Tamya: Ebony Trans Girl With A Big Wang!

I left out the ending of the full title of this remastered shemalestrokers.com video because the Ebonics (American black English regarded as a language in its own right rather than as a dialect of standard English) makes me take it less seriously. The scene is great and doesn’t require identity politics to boast about it. We can tell that Tamya is black. In her own words, “Hi, I’m Tamya, that’s pronounced Ta-my-a. I’m a tall slender dark skinned girl with big luscious breasts and a huge 11 inch trans girl cock. I have a very sweet demeanor, but when it comes to sex, I like my men on all fours, with me pounding away at their tight hole with my huge pole. So don’t be shy, cum and get down for me?”

She goes on to describe herself as a 26 year old caring and loving girl from New Jersey. Tamya began her transition at 18 and it was not easy at all. That sweet demeanor of hers really does evolve into a more aggressive personality when she starts talking about sex. She loves to suck cock, but she also loves having her cock sucked and loves the tightness of an ass. Tamya goes into a sexual experience of meeting a guy, having cocktails and returning to his hotel room. She was a bit leary about how he prepared for the night to go, especially because he didn’t know she was trans.

Tamya wisely informed him about her gender orientation before things got hot and heavy. He was mesmerized at the sight of the enormous cock she revealed and stroked and she taught him how to suck it. She helped show him further how to give head by sucking him the way she likes it. The sex was just oral that night, but once Tamya left and went back home, she made herself cum again by replaying the sex of the evening. When Tamya’s striptease gets going, her bare breasts are incredibly pretty, capped with their jet black nipples. Her body holds not one ounce of extra body fat and her cock is truly massive when fully erect.

Tamya simulates getting fucked and her creamy white cumshot is filmed in split screen with her big, spurting dick in one frame and her pretty face in the other on shemalestrokers.com.

Jonelle Brooks: Sexy Trans Girl Need To Check Your Vitals For Cum!

The official shemalestrokers.com synopsis reads: While dreamy Dr. Jonelle Brooks is giving you your annual check up, she notices that your heart rate is below normal. As your physician, she has no choice but to keep her Hippocratic Oath and treat your ailing body to the best of her ability. Her methods might be unconventional, but they are proven to get your heart beat pumping.

She begins by unbuttoning her lab coat to reveal that she is only wearing a bra and panties beneath it! Her big, perky breasts and irresistible ass definitely grab your attention. You start to breath more heavily, and being the attentive medical professional she is, she immediately notices and checks your vitals again. Things are definitely looking up! Blood is starting to circulate to all the right places, and to further encourage your progress, your hot doc strips completely.

Now it’s time to administer some tests. First, she takes your temperature by having you slide your tongue into her tight trans girl pussy. As you eat her out, she bounces her balls against your face. Then, she sets her cock on your tongue like a popsicle stick–just relax and say “ahhh.” Now that’s a good patient! During next step of your examination, Jonelle drops to her knees and lets you probe her throat with your pulsating cock, aka your very own tongue depressor.

The final part of your doctor’s office visit involves helping her collect a sample. So, with her mouth open and panting, she rides a big, black dildo and jerks her lady stick. She fucks herself mercilessly on the Joy Rider until she shoots a huge load of spunk. She tastes her sweet cream and then instructs you to lick the cum off the head of her cock. Mmmm! Just what the doctor ordered!

For more information about this incredible model, visit jonellebrooks.com and our exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD interview with Jonelle.

Holly Parker: Trans Girl Is A Bad Girl Who Needs Your Stiff Discipline!

The title leaves us with no doubt that this is going to be one on Holly Parker’s most kink scenes on shemalestrokers.com. The official synopsis removes any doubts about it: Holly Parker has been a bad girl, and it’s up to you to teach her a lesson. You’ve been working hard all day at work, and when you cum home, she hasn’t done any of the chores she was supposed to do.

What are you going to do to punish her? You start by bounding her in a spreader bar with neck collar and cuffs. Scared but turned on, she wiggles and writhes, unable to touch herself. After some tease and denial, you hold her legs wide open and flick your wet tongue all over her tight little hole. Then you suck on her pink cock and kiss her veiny balls.

Holly hates being being punished, but it feels so good she doesn’t want you to stop. So you don’t, but you release her hands from bondage so she can start stroking for you. While she loves on her lady wood, your eyes scan down her long, skinny legs. In her red hot fishnet stockings and white stilettos, she’s wrapped up like a present! And you can’t wait to open her up as she bends over and shakes her ass for you. She spreads her ass cheeks wide and her trans girl pussy gapes in anticipation of your dick. You get her asshole wet and messy with your mouth, then you shove yourself inside for a good pounding.

She bounces her ass on your hard cock, while smiling sweetly back at you. Looks like this mischievous minx gets off on being naughty. As the saying goes, spare the rod and spoil the child, so you are sure not to neglect either one of your love sticks.

Obedient to your wishes, Holly plays with herself until she squirts all over your cock, and then you use her jizz to jerk off and cum all over hers. For more information about this incredible model, check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD interview with Holly Parker and #AskHolly Parts I & 2.

You can watch the free trailer on shemalestrokers.com. Also check out her official website HollyParker.xxx!

Kelli Lox – Fantasy Trans Girl Needs To Get Sticky With You!

The official shemalestrokers.com synopsis of this breathtaking performance by one of our all-time favorite adult superstars reads: Spunky play girl Kelli Lox just met you at your sister’s last night. She thinks you’re very handsome, and you’re definitely interested in her – she’s smoking hot! But when you cum over to hang out the next day, she wants to know if you know exactly what is so special about her. No, it’s not her small, perky breasts – which you love! And no, it’s not that she’s a slut – everyone knows that! When words fail, she decides to just show you.

So, she slips up her plaid mini skirt and pulls her tiny black panties to the side. When you see her luscious cock and balls, you don’t let on whether or not you’re surprised. But, you do tell her being with trans girl has also been a secret fantasy of yours.

So, she playfully asks, “What would you do if you had a girl like me all to yourself?” You tell her all the dirty things you want to do to her, and she’s definitely “up” for it.

Her lady wood grows as she encourages you to follow your desires – there’s a first time for everything! Why don’t you start by eating her ass? She bends over and spreads her cheeks for your curious tongue. You’d also like to taste her fat cock head, and you do such a good job that she feeds you her pre-cum.

You’d really like to fuck her trans girl pussy, but because your sister is her best friend, Kelli insists that you watch her fuck herself instead. So, she mounts the Joy Rider and slowly slides the huge black dildo into her tight hole. She bounces up and down on the fuck machine, and you imagine that you’re pounding away at that ass.

Rock hard, Kelli keeps herself on the edge of ecstasy before squeezing out a sticky load of jizz and feeding it to herself. I couldn’t have summarized this scene better myself and it was hard to limit the amount of images from her killer photo set. I mean, just look at her.

I saved some of the more explicit ones for you to see for yourself on shemalestrokers.com. You should really watch the latest trailers.

Kinky Kora – Sexy Trans Girl Does A Great Job

“Sexy Trans Girl Does A Great Job Suckin’ On Your Knob!” is the full title of this Kinky Kora shoot on shemalestrokers.com. The official synopsis reads: Kinky Kora’s banging body is beach ready, and she can’t wait to meet her boyfriend for a hot oceanside date. The only problem is, she’s got ten more minutes of work before she can get off. Her boyfriend can’t wait to see her, so he begs her to send him so pics in her new bikini.

Like the deviant sweetheart she is, and still behind her desk, she slips off her little black dress and flashes him her tits and dick in a couple of selfies. But suddenly, her boss is calling on the other line with one last assignment for the day: an interview. Forgetting that she is completely exposed, Kora calls in the applicant (you), so that she might inspect your credentials for the opening. “You haven’t seen a girl like me before, have you?” she asks half-embarrassed, half-intrigued. “If you like it, you can crawl under the table and get a really good look,” she tells you. So you get on your knees and start sucking her fat lady stick, taking her a little by surprise.

“You suck really good,” she compliments you, “Are you into feet too?” You nod, so she slips out of her black heels and rests her milky white bare feet atop the glass desk. She wiggles her toes while playing with her cock. You suck each and every one, dipping your tongue deep into the crevices between them. “What else do you like to lick?” she teases. Then, she strips completely naked and bends over her computer chair, so that you can clean her ass with your tongue. Her gorgeous cock and balls hang down before you, and you lick from the tip all the way up to the hole. Then after she gives you a delightfully messy blowjob (just another perk of the job!) Kora sits back and squeezes out a drippy mess for you to swallow. You assume the position and get to work!

In closing, Kora’s new shemalestrokers.com scene is just the sort of eroticism that will hit the spot for lovers of tall beauties with legs that go on for days. It’s also specifically designed for intense foot fetishists who come to this site knowing there’s so much content that caters to their specific needs. If you want full nudity with a svelte, killer body and naughty dialogue hot enough to make you cum without even looking at gorgeous Kora, you go it. Her simulated cock sucking with the dildo is on fire and Kora’s powerful climax ends with some nice dollops of creamy white cum on her thigh.

Stacie Miguire – Leggy Trans Girl With A Big Hard Stick!

In “Leggy Trans Girl With A Big Hard Stick Has Your Hook Up!” on shemalestrokers.com, redheaded delight Stacie Miguire has invited you over to talk about the party last night. You seemed to really be hitting it off with her friend, and you want to get those digits! The only catch is, Stacie has had her eye on you for a while, and her friend doesn’t mess around with first timers. So here’s the deal: Stacie will help hook you up with her friend, but only if you hook up with her first. And, she wants to be able to give a full fledged endorsement of your trans girl fucking skills, so you better do a good job. Why don’t you pull out your dick while she slips down her top and shows you her milky, white breasts? Start stroking and get it nice and hard while she teases you like the good boy toy you are. She commands you to cum worship her body, from head to toe, so you suck on her little piggies and work your way up to her delicious nipples. Not so fast, you missed something. She tells you to go back down and smell her balls, lick them, and take both of them in your mouth.

“Now, put my cock in your mouth and squeeze my titties. Spit on your fingers and rub me down here,” she instructs you, “Lick from my asshole to the head of my cock.” You’re passing Stacie’s examination with flying colors, but there is one final test–licking up all her cum. So, she straddles a sex machine and rocks back and forth on the dildo seat, bringing herself closer and closer to orgasm. Her lady stick drools in anticipation, as the device practically milks her, and she shoots multiple streams of white, creamy goo for you to gobble up. That’s the official synopsis beautiful Staci’s new shemalestrokers.com shoot! Her one-on-one dialogue is so sexy, whoever this other girl is supposed to be, I don’t think you’ll care anymore after watching Stacie’s seduction technique. She removes her dress withing the first six minutes, revealing her breast baring lingerie. Stacie is so excited by the sight of your stiff cock and she knows this friend is going to just love it.

The camera focuses on Stacie’s exquisite seated frame from her pretty face to her open-toe pumps and her smooth legs seem to go on forever. She removes her pumps and wiggles her pedicured toes while considering the swollen head of your cock. Reminding you that you have to please her before you get a chance with her friend, Stacie hops up on the sofa and shows you the ass you’re going to have to leave satisfied. Then she fondles one of her big boobs with a stiff pink nipple right in your face. Soon, she’s instructing you how she likes her big cock sucked while jerking off. I think you’ll really appreciate Stacie’s full nudity and watching her ride the self-generated fucking machine is incredible. The amount of pre-cum that oozes from her cock head while she fucks herself makes it almost loos like she came already. It’s so milky looking! But she’s not quite there yet. Wait until her body convulsing orgasm hits and Stacie’s big dick erupts. Her load of creamy white cum is huge! On top of that, there’s a slow motion instant replay of her tremendous cum shot.

You can watch Stacie's Free Trailer on shemalestrokers.com
You can watch Stacie’s Free Trailer on shemalestrokers.com

Casey Kisses & Korra Del Rio – Sexy Trans Girls on Vacation

The official Shemale Strokers synopsis of “Sexy Trans Girls on Vacation are Bangin’ Each Other for Relaxation!” reads: Both wearing white, lacy lingerie, Casey Kisses and Korra Del Rio are enjoying a romantic vacation. They quickly slip out of their skimpy outfits so that they can take a nice, warm bath together. Relaxing, they rub soapy suds all over each other’s tight bodies and perky, natural breasts. But fondling turns to face fucking, as Casey sits on the edge of the tub and tells Korra, “Stroke my cock while you suck it…now that’s a good girl.” After deep throating her lover’s shaft, Korra bends over and lets Casey eat her ass and spank her cheeks. Then, Casey grabs Korra’s hips and slams her down on her dick, telling her, “Grind that fucking cock!” You can hear Casey’s balls smacking against Korra’s ass as they pound one another. Then Casey bends Korra over doggy style and tells her, “Baby, bounce on that!” As they get closer and closer to an orgasm, Casey grabs Korra’s pony tail, which makes her shake all over, until Casey shoots cum all over her ass. But the fun’s not over yet! Now, Korra flips Casey over and fucks her missionary while giving “little” Casey kisses. But Casey takes the reins again, fucking Korra until she jerks out a sticky mess all over her stomach. Still turned on, Casey goes for seconds, continuing to plow Korra, until she shoots an even bigger, gooier load of jizz. This time it’s all over Korra’s hungry mouth and rosy cheeks.

If you’re looking for a scene with real intimacy between two trans girls who are actually really into each other, this is it. The passion here can’t be beat. The way that Casey and Korra kiss will be electrifying for men who love transbian lovemaking and sex. For actual transbian girls – it’s a must see, must save. After the initial foreplay, there’s a music track added to a bathtub butt shaking sequence. This is for pure fap fun, but then we’re back to the intimacy between these two foxes. Casey sits at the jacuzzi edge while Korra sucks her long, lovely cock to a full erection. This act gets Korra hard and then it’s time for her to get her hardon sucked. Korra gets rewarded by a rimjob before sitting on Casey’s cock and riding it in the reverse cowgirl position. After this jiggling tits, cock and balls jousting, Casey bangs her babe standing behind her with jackhammer thrusts. After a long series of forceful pumps, Casey can’t help withdrawing her bare, hard cock from Korra’s tight bottom and shooting her cum across it!

I check the time left on this scene and I’m not even at the three quarter mark yet! Next, we’re out of the spa and in the living room area watching Korra easing her stiff cock inside of Casey on a chair and ottoman. She drills her lover with the same force that she was pounded with from behind. Casey’s lovely dick that had shot its spunk earlier is hard again when they switch into the missionary position. She moans loudly and explicitly describes what she loves about getting fucked by Korra!

I realize I’ve got to wrap this up, but after jerking off while getting railed, Casey rams Korra yet again! There’s more creamy white cum to come before this erotically divine Shemale Strokers bareback sizzler comes to an end. I’m hoping that Casey Kisses launches her own official website someday. Her partner here has her own so check out korradelrio.xxx!


Chanel Santini: Hot Trans Girl with Sexy Feet and Juicy Meat Is Such A Treat!

MP4 Scene Trailer
MP4 Scene Trailer 

This is a solo scene that blows my mind. Check out the MP4 trailer of Chanel Santini undressing before taking a bath with her sex toys.

Visit shemalestrokers.com for a longer preview.

In her second Shemale Strokers scene, Chanel kicks her panties away and poses completely nude. It’s basically upskirt footage without the skirt from the front and then the rear. If she’s your favorite new adult industry star, watching Chanel sitting at the edge of the tub stroking her cock to a full erection might be devastating for you. If she’s not your favorite or if you’ve never seen her before in action, she might become your new one. Chanel wags her long, thick sex organ around and it rises higher and higher in the air next.

Chanel raises her feet by the ankles for a leg show, then swivels around on her knees with her erection squeezed firmly between her thighs. There’s a little leg and foot show from the back that evolves into an explicit butt show.

About 11 to 12 minutes in, Chanel begins to play in the water. She gets soaking wet from head to toe and moves gracefully through too many poses to list. She shakes her ass like a stripper and there’s slow motion footage before the scene resumes to normal speed. Chanel simulates sucking cock with a clear dildo before fucking herself with it. She then strokes her stiff cock with a pink toy.

Chanel is making high-pitched moans and talking dirty when her climax hits. This scene runs just under a half hour on shemalestrokers.com. A big blast of creamy white cum blasts from the head of her cock while she uses the clear toy again to fuck herself. She sits up after tasting a bit of her own cum and her lovely dick is still standing up.

You can also catch this stunning beauty on chanelsantinixxx.com which is her official website powered by the Transerotica team. As of now, her last LIVE performance was just over 7 hours ago on chaturbate.com/chanelsantini.

Brooke Zanell – Hard Workin’ Trans Girl

The “Hard Workin’ Trans Girl Wants A Raise, A Big Thick Raise!” synopsis on shemalestrokers.com reads: Platinum blonde bombshell Brooke Zanell was hoping that you would approve her raise so much that she even wore a very special outfit for the board meeting. You have to admit, she does look smoking hot seated behind her glass desk. As she twists her gorgeous, golden locks, you eyes wander down to her cleavage line and you can see a sexy, black bra. You also notice her thigh high boots and fishnet stockings. Isn’t there something she can do to prove herself valuable to the company? You give her another assignment, but when you cum back to collect it, she is pantyless, and her thighs are spread completely wide with the help of a leather sling. Bound and restrained, she still tries to negotiate with you, until you give into her feminine prowess and drop to your knees. You start out sucking her rising cock, and then your tongue moves down her shaft…to her balls…and to her trans girl pussy hole.

With her pink cock and balls hanging down between her legs, she bends of the desk chair so you can suck her from behind. Still bargaining, she cunningly asks, “I’m completely naked. Now what do you want to do to me?” Well, you want her to fuck herself with the sex machine you’ve kept hidden in the closet. So, she quickly mounts the contraption and penetrates herself with a big, black dildo. Her incredible ass bounces up and down on the seat as she take inch after inch, and you wish it was your dick sliding up into that tight hole. “Oh, fuck me ’til I cum,” she begs you. She rides the dildo harder and harder, all the while stroking her thick lady stick, until she rubs out a sumptuous, sticky mess all over the fuck machine. Still pining away for that raise, she goes back to work with cum still dripping out the tip of her splendid cock.

This doesn’t leave much for me to add aside from a few points. 1) It would be ridiculous to me not to have Brooke Zanell completely nude. That wish is fulfilled within the first 15 minutes. Her lovely form is presented in wide angle footage along with tight closeups on the tremendous cock she strokes and her tiny, wrinkled rosebud. The homemade sex machine footage is magnificent and extremely kinky. After Brooke works the cum out of her big dick, the sight of her walking back to her work desk with her spent boner bouncing and jiggling is simply a mesmerizing way to end Brooke’s second amazing performance on shemalestrokers.com! For more information about Brooke Zanell, please refer to out exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD interview with this brilliant star.

Cassidy Quinn – Hot Rocker Trans Girl

The official shemalestrokers.com synopsis of “Hot Rocker Trans Girl Wants To Be Thrashed Hard By You!” reads: Pierced rocker girl Cassidy Quinn is really kinky. She loves getting fucked doggy style while being manhandled. She opens up to you about all her deepest desires as she begins to caress her super sensitive, all-natural trans girl titties. Then she unzips her tiny, plaid panties to reveal a much bigger surprise. Do you want to taste it? Wearing a cock ring, she strokes her stiff rod, already wet with anticipation. You want to get on your knees and suck her dick and lick her ass. And she wants to put all 7 inches of herself, deep into your throat. Can you handle it? Are you man enough to take her big fucking cock? Wearing only thigh high stockings and stiletto lace up boots, she calls you her little play thing. She’s your good little girl, and you’re going to reward her by fucking her tight, juicy hole. What are you waiting for? Cum and take her right now! Sweet Cassidy fucks herself with a big dildo, pretending it’s your cock, until she squeezes out a sticky treat for you to eat.

This beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia resident is a true punk princess and she’s a no nonsense type of girl. She’s a lot younger than me, an early punk fan who used to hang out at CBGB in New York City. I know the real thing when I see it. Cassidy looks stunning brushing her hair in the mirror when her shemalestrokers.com debut begins. She’s fully dressed as she tells us what type of music she likes and some cool things she likes to do for fun. After Cassidy’s hobbies are covered, we hear her sexual confessions.

Cassidy states that she’s kinky and likes getting fucked doggy style, being choked during sex and having her very sensitive breasts and nipples bitten. If you’re not into BDSM like I am, you might not be able to relate to this, but I don’t think there’s anyway you won’t be turned on by her following delivery. By this point she’s sitting in a chair with her legs parted widely and her balls escaping the sides of her panties. She tells us what she likes to do with sex toys and rubs the center of her bulge. Then she unzips her sexy plaid panties. Then she unzips her dress and reveals that her bra matches her panties.

The closeup footage of Cassidy’s cock and balls are followed by tight shots of her fun spot also. The camera also shows Cassidy in full body wide angles with her legs raised in the air. If you’re a leg admirer or happen to have a foot fetish, you might cream from what happens next. Cassidy removes her boots and stay-up stockings and reveals a set of curvy legs and high-arched feet with a pretty deep red pedicure. She’s absolutely ravishing here sitting naked in her chair.

Cassidy rubs the pre-cum that’s formed at the head of her cock and then she props her bare feet on the vanity. She wiggles the sexy toes before your face and asks if you like them. When I say that Cassidy Quinn is exquisite from head to toe, I’m not kidding. I’ll let you find out what happens throughout the rest of this killer shemalestrokers.com debut.

Lianna Lawson – Sexy Trans Girl Wants To Get All Natural With You


There’s a lot to learn about Lianna Lawson on Shemale Strokers and you can watch her trailer on the website by clicking on Trailers. In “Sexy Trans Girl Wants To Get All Natural With You” she talks about how she lost her virginity with a fan. I’m not sure if that fan was someone who watched her on Chaturbate where she’s a frequent live performer. If you have a free registration, be sure to catch her in room liannalawson. At any rate, back to her Shemale Strokers trailer, she also talks about how another fan had a foot fetish. So naturally she shows off her high-arched bare feet in the 2 minute and 47 second trailer. She also shows you the pearlescent bead of pre-cum that oozes from the head of her stiff cock after removing her sheer colorful dress. This trailer even shows the huge red dildo and silver vibrator that Lianna plays with. Plus, you get a snippet of her cum-coated cock and a peek at her tasting some of her own nectar. But when you download the 36 something minute video, of course you see Lianna doing a lot more. For instance, once her cock is fully erect, she sits back and makes her smoothly shaven balls jiggle like they have a mind of their own while her boner points toward her tummy. The photo set is good. The actual video is phenomenal and Lianna Lawson is one of the most beautiful models on Shemale Strokers ever.