Grooby Girls: Kendra Sinclaire Cums Again!

It must be so cool to run your own adult website and to work for other major producers and porn stars on top of that. This is the level Kendra Sinclaire is at today. She made her debut back in December of 2013 and has since launched

Fans went nuts over her comeback scene on October 4, 2017 on Grooby Girls and I’m expecting even more raves about her encore set, both expertly presented by Radius Dark. I’m quite familiar with so when her new Grooby Girls update opens with Kendra introducing herself holding an enormous dildo, I’m not exactly shocked.

I mean I’m always dropping my jaw whenever I see a monster phallus like that, but this is not unusual when I consider the gonzo content of her own website’s archives. It doesn’t seem possible to fit that thing inside any human bottom. But like she says if you wonder if it’s too big,

“You don’t know me.” After teasing with her nipple peek-a-boo playing red leotard and evenly tanned legs, Kendra torments by jerking her big cock fully erect. She uses the huge dildo for a mock fellatio sequence and an intense butt show that’s all about wrinkled rosebud flexing. Then comes the toy fucking.

No one, I mean NO ONE can do this sort of thing exactly like Kendra Sinclaire. It’s highly vocal and evolves into full nudity – another plus considering her tight and toned figure. I particularly love the sequence where she plants the dildo on the sofa and rides it while jerking off to orgasm.

She tells us how thoroughly stretched her perfectly shaped ass is and is there any doubt? The ending with Kendra making her big bulbous cock head push out streams of creamy white cum is magnificent.

This update is a instant classic! Be sure to watch the FREE TRAILER. 

Pure-TS: Kendra Sinclaire

There are so many incredible moments in Big Dick TS Superstar Gets Fucked Raw. I really love two particular moments at the end but I thoroughly love everything that leads up to them. It’s about time established porn star Kendra makes a appearance!

I didn’t actually see this coming to be honest but I’m well-versed with all the goings on at But I did see her amazing performance on Christian’s other trans site, Kendra Sinclaire Sexy Butt Slut Wants to Get Fucked Hard! The brand new Pure-TS scene is lit from the beginning with Christian XXX and Kendra making out when the scene opens.

He reaches down to find that he has easy access to Kendra’s bare cock as they kiss. It swells tremendously when he gives it a good sucking and it stands upward and bobs back and forth in the air. Christian’s massive prick often dwarfs the size of his gorgeous trans model’s dicks but not in this case. If you somehow didn’t know it already, Kendra is seriously hung. When she’s got her back facing you, I can promise you’re going to understand why I think she has one of the most perfect butts in porn.

Actually her entire physique is phenomenal and it’s like torture waiting for her to get completely naked. But she eventually loses her dress after giving Christian a blowjob, getting her salad tossed and well into getting fucked bareback. Kendra beats her big swollen meat while getting drilled on her back. The doggystyle and reverse cowgirl banging showcases her ass to perfection. And the cowgirl ride with Kendra’s big hard schlong bouncing and swinging is absolutely breathtaking.

The two moments at the end I was referring to are when Kendra blasts her creamy white cum shot and when Christian’s soon follows. This update is available NOW so don’t miss it! Don’t forget to take the tour.