Redhead Doll Hiromi!

When I think of a redhead or “Ginger” I don’t usually think of a Japanese trans girl model. Not unless I’m thinking of someone perhaps like beautiful Hiromi presented by Hiro on She now has five stunning updates here including a blazing hot hardcore scene!

Producer Hiro describes how he discovered Hiromi and made her a new-half star. “Akihabara of Tokyo, which is said to be the Mecca of Anime fans, is a unique town where there are always lots of girls dressed up in maid, nurse or other Cosplay costumes. I was strolling around the town one day by myself and spotted a super cute girl with a killer figure. I talked to her and found out that she was a newhalf! That’s how I met Hiromi.”

“She is now 23 years old and works at a coffee shop as a waitress. Although Hiromi has never done porn before, she was so eager for the sex and so curious about the experience that she had to do this photo-shoot for”

“In this (her first) photo-shoot, Hiromi is wearing the same maid costume that she wore when I first met her in Akihabara. She looks awesome in it, with her beautiful pale, translucent skin, natural hormonal breasts and a huge cock. She even completes her role-play with a perfectly hyper-girlie, `cum-and-dominate-me` voice in an anime-voice-over fashion. Hiromi claims to be a bit obsessive about things. She is a big anime fan, is into cosplay, Karaoke and video games. She prefers older men – old enough to be her father that is – who are protective and reliable.”

Her stats are: Height: 165cm (5ft’ 4″), Weight: 48kg (106lbs), 80/61/84 (31/24/33). In her 5th scene, Hiromi displays her trademark shy cosplay cuteness as a submissive maid exposing herself. She withdraws and strokes her cock, then massages her pretty breasts. She actually gets some help with her straining hardon from her horny producer.

Hiromi’s erotic high-pitched exclamations enhance the sight of her getting jerked off. Hiromi also gets fondled from behind and I think you’ll wonder how Hiro restrained himself from fucking her! I don’t know if I would have had that kind of self-control. She simulates foot fucking a cock with a big dildo in stockings and then with her cute and sexy little bare feet.

All this occurs while she jacks her erection and the sex toy is slickened with lube that resembles cum. Don’t miss this torrid update on

Seira Mikami Toys Her Ass!

This update produced by Hiro is the 10th update with beautiful Seira Mikami! Her measurements upon her debut were: Height: 165 cms (5ft 4in), Weight: 49kg (108lb), Stats: 90/59/85 (35/23/33) and it looks like things thankfully haven’t changed much since Seira’s first shoot in December of 2008.

We’re looking forward to the new watermark and name change of (as well as High contrast sexiness begins with Seira in a kimono dress and clear stripper heels. She sits upon a work station stretching and crossing her lovely legs and opening to expose a bulging panty pouch. Seira has small dainty feet and she rocks grey toenail polish.

Her breast exposure is just ravishing with Seira cupping her perfectly round orbs. Seira looks intensely aroused when she slips a hand inside her undies and begins to masturbate.

As her sensations deepen she makes high-pitched squeals and moans many of us have come to adore from Japanese trans porn. While she’s jerking off her thick cock it kinds of sounds like you’re having sex with Mini Mouse.

That might seem absurd but it’s very arousing in a weird way. It’s the kind of weirdness we love, especially when combined with the huge dildo that appears beneath her sexy bottom. Seira takes her time reaching the peak of arousal in which she can no longer stand not having that dildo inside her. She hovers above it and slowly sinks down.

After jerking off for quite some time with the sexy toy embedded to the base, she lays back and intently fucks herself with it! Those sounds of ecstasy she makes get louder and wilder as this update continues.

Karina Shiratori’s Solo Fun!

I always seem to zig while most others zag but it is what it is. For instance, Karina (Misaki) Shiratori was and is my all-time favorite Japanese adult industry performer ever. That’s not to take anything away from the runners-up in my mind.

I just have a special place in my heart for Karina because I simply can relate to her for reasons yet unknown. Hiro is one of my favorite producers ever. Karina is a celebrity show-dancer who enjoys mainstream success in Japan. She is a Tokyo born and bred but her mother is from the North-east of Japan. Her stats are: Height: 160 cm (5’2″), Weight: 46kg (102 lbs), Measurements: 92/58/90 (36/23/35).

This is Karina’s twentieth scene! It begins with Karina facing us seated and dressed as a classic Geisha girl. Her small, dainty feet are bare as well as the lovely legs we begin to see more and more of. Then we get a peek at the pretty cock between her legs!

Can you imagine having your own personal Geisha girl with a robe that covers so much, yet she’s naked underneath? After presenting a long foot fetish and leg admirers show, Karina pleases firm breast lovers next. She makes them jiggle and sway as she caresses them and then she takes hold of her exposed cock.

Soon it’s fully erect and pointing upward toward the rice paper ceiling! There are sparse hairs curling around the base of the thick shaft and Karina’s cock head is now fully visible. It looks so needy of being sucked!

Karina’s masturbation continues with her standing and then she turns around for a devastating butt show. Then we’re suddenly transported into the sauna with this beauty jerking off completely nude!

If that’s not enough eroticism and photographic wizardry for you, we’re outside in the water with Karina. Go see this masterpiece theater on!

Chuling Cums For You!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Below the “Filmed by Terry” description of this scene reads: Gorgeous Chuling returns once more for another hot solo scene! Chuling is simply perfect: she’s beautiful and she has a smoking hot slim body with an amazing firm booty! Watch her posing and stroking her cock until she cums for your eyes only!

Her full write-up goes: In Japan, young cross-dressers are the latest flavor of the month. On SMJ we have also featured quite a few cross-dressing cuties, namely Risa, Serina and Kanato. Chuling is our newest addition. Cute as a button while still hormone-free, and 18 years young with lush, jet-black hair, Chuling is already a bit of a starlet with her own cult following in Japan. Her hobbies are watching late-night TV shows, reading and quite unusually, listening to traditional Japanese folk music. “I just don’t get modern pop. All my friends are listening to the girl-group AKB48 though,” said Chuling. Chuling falls easily for bad-ass, terrifying-looking guys – whatever you make of the meaning of it. She likes her inner-thighs and her neck to be touched but she is a virgin and would very much like to find out more about sex!

Her stats are Height: 170cm (5 ft 5), Weight: 54kg (119 lbs), B75/W60/H78 (30/24/31) and her contact information follows on This is Chuling’s 10th set since her Shemale Japan debut in mid April of 2013! She was fucked silly in August and that scene is epic. I haven’t missed a single Chuling update since she debuted as a brunette. Although she’s so slender and petite I sometimes wonder if she could handle a bigger girl like me, she’s irresistibly gorgeous. Those long legs destroy me when she withdraws the from the hot tub water. Her blue swimsuit is a bit too loose fitting but who cares? It’s coming off soon anyway. I love the way Chuling finger taps her tiny nipples. She’s a CD which means she’s a part-time girl who’s not on hormones. I don’t care about that either. If a guy looks cute as a girl and finds themselves attracted to me, we’re having sex. I just want to lick the nipples she tweaks, give her cock a good sucking and fuck her cute little ass until she cums! Wait until you see how much jizz this beautifully inked babe shoots at the end of this update.

Her cock resembles a big red microphone when she’s close to reaching climax. A microphone that stands straight up toward the ceiling even when it’s done its job. I’d love holding her spunk shooting, spasming cock while filling her tight ass with my lady seed.

Ayu Kamasaki Enjoys Nice Ass-Fucking!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Gorgeous Ayu Kamasaki is an escort in Nagoya and AV actress in over 10 DVDs who is 100% Japanese but her popularity is partly due to her dark skin. She’s often mistaken as mixed race. Ayu claims to masturbate a lot and she also likes rugged, dark haired men and she’s sexually versatile.

She’s got three updates on Shemale Japan Hardcore to lust over in less than one year and she made her debut on Shemale Japan in 2014. The sight of Ayu’s breasts heaving and thick cock bouncing and spinning in circles while getting fucked in this update is one of the most erotic I’ve witnessed in a hardcore scene this year!

But before getting to that point, her indoor swimsuit posing makes me realize this is my perhaps my all-time favorite hardcore video and photo set shot by Terry. Attention to detail is painstaking right down to Ayu’s man approaching her from behind in matching black and white to caress and expose her breasts. He sucks one nipple while flicking the other and her wincing and mewling sounds increase in frequency when he rubs the bulge in her panties.

Ayu’s thick rod is already stiff by the time her guy withdraws it from her undies. The stud is sporting major wood in his pants and drawers also as he watches Ayu make her organ bounce up and down before sucking it. She stands while getting head and sits up while kissing the man as they jerk each other off. Ayu looks incredible completely naked giving the hung guy a blowjob. At about the midway point, there’s a sword fighting scene with both erections and Ayu gets blown again before having her tight ass filled with cock in the doggy style position. I’m thinking this is how I’d like to fuck Ayu the most, grabbing her boobs with both hands while her cock and balls swing beneath her. But then the man bones Ayu while seated. This is my favorite part until he hits it from behind again and then side saddle on the sofa! Ayu’s whimpers are so loud as she gets railed in the missionary position while stroking her cock furiously.

She slaps her throbbing meat against the man’s tight abs and rubs out a nice cumshot while getting pummeled. I’m thinking she doesn’t like the taste of cum when she takes a facial, but Ayu makes an erotic show eventually out of licking and then sucking her man’s spent cockhead. Treat yourself to Ayu Kamasaki sucking, fucking and cumming on!

If you like Ayu’s Shemale Japan Hardcore work and would like to see her Shemale Japan profile and previews click here.

Meika Kuroki Gets Her Ass Pounded!

MP4 Scene Trailer

With stats of 178cm tall, has hormone breasts, 87cm bust, 63cm waist, 81cm hips and a 17cm uncut cock when it’s rock hard, beautiful Meika Kuroki makes her 1st hardcore performance on Shemale Japan!

The S&M and soap play trans girl stunner at Club Diamond Shinjuku just happens to co-star with my favorite male performer on the site who sits on the sofa shirtless while playing with the bulge in Meika’s panties. She develops an erection when her partner withdraws her pretty dick and begins stroking it slowly. It swells to its thickly-veined fullest when getting sucked deeply.

Meika’s smoothly shaven balls look as if they’re full of cum, fully bloated beneath her thick hardon. When Meika and her man sit beside each other, her cock points up to the ceiling as she rubs the bulge in his briefs. Once the cute guy’s undies are off, she strokes his turgid shaft and leans over to give him a blowjob. Meika sinks to her knees topless on the floor, jerking at her meat as she sucks her partner’s.

Then the man has Meika on the couch with her sexy ass facing us as he gives her a finger banging. She emits high-pitched gasps when he enters her tight ass in the doggy style position. Meika looks absolutely ravishing riding her man’s stiff cock in the reverse cowgirl position. She’s completely naked with her hard cock bobbing as she bounces up and down. She then fucks up and down on her man’s member while facing him giving us a remarkable view of her sexy ass. It almost seems like two scenes in one when they continue fucking in bedroom.

A slow yet deliberate side saddle railing evolves into the missionary position with Meika masturbating while getting pounded. The Tokyo beauty’s climax hits, sending spurts of creamy white cum to blast out of her cockhead! Her jizz puddles just below her pierced belly button. After Meika’s toe-curling orgasm, she sits up and jerks her man’s big cock inches before her pretty face.

She helps him draw closer to cumming by sucking his helmet from time to time and he fires his spunk across Meika’s tongue and pretty face in this fabulous update!

Erina Aisaki Returns To Shemale Japan

Click on new-half Erina for a preview gallery of her 114 image photo set. I’ve just seen her latest Shemale Japan video and it’s fantastic!

5’5″ (165cm), 114lbs (52kg) new-half Erina Aisaki of Osaka is an archetype of the trendy Japanese Gyaru subculture which has gained huge influence over the Japanese fashion and pop-culture economy in the past decades. Watch all of her amazingly erotic movies.