Shemale Strokers: Kandy Kreamzzz

Just one photo and a description of this ebony fox is so damn arousing: Totally crushable Kandy Kreamzzz is your very own black baby doll! Wearing pink fishnet stockings and a turquoise negligee, she tells you about a recent hot hookup. The guy cumming over planned on topping Kandy, but once he saw her candy stick, he dropped to his knees and started worshipping it. As she spills, her huge lady cock starts to grow, and she starts to play with the precum dripping out of her pee hole.

As she shakes her perfectly round booty, her mocha dick and balls swing back and forth, and her chocolate ass cheeks clap together. Her beautiful hair falls down her back as you grind into her from behind. Your nuts slam against hers with each mounting thrust. At last she lies back and jerks out a healthy, milky serving of trans girl goo. Its white thickness drips down her dark shaft, and you lick up every last drop. Allow me to add a few words to that tantalizing synopsis.

Gorgeous Kandy resides in Las Vegas, Nevada and she loves to travel. She’s been to most of the U.S. states and she love to smoke weed. Henessy is her main drink. She says she’s always looked feminine so transition isn’t as hard as it could be. Kandy goes into lurid detail about an encounter she had with some hot guy she met once. This is not the first time I’ve written about Kandy, just the first time about her on

So when she tells us that the date who planned to fuck Kandy ended up being the one who got fucked, I’m not surprised. If you’re thinking that all she might want you to do with that delicious looking BBC of hers, she might turn the tables on you and have you bent over on all fours taking it. One of the best parts of this update comes only under about ten minutes when Kandy has removed every stitch of her clothing. She says that breast augmentation is a future goal but I think she looks perfect just the way she is. But far be it from me to tell another trans woman what to do with their body.

You can watch Kandy’s free teaser trailer on that shows her big dick shooting a creamy white load of cum!

Shemale Strokers: Luna 4

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Lovely Luna wants to thank you for cumming over. Are you ready to play…or, do you want her to put on a show for you first? She begins by unfastening her sexy top, so that she is only wearing a plaid skirt, thigh high stockings, and black heels. Her all natural boobs are growing bigger…would you like to suck on them? And when she slips up her schoolgirl’s uniform, you can see the outline of her huge cock through her tiny pink panties. She teases the shaft through the material, causing pre-cum to leak out and leave wet spots all over the crotch of her undies.

Totally turned on, she pulls out her lady cock and balls to stroke with both hands. She bends her knees up to her chest, exposing her tight ass below the heels of her yummy feet. With her fingertips she teases her perineum, and then works her way up to her veiny balls and drippy head. Playing with her strings of pre-cum, she brings herself right to the edge, making her dick quiver and pulse.

Then, with her balls hanging down and cum dripping out her tip, you fuck her doggy style. She pushes back against you until you blast her whole with your own juices. Finally, with an orange vibrating dildo up her whole, she squirts out a huge load of spunk all over her trans girl titties. That’s a superb synopsis of Luna’s latest performance. This is the site I saw Luna on first and she just keeps getting better and better. I’m so impressed with the way she learns more and becomes more comfortable being filmed. She aptly calls her striptease a “show” and slowly removes her naughty goth schoolgirl outfit. The process is incredibly teasing with full nudity top and bottom except for the panties her dick oozes pre-cum into.

When she finally exposes her cock it’s hard and it’s big, more oozing droplets of pre-cum past the midway point of the scene. Luna’s moans become increasingly loud wile she’s toy fucking her tight ass. There’s slow motion footage of her big loud creamy white cum shot at the end of this fantastic update!

Lianna Lawson 2

MP4 Scene Trailer 

The official website synopsis reads: Do you like beautiful trans girls with beautiful cocks? Lianna Lawson is just the lady for you. She may seem prim and proper at first, but once she’s got her dress hiked up to her waist and dick hanging out, you realize she is quite the dirty pervert. The next thing you know, she’s completely naked, legs spread wide open, with her feet up in the air.

Those soft beauties could really do a number on your stiffening prick. She likes giving foot jobs too! Especially when she’s got a big trans girl boner throbbing between her legs. She looks up at you with her innocent eyes and sweet lips, begging you to stroke with her. When you’re both hard as rocks, she lies face down on the couch so you can fuck her doggy style. Her cute pale butt pokes out just right and jiggles against your stiff member.

And when Lianna mounts the Joyrider and bounces up and down on the dildo cock beneath it, her long pink lady stick does jumping jacks. This talented sex athlete, still being penetrated, finally squeezes out a drippy sticky mess of lady jizz for you to enjoy. Well, that works for me! Colorado’s Lianna is stunning in her second movie! I first saw her on Chaturbate and decided immediately that Lianna was one of the finest live performers I’d ever seen. She’s since very successfully become a stellar studio porn actress.

The theme of this set is Lianna telling a friend over the phone about a first date. The guy didn’t know she was trans and upset when he found out. Another guy took his place and was pleased to find out about her status. Lianna wears a little black dress with no panties on giving us a plain view of her lovely cock, the very thing that gave her away to one man who wasn’t interested and the other man who was. You owe it to yourself to cum at least twice with the two scenes of Lianna Lawson on

To catch her performing live, you can find her on

Shemale Strokers: Patricia Campbell

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Black Brazilian bombshell Patricia Campbell is ready to have a little fun. After a long and hard day, she’s sure you are too. So cum on in and get comfortable. She starts out by slipping down her top and squeezing together her amazing knockers. She pokes her bodacious butt out and bends over to slip down her black lace lingerie bottoms. Wearing nothing but a choker. she motions for you to get a little closer. She wants you to see everything as she strokes her big black cock. Her long black hair cascades down her back and she begins to moan. Soon she’s in her favorite position… bent over the couch and jerking her cock from behind.

She closes her eyes and imagines it’s you there tugging and teasing her chocolate dick and balls. She squeezes onto the armrest to brace herself for your sensual caresses. Then lying on her back, this kinky trans girl licks her own mocha nipples before shooting multiple streams of white cream onto her soft ebony thighs. Whoever it is writing these scene descriptions never fails to turn me on! Patricia Campbell aka Patricia Alvino, and Patricia Avino always has the same effect on me. This babe can do it all – top bottom, star in scenes with men, women and other beautiful trans women. But here you have her all to yourself! Patricia introduces herself in English so won’t have to understand Portuguese. She immediately flashes her big boobs and spends the next few moments drawing the focus to her phenomenal ass.

She’s down to just her tall sandals in less than two minutes and stroking her cock with her fabulous butt facing you! Patricia develops a big hardon while jerking off and rubbing her fun spot. When she turns to face you again her cock is as hard as can be. She resumes stroking her long sex organ alternating hands and going from seated to standing.

Patricia actually does begin talking in her native language when she draws close to climax, but if you don’t speak it, you’ll know basically what she’s saying. I could be wrong but it seems like she might be saying, “My massive cock is about to shoot a load of creamy white girl cream across my thigh! See if you can figure it out on

Nikki Vicious: Smokin’ Trans Hottie Is Extra Naughty All For You!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Fun-loving trans hottie Nikki Vicious tells you all the ways she likes to have a good time. She loves traveling, snowboarding, fast cars, and of course, shopping. In bed, she likes it rough! She likes a strong man like you to take charge. If you really want to turn her on, try biting her neck. She’ll get so horny for you, she’s sure to suck your dick. Sucking cock is one of her favorite things to do in bed.

Another kink of hers is watching guys jerk off. So hopefully while you’re watching her get naked and stroke her own big trans girl cock, you’ll start stroking too. She shows off her perky trans titties then slides her panties down revealing her uncut lady stick.

She fondles her big balls and runs her long fingernails up and down along her perineum. Before long she’s bent over on her knees with her ass in the air begging you to fuck her tight trans pussy. Once you’ve had your way with her, she strokes her big clit until it erupts with cream covering her in a hot, gooey mess. That’s the official synopsis of gorgeous Canadian model Nikki Vicious on

This is one super horny summation I absolutely love. To add just a few more details, this scene really kicks into overdrive when Nikki reveals her big boobs and her cock with it’s fleshy and veiny foreskin. You can see her erection developing and at first, the head is barely visible. When she says you can touch her cock, she adds, “That’s what it’s for,” and she suggest you take it into your mouth. You’ll have to act fast because it’s getting harder and harder and literally bouncing before your eyes. More of the head extends from the sheath as it continues to lengthen, thicken and lurch in the air.

“How’s it going down there?” she asks when she stands up with her throbbing boner in your face. It presses against her tummy, making it moist with pre-cum when Nikki sits back into the sofa with her legs wide open. I think there’s no way not to take notice of Nikki’s skull crusher thighs and think about how firmly they could wrap around you.

If you’ve got a foot fetish, your gonna be in trouble when she removes her booties and wiggles her toes in your face. She flexes her high arches and then she obviously wants you to focus on the big wrinkled rosebud at the center of her sexy ass. Another cock hardening position Nikki arranges her athletic body into is doggy style completely naked with her fuckable bottom raised high in the air.

She gives a realistic looking phallus head until it shoots simulated cum and proceeds to jerk off until her cockhead releases a torrent of cum across her tight tummy. Her shuddering orgasm is replayed in slow motion in this fantastic update!

Chanel & Isabella: Two Hot Trans Girls To Squirt Up Your World!

Does this scene even need a review? We’re talking about Chanel of and and Isabella Sorrenti who’s a fixture at TS Dreamland with Part I and Part II interviews with Scott aka PornOCD. No scene in several years has even mentioned here unless Scott and I have seen them for ourselves, but I must add that this particular one gets an A+ from me. The official synopsis reads: Sexy Chanel Santini is auditioning to be a dancer at pin-up girl Isabella Sorrenti’s club….

… Chanel seems like just the perfect fit for the open position, until she expresses apprehension about performing on the weekends, when the girls are required to show full frontal nudity. See, Chanel has a not-so-little secret hidden beneath her tiny black thong, and she’s afraid that the customers wouldn’t want to see her completely naked…

… Well, it turns out that they’ve already had a girl like her work the pole, and all the patrons loved her! In fact, that stripper was Isabella, herself, and now she is the manager. So, for the final part of the audition, Isabella teaches Chanel how to suck trans girl cock. She holds Chanel’s pretty face down on her love stick, causing her to choke and spit….

… Chanel looks up at Isabella in between deep throating and gagging on her thick prick. Next, Isabella takes a turn swallowing lady dick as Chanel pound her face hard and good. All this hot oral action has the girls wanting to fuck…

… “You must really want to work here,” Isabella teases to Chanel as she rams her tight asshole doggy style. Chanel’s affirmative response cums in the form of deeper and deeper moaning. Then, Chanel sits atop the queening chair so she can bounce up and down on Isabella’s chick dick. Isabella’s balls continue to slap loudly against Chanel’s ass cheeks as she bangs her against the stripper pole. Finally, Isabella towers above Chanel and strokes out a serving of lady jizz all over her chest and chin…

I can’t top a scene description better than the job than what you get on It’s a waste of my time and yours to even try it. If there’s a scene I’m raving about that needs a set-up, I’ll provide one. This is simply a must-see, cumstaticly creative foreplay and bareback fucking production by two phenomenal stars filmed beautifully.

Jessica Fappit – Cute Trans Girl Needs To Be The Bad Girl Of Your Wet Dreams!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

The official synopsis reads: Just like her cartoon namesake, Jessica Fappit is an up and cumming star, but that’s where the comparisons stop. While the infamous Ms. Rabbit may have claimed, “I’m not bad; I’m just drawn that way,” Ms. Fappit is a self-proclaimed “dirty little butt slut.” Wearing bunny ears and a tiny French maid’s outfit, Jessica tells you how much she likes getting fucked by guys, especially older guys, and calling them Daddy while they do it.

You can see her all natural titties peeking out through her sheer top as she tells you that she absolutely loves having her pussy filled up with Daddy’s cum. She wants to be your plaything…your worthless little cum slut. So she takes off her black heels and knee high stockings and then stretches her legs behind her back.

She squeezes her hard nipples as she starts playing with her tight hole… stretching it out and getting it nice and wet for your dick. But first she wants wants to suck you off. She pretends her huge purple dildo is your cock and she deepthroats it like a champ.

Her eyes water and she spits up lots of drool. In between gags, she breathlessly mutters how good you feel sliding down the back of her throat. After choking on your huge member, she begs you to make her butthole gape. She loves going from ass to mouth, and now you pound into her trans girl twat with everything you’ve got. She moans with each thrust until her ass tightens and climaxes around your rigid pole.

Then, she drops to her knees to finish you off orally. She stares up at you with her big, dark eyes until you erupt in orgasm and splooge all over her pretty mouth and cheeks.

Anyone who follows Jessica Fappit knows how beloved she is as an adult industry star and a wonderful person as well. To say that she’s had a tough year would be a major understatement, but friends and fans rushed to support her in times of need when she didn’t even ask for it in ways that I’ve never seen. That tells you what type of person she is. As far as her talent as an adult entertainment star goes, it’s beyond compare.

Aside from enjoying living in Las Vegas, Jessica loves L.A. as she describes in the opening of her new scene. When Jessica talks dirty about things that turn her on, it’s simply bone hardening. Jessica loves men and she adores being a slutty bottom. She’s a total daddy’s girl who needs to be told that being a fuck slut is all she’s good for. Before her scene goes totally porno, she does a bare leg and foot tease that’s out of this world. She exhibits the flexibility of her legs with a deep finger banging and a remarkable ass show before utilizing the first sex toy of her masturbation session. Her simulated fellatio is mindblowing and her ass fucking is just everything.

I can’t imagine any trans loving gentleman not being completely enthralled with this incredible star. For more information about her, check out our exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Jessica Fappit!

Raven Roxx – Sexy Trans Girl Wants To Strip Her Way To Your Pole!

The official synopsis on reads: Tattooed trans babe Raven Roxx is an exotic dancer who enjoys entertaining couples and, especially, Alpha males. The bigger, the better, she says, and she is definitely ready to open up for you today. Her huge boobs are already bursting over the top of her black and red corset. She cuts right to the chase, insisting that you get on your knees and blow her. With dainty manicured fingers, she strokes her lady wood into your hungry mouth.

It continues with: Next, she unlaces her sexy lingerie and lustfully removes her stiletto heels so she can be completely naked for you. Her growing member is large and in charge, and it bobs up and down in anticipation of what’s next. She plays with her pink asshole while she jerks the shaft, causing her to leak a steady stream of precum. “Who says trans girls can’t get wet?!” Are you ready to fuck her doggy style? You flip her on her stomach and she pushes her bubble butt up in the air. You slide into her with such force that she has to hold onto the sheets as she grinds back on your man meat.

The description ends with: After some good and rough penetration, she begs you to pull out and cum all over her tramp stamp. She rubs the jizz into her eager hole. Oh, wow! You came so much, and you’re still hard? She’s impressed and wants to suck you off. She gags and chokes on your huge dick, and you cum a second time in her mouth. Now, it’s time for Raven’s messy release. So, she pleasures her trans girl love stick until she squeezes out a sticky and sweet surprise for you to lick up.

I had the pleasure of presenting my exclusive Interview with Raven Roxx here on TS Dreamland and she’s absolutely adorable inside and out! I’m a huge fan of her videos and photo sets on her official website and her torrid live performances on However, seeing Raven on Shemale Strokers provides a whole new way to admire this super sexy porn vixen! She looks stunning sitting on the bed telling us about her love for muscle cars, sushi and Thai food. The Southern Belle from Lexington, Kentucky goes on to tell us more about some of her favorite pastimes, then describes her lifestyle there and work as an exotic dancer.

Raven then goes into lurid detail about how she loves being taken sexually. She then goes into what happened on a day that her muscle car broke down and the way she thanked a good Samaritan. Her striptease comes next and she looks absolutely delicious. Once she’s naked with her boner sticking up and then wagging around, Raven surprises me with how domineering she can be. She’s quite a vision without a stitch of clothing on also. The missionary position and doggy style sequences are incredible and come with the most erotic, unexpected surprises and one expected and anticipated result on