Pure-TS: Kimber Haven

MP4 Scene Trailer

“Kimber Haven is a slutty babe that craves cock” is the working title of Kimber’s Pure-TS.com debut. The official description reads: Kimber Haven is tall, busty, and beautiful, the perfect combination. Watch her in action as she meets Christian XXX for the first time and the sparks fly.

He has her swallow his big dick and then bend over and take it long and deep as he bareback her in every position. The best part of this scene is at the end when they both cum at the same time!

I had the honor of presenting Caramel’s Interview with Kimber Haven in January of 2016 so I know a little about what makes her tick. I’m a big fan on KimberHaven.com but nothing there is quite like her performance with Christian on Pure-TS.com. That’s because it’s filmed by his crew in his familiar setting.

I’m so used to seeing Kimber as a top that it’s thrilling to see her bottoming for a big alpha male. I really wanted to see Christian fuck the hell out of Kimber and I’m not at all disappointed.

She appears with her loudness and body reactions to be just as vulnerable with Christian’s massive cock as some of his brand new co-stars are. In other words, it seems like she’s not going to be able to continue getting such an intense power drilling.But she takes it like a champ in the missionary position, doggy style, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl!

Kimber jerks off frantically while getting railed bareback in the side saddle position when she and Christian shoot their cum within moments of one another. Visit KimberHaven.com for more of Christian’s incredible co-star!

Pure-TS: Raven Roxx Dreams of Getting Fucked Hard

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Raven Roxx is a bored secretary working on casual Friday. She has a short interaction with Christian, who also works in the same office. Soon after, she dozes off to dreamland where she fantasizes about getting fucked hard by Christian’s big dick and loving every second of it. Could it be real?

Raven looks sexy enough in her sweats while working at her desk. But when the dream sequence begins and she’s stroking her stiff cock wearing a red corset, sheer black stockings and tall sandals, she looks absolutely phenomenal!

Christian enters the room naked with his huge cock already stiff and moves behind Raven. She’s too busy pleasing herself to notice until he begins kissing her shoulder and then her juicy lips.

Christian then drops to all fours to suck Raven’s erection. Then she switches positions with him to return the favor. Raven holds her goodies while performing what looks like an amazing blowjob. Then the big man lifts Raven in the air as if she weighs almost nothing. He gently lays her across a white leather love seat, sucks her cock again, then gives her a rim job.

Raven’s dick remains bone hard as Christian rails her in the missionary position. Then he gives her a tumultuous doggy style pounding! Her ass looks outrageously hot in the reverse cowgirl sequence.

Then Raven is jousting up and down on Christian’s massive prick with her big tits jiggling and her erection bouncing wildly! There’s more to come but I’ll let you see for yourself on Pure-TS.com!

Raven also runs her own successful adult website so be sure to visit RavenRoxx.ModelCentro.com especially if you’re just getting to know her. She’s honored TS Dreamland with her exclusive interview with Caramel Black also! Click here to read it.

Pure-TS: Latina Goddess Itzel Gets Fucked

MP4 Scene Trailer

Pure-TS.com description: Christian is on the phone with his buddy while hanging out in Vegas, but when TS goddess Itzel enters the room, the whole world stops. Her giant ass and giant tits will captivate you as she sucks the dick and then takes it deep inside bareback in every position before he drops a load into her mouth.

Perfect 10 Itzel Gets Fucked & Creampied was Mexican trans star Itzel’s Pure-TS debut in April of 2017. It was so nice she and Christian shot twice and the follow-up movie was Waking Up To Perfection. The third time’s the charm they say and Latina Goddess Itzel Gets Fucked catches lightning in a bottle once again.

Christian gets off the phone quickly when Itzel comes to his side with a drink looking amazing in her floral print dress and platform sandals. Not only is her cleavage and a great expanse of leg bursting out of her frock, her uncut cock is too.

Speaking only in short Spanish comments most anyone can understand, Itzel sits in her man’s lap and exposes one of her full, luscious breasts.

With Itzel in Christian’s lap kissing him, he manages to display her large round nude bottom to us explicitly. He finger bangs her tight butt and then helps her rise to remove her dress. He gives her a rimjob while she lays back comfortably in a big chair. Itzel then sinks to her knees to suck his big cock. Itzel’s naked torso looks incredible with its hourglass shape and her abs are so tight. So does her ass when Christian eases his massive member inside it bareback!

A torrid doggystyle position railing evolves into a cowgirl ride that showcases Itzel’s perfect ass. But when they switch into reverse it’s all about Itzel’s heaving boobs and undulating cock and balls as she gets rammed hard. She jerks off while getting pummeled on the floor side saddle and she takes Christian’s load on her pretty face and in her mouth like a true cum lover. Don’t miss this killer Pure-TS.com update and see more of his tremendously sexy co-star on ItzelXXX.com!

Pure-TS: Boss & Wife Share Their TS Secretary

Pure-TS.com synopsis: Christian can’t seem to get his hands off his beautiful TS secretary Shiri while she is trying to work. They spark up an office tryst when his stunning blonde wife Alura Jenson enters the picture. Never one to be left out of a fun time, she joins the duo and it becomes an amazing bareback threesome! WOW!

This is Shiri’s 3rd threesome and 5th hardcore scene on Pure-TS.com She’s incredibly verse as witnessed by topping Christian in the plumber themed update.

In this 28 minute and 19 second bareback hardcore production that comes with a whopping 448 images, Shiri is finishing up on an account when her boss enters the office to check up on her. She’s not wearing any panties beneath her business suit yet she’s hesitant to accept his advances until he assures her that they’re alone. We see that she’s not wearing a bra either when the boss opens Shiri’s jacket and shirt and bares her puffy nipples.

When the boss reaches lower and discovers she’s not wearing panties, he begins stroking her cock, saying she’s such a bad girl for not wearing any. He backs away far enough for Shiri to sink to her knees before him for when he opens his dress pants. Shiri removes her eyewear to give Christian’s massive cock a good sucking.

Then all the sudden they’re busted! Gorgeous Alura, the bosses wife, has caught him fucking around with yet another secretary! He’s supposed to call her before screwing the new one so she can join in!

But he was so horny he just couldn’t wait to get his hands on the pretty girl that Alura actually hired for him. How’s that for plot development? Great but let’s talk about the sex. I absolutely love the chemistry between the big man, 5’8″, 50hh-29-44 Alura and 5’4″, 34a-30-38 Shiri! What makes it extra hot is the lesbian action such as kissing and Alura sucking Shiri’s cock while the Pure-TS.com owner pounds her pretty pussy from behind! I don’t know what your favorite part will be but mine is when Christian is driving his huge cock in and out of Shiri’s tight ass in the reverse cowgirl position. Meanwhile, Alura is stroking Shiri’s raging hard cock until she shoots a creamy white load of cum.


This isn’t even the end of this magnificent Pure-TS.com update! Catch prolific Shiri on chaturbate.com/shiritrap and check out alurajensonxxx.com of pornstarplatinum.com.

Pure-TS: Kendra Sinclaire

There are so many incredible moments in Big Dick TS Superstar Gets Fucked Raw. I really love two particular moments at the end but I thoroughly love everything that leads up to them. It’s about time established porn star Kendra makes a Pure-TS.com appearance!

I didn’t actually see this coming to be honest but I’m well-versed with all the goings on at KendraSinclaire.com. But I did see her amazing performance on Christian’s other trans site TSPOV.com, Kendra Sinclaire Sexy Butt Slut Wants to Get Fucked Hard! The brand new Pure-TS scene is lit from the beginning with Christian XXX and Kendra making out when the scene opens.

He reaches down to find that he has easy access to Kendra’s bare cock as they kiss. It swells tremendously when he gives it a good sucking and it stands upward and bobs back and forth in the air. Christian’s massive prick often dwarfs the size of his gorgeous trans model’s dicks but not in this case. If you somehow didn’t know it already, Kendra is seriously hung. When she’s got her back facing you, I can promise you’re going to understand why I think she has one of the most perfect butts in porn.

Actually her entire physique is phenomenal and it’s like torture waiting for her to get completely naked. But she eventually loses her dress after giving Christian a blowjob, getting her salad tossed and well into getting fucked bareback. Kendra beats her big swollen meat while getting drilled on her back. The doggystyle and reverse cowgirl banging showcases her ass to perfection. And the cowgirl ride with Kendra’s big hard schlong bouncing and swinging is absolutely breathtaking.

The two moments at the end I was referring to are when Kendra blasts her creamy white cum shot and when Christian’s soon follows. This Pure-TS.com update is available NOW so don’t miss it! Don’t forget to take the KendraSinclaire.com tour.

Pure-TS: Teen TS Sugar Baby Gets Her Way

MP4 Scene Trailer

Kitty Valentino wants to go shopping in Vegas. This teen sugar baby always gets her way and today is no different. All she has to do is get out her big cock and open up her tight ass and Christian is putty in her hands. Watch her get fucked bareback and love every second of it in her debut porn scene.

That’s the setup for Christian’s debut presentation of a wicked hot cam model on his Pure-TS.com website. 18 year old Kitty is a cutie pie with an edge. Like me she quit smoking and replaced it with vaping. Kitty has wonderful ink including a tarantula on her right thigh, a skull on her left one, shin and arm tattoo, facial and many piercings. In this “Teen TS Sugar Baby Gets Her Way” scene, Kitty strolls into the living room and tells her boyfriend she wants to go shopping – in Vegas. They live nowhere near Las Vegas! He’s seated and says no, but she sits in his lap and grinds against it to help give him a change of heart.

That doesn’t work nor does physically suggesting she’ll give him a blowjob. Perhaps she’s not going about this seduction the right way. She gets the idea to raise the hem of her blouse and to show off the big bulge in her pink panties. “I know what you love,” Kitty utters in her sweet voice. That voice is just another thing that makes her Chaturbate shows so good.


I don’t know if it’s just me or if Kitty’s cock appears larger than her webcam profile states. Go figure, but when you watch it grow as Christian sucks it to an erection, you might feel the same way I do. It’s so smoothly shaven and so is her low-slung ball sack.

Kitty’s pierced nipples fit right in with her Marilyn Manson/Paris Hilton hybrid goals. Her cock sucking skills. Her bouncing and swinging erection and pretty face make this Pure-TS.com update one of my top favorite bareback fuck scenes!

Be sure to follow chaturbate.com/kittyvalentino to catch her stunning LIVE performances. 


Pure-TS: Kimberly Sin & Nicolette Phoenix

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Kimberly Sin wakes up from a fantastic night but isn’t sure what she did last night. Then Christian and Nicolette Phoenix wake up next to her. Clearly there was a lot of fun times from the night before. And what better way to remember them than by doing it again?! Watch these sexy TS starlets get busy together before getting fucked bareback by Christian and then sharing his sticky load. “The Morning Starts With a Threesome” is Miss Sins second Pure-TS.com performance.

It’s a follow-up to her “Teen TV Beauty Kimberly Sin Cums All Over” that I raved about. It’s the third time for Nicolette who debuted with a one-on-one scene with Christian before her threesome with the big man and Jasmine Jacobs in “Submissive TS Girlfriends Get Fucked Together”.

Kimberly does a great job of expressing her feeling of good fortune when waking up, pumping her fist quietly each time she realizes who she’s slept with. Since Christian is closest to Kimberly, he gets easier access, but Nicolette is close enough to fondle her body also. The girls then share a series of French kisses as they hover above Christian’s massive erection. There’s even more of them making out as they take turns stroking and sucking that huge cock they’re sharing.

They also give the Pure-TS.com owner and operator head at the same time and Nicolette is first to ride his prick bareback. Then we get the same view of Kimberly’s wide ass bouncing on Christian’s big hardon in the cowgirl position. The classic doggystyle line-up on the bed comes soon afterward like in most threesomes on this hot site. A missionary railing comes next with one gorgeous trans girl and a reverse cowgirl ride with the other!

Kimberly and Nicolette trade places before the finale but I don’t want to spoil things by giving away too much. You’ll see it for yourself when you login to Pure-TS.com.

Pure-TS: Jenna Gargles

MP4 Scene Trailer

Let’s start out with a behind-the-scenes video preview of Christian XXX fucking gorgeous Jenna Gargles before their main shoot for Pure-TS. “Tall, thin, and extremely beautiful, Jenna Gargles is a cam model that wants to make the leap to being a big porn star. She definitely has the looks and after Christian pounds her tight ass bareback and makes her swallow his load, she also has the skills and abilities needed. Trust me, you will be seeing more of this amazingly flexible model and her big hard dick.” Christian, who quotes for his Pure-TS.com website is sitting on the bed before going to the gym when gorgeous Jenna Gargles crawls up behind him. She’s horny and requests that he gives her a workout instead of going out for one. He’s really committed to going to exercise but the way she strokes his stiffening cock through his shorts makes it so hard to leave. Between kissing, Jenna offers to give him a blowjob. Christian gives in and pulls down her pink brassiere to devour one of her small and tight nipples. When Jenna says she’s horny, it’s not just an act. Before Christian swings her into his lap, you can see Jenna’s bulbous dick head protruding from the waistband of her undies, begging for attention. Surely she’s rubbing it against Christian’s waist as he spanks her ass hard. She asks him to spank her harder yet and after he complies, Christian lowers Jenna’s panties. He’s exposing the future target of his massive cock fully before Jenna slides to the floor to give him head. Jenna possesses one of my favorite body types in creation – svelte and slender with a flat chest and legs that seem to go on forever. I love busty babes too, especially unique boobs, but sometimes I like firm physiques with barely any breast tissue at all. Jenna’s frame looks fantastic as she sucks Christian’s enormous schlong topless with her own big cock trying to escape its panty prison. Naturally, Jenna jerks off while swallowing several thick inches of prick. Then she no longer has to when Christian begins sucking her off! Christian’s massive cock doesn’t disguise how well hung petite Jenna is especially when it’s not in the Pure-TS.com frame. I absolutely love Jenna’s LIVE webcam shows.

Be sure to check her out chaturbate.com/jennagargles. If she’s not on at the moment, give her a follow and see what else is going on in the Trans area.

Pure-TS: Two Hot TS Girls Get Fucked by a Random Nerd

Becca Fatale & Lina Cavalli find a cute nerdy guy wandering around the lobby of their hotel and they grab him and throw him into their room. Then they ROCK his world with their tight asses and nice cocks.

I suppose I’d have been super turned on even if there was an absence of strong transbian content in this scene. While watching I’m thinking that Becca and Lina are primarily into men, lucky men like Christian XXX of Pure-TS. But there’s plenty of girl-on-girl action here so I was totally satisfied!

The Pure-TS principal star and producer spoofs trans porn scene with, “Oh, my Gosh! She has a cock!” themes. Never mind the fact that Lina’s boner is peeking out now and then from the slit in her skirt at the very beginning.

Innocent Christian is on his way to a museum and convention when he gets pushed into the hotel room by Becca and Lina. The Russian babe and star of LinaCavalli.xxx rubs his crotch while black beauty Becca does most of the talking and forces the first kiss. Lina gets one and then both girls move back to lean against the wall. They expose their cocks to Christian’s feigned surprise.

Becca runs a finger across one of Lina’s clothed boobs while getting a blowjob from Christian. She encourages him to please Lina who’s jerking her prick erect and all he has to do is move a little to the left to swallow her lovely dick. Becca holds her friend by the waist as she gets her cock sucked and the TS on TS sexual tension builds. Christian beats his stiff meat while switching between both girls while on his knees. Then they all stand up. More kisses are exchanged and Lina’s full breasts are revealed just before she sinks down to take Christian’s massive member into her mouth. Becca’s short dress begins to fall away too at this point.

By the time Becca sinks down to share the huge sex organ with her friend, all she’s wearing is her tall platform heels. Lina discards her dress and there’s crystal clear POV footage of the dual cock sucking. Then it’s off the the bedroom area.

Both Becca and Lina are bent over across the bed with their beautiful bare asses awaiting. Becca’s full round rump is first to be penetrated by Christian’s stiff prick. This scene really kicks into overdrive for me when Lina grasps Becca’s ass to assist and the two trans beauties start kissing. Becca assists by holding Lina’s pretty bottom when it’s her turn to get pounded by the male star.

Becca gets drilled again and there’s more intense oral action. Then Lina devours Becca’s breasts while riding Christian’s cock in the cowgirl position. This leads to the girls kissing again and more oral. Becca also gets a cowgirl ride and there’s more transbian smooching. Becca holds onto one of Lina’s sexy legs to keep it held high as Christian fucks her like a jackhammer in the missionary position.

While Lina takes this drilling, Becca sits up on the bed and strokes Lina’s cock while Christian pumps in and out of her tight ass. Finally, Christian can’t take it anymore. When Christian withdraws, Becca jumps to catch his cum face first. She looks incredible staring up at the big man as she takes his cum shot across her tongue.

Lina gets a few swipes of cream from the swollen cockhead before she an Becca close this bareback Pure-TS instant classic with a passionate cummy kiss. Becca is such an incredible porn star and I hope that she’ll someday have her own website as her exquisite trans partner does with LinaCavalli.xxx.

Pure-TS Nikki Vicious

The official Pure-TS synopsis reads: Nikki Vicious is a beautiful blonde model that the fans just loved in her debut scene. Now she is back for round two, but this time she wants Christian’s cock all for herself. This passionate bareback anal scene will blow you away with its intensity and earnestness. And the creampie is just the icing on the cake!

Stunning Blonde Nikki is Back for a Good Pounding recalls the 08/17/2016 Pure-TS threesome scene with Brooklyn Roberts. That bareback blowout was was a killer and Nikki’s first hardcore scene anywhere. I loved Christian’s powerful man fucking along with the transbian intensity between the stunning girls.

The new scene opens with Christian and Nikki standing together. He’s still fully dressed, but Nikki is only wearing a bra, panty and stocking set with tall sandals. Nikki Vicious is one of the most gorgeous new trans girls in the adult industry today. We see that she’s horny as fuck when after Christian exposes her killer ass, she turns to the side and her big dick is stiff as an iron rod. I don’t think I’ve even seen him sink to his knees faster to suck a girl’s cock.

Nikki’s erection points right at Christian’s face when it pops out of his mouth and she sinks down when he stands up to return the favor. Nikki’s beautiful boobs are exposed through the half cups of her bra as she delivers a blowjob while jacking her hardon. She’s incredible to watch with her hair pulled back like reigns. Nikki gets her hot body raised to the bed and her ass gets a few spanks before Christian sucks her from behind. She strokes her boner as he sinks his bare cock inside her in the doggy style position.

She takes a missionary position and cowgirl pounding next. I really, really love the reverse cowgirl banging that shows Nikki stroking her raging hard cock while riding Christian’s mammoth prick. Nikki is getting pounded side saddle when she makes her cock shoot creamy white jets of spunk. The blonde beauty takes a trademark Pure-TS creampie at the end.

Pure-TS: Staci Miguire Two

Pure-TS “Dominatrix Staci Wants To Be Fucked Hard After a Session”

Tall and dominant Staci Miguire has had a long day fucking up submissive beta males in her dungeon. So when her boyfriend Christian gets there, she is really horny for some hard dick. He fucks her right there in her chair and all over the dungeon before giving her a fantastic facial. Even a dominatrix can be submissive to the right man!

Staci Miguire looks absolutely beautiful when studly Christian XXX casually drops by her dungeon for a friendly visit. They’re friends with benefits you can see by the peck on the lips they exchange while she strokes her semi-erect cock while sitting at her dominatrix throne. Her last submissive client was so submissive that she didn’t even feel the urge to walk on him. On top of that, the scene left her so sexually frustrated, she needs a real man to fulfill her needs. Soon, Christian’s huge stiff cock is filling her mouth. The way he aggrresively forces this blowjob kind of makes it seem like Christian is a dominant master on his day off. But she loves the forcefulness and as Staci kneels and sucks him off, her own cock is stiff as it juts from her creamy thighs.

When Staci rests on her throne next with her curvy ass raised in the air, she gets a devoted rim job followed by Christian’s bare schlong easing its way inside her. He holds her wrists behind her back while drilling her ass powerfully. With her tits, cock and balls jiggling, Staci is only wearing er tall sandals, black stay-up stockings and some accessories at this point. She looks simply exquisite. If you have a thing for long, sexy legs or a foot fetish, wait until you see Christian carrying Staci across the dungeon to the bed. Her ass looks amazing too as she’s on her back ready to receive a missionary position railing.

Staci strokes her big erection while on her back expressing her love for the way Christian’s large dick is fucking her. Her voice sounds as sexy as she looks and that’s saying a lot. Christian takes a short break to suck Staci’s cock before hitting it in the side saddle position. They kiss passionately as he drills her at warp speed with her continuing to jack off.

There’s more cock sucking all throughout the rest of the scene, and a tumultuous cowgirl and reverse cowgirl ride. Finally, Staci hops off the big man’s dick and looks stunning with her bright eyes staring up at his tool and her mouth wide open. She takes a huge load across her pearly whites and into her mouth. I think you’ll love this BDSM tinged Pure-TS update. I know I did.

Pure-TS: Luna Rose

I have so much catching up to do with one of my all-time favorite websites. For example, there are two early hardcore videos on Pure-TS with Caucasian / Filipino superstar Luna Rose. I’ve described one already here back in June 2015. The bareback video I’m describing now is the 24 minute one. Luna sits across Christian’s lap and says yes when he asks if she’s as horny as he is. Mr. XXX strips her down to her lacy panties quickly and strokes her cock erect while they’re French kissing. A moment later, Luna is standing with her stiff dick pointing up towards Christian’s mouth as he kneels on the floor before her. Her breasts are fully exposed and all she’s wearing at this point is a pair of black high heel sandals. Luna crouches in the chair and begins to suck on the porn king’s massive cock next. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a girl who can deep throat as much of Christian’s rod as Luna can. He squeezes and slaps her pert ass when getting head in anticipation of the show she’s about to give him. Luna then turns around on all fours to take Christian’s big prick bareback with her fist firmly clasped around her erection. She moans loudly and masturbates furiously while getting pummeled. Luna gets banged with one leg held up for more of a frontal view after some gaping footage. Her bib boobs are jiggling and her hair is flowing as if there’s a glam fan on, but there isn’t one. She’s still got a boner when she gives Christian another boner before getting railed again. This time, it’s a cowgirl ride that shows off her magnificent posterior to perfection. I’ve only described just over the first half of this Las Vegas filmed Pure-TS video. I think that ought to be enough to express how much I think you should subscribe and see it all for yourself. There’s absolutely no one else the history of adult entertainment with a lineup of beauties like Christian XXX.

Pure-TS: Treasure Barbie

The setting of the video that accompany these photo set samples with the sprawling white leather sofa looks pristine. So does Treasure Barbie scantily clad with a cute little bow in her hair. The innocent look in her pretty doe-like eyes is in stark contrast to what she’s doing – jerking off and telling you how badly she needs her daddy’s cock. “Please let me suck your dick?” she begs in this HD POV scene. She takes off her little bra to expose her delectable hormone boobs and pauses to say, “I love the way it barely fits in my mouth.” The cock she’s sucking barely fits in anyone’s mouth. Christian XXX is the sole male performer on his independently produced Pure-TS website. Not only does he get an incredible, verbal blowjob from this diminutive beauty, he gets to fuck her bareback, too. Treasure Barbie lies back on the sofa, stripped down to her tall, strappy heels, and gets soundly fucked by the porn king. The missionary position screwing evolves into a doggy style pounding. I’ve only described half of this exquisite 25 minute and 12 second video. But get this; there are now four explosive scenes featuring Treasure Barbie on Pure-TS. Don’t miss any of them. I always find it funny when guys say that Christian is the luckiest man in porn. There’s a lot more to it than good luck.

Becca Fatale on Pure-TS

Becca Fatale is a Bay Area beauty who was destined to get of visit from Christian XXX of Pure-TS. In a posh San Francisco hotel room, Becca sits on the bed in bra and panties while Christian kisses her and removes her brassiere. He’s kneeling on the floor beside her which makes it easy for the porn king to withdraw her cock from her panties. He gives her a brief blowjob and after another kiss, beautiful Becca kneels on the bed. Christian pulls her panties down from behind and tosses her salad while lowering his hand to play with himself. When he rises, his mammoth cock is raging hard. He sinks into Becca’s full bottom slowly, but gets to ramming it quickly right away. Becca makes the sexiest moans of pleasure and encourages Christian to “Fuck that ass,” with her gorgeous tits jiggling beneath her. After awhile, Becca kneels to suck on Christian’s big dick. It’s amazing to see how far she can go down on it! A cowgirl ride follows and the view of Becca’s world class derriere is absolutely cumtastic. Becca also rides Christian’s schlong in the reverse cowgirl position and takes it side saddle next. Christian bangs Becca in the missionary position also and the ebony fox ends up taking his load of cum on her pretty face. She practically begged for it and you can see how much she wanted the prolific porn star’s jizz splashing across her tongue. 316 hi-res photos complement the scorching 28 minute and 54 second bareback video on Pure-TS!