Joanna Jet Me and You 305 – Morning Mom

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In this “Me and You” update on your stepmom is making up her bed wearing a blue silk robe and slippers. You’ve decided to enter her room naked with a raging erection and she’s pleased to see you. In fact, just looking at you like this has caused a big, juicy boner to grow beneath her nightie!

Well, you can’t see it naked yet, but she takes hold of its substantial bulge. The points of her nipples are obviously stiff and she finally releases her cock which is in the same state. It points toward the ceiling when she’s not stroking it. A penis cannot possibly get any harder! She stands up, still masturbating, but now with just her nightie on. I don’t think it’s an accident when her rod touches the silk. Then the base of her cock holds her nightie up and she allows you to stare in fascination for a few moments. Then Joanna sits on the bed and bares her ample breasts along with her hardon which stands upright.

The telephone suddenly rings and she crosses the room with her tits jiggling and her erection swinging. Oh no, it’s your dad! She continues masturbating and talks a little dirty to him. He asks about you and she says you’re in your room studying. Wrong room. You’re studying your stepmom’s cock which is now pointing directly upward as she and your dad continue speaking.

She then gets back to jerking off with nothing on but that single lingerie item. But then she retrieves a tube of lubricant and offers you some for your cock. She then applies a generous amount to her cock too. Soon, the beautiful British MILF is on her back doing everything she needs to do to make herself cum. One dollop of creamy white cum after the other soaks her pretty blue lingerie. features full-screen streaming and downloadable video in up to HD 1080p quality and 4K 2160p!) in a variety of formats including MP4 and WMV!

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Joanna Jet, Liberty Harkness & Holly Kiss

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This trio is a sight for sore eyes on! Joanna, Liberty Harness and Holly Kiss are a porn version of a film or stage actor’s ensemble. When a formula works, change it up but keep it up. That’s exactly what they do in this torrid bareback scene. It comes with a delightful and comical story of landlord Holly busting into the bedroom of these roommates who are behind on the rent. They have absolutely no money and it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out how they’ll get her to back off. Holly warms up to their offer and strokes their big cocks to raging hard erections. Joanna helps Holly undress and positions herself on the bed so the sexy landlord can sit on her face. Libby jerks off while watching them 69 and then Holly gives her a blowjob while Joanna tosses her salad. Next, she slides her big bare boner inside the blonde’s pretty pussy. After this powerful spitroast, Joanna gives Liberty her turn at fucking Holly doggy style. Holly then rides Libby’s big dick in the reverse cowgirl position and then she gets double penetrated! The closeup footage of the two large erections sliding against each other while drilling Holly’s quim is exquisite and so are the full body views. If that’s not hot enough for you, Liberty fucks Joanna while she fucks Holly in a fast and furious daisy chain! I’ve only described the first three quarters of Shemale Meets Female #6 – Holly Kiss on

Joanna Jet Me & You 208

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

Woodland Whites is easily what I’d describe as the most beautifully filmed videos from the prolific Joanna Jet islands series. Her high production values are erotic extravaganzas that bring you into the action as close as you can possibly get without actually being there. The British beauty looks like she could be in a documentary about the Great Outdoors until she lifts the hem of her skirt. Joanna’s bare cock and balls dangle freely and she finds a nice spot on the grass to sit down. She pulls down her halter top and exposes the jewels between her lovely bare legs and starts jerking off, or wanking as she’d call it. You can see her winking rosebud as she makes her cock expand to what always seems like the most rigid erection in trans porn to me. Joanna pleases so many viewers at once in this scene. She wiggles her red-painted toes for foot lovers and gets on all fours for ass admirers. What an ass she has to offer, too. It looks especially enticing with her plump balls drawn up and her big cock bobbing and swinging below them. When Joanna rises to her feet, her erection stands at a ridiculously high angle for it’s obviously heavy weight. Her dirty talk never stops while she brings herself closer and closer to climax. Joanna’s orgasm is yet another tremendous one with big blasts of creamy white cum. I have nothing more to add than to say that this set is absolutely exquisite.

You can watch the Scene Trailer on
You can watch the Scene Trailer on

Twitter: @tscaramel

Joanna Jet Me & You 201 – Leather Casual

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If you haven’t seen the scene trailer of Me and You 201 – Leather Casual on the official Joanna Jet website, I urge you to check it out. To go into a bit more depth as a die hard an rock hard Joanna Jet fan, the Bahamas series video opens with the AVN Hall of Fame recipient checking out the temperature on a hot, rainy day. You can see a snippet of how she makes it rain across her luscious thigh in the video preview on her site. Joanna has a rare Monday off and she’s glad she doesn’t have too much on because of the heat. It’ obvious by the big bulge in her leather skirt that she must be wearing one of her skimpy thongs today. Yep, I was right and soon she lets the garment drop around her ankles. Caressing her full breasts gets Joanna increasingly horny and she exposes them next. Her bare cock is now making a tent out of her skirt. She fondles it through the skirt for a few moments before letting it spring out into the open air. Joanna moves to a chair and props her high-heeled foot upon it for some finger banging. Her smooth ball sack is drawn up tightly and her big dick arcs skyward. The sight of Joanna Jet walking around the deck full frontal with her boobs spilling over her bra cups and her stiff cock bobbing and swaying is something I don’t think you’ll be able to unsee. You won’t want to either, trust me! I urge you to stream or download Joanna Jet engaging and masturbating until she coats her sexy leg with a stream of creamy white cum today.

Joanna Jet Me and You 196 – Table Quickie

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“My first thought when I see a pool table is to get naked on it of course,” says British AVN Awards Hall of Famer Joanna Jet in her latest addition to the continuing Caribbean series. But she’s not yet naked as she’s going to tease and seduce you first. Since your parents are going to meet her today, she can’t greet them with a huge bulge in her short-shorts. She can probably get away with meeting them in her skimpy halter top, but not with a boner. When she pushes her denim garment down and kicks them off with her tall platforms, her cock is straining against the fabric of her pink panties. “I don’t want your momma to see me with a hardon,” she states and urges you to remove some clothing also. Joanna needs you to make her erection go down and here’s how she plans to make that happen. You might as well jut turn around and bend over. Since her shlong is standing at a 45 degree angle, she could fuck you while you’re both standing up. If she shoots her hot cream deep inside you, she won’t have the problem of a tell-tale bulge between her legs during your parent’s short visit. They don’t know why you’re dating an older woman and they don’t know she has a cock for you to suck on and get fucked by either. When they see the pool table, they’ll have no idea that Joanna was posing on for you completely naked while jacking off. They’ll be arriving in about 3 or 4 minutes so she grabs some lube and pours it across her raging hard prick. What would you do to prevent Joanna from shooting her creamy white cum across the floor? Ooops, looks like you missed and they’d have to be blind not to notice. Rule #1 is whenever Joanna Jet reaches orgasm, you should always be there to catch her big cumshots. You can watch a video preview on her website in scene updates. 


Joanna Jet in a White Babydoll

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I highly recommend that you watch the Scene Trailer of Me and You #193 White Babydoll that the sample photo set above comes with. Just go to “Scene Updates” on the landing page for the video preview. She released two smocking hot videos on the same day and when I watched Shemale does POV #4 – Housemates with Joanna Jet and Liberty Harkness, it seemed like old times again. It recalled erotic memories of their 2011 scene in the Shemale Tranny Hunter DVD. IN POV #4, Liberty enters Joanna’s room while filming. She catches Joanna by the window wearing a white onesie and black skirt with a big bulge in the front. We see that Liberty is also wearing a white onesie, but with a grey skirt when Joanna takes the video camera. Since they don’t have to get to work just yet, Liberty models for Joanna, turning around to raise the hem of her skirt. She has an amazing ass and the front view is magnificent as well. I guess the British call onesies and singlets ‘combinations’ because I’ve never heard that before. The actual POV or point-of-view action begins when Joanna withdraws Liberty’s smoothly shaven cock and balls and begins sucking away. Naturally, Joanna strokes her cock to a full erecting while giving head. Then she takes the camera back when Liberty gets down on her knees to return the favor. I think you’ll love the exposed breasts in the frame during each blowjob and closeups on their pretty faces while they’re sucking each other off. I don’t know how one can make such a fantastic video while fucking bareback, but this is exactly what happened. You can watch the trailer on

Joanna Jet – Me and You 189 – Bathtime

Sample Photo Gallery

In Me and You Episode 189 – Bathtime on, you’ve just caught Joanna having fun while you’ve been out. All of the bubbles have vanished in the water because she saw someone staring at her about to begin bathing and gave them a show. She slipped into the sudsy water with her babydoll on and it clung to the flimsy wet fabric. As a matter of fact, they’re still out there watching! Joanna rises to give them a better view and waves with her big stiff cock making a tent out of her lingerie. Then she turns to face you with her large, firm breasts and nipples visible through her babydoll. You can even see her pierced belly button as she encircles the shaft of he cock and begins stroking it. She sinks back down into the clear water to find expose her deep cleavage and to show you her glass toy. Joanna is so glad you’ve arrived before she’s finished up. So she sits back to continue jacking off. Then she turns around to give you the perfect view of her curvy ass while she works the toy in and out of herself. Facing you again, the British beauty lifts herself up to sit on the edge of the tub. Joanna’s prick is swollen so stiff by the point, it swollen head is arcing up somewhere in the direction of her left nipple. The speed of her masturbation and self-fucking increases and she slaps her erection wildly against the surface of the water. It splashes violently as her orgasm gets closer to racking her body. After Joanna’s big dick sends a large amount of creamy white cum into the bath water, she catches some of it in her hands to give you a closer look. You can preview the video on Just go to “Scene Updates.”

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You can click on the photos above for the exclusive Joanna Jet sample photo galleries. But I’m also really excited about watching the scene trailer of “POV #3 – Booty Call” because I downloaded the full video and I absolutely love it! Joanna is filming herself in a big city UK bedroom wearing a black top, cut-off shorts and red pumps on the bed. She gives us a peek at her erection, then moves to a futon to start teasing all over again. She talks dirty while exposing her big tits and the bulge between her legs. In this is a point-of-view scene, it looks like the hung man she’s with is holding the camera as she gives him a blowjob. Naturally she develops an erection while giving head. She stands up to take his cock bareback from behind. She grabs the camera to capture a view of the street below while getting soundly fucked. Everyone is going on with they’re daily life she mentions while her mate pumps his cock in and out of her legendary ass. Joanna decides she wants to get her big cock sucked and the couple take the action to the bed. The good looking “bloke” does a pretty good job at trying to deep throat her hardon and gets lots of positive reinforcement. The HD quality is fantastic and you’ll really appreciate it when Joanna goes down on the guy’s big tool. Joanna’s baby blues are mesmerizing in close up. We’re treated to a cowgirl ride next while Joanna says things like, “I love taking it up the ass like a good little slut.” Her erection is raging hard as she beats off and the man fills her with his spunk. Joanna climaxes soon after her mate and she shoots her cream across his tummy. We get a creampie shot before the video with Mr. Jiggy Jett comes to an end. You can watch the trailer now on the amazing official Joanna Jet website.

Joanna Jet in Morning Treat

Hey, guys. Breakfast in bed is a sweet way to give your lady a special treat. But some girls would prefer  being awoken with hot sex even more. Sneak into the bedroom quietly while your girlfriend is sleeping. Carefully find her sex through the sheets and start stroking. Bare one of her breasts and start sucking on one of her nipples until she stirs awake. If she protests a little, but not too much, give her a sweet kiss. If you’ve managed to get her cock stiff, give the shaft a nice lick and take the head into your mouth. If she’s diddling her fun spot, you know what she’d love next. Toss her legs back and toss her salad next while she jacks off. If she loves the job you’ve done, she’ll sit up in the bed and give you a blowjob in return. She might even lay back and allow you to sink your bare cock inside her. If you’re really lucky, you’ll get to rail her side saddle and doggy style, too! She might give you head again and straddle your body and ride your stiff prick. Then she might turn around for a reverse cowgirl ride. If you’re really good at this, her cock might be raging hard the whole time, just like yours is. When you’re banging her side saddle again, she might beat off until she blasts a big, creamy white cumshot across, her tummy, her thigh and the sheets beneath you. After that, you might be turned on so much that you’ll want to cum on her sex. Or you could just do breakfast in bed. I think I’d prefer being treated the way Joanna Jet is in “Morning Treat” by Christian XXX of Pure-TS. You can watch the scene trailer on the official Joanna Jet website!

Joanna Jet in Stepmom Handjob

“Stepmom Handjob” picks up where the bareback fucking video “Shemale Cougar #5 – Cookies & Cream” with Joanna Jet and Christian XXX of Pure-TS left off. His face is never shown in this scene because this is a shared video that will also be featured on his site in the future. If you’re familiar with the handjob scenes on Pure-TS you already know the drill. But this one is more taboo than most. The horny stepmom is back in the living room to deliver a POV (point-of-view) cock stroking. But it begins with the incredibly vocal Joanna lubing up her hand and getting that stiff dick wet. Mommy stands up to show that she’s got a raging erection, too. Then she sinks back down for a double-fisted stroking. The next time she stands up, Joanna exposes her full breasts. Her big cock is still hard as a rock beneath her camoflauge min-skirt when she sits her sexy ass down on your hardon. She manages to sit on it and jerk it off at the same time. She places your dick inside her cleavage and goes back to talking naughty. When you shoot your cum, Mommy licks some of it up and then she’s off to go shopping. Watch the trailer on the official Joanna Jet website!

Joanna Jet and Christian XXX

“Shemale Cougar #5 – Cookies & Cream” is the title of the new hardcore film with 2015 AVN Hall of Famer Joanna Jet and Christian XXX of Pure-TS. There’s no doubt in my mind that it will also make it to the male porn icon’s website eventually. You can watch the video preview of this hot cougar scene on now! Just as Christian is about to skip out of the house, Joanna offers him some cookies. He knows what he has to do to earn them. It’s to suck on the big dispenser that his cream will be coming from. Joanna’s big tits are exposed as she skull fucks him with her back against the fridge. She leads the way into the living room, boner first and she sits on the edge of the sofa for this blowjob to resume. Next, she opens her legs with her big dick pointing to the ceiling since she’s in the mood for a good little salad tossing. More deep throat sucking follows until Joanna tells her house boy, “I think it’s time, sweetie.” Then she sinks her raging hard cock inside him and bangs awat doggy style. All this happens in the first eight minutes of their 21 and a half minute bareback hardcore scene! Find out who ends up shooting more creamy white cum at the end on the official Joanna Jet website.

Joanna Jet Me & You Episode #171

The magnificent Caribbean series continues with the prolific British icon Joanna Jet taking a dip in the pool. She bends over on a rock to show off her well-rounded bikini clad bottom before turning around and asking if you’re going to join her. Her big tits are bursting out of the skimpy top. The bottom is fully stretched out by her big boner. She slips into the water deep enough to get her shoulders wet and removes her top. Then she rubs that bulge of hers. No one else is around and she knows you want to see her completely naked. So she satisfies your wish. Joanna poses standing up and her big dick is doing exactly the same thing. The swollen head points toward her pierced belly button when she lays back against the stone. Next, she poses on all fours with her bare ass facing you. She jerks off a little bit from behind and flips over to continue stroking her stiff, throbbing shaft. Joanna then sits up on a rock to jack off more with greater intensity. Then she faces you while masturbating. She cries out loudly that she’s going to cum and the camera is in the perfect position to capture her creamy white cum pouring into the water. I’m pretty sure that the pool would thank Joanna Jet if it could. If this Me & You Episode #171 Skinny Dipping photo gallery isn’t enough for you, watch the 37 second video preview on her landing page.

Joanna Jet in Summer Dress Cougar

In the Me and You 170 – Summer Dress Cougar video and photo set, British sex bomb Joanna Jet rocks the perfect summer dress for a cougar on the prowl in the Bahamas. You can take a look at the video preview, and many more, in “Scene Updates” for free. But members get yet another huge set of images to compliment her new scene. Her body is sleek in the floral print dress, but she’s got a fat cock bulging underneath. Joanna lifts the hem and her big dick is fully erect already. “You can suck on it for me, honey” she lets you know and it’s okay if you’re shy. She sits down on a luxurious wicker chair and when she’s not jerking off, her member stands up high on its own. Joanna bares her big tits next and gives you an ariel view from the front and behind. It’s okay if you don’t want to suck her swollen cockhead and shaft right now. Joanna is going to show you just how much cum you can expect to get when she climaxes. She lies back to give you a glimpse of her winking rosebud, then begins stroking rapidly. While moaning and gasping loudly, she jacks her huge cock until a big load of creamy white cum spurts across her tanned thigh. The Bahamas series continues on the magnificent Joanna Jet website!

Joanna Jet and Ashley Ryder

When you get to the hyper-sexual Joanna Jet landing page, you can watch a preview of the eight and a half minute Me and You 168 – Bar with Girl video and see the British trans icon’s swollen cockhead spurting creamy white cum in the trailer! Her Bahama’s series continues with more solo and hardcore photo galleries and movies. I’ve just watched Joanna’s hardcore video with Ashley Ryder and loved it! It’s Ashley’s last day at the resort and she visits bartender Joanna for one last drink. While sitting at the bar, she opens her curvy legs to show that she’s not wearing any panties. She hops on the bar to give Joanna a closer look. Joanna has offered Ashley a drink on the house. Her favorite drink happens to be pussy on the rocks. She rubs Ashley’s pretty quim with some ice and proceeds to take a taste of this delicious looking cocktail. Soon it’s time for Joanna to show her horny customer exactly what type of other services she can provide. She swings around the bar and hops up on the counter with a bulge beneath her skirt. Ashley is suprised to see that Joanna has a huge boner beneath her denim miniskirt and crothless bodystocking. Not only is she suprised, but so delighted, she begins sucking on Joanna’s big cock. She also gets an amazing fuck from the incredible Joanna Jet! I’ve also had fun watching Joanna’s other hardcore scenes with Ashley including Shemale meets Female #5 and Shemale Exposed – Boss & PA! Watch all the video previews and sample photo gallery updates and you might even find yourself cumming before you subscribe to this massive archive!