Bob’s Tgirls: Jenny Flowers Drenched

If your cock isn’t stiff when you fire up Jenny Flowers in “Drenched” of, it will most likely catch up with Jenny’s boner in record time. She’s looking absolutely incredible lounging in a bikini on Bob’s balcony exposing her boner. “Hello, again,” begins her dialogue because it’s her encore on this remarkable site.

Jenny strokes her cock while telling us what made her so hard in the first place. It’s a fantasy of having multiple guys peeing on her while she masturbates. This scene is so beautiful to watch it’s almost painful! Another fantasy is described of Jenny with just one guy exchanging golden showers.

If peeing isn’t on your mind while you’re jerking off to Jenny, perhaps fucking the ass she fully exposes will be. She’s assumed the doggystyle position with her bikini bottom halfway down her creamy thighs. She then pushes the garment past her dainty feet and off. Her thick dick is hard enough to cut diamonds with and she resumes stroking it.

Jenny’s cock head points up toward the boobs she’s having a bit of trouble exposing. This sequence might have you internally shouting, “I can help you with that!” She laughs charmingly and soon she’s completely naked from head to toe.

She describes how sensitive her breasts and nipples are and upon refocusing on her erection makes a few streams of pee jet out. If you’re wondering if peeing with an extremely hard cock hurts girls a bit too, yes it does. The things a girl will do to make you happy.

As we proceed, beautiful Jenny is eventually drenched in her pee as the title of this torrid and taboo update promises. To watch her LIVE on webcam go to!

Bob’s Tgirls: Jenny Flowers Foot Fun

Beautiful Jenny Flowers has all sorts of fans but this shoot is catered to her foot loving fans specifically almost from start to finish. Jenny asks if you like her outfit first and then draws your attention to her strappy black wedges and smooth legs.

Then she caresses her sensitive breasts and nipples. She’s seated on the world famous red velvet chaise lounger and she then stands up to remove her outerwear. Jenny cups her ass cheeks and her explicit dirty talk begins. She wants you to worship her ass and it’s not a request but rather a demand. Jenny also aggressively orders you to lick her shoes and to prepare yourself to worship Goddess’ feet.

Then she bares them and tells you to lick in between her toes and to take every single one of them into your mouth. The bulge in Jenny’s lingerie is clearly evident as she flexes her soles. In an act of extreme flexibility, Jenny raises one leg in the air high enough to bring five pretty toes to her lips. She then gives herself an oral footjob!

Jenny takes as many as three toes inside her mouth and then points out what she refers to as a little, “Problem down here”. Only it’s not all that little. It’s Jenny’s cock and she’s so turned on by shrimping her toes and licking her wrinkled soles that she can’t help jerking off. She then switches feet and sucks her other set of toes while her raging erection presses against her flat tummy.

Eventually Jenny needs to unsnap the crotch panel of her lingerie to release her straining hardon. At this point she slides one of her feet up and down her cock shaft, literally foot fucking herself! She continues licking and sniffing her insteps and renders herself completely naked.

The way Bob shoots is a deliberate attempt to keep Jenny’s foot fans excited, but it also focuses explicitly on her phenomenal ass too! Somewhere after 16 minutes in, you’ll hear Jenny purr, “Cum on my feet with me.” Can you guess what’s happening now in this kinky little update?

Shemale Yum: Cassidy Quinn Gets Naughty!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Gorgeous Cassidy Quinn is all over the place this week in porn terms and that’s a wonderful thing. Her total domination over ravishing Jenny Flowers is perhaps the finest trans lesbian videos of the season. But the solo scene of “Cassidy Quinn Gets Naughty!” is also brilliant!

Radius Dark is responsible for both exquisite productions. First things first, let’s begin with a quick yet horny description of the solo scene. Naturally I think of all adult industry actors as extremely sexual people. But Cassidy Quinn seems to exude sex from every fiber in her being. I’m still trying to figure out how she got black-lined green panties to match her party dress let alone how she knew the frock would go so well with her fetish boots.

Cassidy makes this masturbation a very vocal one-on-one event. She rubs clear beads of pre-cum out of her cock head once she’s fully aroused. When she’s down to just her heels she makes her raging hardon hang and bounce in the air. Cassidy then asks if you want to see her pretty toes and unzips her boots one by one. Then it’s a bit of foot fetish posing before she mentions how much she wants your cock in her ass.

She shows you just how much she wants your hardness by fucking herself with an orange sexy toy while beating her turgid meat. Then this video evolves into a display of Cassidy at her horniest. I could be wrong though. I’d have to look at her first two videos once again which is easy enough to do. And tempting.

MP4 Scene Trailer 

But for some reason I just can’t seem to get past her scenes on TGirls.Porn especially her most recent one Cassidy & Jenny Flowers. You won’t want to miss that either!

Shemale Yum: Latex Doll Jenny Flowers!

MP4 Scene Trailer

This is the 4th Shemale Yum photo and video set for Jenny Flowers. That’s pretty good for someone with the unfair advantage of a trans model who sometimes seems hotter than humanly possible.

Jenny is also one of the best muses for producer Omar Wax and his lush backdrops ever. With this set I swear I could almost hear the latex asking, “Am I good enough for you, Miss?” I guess that’s why she’s called a latex “doll” in this update. But she comes to life quickly calling herself a naughty little slut with no one around to punish her when it begins.

A quick slap on her ass brings BDSM and fetish to mind even though Jenny is all by herself. If she ends up getting loud while masturbating in the shower, she knows nobody will hear her. If you’re wondering if those clingy pants feel good against Jenny’s cock, she confirms that verbally and with a bit of rubbing.

You can see the outline of her swelling sex through the fabric. Jenny’s need gradually worsens and she needs someone to discipline her so badly. She slaps her ass again so hard until it’s time to shed the outfit in the hot room. Jenny started out barefoot and her top follows next.

She presses her swollen nipples against the glass shower door and does the same thing with her bare bottom. Can you imagine pressing your cock against the glass with Jenny on the other side? You’d probably go nuts dying to get inside her! After exposing her lovely cock, Jenny jerks off at first while standing, then sinks to the floor to continue. She knows that good girls don’t touch themselves and they certainly don’t continuously spank themselves until their bottoms redden.

That’s for someone else to do. But there she is, whacking he pretty ass as hard as she can while on her knees. Good girls don’t stroke their stiff red-tipped cocks like this either. They don’t jack off until they cum and taste it like Jenny Flowers does either.

But what are good girls good for these days anyway? Also check out the notorious Flower Puppy on and on TGirls.Porn in three incredible hardcore scenes!

Horny Cutie Jenny Flowers!

MP4 Scene Trailer

“The third time is a charm,” some people say, but for Jenny Flowers, her first two Shemale Yum photo and video sets were too. I happen to think this is perhaps the finest collaborations between Jenny and Omar Wax to date. Although the bulk of Jenny’s online work went live in 2016, I believe that 2017 will be her year in terms of worldwide recognition. With each new performance, more of Jenny’s personality shines through.

If you think she’s hot to look at, it gets even better when she speaks. In “Horny Cutie Jenny Flowers” she’s very vocal and her vocalization is sexy enough to lose it over even if you’re just listening to her naughty dialogue. It all begins with Jenny lamenting about her boredom and wishing she had someone to play with. Wearing the cutest of cute outfits and thigh-high socks, she’s so glad that you showed up.

Jenny proceeds to engage with you in an erotic fantasy that I’ve decided to label a masterpiece. She wants your opinion on her skirt and twirls around in it. Then she does a curtsy. lifting the hem of her panties and exposing her panty bulge. She then caresses her breasts through her top and confesses her love of their firmness, adding that she plays with them a lot. Jenny says that you can rub and even pull on her hair and lift her skirt as well to see what she’s got for you underneath it.

Her undies look like they’re made from cotton and the outline of her cock and the corona are clearly visible. Jenny begins moaning while rubbing her bump and says, “I’ve got some fun things to play with back here too,” referring to the plump butt cheeks she turns around to expose. Using a strategically-placed finger, Jenny shows you just where she wants you to penetrate her. Then she moves the panty panel aside to present her tiny wrinkled rosebud. Jenny sits on the bed next and tells us that she needs attention in the front also and she seems beside herself with lust as she masturbates through her panties. Jenny lowers the suspender straps of her skirt and tears her white top a bit when revealing her brassiere. Although it’s cold in the room, Jenny discards her top with the hopes of you warming her up. You’re provided with a dazzling close-up view of Jenny’s super pretty face and one of her pink nipples as she caresses her boobs firmly.

She removes and drops her bra next and repeats the process with her little skirt. Before shedding her panties, Jenny peels her long socks off. Her long legs and dainty feet look virtually flawless. You’ve got to hear her high-pitched giggle when she exposes her lovely cock and begins playing with it. Her sexy toy penetration while completely naked is simply exquisite! I strongly suggest that you get some Jenny Flowers wherever you can.

Jenny’s performances on are breathtaking and she’s also magnificent on TGirls.Porn! She also has a new account for her astounding LIVE performances and you can register for free and follow her at!

Jenny Flowers Fucks Herself!

“My name is Jenny Flowers. I’m a gamer, avid music listener and occasionally performer, nature lover and, of course, a huge slut!” says this incredible new model with two killer photo and video sets. “When it comes to attraction, I don’t care much about sex or gender, as long as you’re good in bed. Although I enjoy cuddles, kisses, giving head and riding cocks, I also have a secret kinky side. (Spank me please!). I hope you enjoy watching my videos as much as I enjoy starring in them!”

These photos are from “Meet Horny Kitten Jenny Flowers!” released on September 14th and “Jenny Flowers Fucks Herself!” that went live on September 28, both filmed by Omar Wax for Shemale Yum in 2016. Jenny also got railed by Two Tgirls founder Mayumi Sparkles in “The Girl Next Door” and pounded Sydney Farron and Kira Crash in “Game of Cumshots. You can watch her Two Tgirls scene TRAILERS by clicking here. If you’d like to check out her sample photo GALLERY from her TGirls.Porn three-way with Lana Solaire and Scarlet Vice, click here.

In Jenny’s debut video on, she’s dressed like a French maid with kitty ears, fondling her boobs through the soft fabric. The hem of her skimpy uniform is so short that you can clearly see the bulge in her black panties.

“Oh, that feels good,” she whispers after turning around to display a most protuberant and plump butt. The panty is actually a thong and it leaves little to the imagination. Jenny has that coveted thigh gap that comes into view as she poses standing and bending over next to the bed.

Her naughty talk enhances her acts of spanking her ass bright red. She really hits it hard! The first few minutes of this scene is tortuous in that it takes so long for her to shed her lingerie and Chuck Taylor’s. But it’s so well worth the wait!

“I bet you want this cock,” she purrs while rubbing it, poised on all fours on the bed. Jenny exposes and diddles her tender rosebud while getting lost in her arousal. After baring her lovely breasts and squeezing the sensitive tips, Jenny removes her kicks and performs a titillating bare foot tease. If you have a foot thing, you might die at this point. She even sniffs her stockings and comments on how nice they smell.

Eventually she’s filmed stroking her well-lubricated erection. Her sexy dialogue continues with her saying how badly it needs to be sucked. Then Jenny flips her svelte nude form on the bed with her incredible ass facing you. She’s spanking her ass again when she’s not stroking her straining erection.

In Jenny’s follow-up scene, she’s in workout mode with a cutaway t-shirt, a black bra underneath and body-con short-shorts. Her toned legs and dainty feet are bare. She continues with the naughty she’s mastered as a cam girl and a just plain horny one as she straddles a bedroom chair with her ass facing Omar’s camera. The closeups on her pretty face and bright blue eyes are out of this world and then she begins to strip. After fondling her boobs through her bra, she hits you with a mesmerizing stare and reveals her pretty tits.

Next, she stands up to remove her shorts and lowers her panties to finger bang her tight ass. Then she sits back down completely naked and starts licking a glass sex toy. Jenny tilts her plump bottom up in the chair and then starts fucking herself with the toy. If you’re not thinking about fucking the beautiful sex kitten Jenny Flowers yourself at this point, there’s no way I could possibly understand it. To watch her performing LIVE on webcam, go to

You can play Jenny's Free Trailers on
You can play Jenny’s Free Trailers on

TGirls.Porn – Lana Solaire & Scarlet Vice Both Bang Jenny Flowers

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

I’ve seen Scarlet Vice and her real life her girlfriend Jenny Rose having sex  live on Chaturbate before. Magical moments there! I even knew the date that this TGirls.Porn video and photo set was shot. What I didn’t know was that Lana Solaire was going to fuck Jenny also. That’s another reason why this is one of my all-time favorite porn sites! It’s just full of surprises. Omar was already one of my top performers, but what he’s done with these three beauties is a masterpiece I’ll remember as amongst the his best of his best work. I knew this production was going to be a killer sexually, but I didn’t expect it to be so damn funny. I’m not much of a LOL type of person, but I found myself cracking up even when I didn’t know what the hell Lana, Scarlet and Jenny were talking about. And I wasn’t laughing at them, but with them. They even cracked each other up the way SNL comic actors do when they know they’re on fire.

Lana: “Wow, what a time to be alive. This was probably the most fun I’ve had in a long time, it was fantastic working with Jenny and Scarlet. Just phenomenal, the hype was definitely real! I’ve always wanted to be in a threesome, and now that I’ve finally done it I can say without hesitation that it was just as amazing as I thought it would be, maybe even better! I loved fucking Jenny while she sucked off Scarlet, ditto for fucking Scarlet while she sucked and made out with Jenny. Ooh! Fun fact! This was the first time I’ve ever eaten ass and damn, what have I been missing? Oh, and going down on both of them was fantastic. Jenny has such a cute little cock, and Scarlet is packing something pretty tasty herself! And at the end when I came all over the both of them and we all kissed? Probably the biggest cumshot i’ve ever had. I enjoyed myself. I love being with other girls though, especially when they’re this cute and I’m on top. Soft lips, smooth skin, knows how to handle a dick, these are the things Lana likes. I’m looking forward to many more.

Scarlet Vice: “Being with Jenny and Lana was exhilarating. Jenny and I are always horny and looking for new adventures so we jumped at the chance to satisfy our curiosity. The clothes could not come off fast enough when Lana made her move. I loved feeling exposed and vulnerable. I was almost disappointed when Jenny got to be fucked first. But I knew I’d soon get my chance, and it just made me want to fuck Jenny too. Soon we had Jenny pinned underneath me while Lana fucked me hard from behind. This was almost my favorite part of the night, but the cum shot at the end takes number one. I never expected there to be so much! Lana had enough to cover both of us. Making out with my girlfriend while we were both covered in cum was incredible. Overall it was some of the best sex I’ve had. I love being with other Tgirls because they always know just what you need to make your knees start shaking.”

Jenny Flowers‎: “I may seem innocent, but behind closed doors I can be quite the slut. And what better gift for a slut like me than two hard, delicious cocks for both my eager holes? My darling girlfriend Scarlet Vice and the stunning Lana Solaire gave me the time of my life. It’s hard to say what I liked best! Was it letting them take turns fucking my tight ass while I pleasured the other’s cock? Was it having my own cock pleasured after Lana flipped me over to fuck me some more? Or perhaps it was when she covered Scarlet and I in her cum…I can’t decide! When three horny tgirls get together, it’s never a dull time, and this is no exception!”

This TGirls.Porn movie is so fucking hot that I was tempted to write this mini-review in all caps. You should also get a Chaturbate Free Registration to see Lana in room lanasolaire. You can watch Jenny and Scarlet Live in room scarletv.

Two Tgirls – Game of Cumshots

It’s Jenny Flowers’s first ever threesome! Both her first time fucking on camera and her first threesome are only on!

MP4 Trailer
MP4 Trailer

Jenny Flowers and Kira Crash are sitting around the house when Sydney Farron walks in the room with a game to play. A classic game featuring a spinner and a mat with dots, we’ll give you one guess as to which game it is! Sydney explains the rules, Kira thinks the game sounds boring! Kira has the idea that if the girls took off their clothes it would be a bit more fun. Jenny Flowers, being the innocent girl that she is, isn’t so sure about this idea. When she asks if she can keep her clothes on, Kira and Sydney laugh and help her strip down naked! The three girls begin the game. Before you know it Jenny Flowers is in an awful naughty position between Kira Crash and Sydney Farron!

Things heat up when Sydney calls out “Left Hand Ass!” for Kira’s turn! Puzzled and confused about the rules, Jenny isn’t sure this is how the game should be played. Kira and Sydney tell her that these are the rules and that she has to follow them. Before you know it Sydney’s big fat cock is down Jenny’s throat and Kira’s long hard cock is in her ass! Bareback! Sydney and Kira each take turns pounding the sweet innocent Jenny Flowers ass bareback.

Things heat up when Sydney calls out “Left Hand Ass!” for Kira’s turn! Puzzled and confused about the rules, Jenny isn’t sure this is how the game should be played. Kira and Sydney tell her that these are the rules and that she has to follow them. Before you know it Sydney’s big fat cock is down Jenny’s throat and Kira’s long hard cock is in her ass! Bareback! Sydney and Kira each take turns pounding the sweet innocent Jenny Flowers ass bareback. They push her down on her knees and stand up at her sides, slapping her in the face with their big cocks and then shoving them down her throat. She takes turns orally pleasing Kira and Sydney. After a while Sydney and Kira both cum at just about the same time on Jenny’s face. Within moments Jenny practically drowns in cum! Her face is completely soaked from Sydney and Kira’s massive cumshots!

You can download this torrid release on in your choice of 480P (SD), 244.57MB, 1080P (Full HD), 1.03GB 4K (Ultra HD), or 5.73GB 720P (HD), 484.12MB formats.

Twitter: @tscaramel