TsPussyHunters: Natalie Mars & Mia Li

TsPussyHunters.com synopsis: School Bully changes her tune after she sees her victim’s huge cock. Mia Li and Natalie Mars have been playing sports for their college teams for years and for years Mia has been ruthlessly cruel to Natalie. Mia thinks Natalie is a weirdo stalker who tries to copy her style. If Natalie really wants to be like Mia, then she’s going to need to get comfortable changing in front of all the other girls on the team.

Mia has no problem getting naked and flaunting her perfect chiseled muscular body around the college campus. Mia bullies Natalie into getting naked. Natalie has had a HUGE crush on Mia for so long so she will do anything to be close to Mia and “be cool”.

When Mia pulls Natalie’s panties off she discovers a really cool secret about Natalie; she’s got a great huge COCK. Mia Li turns into a sweetheart to Natalie. She always knew Natalie was different but didn’t know exactly what made her so special and now that the secret it out Mia has fallen in love.

Mia has especially fallen in love with Natalie’s milky white perfect ass which Mia fucks good and hard in a hot steamy shower. Natalie and Mia really explore each other’s bodies and make sweet sweet love right there in the locker room and suck on each other’s perfect toes and feet. Mia Li ride’s Natalie’s cock until she earns a bit hot steamy load of girl cum!

Gee thanks, TS Pussy Hunters writer. Leave me with a hard she-cock and nothing more to add! Actually I still actually have my 2 cents. Natalie kills it with her 1st official Kink.com video and photo set! This isn’t the first time I’ve raved about one of Mia’s performances. She’s a regular on this famed network and the last time I raved about her was for her killer scene with Honey Foxx! Mia does most of the work in the beginning with the initial seduction, stripping and foot worshipping. Natalie’s foot action on Mia’s pretty peds comes next and the kink is so STRONG. By the time she’s finished and Mia asks her to stand up, Natalie is fully aroused and I can almost guarantee that you’ll be too! And Mia and Natalie are both gloriously naked when the blowjob action begins! The fucking is bareback straight through to Natalie’s creampie climax!

Natalie Mars Fucks Hot Milf Alura Jenson

MP4 Scene Trailer

I’ve been a huge fan of Alura Jenson for several years so I’m so excited about Natalie Mars Fucks Hot Milf Alura Jenson on NatalieMars.com! Natalie is a leading megastar with the new breed of trans stars. I have to recall a few things that occurred way back it comes to my original affinity for Alura. The PornPlatinum.com network is the amazing production company Alura works with and they were one of the first mainstream outfits to support trans porn. That’s how I learned about and fell in love with Alura and her website AluraJensonxxx.com. Alura ‘TNT’ Jenson has worked with amazing trans stars before it was a fashionable trend for mainstream cis stars. For those of us who have witnessed all that’s been going on with the adult industry for the past decade, this shoot is a very special surprise! It begins with Natalie doing stretching exercises in bra and panties on the white leather sofa for about a minute. She looks incredible and the pairing of Natalie and Alura similarly dressed is maddeningly gorgeous to view as well as humorous. Confronted with the sight of Natalie’s upturned butt, Alura realizes that Natalie’s “stretching” description is a double entendre. She pulls the lime green panel of Natalie’s undies aside to see that she’s wearing a big black butt plug! Comedic genius and powerful eroticism are combined to set up the initial foreplay. Natalie displays talented tricks with the sex toy and Alura is seduced into fondling and kissing and sucking her cock. The fantastic oral sequences take up more than the first half of this movie. I must warn you that you might end up shooting your load before Natalie begins fucking Alura bareback. Naked! I love the way Natalie continues drilling Alura with her butt plug embedded and takes a hip pumping break to go muff diving. Even the ending of this NatalieMars.com update is spectacular!

TSPOV – Natalie Mars Naughty Schoolgirl Blows Her Stepdad

MP4 Scene Trailer

Natalie Mars is a very naughty schoolgirl that comes home to find a hard cock waiting for her. It’s her stepdad’s cock, but she loves sucking it all the same. This slutty angel wants your cock AND your cum! This is Natalie’s 4th appearance on TSPOV.com not to be confused with her spectacular appearances on Pure-TS.com. Christian produces and owns both sites but this one is all about the model and YOU. When Natalie enters the bedroom area with her books held against her bosom she’s shocked to see you masturbating. “Oh my God, Daddy! What are you doing?!” she exclaims. “Why are you just laying here naked with your big cock out?”

Notice the way she notices the size of your dick? That’s a good sign she won’t be scared off. She calls you incorrigible like she’s the parent! Your sexy trans stepdaughter asks if there’s something she can do after putting her books and backpack down. “Incorrigible” is the new word Natalie learned at school today. By the way, those boys are so gross – not like you, Daddy.

Just looking at your cock is getting her excited and she can’t help rubbing herself through her skirt. While kneeling before your thighs, Natalie confesses that she learns a lot more from you than she does from school. Now she’s going to learn how to pleasure you beginning with a handjob. All day long she sat there thinking about you.

Her dick was getting hard in class and now she’s using not one but both hands to jerk you off. Then she begins sucking your cock, bobbing her pretty head up and down rapidly. She’s got the sniffles which makes her blowjob as cute as it is erotic.

Then she announces that she wants to take off her panties. She stands up and shows you her cock after removing them. Then she turns to show you the ass she knows you love looking at.

Now she sinks her lovely bottom on your erection, rubbing between her butt cheeks. She wishes she could let you put it in but hopes you’ll be happy settling for just a blowjob.  This certainly does not mean that all TSPOV.com girls don’t fuck!

Natalie will let you shoot your load right across her tongue and before your arousal dissipates, she’s going to jerk off for you! This means she’s going to have a toe-wiggling climax and her cock is going to spurt! You’ve got to see the latest Natalie Mars TSPOV.com update!

TransAngels – Natalie Mars – My Girlfriend’s Slutty Sister

Mike Panic wasn’t worried about meeting his girlfriend’s family until he caught sight of her slutty little sister, Natalie Mars. When you meet a tgirl whose ‘hello’ is a handjob under the table and her ‘how are ya’ is sucking you off in the next room, would you be able to resist? Mike tries his best to stay focused, but he’s no match for teen slut Natalie’s sneaky sexual shenanigans. Once Natalie gets Mike Panic alone he can’t help but give her what she wants: a pounding in her tight asshole followed by a huge load on her cock. Welcome to the family, Mike!

The family I’m really excited about is the TransAngels.com brood. Today, it’s all about “My Girlfriend’s Slutty Sister” which begins with Mike grabbing his cis girlfriend’s cute butt right outside of their house! When Natalie comes down the stairs to greet them, Mike’s girlfriend expresses frustration about her sister Natalie being trans, thankfully out of earshot.

Mike is floored by the sight of his girlfriend’s sister who’s laying it on heavy with winking and licking her lips. Everything seems to be going well with Mike’s meeting the parents and their dinner. Natalie’s under-the-table antics begin with the squeezing of the big bulge in Mike’s jeans.

Natalie asks the group if they’d like some water. No one else can see but Mike because of the way they’re seated next to each other what happens before she rises to go to the kitchen. Natalie lifts the hem of her skirt and her cock is fully exposed. She’s wearing no panties and she’s got a raging hardon!

It looks like Mike’s eyes are about to pop out of his head! Yours will be also I think when you get a look at the full-length video. A couple of big things I attribute to what I think is the hottest site on the Net – Director Sir Tom Moore (veteran pornstar/producer and the high production values of these movies and photo sets. It’s almost as if this TransAngels.com has an unlimited budget. Sometimes you’ll swear there’s no difference between the videos here an motion pictures. It’s truly astounding.

Shemale Strokers: Natalie Mars 3

I thought that this Shemale Strokers update featuring gorgeous Natalie Mars would be in interview format. I’m pretty sure that the way this scene is delivered is better. What about this trans porn megastar do we not already know? I this scene we get one-on-one interaction in less than two minutes, an erotic pseudo-dream sequence and shockingly abrupt removal stages of her colorful swimsuit!

I know someone out there is powerfully shooting their wad by the time she sits back on the sofa stroking her stiff cock when only wearing her white platform sandals! The official ShemaleStrokers.com synopsis reads: Stunningly gorgeous Natalie Mars met you at a party last night, and now she wants you to cum over and hang out. You rush over, but when you get there, she tells you she has something to tell you… well, maybe it will be better if she shows you.

She used to be an exotic dancer, so why don’t you sit back and let her give you a lap dance. As she rubs her crotch and gyrates her hips, do you notice anything different? You start seeing the outline of her lady cock in her bathing suit. She unties her straps and exposes her all natural titties. She strips completely–except for her white high heels–and now you can see her fat dick head and clenching asshole up close and personal.

Do you want to suck on her girl wood from behind while she bends over? She stretches her ass cheeks apart with pastel, painted nails. You turn her on so much that she starts wiggling her pretty toes and dripping precum.

You must be a natural born cock sucker! Then, Natalie takes a turn slobbering on your knob. It’s so messy that she drools all over chin, and you get lost in her beautiful bluish green eyes.

Finally, sitting with her feet pressed together, your trans girl Goddess strokes her lady boner until she spurts out a string of yummy, gooey, girl cum. There’s no way I could top a description the way ShemaleStrokers.com does it. Watch the Free Trailer when you get there. 

TGirls.Porn: Chanel Noir & Natalie Mars

Some intros are too good to require editing and this is one of them: We don’t fuck around here on TGirls.Porn and since our launch in late 2015, we’ve brought you some of the most lethal combinations of the planet’s finest transgirls in blistering XXX action. Today, our quest for the best continues in fine form with a glittering scene featuring two of the industry’s hottest products: Chanel Noir and Natalie Mars get downright dirty…

Chanel: “I was excited to work with Natalie Mars. She was super cute and kissing her soft lips was a great start to the scene. She pounded my ass so good that I had to return the favor. I actually enjoyed topping so much that I may do it again in the future! It was only my second time ever doing it.”

Natalie: “Chanel Noir was very beautiful and she took me pounding her ass like she’s done this before! I was pleasantly surprised that she decided to try her hand at topping me and did a great job. She really hit my spot when she had me on my back and I’d work with her again in a heartbeat!”

“We don’t fuck around here on TGirls.Porn,” is absolutely correct and that’s why it’s been my favorite website for at least one year now. It’s one of the few sites I find myself thinking looking forward to the next update often during the week. I never, ever expected to see Chanel powerfully fucking anyone.

Just because a girl happens to have a strong, cum shooting cock doesn’t mean they intend to use it to fuck someone with. Then comes this TGirls.Porn update with the relatively new model Chanel moving to the top of the porn food chain with Natalie Mars – jackhammer fucking her bareback! You caught that they fuck each other, right?! Okay, just checking.

I have a strong feeling we’ll be calling Natalie legendary someday and if Chanel stays in the industry long term, my prediction about her from my first rave about her will also come true. Watch the sizzling hot free scene trailer on TGirls.Porn.

TS Pussy Hunters: Natalie Mars & Kacie Castle

MP4 Scene Trailer

Let’s begin with the official TS Pussy Hunters synopsis of “Nuru massage and CreamPie ending is a very very happy ending” with Natalie Mars and Kacie Castle and I’ll add a few thoughts.

Kacie Castle is a petite all natural brunette business lady who is in dire need of a relaxing massage. She knows someone who knows someone who referred to the kink massage palace, known for its fantastic Nuru Massages. Today Kacie’s masseuse is the gorgeous, fall, girl next door type, Natalie Mars. But Natalie isn’t like the girl next door, she’s so much more. Natalie is instantly smitten when she sees Kacie walk into the door. Natalie can not wait to get undressed, oiled up and press her solid body against Kacie’s.

Natalie slips and slides up and down on Kacie’s hard tense body. While giving the massage, Natalie sneaks in some ass sniffing and foot fucking. Kacie writhes with excitement. When Kacie turns around to face her masseuse she gets the surprise of her life. The beautiful girl next door has a huge hard, throbbing cock. Kacie is instantly turned on and gets a throat massage. pussy massage and cock on foot massage.

To finish off the fully release, Kacie gets a deep internal cream pie and pushes all the tension out of her body in one big LOAD. That’s some good writing right there about one damn good scene!

Kacie Castle has never done a scene with a trans girl before and she starts at the top of the porn food chain with Natalie Mars. Director Ariel X has discovered that Natalie is very submissive yet she can be totally vers. Ironically, neither actress is familiar with the art of Nuru massage because I am and this scene is might favorite Nuru-themed movie ever! I discovered the theme from mainstream porn a few years ago. So many fans have been requesting more foot sex, more bareback sex and more oil from fans like me. I can’t imagine any of us being disappointed with this update! The man unexpected thrill for me was all the eye contact and kissing. Both girls enjoy corporate punishment and would love to be invited back to TsPussyHunters.com

There wasn’t a single moment that I missed BDSM props and gear which is strange because that’s really my thing! But I’d love to see those elements from Kink.com added if Natalie and Kacie do happen to get back together again. The killer soundtrack and 80+ image photo set are brilliant also.

TransAngels: Natalie Mars & Gabriel D’Alessandro

MP4 Scene Trailer

She may look sweet, but all natural tgirl Natalie Mars is anything but innocent. All-natural brunette Natalie has a well-known love for filling her ass to capacity! So, what does she do on her day off? She gets good and wet in the Jacuzzi! Natalie shakes, strokes, and teases her cock before getting her hungry asshole filled and drilled by big-dicked stud Gabriel D’Alessandro. Talk about a hot tub!

This is the official TransAngels.com synopsis of “Jacuzzi Jackpot” and the scene has unrivaled production values. Don’t just take my word for it. Look at the scene trailer. It’s brief but I’m sure we’ll be on the same page once you catch a sneak peek. You could pretty much tell by the photos how high level this site is anyway. With amazing director and former actor Tom Moore at the helm, heartthrob Gabriel D’Alessandro, and the exquisite megastar Natalie Mars, this scene was pretty much a win-win situation as soon as the production deal was sealed.

The set looks like something out of Bravo’s Million Dollar Dollar Listing Los Angeles. I’ve never seen such upscale trimmings on a trans site before. It begins with a long study of Natalie posing just for you. Then Natalie and Gage are in the Jacuzzi making out and undressing. Well, Gabe is actually undressed already. The sexy pair jerk each other’s stiffening cocks off while kissing. Natalie goes first when they take turns sucking each other. While Natalie grips the edge of the Jacuzzi, Gabriel gives her a rimjob followed by a bareback doggystyle fucking!

Next comes a reverse cowgirl railing with Natalie’s tits heaving and her stiff cock bouncing and swinging in lewd circles. Before the midway point of this scene, they move indoors and kiss while standing with their hot bodies pressed together. The site of Natalie erect and getting fucked in the missionary position by her Latinx stud in this TransAngels.com update is out of this world.

We’re still not even at the halfway mark yet! Don’t forget about the new launch of the official NatalieMars.com website while you’re at it!

Mandy Mitchell: Kinky Ts Anal Pig Natalie Mars Gets Spanked Sounded And Fucked

Scene Trailers

“Once again I had the good fortune of convincing Natalie Mars to come over to my house on a Saturday night for a playdate! This time we decided to shoot a scene with my wife Bianca Stone as well, we take turns dominating our little pig bottom piggy sexy super slut Natalie. This is a longer video than most of the hardcore scenes I produce, with a variety of fetish play with Natalie as the bottom, including, Ass sniffing, Ass plugs with internal shots, Deep strap on fucking, caning, spanking, clothespins, multiple large buttplug insertions, and Natalie’s first time sounding on video. Bianca and I take turns passing the camera back and forth, so we don’t technically ever fuck Natalie together, but I always felt like I was participating even when I was behind the camera just talking and directing… This really is a fun scene and I hope to do more fetish scenes like this soon.” I can now see why this Mandy-Mitchell.com scene runs for just over 37 minutes. The warm-up involves Bianca and Natalie making out in bed in lingerie before Mandy’s wife introduces their little piggy for the night. If I had no knowledge of this sort of kink I’d most likely be telling myself, “This is weird, but it’s so hot!” But I’m kinky and pet play is part of my lifestyle so if this is weird, I’m weird too. The foreplay and toy play provide the build-up to my first true favorite sequence with Bianca deeply fucking Natalie with a strap-on. The missionary railing evolves into doggie style and Mandy captures this incredible action from multiple angles – every one I could have possibly wished to see. This groundbreaking fetish play is also available on Mandy-Mitchell.TGirl-Network.com and on TGirl-Network.com. Take each tour and see what’s the perfect fit for you.

Kendra Sinclaire & Natalie Mars

MP4 Scene Trailer

Damian Cain is the director of this TS Playground scene that begins with Kendra Sinclaire as a Domme leading Natalie Mars across the floor by a leash. Natalie is her furry collared submissive complete with a tail in her hot butt and all the appropriate undergarments. Kendra is ready to see some cock and Natalie complies with her wishes by lowering her panties and exposing her goodies. Natalie removes her bra also to expose her lovely breasts.

Sample Photo Gallery

The beautiful submissive instinctively knows it’s time to lay across her Mistress’ lap. The sex kitten purrs as her tail is played with The furry butt plug is replaced with a huge pink double dong. This is the first two of multiple sex toys in this scene utilized. Natalie can take a toy fucking so deeply! She does it by herself as she watches Kendra get up to remove some clothing. She displays her incredible ass and smooth shave cock and balls an a few moments later she’s shoving her big cock down Natalie’s throat. This sexual warm up stiffens Kendra’s meat and she arranges herself behind Natalie to rub her hardon against Natalie’s back door. She teases us all and finally drives her bare cock inside Natalie’s tight ass!

Flash Scene Trailer

Kendra gives Natalie a powerful doggy style ramming then sits back to remove her high heels. She then gets her bare feet sniffed and licked and her pedicured toes sucked as her big dick points up toward the ceiling. She jerks off while her other sexy foot is worshipped. I’d suggest that if you’ve got a foot fetish to cum at this point and save the rest of the video to cum to next time. If not, stick around to see Kendra’s full balls tea bagged and and her butt eaten. Soon afterward you’ll see Natalie hard dick flipping and spinning in circles as she rides Kendra’s boner in the reverse cowgirl position. I’ve only described less than the first half of this gonzo trans lesbian sizzler on tsplayground.com.

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