TS Seduction: Morgan Bailey & Mike Panic

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We’re proud to continue to offer 30% off on Kink Unlimited – Kink.com – All 30 Channels again! In “EMT Takes Morgan Bailey’s BFD”, Morgan Bailey is obsessed with men in uniform…so much that she calls 911 just to get the paramedics to come. Mike Panic arrives, ready to help, but Morgan turns the tables on him, does a quick inspection of his body, followed by a thorough, penetrating “exam”. She licks his ass, sucks his cock and fucks his greedy hole, making sure he’s good to go in every way. Morgan makes him suck her huge cock, then pounds him deep and hard, fucking the cum out of him and breeding him after an incredible, extended fuck. Another mission complete!

Trans porn icon Morgan Bailey says it’s the creative minds that keep TS Seduction going, the fan requests and having the chance to reveal her dominant side that keeps her coming back. Mike Panic returns for the same reasons and loves the chemistry he experiences. The filth and perversion he mentions are what keeps me coming back to Kink.com.

The closeup footage on Morgan’s face as she sits on the bed doing her makeup reminds us of how pretty she is. The sight of her browsing photos of uniformed men on her iPhone in her sheer lingerie reminds us of how it feels watching her getting aroused. Her feigned accident is both hilarious and sexy as hell when Mike the EMT arrives to assist her.

Morgan and Mike are in extreme states of arousal after playing doctor and right before she takes his stiff cock inside her mouth. Her cock sucking doesn’t come into conflict with her dominance a single bit. But it’s even more evident when Mike sucks her big dick to a full erection.

Mike Panic has one of the finest butts in porn and when he bends over on the bed with Morgan placing the lubricated head of her glistening hardon at his entrance, I’m reminded of why I love TS Seduction so much. Some fans aren’t attracted to the men on this Kink.com site, but the ones who are really get a treat here. Others will be seething with lust at the sight of the beautiful sex goddess Morgan Bailey fucking him silly.

She jerks him off rampantly while fucking him bareback from behind, and drill him powerfully while he’s on his back. Plus, she eventually strips almost totally naked at this point! In closing, I’d like to direct you to check out Mike’s official website MikePanicXXX.com. Morgan has added prolific webcam shows to her porn resume on my favorite cam site where you can register for free. Do check her out on morgan-bailey.com and to see her performing LIVE, follow her on chaturbate.com/realmorganbailey!

Tiffany, Nikki, Trixxy & Morena Super Fuckin’ Orgy

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Spoiler Alert: This review comes with not only trailers and a sample photo gallery, but a full description of the action. These TEA nominees and winners are involved in an annual orgy that goes down during the awards ceremony and after party events. Some of the players change each year, but the orgies are always torrid hardcore sexual events. The newest guests are Morena Black and the hostess of trixxyvontease.xxx who can be seen in the “Skippin’ School” scene on Trixxy’s official website. The “Tiffany, Nikki, Trixxy & Morena Super Fuckin’ Orgy” can also be streamed or downloaded from Tiffany Starr XXX and Nikki Montero’s Latina Tranny website. Ecstatic, the producer of several Up Network sites including Piladyboy films the action that begins with the four babes introducing themselves in various states of undress. They wag their cocks around and some are already hard and the other ones are catching up. Everyone does their fair share of cock sucking. The fuckers are Tiffany, Trixxy and Nikki. The fuckees are Trixxy and Morena who gets a bukkake blast at the end. Nikki cums on her pretty face and in her mouth followed by one of Tiffany’s trademark cum showers. Trixxy is not to be outdone with her creamy white cum blast and after spunk-laden closing remarks, it’s a wrap until 2017.

Superstar TS Morgan Bailey Blows a Guy while on Cam

Morgan Bailey was naked was in her booth at AVN all day. After looking at all the gorgeous cock walking by, she had to get some for yourself. This the synopsis of her POV blowjob scene on Pure-TS. “I’ve been dreaming about this dick for a minute,” she says. She uses both fists to give Christian XXX a handjob most of the time while sucking the swollen head of his enormous prick. She’s giving him head in front of 667 other people. She’s showing off that huge erection and her exemplary cock sucking skills on Chaturbate. Perhaps since she’s on there LIVE frequently. If you’re not the jealous type, you can watch some of her hardcore broadcasts along with her solo shows. But meanwhile, back to the video, she says that maybe she could be sucking on your dick next. I can hear the sound of the tip coming in for this webcam show. It’s filmed in POV so she’s staring directly at you during this magnificent blowjob. If you were there in the Las Vegas hotel room, she’d have two nice cocks to suck on. Morgan is quite impressed with the amount of cum that pours out of that erection she’s squeezing. I’m glad she missed the eruption, licked some of it up and showed the cream on her tongue to her adoring webcam fans and her Pure-TS following. I’m not sure if this will be uploaded to her official morgan-bailey.com website, but there are years of great content there also in case it’s not in a future update. Morgan also stars on Pure-TS bottoming in “Statuesque Morgan Bailey Seduces Lucky Christian” and topping in “Morgan Bailey Fucks Christian XXX bareback”! Watch Morgan LIVE on chaturbate.com/realmorganbailey.

Morgan Bailey on Chaturbate

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Morgan Bailey is one of my favorite trans adult entertainment stars ever and she’s now doing webcam broadcasts on Chaturbate! When I logged in, she was on a sofa naked sucking her man’s big cock. The frame provided a magnificent profile view and when Morgan parted her legs, fans could see that her big dick was as stiff as her mate’s. Morgan looked amazing with her raven, side-shaven hair going down of her guy’s thick member. She jerked off as you would expect while giving head. Then she laid back on the couch to get a blowjob in return. The couple paused awhile later for a smoke break and to interact with the viewers. They remained fully erect which made the viewing of their hardcore action mesmerizing. Morgan fucked her man bareback while beating him off. He was on top at first, and then she banged him hard as he lay back on the sofa. I always knew that Morgan Bailey was an amazing power fucker, but this was the first time I’ve seen her using her power tool on a dude LIVE. Moran came about 35 minutes after I signed in. If you can’t catch realmorganbailey on Chaturbate, you should grab her tremendous archive of content on the official Morgan Bailey website or with your TGirl Network multipass. 

TS Seduction – Morgan Bailey and Grayson

Imagine you’ve just entered the adult industry, guys. Your second porn performance is with the trans icon Morgan Bailey. That’s the case for 22 year old Grayson on TS Seduction. I’m careful not to call guys like this “lucky” because I know that becoming a porn performer is not an easy job. Grayson’s first performance ever was recently on Divine Bitches, but I don’t think that scene has been released yet. In real life, Grayson has crossdressed and he’s fantasized about being with a transsexual. He’s gone straight to the top, or I guess I should say bottom with this scene. Grayson is a broke college student who answers an ad to make some fast cash. Nurse Morgan, who’s running the medical experiment, tells Grayson it will require being naked and blindfolded. He’s nervous, but he agrees to the terms. Nurse Morgan intrigued by the subjects stats of is 5’5″, 130lbs, and so am I, especially when he’s bent over her knee getting a spanking. He also gets his cute, red-marked ass plugged while the spanking continues. At this point, I’m imagining that Grayson’s cock must be getting hard across Morgan’s lovely, stockinged legs. But blindfolded pantied ass worship is demanded next with the Nurse asking, “What do you think your little college buddies would think of this?” The verbal humiliation continues as Morgan bares her large breasts to Grayson and begins rubbing her lower extremities. After Grayson sucks Nurse Morgan’s tits as he’s told, she stands up and removes her panties. Grayson is still blindfolded and he gets his first mouthful of big, juicy transwoman cock! I’ve only described just over half of this tremendous D/s scene so far. What can I say about Morgan Bailey that I haven’t said before? It’s possible that I’ve blogged about her performances more than anyone else’s. At the end of the scene in the closing interview, Morgan states that Grayson is amazing and one of the best bottoms she’s had in her 8+ year career. For more of her spectacular work, just go to morgan-bailey.com or her Morgan Bailey TGirl Network multi-pass website. As for this TS Seduction scene, it gets a rock solid A+.

Morgan Bailey, Ingrid Mouth and Will Havoc

Trans porn icon and hostess of the official Morgan-Bailey website makes a killer TS Pussy Hunters debut with artist, writer and kinkster Ingrid Mouth. As the plot unfolds, Ingrid tries her best to keep up with Morgan while they train together. Near the end of Ingrid’s iron pumping set, she spots the outline of a cock in Morgan’s lycra training pants. As they sit across from each other, Morgan places Ingrid’s hand on her bulge and next thing you know, Ingrid is sucking her training partner’s big cock. This leads to her getting skull fucked with Morgan standing and after French kissing Ingrid, Morgan invites her to the back room. There’s some mutual breast loving, more deep kissing and cock sucking. The petite redhead takes Morgan’s and socks off, tells Morgan she has perfect feet and begins sucking her pedicured toes. Morgan pinches Ingrid’s nipples with her little digits and Ingrid works her way back up to the brunette transsexual’s cock again. Ingrid’s ass and bare look incredible once her workout pants are disgarded. When Morgan gets Ingrid back on the sofa, she sinks her pretty face and fingers into her partner’s pussy. Morgan makes Ingrid taste her own juices and sinks down for more. Then she kneels up on the sofa between Ingrid’s legs and sinks her big cock inside her quim. Ingrid gets her pussy impaled by a fake banana and tight ass fucked bareback at the same time! Ingrid also gets a creampie and the protein she was promised. Morgan has only had sex with only a few cisgender female partners. She says she really likes going down on girls, but hasn’t had had much experience fucking them. If you didn’t hear that in the closing interview, you might find that shocking after seeing the performance. On TS Seduction Morgan kills it again, or rather, Will Havoc brings her to life. Will requested Morgan for this scene and I’m glad that this sexy man’s wish came true. While watching porn on his computer one night and jacking off, necrophilia goes wrong when Morgan’s spirit appears outside of her body. She demands ass, cock and breast worship from the undertaker and Will proceeds to rub their long dicks together while complimenting Morgan on her beauty. While she’s priming his cute ass, he thanks her for it like a proper submissive should. He also thanks he for fucking it. You can watch these incredible scenes on TS Pussy Hunters, TS Seduction or Kink On Demand. You can also see Morgan now on Kink Live and join the official freestanding Morgan-Bailey website or the TGirl Network!

Morgan Bailey Smoking Staircase and Pink Undies

When former Chicago tattoo artist/ bartender Morgan Bailey decided to relocate to L.A. to enter the adult entertainment industry, she knew immediately after spending time with some real porn stars, that she had to start finding a way to make this a career. Now she’s one of the most recognized talents in the business. These galleries remind us why. What a stunner!

The Official Morgan Bailey Website

The Return of TS Morgan Bailey

Here are some solo photo galleries of beautiful Morgan Bailey and video previews of her servant set in which Wolf of Wolf Hudson Is Bad is forced to fuck a watermelon with his huge cock:

When I heard that Morgan Bailey got married last year, I was very happy for her, yet disappointed that she might retire from porn. Then I saw photos of her shot in Spain with some of the other T-Girl Network beauties and I knew she was planning a big comeback after almost a year long absence! It’s so good to see her back and in top form just like before!