TGirls.Porn – Lana Solaire & Scarlet Vice Both Bang Jenny Flowers

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

I’ve seen Scarlet Vice and her real life her girlfriend Jenny Rose having sex  live on Chaturbate before. Magical moments there! I even knew the date that this TGirls.Porn video and photo set was shot. What I didn’t know was that Lana Solaire was going to fuck Jenny also. That’s another reason why this is one of my all-time favorite porn sites! It’s just full of surprises. Omar was already one of my top performers, but what he’s done with these three beauties is a masterpiece I’ll remember as amongst the his best of his best work. I knew this production was going to be a killer sexually, but I didn’t expect it to be so damn funny. I’m not much of a LOL type of person, but I found myself cracking up even when I didn’t know what the hell Lana, Scarlet and Jenny were talking about. And I wasn’t laughing at them, but with them. They even cracked each other up the way SNL comic actors do when they know they’re on fire.

Lana: “Wow, what a time to be alive. This was probably the most fun I’ve had in a long time, it was fantastic working with Jenny and Scarlet. Just phenomenal, the hype was definitely real! I’ve always wanted to be in a threesome, and now that I’ve finally done it I can say without hesitation that it was just as amazing as I thought it would be, maybe even better! I loved fucking Jenny while she sucked off Scarlet, ditto for fucking Scarlet while she sucked and made out with Jenny. Ooh! Fun fact! This was the first time I’ve ever eaten ass and damn, what have I been missing? Oh, and going down on both of them was fantastic. Jenny has such a cute little cock, and Scarlet is packing something pretty tasty herself! And at the end when I came all over the both of them and we all kissed? Probably the biggest cumshot i’ve ever had. I enjoyed myself. I love being with other girls though, especially when they’re this cute and I’m on top. Soft lips, smooth skin, knows how to handle a dick, these are the things Lana likes. I’m looking forward to many more.

Scarlet Vice: “Being with Jenny and Lana was exhilarating. Jenny and I are always horny and looking for new adventures so we jumped at the chance to satisfy our curiosity. The clothes could not come off fast enough when Lana made her move. I loved feeling exposed and vulnerable. I was almost disappointed when Jenny got to be fucked first. But I knew I’d soon get my chance, and it just made me want to fuck Jenny too. Soon we had Jenny pinned underneath me while Lana fucked me hard from behind. This was almost my favorite part of the night, but the cum shot at the end takes number one. I never expected there to be so much! Lana had enough to cover both of us. Making out with my girlfriend while we were both covered in cum was incredible. Overall it was some of the best sex I’ve had. I love being with other Tgirls because they always know just what you need to make your knees start shaking.”

Jenny Flowers‎: “I may seem innocent, but behind closed doors I can be quite the slut. And what better gift for a slut like me than two hard, delicious cocks for both my eager holes? My darling girlfriend Scarlet Vice and the stunning Lana Solaire gave me the time of my life. It’s hard to say what I liked best! Was it letting them take turns fucking my tight ass while I pleasured the other’s cock? Was it having my own cock pleasured after Lana flipped me over to fuck me some more? Or perhaps it was when she covered Scarlet and I in her cum…I can’t decide! When three horny tgirls get together, it’s never a dull time, and this is no exception!”

This TGirls.Porn movie is so fucking hot that I was tempted to write this mini-review in all caps. You should also get a Chaturbate Free Registration to see Lana in room lanasolaire. You can watch Jenny and Scarlet Live in room scarletv.

Femout.XXX Lana Solaire in From Lana with Love

Sample Photo Gallery from Lana’s Debut

From Lana with Love is the Omar Wax filmed follow-up shoot to her June 22 Femout.XXX debut. I raved about her live performances on Chaturbate TRANS on as well as her first official studio scene, plus her hardcore scene with Shelbi Trutch on TGirls.Porn. Lana honored me with an exclusive Caramel’s TGirls interview recently that you can read here. In her second Femout.XXX set, Lana is dressed as a naughty sailor as she poses near the bed. She exposes her lovely, natural boobs and discards her top. When Lana glides onto the bed, her goodies are bulging in the panties beneath her skirt. She exposes her curvy butt and gives it a couple of hard slaps. Lana emits a gasp and a giggle when she touches the growing cock inside her panties. Then she sits up on the bed to lower her panties. Soon she’s completely naked and Mr. Wax captures tremendous views of Lana jerking off. If you have a thing for long, gorgeous legs and sexy bare feet, you’re in trouble! Lana finger bangs herself with wild abandon next and soon she’s stroking her big dick furiously! She raises her legs and feet off the bed while doing so and then gets into the doggystyle position. With an oiled hand, Lana beats off until thick ropes of white cum spurt high from the bulbous head of her large member. There’s cum all over her exquisite cock, balls and tight tummy by the end of this second scene. You can watch a video preview on Femout.XXX and all shoot are available for streaming and download.

Watch the Trailer of Lana’s second Femout.XXX scene