TGirls.XXX: Raven Roxx Strokes And Cums!

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Guess who’s captured stunning Raven Roxx from Lexington, Kentucky for TGirls.XXX? Vee Soho who normally produces the amazing shoots. It was so nice with Raven he did it twice. As you may already know, all sorts of interesting collaborations occur during the awards season when this was shot.

Raven and Vee make a magical team for this TGirls.XXX update beginning with the gorgeous model gazing out of a hotel window caressing her ample bosom and trim waist. Raven has an original way of doing a 4 minute striptease without actually stripping. In other words, she uses her sexiness to make the most of she outfit she’s wearing, then decides to take her clothes off.

Then she strips out of her a-shirt to a black lacy brassiere and out of her denim short-shorts to matching panties. She bares her big tits and caresses them along with her pierced nipples next. I think there enough breast games to follow that will have boobs lovers especially going out of their minds with lust.

There are dashing, tantalizing views of the goodies held within Raven’s semi-sheer undies as she lowers her shorts. She slowly exposes herself and soon she’s intently stroking her cock. Her panties don’t hide much but what’s got to go is Raven’s thigh-high boots.

Don’t gt me wrong, they’re very stylish and sexy. I’d love wearing them myself, but Raven’s legs are so pretty and they hide too much. You’ll be delighted to see her zip them down and pull them off.

There’s a good amount of doggy style posing until Raven’s clothing is completely removed. Then she turns around kneeling with her stiff cock standing straight out. She toys with her cock head, fingering long, clear strings of pre-cum from the tip. Raven then makes an erotic show of tasting a bit of it.

While jerking off faster and more firmly than before, Raven mentions that she hasn’t cum in awhile. The breast she’s not holding to tweak a nipple is jiggling wildly as she faps harder, coming closer to orgasm. Don’t miss out of seeing how Raven shoots her cum on TGirls.XXX!

I hope you’ll check out Caramel’s Interview With Raven Roxx and for more yet of this incredible star, check out!

Pure-TS: Raven Roxx Dreams of Getting Fucked Hard

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Description: Raven Roxx is a bored secretary working on casual Friday. She has a short interaction with Christian, who also works in the same office. Soon after, she dozes off to dreamland where she fantasizes about getting fucked hard by Christian’s big dick and loving every second of it. Could it be real?

Raven looks sexy enough in her sweats while working at her desk. But when the dream sequence begins and she’s stroking her stiff cock wearing a red corset, sheer black stockings and tall sandals, she looks absolutely phenomenal!

Christian enters the room naked with his huge cock already stiff and moves behind Raven. She’s too busy pleasing herself to notice until he begins kissing her shoulder and then her juicy lips.

Christian then drops to all fours to suck Raven’s erection. Then she switches positions with him to return the favor. Raven holds her goodies while performing what looks like an amazing blowjob. Then the big man lifts Raven in the air as if she weighs almost nothing. He gently lays her across a white leather love seat, sucks her cock again, then gives her a rim job.

Raven’s dick remains bone hard as Christian rails her in the missionary position. Then he gives her a tumultuous doggy style pounding! Her ass looks outrageously hot in the reverse cowgirl sequence.

Then Raven is jousting up and down on Christian’s massive prick with her big tits jiggling and her erection bouncing wildly! There’s more to come but I’ll let you see for yourself on!

Raven also runs her own successful adult website so be sure to visit especially if you’re just getting to know her. She’s honored TS Dreamland with her exclusive interview with Caramel Black also! Click here to read it.

Raven Roxx Cum Solo on Wendy Williams XXX

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The gorgeous star already has her big knockers exposed along with her cock when this solo scene opens. She’s also got a raging hardon and promising to get off as she reclines on the sofa masturbating.

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Raven mentions how her testicles are disappearing, meaning that she’s turned on. I think I may not have noticed that because I kind of get hypnotized by a pretty girl with a hardon and her boobs exposed. But I couldn’t miss her BDSM collar and bracelets because they remind me of how submissive she can be. Raven is wearing a pair of black Victoria’s Secret panties and tall gladiator sandals – the black shade accentuating her curvy legs, her complexion and red pedicure.

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The “Wild Card” ink on the small of her back enhances the well rounded curves of her ass when she gets on her knees on the couch. The crotch panel hides the target of her fun spot, a obviously deliberate tease. But she eventually moves the panel to the side to show you everything and to begging rubbing her entrance. Raven uses her free hand to continue stroking her hardon until she begins spanking her hot butt. She begins mewling about how she could use a daddy to take her ass and show her what a “little bitch” she is.

The variety of angles she’s captured in allow you to imagine fucking Raven in the positions of your choosing. After her phenomenal presentations from the rear and in profile, Raven straddles the sofa on her knees and keeps stroking her boner. She continues talking dirty with her high beams jutting forward and that wicked look in her bright blue eyes. Raven sinks deeper into her act of self pleasure and you can time your impending climax with hers. Her right hand flies up and down her cock shaft and the swollen head sends spurts of warm cum across the fabric of the sofa.

The megasites of AVN and XBIZ winner of Transsexual Performer of the Year and PR agent extraordinaire Wendy Williams are where you can see Raven Roxx and more amazing talents and also a bevy of trans beauties in solo and hardcore action on! Take the time to review all the tours and check out the official website of There’s also Caramel’s Interview with Raven Roxx exclusively on TS Dreamland. You can sing up for a free registration to see Raven performing LIVE on!


Raven Roxx – Sexy Trans Girl Wants To Strip Her Way To Your Pole!

The official synopsis on reads: Tattooed trans babe Raven Roxx is an exotic dancer who enjoys entertaining couples and, especially, Alpha males. The bigger, the better, she says, and she is definitely ready to open up for you today. Her huge boobs are already bursting over the top of her black and red corset. She cuts right to the chase, insisting that you get on your knees and blow her. With dainty manicured fingers, she strokes her lady wood into your hungry mouth.

It continues with: Next, she unlaces her sexy lingerie and lustfully removes her stiletto heels so she can be completely naked for you. Her growing member is large and in charge, and it bobs up and down in anticipation of what’s next. She plays with her pink asshole while she jerks the shaft, causing her to leak a steady stream of precum. “Who says trans girls can’t get wet?!” Are you ready to fuck her doggy style? You flip her on her stomach and she pushes her bubble butt up in the air. You slide into her with such force that she has to hold onto the sheets as she grinds back on your man meat.

The description ends with: After some good and rough penetration, she begs you to pull out and cum all over her tramp stamp. She rubs the jizz into her eager hole. Oh, wow! You came so much, and you’re still hard? She’s impressed and wants to suck you off. She gags and chokes on your huge dick, and you cum a second time in her mouth. Now, it’s time for Raven’s messy release. So, she pleasures her trans girl love stick until she squeezes out a sticky and sweet surprise for you to lick up.

I had the pleasure of presenting my exclusive Interview with Raven Roxx here on TS Dreamland and she’s absolutely adorable inside and out! I’m a huge fan of her videos and photo sets on her official website and her torrid live performances on However, seeing Raven on Shemale Strokers provides a whole new way to admire this super sexy porn vixen! She looks stunning sitting on the bed telling us about her love for muscle cars, sushi and Thai food. The Southern Belle from Lexington, Kentucky goes on to tell us more about some of her favorite pastimes, then describes her lifestyle there and work as an exotic dancer.

Raven then goes into lurid detail about how she loves being taken sexually. She then goes into what happened on a day that her muscle car broke down and the way she thanked a good Samaritan. Her striptease comes next and she looks absolutely delicious. Once she’s naked with her boner sticking up and then wagging around, Raven surprises me with how domineering she can be. She’s quite a vision without a stitch of clothing on also. The missionary position and doggy style sequences are incredible and come with the most erotic, unexpected surprises and one expected and anticipated result on

Caramel’s Interview with Raven Roxx

I had so much fun interviewing this gorgeous pro studio model who runs and will soon return to live webcam shows on This stunner from Kentucky was introduced to me by another incredible trans girl. She’s also friends with the fantastic first male performer I’ve ever interviewed. You’ll find out more of the details about Raven and her friends also. I hope you’ll enjoy my interview with Raven Roxx!