Jolie and Friends – Camilla’s Fan #2

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Top trans model and producer Camilla Jolie and her famed gal pal TS Driely Riuston aka Admirable star in the killer threesome Camilla’s Fan #2. I didn’t overlook the 1st fan scene. I raved about that one earlier today on The scene begins with these beauties lounging in a European castle chatting over glasses of champagne. Keep in mind that this lavish setting is typical of the high level of production of each and every HD scene on this magnificent website. The fan whose request they’re fulfilling today is a masked man in a box who pops out ready to play. The ladies lead him to the chaise loungers and begin caressing the bulge in his trunks. Camilla the redhead massages her large breasts and the bulge in her shorts while the man exposes and devours brunette Driely’s big tits. Camilla begin’s sucking the man’s large erection with her full bottom facing us. Then the guy sucks on Driely’s turgid erection while receiving a blowjob. The girls trade places and then stand on either side of the fan so he can take turns sucking each of their hardons. Several positions follow and the guy gets his ass drilled powerfully by Camilla. His cock is raging hard as he gets spit-roasted, sucking Driely’s boner while getting railed. First he’s on his hands and knees, then on his back. He’s in the doggy style position when Driely takes a crack at fucking him while Camilla has his suck her off. When the fan is on his back again, flexible Camilla sucks his dick while he sucks hers and Driely continues fucking him hard and fast! The man is first to cum while Driely fucks him and jacks him off to climax. Driely withdraws and masturbates until she shoots creamy white blasts of cum across the fan’s genitals, abs and chest. Camilla is so turned on jacking off while standing above, she jerks off until she shoots her big load across the fan’s torso. When you visit the beautifully designed landing page, you’re greeted by a preview video with, “Hi and welcome, I am Camilla! You have found my own official personal site, where you can see all my movies directed by me! Yes, dear. I am the first ever shemale porn director, how do you like that? For those who don’t know me, I have been an actress (and still I am sometimes) in the shemale niche for more than ten years, and after this time I felt I was ready to start working on something new and unique by putting my experience, knowledge and network to give you a closer look into the t-girls world. What we have for you: I will create three new movies every month starring my friends, the best shemale models I met in my career. And that is just the beginning! On top of that, you’ll have extra content, photos, and a lot of new features we are working on. All video are professionally made in HD, we are constantly upgrading our equipment and personnel, and of course my content is 100% exclusive. You will not find it anywhere else. Also, each soundtrack you will hear in my videos has been produced exclusively by some of the best artists and composers that I personally requested to work with me. I love music, do you? Let me know how you like my movies soundtrack then! My goal: First of all, I want to enjoy myself and want you to do the same, but I also want this site to grow up and become a benchmark of quality in the shemale world, I want my voice to be heard, and of course, my videos to be enjoyed! Thanks for passing by, see you soon! Camilla.”