Joanna Jet in Stepmom Handjob

“Stepmom Handjob” picks up where the bareback fucking video “Shemale Cougar #5 – Cookies & Cream” with Joanna Jet and Christian XXX of Pure-TS left off. His face is never shown in this scene because this is a shared video that will also be featured on his site in the future. If you’re familiar with the handjob scenes on Pure-TS you already know the drill. But this one is more taboo than most. The horny stepmom is back in the living room to deliver a POV (point-of-view) cock stroking. But it begins with the incredibly vocal Joanna lubing up her hand and getting that stiff dick wet. Mommy stands up to show that she’s got a raging erection, too. Then she sinks back down for a double-fisted stroking. The next time she stands up, Joanna exposes her full breasts. Her big cock is still hard as a rock beneath her camoflauge min-skirt when she sits her sexy ass down on your hardon. She manages to sit on it and jerk it off at the same time. She places your dick inside her cleavage and goes back to talking naughty. When you shoot your cum, Mommy licks some of it up and then she’s off to go shopping. Watch the trailer on the official Joanna Jet website!

Joanna Jet and Christian XXX

“Shemale Cougar #5 – Cookies & Cream” is the title of the new hardcore film with 2015 AVN Hall of Famer Joanna Jet and Christian XXX of Pure-TS. There’s no doubt in my mind that it will also make it to the male porn icon’s website eventually. You can watch the video preview of this hot cougar scene on now! Just as Christian is about to skip out of the house, Joanna offers him some cookies. He knows what he has to do to earn them. It’s to suck on the big dispenser that his cream will be coming from. Joanna’s big tits are exposed as she skull fucks him with her back against the fridge. She leads the way into the living room, boner first and she sits on the edge of the sofa for this blowjob to resume. Next, she opens her legs with her big dick pointing to the ceiling since she’s in the mood for a good little salad tossing. More deep throat sucking follows until Joanna tells her house boy, “I think it’s time, sweetie.” Then she sinks her raging hard cock inside him and bangs awat doggy style. All this happens in the first eight minutes of their 21 and a half minute bareback hardcore scene! Find out who ends up shooting more creamy white cum at the end on the official Joanna Jet website.

Joanna Jet Me & You Episode #171

The magnificent Caribbean series continues with the prolific British icon Joanna Jet taking a dip in the pool. She bends over on a rock to show off her well-rounded bikini clad bottom before turning around and asking if you’re going to join her. Her big tits are bursting out of the skimpy top. The bottom is fully stretched out by her big boner. She slips into the water deep enough to get her shoulders wet and removes her top. Then she rubs that bulge of hers. No one else is around and she knows you want to see her completely naked. So she satisfies your wish. Joanna poses standing up and her big dick is doing exactly the same thing. The swollen head points toward her pierced belly button when she lays back against the stone. Next, she poses on all fours with her bare ass facing you. She jerks off a little bit from behind and flips over to continue stroking her stiff, throbbing shaft. Joanna then sits up on a rock to jack off more with greater intensity. Then she faces you while masturbating. She cries out loudly that she’s going to cum and the camera is in the perfect position to capture her creamy white cum pouring into the water. I’m pretty sure that the pool would thank Joanna Jet if it could. If this Me & You Episode #171 Skinny Dipping photo gallery isn’t enough for you, watch the 37 second video preview on her landing page.

Joanna Jet in Summer Dress Cougar

In the Me and You 170 – Summer Dress Cougar video and photo set, British sex bomb Joanna Jet rocks the perfect summer dress for a cougar on the prowl in the Bahamas. You can take a look at the video preview, and many more, in “Scene Updates” for free. But members get yet another huge set of images to compliment her new scene. Her body is sleek in the floral print dress, but she’s got a fat cock bulging underneath. Joanna lifts the hem and her big dick is fully erect already. “You can suck on it for me, honey” she lets you know and it’s okay if you’re shy. She sits down on a luxurious wicker chair and when she’s not jerking off, her member stands up high on its own. Joanna bares her big tits next and gives you an ariel view from the front and behind. It’s okay if you don’t want to suck her swollen cockhead and shaft right now. Joanna is going to show you just how much cum you can expect to get when she climaxes. She lies back to give you a glimpse of her winking rosebud, then begins stroking rapidly. While moaning and gasping loudly, she jacks her huge cock until a big load of creamy white cum spurts across her tanned thigh. The Bahamas series continues on the magnificent Joanna Jet website!

Joanna Jet and Ashley Ryder

When you get to the hyper-sexual Joanna Jet landing page, you can watch a preview of the eight and a half minute Me and You 168 – Bar with Girl video and see the British trans icon’s swollen cockhead spurting creamy white cum in the trailer! Her Bahama’s series continues with more solo and hardcore photo galleries and movies. I’ve just watched Joanna’s hardcore video with Ashley Ryder and loved it! It’s Ashley’s last day at the resort and she visits bartender Joanna for one last drink. While sitting at the bar, she opens her curvy legs to show that she’s not wearing any panties. She hops on the bar to give Joanna a closer look. Joanna has offered Ashley a drink on the house. Her favorite drink happens to be pussy on the rocks. She rubs Ashley’s pretty quim with some ice and proceeds to take a taste of this delicious looking cocktail. Soon it’s time for Joanna to show her horny customer exactly what type of other services she can provide. She swings around the bar and hops up on the counter with a bulge beneath her skirt. Ashley is suprised to see that Joanna has a huge boner beneath her denim miniskirt and crothless bodystocking. Not only is she suprised, but so delighted, she begins sucking on Joanna’s big cock. She also gets an amazing fuck from the incredible Joanna Jet! I’ve also had fun watching Joanna’s other hardcore scenes with Ashley including Shemale meets Female #5 and Shemale Exposed – Boss & PA! Watch all the video previews and sample photo gallery updates and you might even find yourself cumming before you subscribe to this massive archive!

Joanna Jet Poolside Hardcore



“Me and You 156 – Pool Latex” is a scorching hot video that British porn icon Joanna Jet strips and masturbates in. The striptease is incredible and Joanna pleases her foot loving fans by shooting cum across her soft soles at the end. In Shemale meets Female #5, her hot cisgender female neighbor Ashley Rider is using Joanna’s poolside again without her permission. Joanna has a retraining order filed, but her tight dress can’t retrain the big hardon pressing against the fabric. Ashley really wants her sex fantasy with her hung transsexual neighbor to come true. So she opens her legs wide and exposes her pretty pussy. Joanna breaks her own rules by feeding her huge cock into Ashley’s willing mouth. Then she helps herself to a taste of Ashley’s quim, then hovers above her in a 69. Ashley tosses Joanna’s salad next and gives her a tittie fuck followed by more intense sucking. Soon, Ashley straddles Joanna in the reverse cowgirl position and rides her massive tool bareback! There are several more position changes and Joanna obviously fucks Ashley with everything she’s got. Ashley’s fantasy is fully realized when Joanna blasts a big load of creamy white cum inside her mouth. Watch the scene trailers of both videos I’ve described on the magnificent Joanna Jet website.

Joanna Jet Free Love



Click on “Scene Updates” on the official Joanna Jet website for a 39 second cum-shooting video preview of her Me and You 153 – Free Love video. There’s an exquisite sample gallery from a set of 98 enormous hi-res photos (reduced here from original 1442×2160 px) when you subscribe! In the text, Joanna makes a statement about porn piracy with her “Free Love” update saying that it’s, “Themed on a time when people did not get confused between free love and free porn.” I don’t think it’s preachy. In fact, it can’t be stressed enough. The Me and You 153 video it comes with is a solo performance, but I’ve seen hardcore scenes with Joanna on sets like this. But those were shot in the UK and this one was filmed in the Bahamas. Barefoot Joanna appears in a flirty sundress talking about how she loves filming in nature. She does a twirl and we see that she’s got a raging hardon already! While the flower child exposes her lovely breasts and arranges herself in a variety of poses, her dialogue is all about 60’s sexual revolution fun. The footage is shot from angles that show off all of her amazing body and huge cock until the camera zooms in for a closeup. She’s loud as ever straight through the moment a big blast of creamy white cum shoots out of her swollen cockhead. At the end, Joanna states for the record that she’s really not a hippie.

Joanna Jet Me and You #146

“Polka Dot” is the name of the photo set that goes with the sizzling Me and You #146 video. Joanna Jet takes a short Bahamas stroll to the deck with no panties on underneath her frock on a windy day. When she realizes no one else is around, she really wouldn’t mind if someone caught her wanking. Just listening to Joanna’s screams when she blasts a big load of cum might make you explode. But you should see her climax while she’s clad only in her tall sandals and black hat. The outfit Joanna is almost wearing in “Shades of Blue 2” brings out her pretty eyes. “Ripped and Mirrors” is perfect for those who fantasize about Joanna’s sexy bare feet. “Pretty Lingerie” emphasizes the softer side of this British icon’s personality and the hardness of her big cock. Click on SCENE UPDATES for the cumtastic Joanna Jet trailers. Here are some stunning photo gallery samples:

Joanna Jet Me and You 145

I’m trying to recall the last video before Me and You #145 and photo set Casual in Denim where this British mega star’s cock was ready to cut diamonds with from the very beginning. Don’t let that mislead you into thinking that Joanna Jet isn’t as horny as ever or any less functional down there than before. I think she just wanted to remind us that her big cock isn’t hard every second of the day. I’ve seen her in this lovely room before and I believe it was back in December. Do you remember Joanna’s spectacular pantyhose set? Well, her long sexy legs are bare in the new video. In the one I mentioned, she was wearing a white halter top and tartan plaid skirt with gold open-toe pumps. In Episode #145, the Bahamas series continues with Joanna asking if you’d like her to jerk her cock and shoot some cum. Even flaccid, it looks extraordinarily long, but it become fully erect quickly. She pours some lube into her palm and tells you she’d like to stick her dick into someplace warm. That’s before she starts fingering herself. I’m not going to tell you everything she says to turn you on. But I know I’m not spoiling anything by telling you this video ends with a big, creamy white cumshot. After all, it’s that what we’ve come to expect from the iconic Joanna Jet? You can watch the video preview on her website!

Joanna Jet Hosiery Greeting

I could have just directed you to the Hosiery Greeting sample gallery, but I couldn’t resist showing you a few of my favorites from the photo set. Sometimes we need instant gratification (you can click on them for the full size view). If you need more instant gratification to climax, check out the latest scene trailers from the continuing Me and You Caribbean series from Joanna Jet! You might find yourself cumming before you even join.

Watch the video previews on the official Joanna Jet website!

Joanna Jet Me and You 130 – Stockings and Heels

The following photos (click on them to zoom in) go along with the video in which British porn icon Joanna Jet performs a reverse strip tease at her Caribbean hot spot. She lounges nude in the pool, walks out to dry her body, paying close attention to her legs and feet. Her cock begins to swell while attaching garters to her full-fashioned stocking. When she gets her red knit dress and black skyscraper open toe slingbacks on, she proceeds up the stairs to sit back and jerk off. You can catch a glimpse of the cum spurting out of her big dick by watching the video sample on her homepage!

The Official Joanna Jet Website

Joanna Jet – Me and You 120 – Veranda Satin 17

You’ve got to see the photo gallery and scene trailer of Me and You 120 – Veranda Satin on! The photos of Joanna posing in and out of her purple satin negligee caused my cock to stir in my panties. Just watching the short preview clip of Joanna fucking her tight ass with the matching toy and catching a glimpse of the creamy white cum spurting out of her big, stiff cock almost made me completely lose it!

This beautiful and torrid babe falls under two categories of mine, 1) TS Producer / Director I admire the most, 2) My all-time favorite transsexual cock! Me and You 120 – Veranda Satin 17 is another Caribbean set from the #1 British TS porn star Joanna Jet!