated cock, making it swell larger. Megan continues jacking off until she cums in this incredible Shemale Club shoot. 

Kimber Haven Cam Show Tonight: Thursday February 4, 2016

Kimber Haven on Wendy Williams XXX
Kimber Haven on Interracial Tgirl Sex
Kimber Haven on the SMC Network

Cam Model and Porn Newcomer Kimber Haven will be doing a hour live cam show for members of Wendy Williams XXX, Interracial Tgirl Sex, and the SMC Network! On Thursday, February 4, 2016 at 11pm EST, Kimber will be chatting, taking questions, and doing a solo masturbation show. Recently, Kimber has made the transition from doing her weekly Chaturbate webcam broadcasts to shooting major studio performances. She is also a monthly dancer at BlueGrass Connections in Lexington, Kentucky. For more information about this smoking hot ingenue, read Caramel’s January 8, 2016 Interview with Kimber Haven. Don’t forget to watch Kimber tonight LIVE if you subscribe to Wendy Williams XXX, Interracial Tgirl Sex, or the SMC Network at 11pm EST.

Aline Garcia en Giu

Aline’s 00:24:08 new hardcore video on Shemale Club is spectacular. The mp4 and Flash Trailers above don’t really capture the HD quality of the actual scene from one of my favorite adult websites that’s been up and running for 15 years. I’ve been a fan of the Sao Paulo, Brazil beauty Aline Garcia for about 5 years. If you’re already a fan of this megastar, you don’t need me to tell you how versatile she is. If not, she can switch from passive to aggressive in a heartbeat and she’s just as versatile with other trans women and genetically born females as she is with men like Gui. Check out all of her incredible performances on Shemale Club. Watching her in action, solo or hardcore, always mesmerizes me.

Aline Garcia on Shemale Club

Sometimes her name is spelled with two L’s but today it’s Aline Garcia on Shemale Club. She’s a massive star from São Paulo, Brazil that I’ve seen in more solo and hardcore performances than I can count with men, other trans women and genetically born females. Don’t let the braces fool you. I’ve been following her career for about five years now. This little badass looks exquisite in her semi-sheer, pale yellow lingerie with black stockings and garters with tall sandals when her new video begins. Aline bares her full breasts and turns around to display her magnificent ass. She has to unsnap her garters to take her panties down and when she does, you have to wait a few moments before seeing Aline stroking her big dick. Whaen she lays back and stops stroking, her erection lies across her pelvis like a log on a hill. At times you’ll feel like she wants to slap her big member across your face. Or sit on your face. She bends over and masturbates while giving you a devastating rear view. Then she turns around jerking off faster. She lets loose a stream of pee with a hardon too in this explicit Shemale Club and SMC Network video.

Felipa Lins on Shemale Club

“It Girl” Felipa Lins from Sao Paulo, Brazil looks gorgeous in her Shemale Club photoset and video sitting down on an ottoman in her bra and panties. But that ass though… It’s absolutely magnificent. She also has a lovely set of hormone breasts and she gives us a peek at her tight nipples. Most of the beginning of her scene is shot from behind where she strips nude except for her tall, strappy sandals. Felipa is stroking her huge cock within the first 3 minutes of this scene. The closeups center on her big dick in full frontal and there’s footage from floor level. She turns around and makes a provocative show of squeezing her erection between her thighs firmly. Then she swings her massive prick in your face before she resumes masturbating. Next, she sits back and just allows you to marvel at the way suck a heavy sex organ can hang suspended so high in the air. The kinkiest moment comes when Felipa pees with her large cock half hard in her Shemale Club debut. Girl, doesn’t that hurt a little?

Chelsea Marie on Shemale Club

When I recently mentioned this new Shemale Club video with beautiful TS Chelsea Marie, the trailers weren’t available. The post got a lot of attention however, and a little extra for the official tschelseamarie.com website. To provide a little recap of the SMC Productions scene, Chelsea introduces herself and tells you she’s about to pull out the dick she knows you’d like to suck. While stroking her big cock, she says that she needs to be fucked. Then she jerks her prick more furiously and spritzes her erection with lube. You can hear the slick sounds of her wet stroking as she says she’s a dirty slut. Chelsea makes her cock jump up and down and swing all over the place when she lets it go. It fully erect and looking huge. The cups beneath her boobs can’t stop them from jiggling as she beats off. She won’t mind if you call her a whore. She calls herself a whore right before she lubricates a glass sex toy. Do you like being called “daddy” while you’re fucking a hot, horny transsexual? Can you imagine Chelsea’s big cock oozing pre-cum against your skin while you’re ramming her tight ass? U oh, her dildo slipped out for a moment. But she sinks it back even deeper, fucking herself harder than before. “Look at me while you fuck me!” she cries out. With her long legs spread and her high heeled feet on the floor, Chelsea says, “I’ll bet you want your whore to cum. She jerks her hips again, making her huge schlong bounce and resumes punding it with her fist. But her tits need attention, too. She pinches her big swollen nipples and shakes wildly on the bed. “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum for you,” she cries out. You absolutely must see how she makes a torrent of spunk shoot out of her big, juicy cock on Shemale Club.