Bob’s Tgirls: Nikki Jade Taylor Pink

“Pink” is the appropriately named photo set of the explosive “Cumming With Her Toy” video. If you haven’t seen Nikki Jade Taylor in studio work or LIVE on Chaturbate I’m thinking you’re new to the trans porn niche. We’re talking about a superstar status performer her captured by one of the most famed producers in the business. Production values are sky high but the view is straight ahead and dead center with Nikki posing on a bed in dual garment top and skimpy panties.

One of the reasons that Nikki is so successful in both webcam and studio worlds is her interaction. You get the feeling she’s only talking to you. When she’s running circles around her clothed nipples for instance, and exposing them one at a time, it feels like a private moment meant just for you. I don’t know how she creates that sensation, but the more she talks, the more engaging she becomes.

Nikki is lactating and after squeezing breast milk from her sensitive nubbins, she tastes a bit. You might suddenly realize how aroused you are after that point. Then Nikki announces that she’s got a special surprise just for you. It’s coy and you know exactly what it is. But presentation is everything and Nikki’s coquettish presentation of her swelling cock is magical. You’ll see that Nikki’s toy fucking speed is only surpassed by her cock stroking.

Her hands fly up and down her swollen shaft with lightening speed and her hardon bounces up and down when she’s not touching it. I could go on and fully describe the way Nikki shoots her cum at the end, but I’d rather you see it for yourself on To catch her performing LIVE, catch her on!

Nikki Jade Taylor on Chaturbate

I’ve been fan of #groobygirl Brittany Snow for about 8 months and a fan of Nikki Taylor much longer. I never imagined seeing them together until I found room=nikkijadetaylor on Chaturbate last week. When I logged in, Brittany was just about to lean down and begin sucking on her blonde friend’s stiff cock. The busty fuchsia-haired babe gave her horny mate what looked like an amazing blowjob. Nikki unzipped Brittany’s jean short-shorts and returned the favor. Within 10 minutes, Brittany had straddled Nikki’s hips and started fucking up and down on her shaft bareback! Brittany got her salad tossed next for being such a wonderful lay. Then, Nikki jacked off for awhile as Brittany prepared herself for a doggy style railing. The girls took a short break to engage with their horny fans and Nikki got blown again. She also got another cowgirl ramming and then turned around to face us while getting fucked. I’d been watching for about a half hour by this point. Brittany’s erection was bouncing up and down and swinging in circles as Nikki thrust her hips up and down from the sofa. After another short break, the Chaturbate broadcasters did it doggy style and side saddle. They engaged with fans more, took requests from a fan to French kiss and 50 minutes had gone by while they simply sat and stroked each other off. Nikki sank to the floor soon after to give Brittany head. Then she hopped back up on the sofa so they could engage in an erotic swordfight. After kissing, Brittany rode Nikki’s cock yet again! This was another reverse cowgirl ride. Then Brittany got on top of Nikki for a 69. An hour and 15 minutes passed by the time Brittany sat astride Nikki and kissed her and jacked off her erection while riding her girlfriend’s cock again. Nikki brought Brittany a glass of water after she came inside her in one of the hottest transbian live shows on Chaturbate that I’ve ever seen. Nikki flew solo last night and she was out of this world. You can also join to see more of her!