Chanel & Isabella: Two Hot Trans Girls To Squirt Up Your World!

Does this scene even need a review? We’re talking about Chanel of and and Isabella Sorrenti who’s a fixture at TS Dreamland with Part I and Part II interviews with Scott aka PornOCD. No scene in several years has even mentioned here unless Scott and I have seen them for ourselves, but I must add that this particular one gets an A+ from me. The official synopsis reads: Sexy Chanel Santini is auditioning to be a dancer at pin-up girl Isabella Sorrenti’s club….

… Chanel seems like just the perfect fit for the open position, until she expresses apprehension about performing on the weekends, when the girls are required to show full frontal nudity. See, Chanel has a not-so-little secret hidden beneath her tiny black thong, and she’s afraid that the customers wouldn’t want to see her completely naked…

… Well, it turns out that they’ve already had a girl like her work the pole, and all the patrons loved her! In fact, that stripper was Isabella, herself, and now she is the manager. So, for the final part of the audition, Isabella teaches Chanel how to suck trans girl cock. She holds Chanel’s pretty face down on her love stick, causing her to choke and spit….

… Chanel looks up at Isabella in between deep throating and gagging on her thick prick. Next, Isabella takes a turn swallowing lady dick as Chanel pound her face hard and good. All this hot oral action has the girls wanting to fuck…

… “You must really want to work here,” Isabella teases to Chanel as she rams her tight asshole doggy style. Chanel’s affirmative response cums in the form of deeper and deeper moaning. Then, Chanel sits atop the queening chair so she can bounce up and down on Isabella’s chick dick. Isabella’s balls continue to slap loudly against Chanel’s ass cheeks as she bangs her against the stripper pole. Finally, Isabella towers above Chanel and strokes out a serving of lady jizz all over her chest and chin…

I can’t top a scene description better than the job than what you get on It’s a waste of my time and yours to even try it. If there’s a scene I’m raving about that needs a set-up, I’ll provide one. This is simply a must-see, cumstaticly creative foreplay and bareback fucking production by two phenomenal stars filmed beautifully.

Hot For Transsexuals #02: Isabella Sorrenti & Lance Hart

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Hot For Transsexuals #02

Isabella Sorrenti’s erection is still standing up in the behind-the-scenes footage before Lance Hart takes hold of it. He hugs her trim waist and tells what he loved most about their Hot For Transsexuals #02 scene. He loved the “sweet dick” position that director Aiden Starr calls “blow up doll” and I just learned something new! Isabella really loved forcefully fucking his handsome face. The actual full-length video opens with a closeup on Isabella’s beautiful face before Franceska’s camera pulls back to focus on her physique which is clad in a sheer black bodystocking. Her cock is already oozing pre-cum into the nylon fabric and soon she’s gloriously nude from head to toe as she poses on the luxurious bed. She spanks her bare ass hard, naked Lance Hart joins her to get some love taps on his equally dynamic butt, too. After some rimming mutual cock stroking and sucking, Lance squeezes their hard shafts together and we’re in Pre-Cum City. Lance’s boner is practically bouncing within Isabella’s cleavage as he rides her hardon bareback! She also fucks him powerfully from the back in two different positions before she takes his strong, steady fucking. Then Isabella fucks Lance again and I’m going to stop here because I’m getting excited all over again. If you’d like to more about the groundbreaking trans porn star of this Evil Angel scene, check out the TS Dreamland two exclusive PornOCD interviews with Isabella Sorrenti. For more about the tremendous producer and porn star Lance Hart, take the tour of his all-inclusive multi-niche websites SweetFemdom and PervOut.

PornOCD Interview with Isabella Sorrenti Pt. 2

Hi, from PornOCD. Isabella Sorrenti is one of the fastest rising adult actresses in trans porn and insanely popular here on TS Dreamland as me and Caramel can see from looking at our traffic stats. That’s just one of the reasons there’s a second installment to my original interview. You’ll see how prolific she has been since the first time around so recently. Caramel raves about her performances also and we’re glad to have an Isabella Sorrenti category here. I hope you’ll enjoy my Pt. 2 interview with Isabella Sorrenti. Click here to read it and thank you for all your support.

Mayumi Sparkles and Isabella Sorrenti on

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MP4 Scene Trailer

Mayumi Sparkles is sleeping in bed at night when the Tooth Fairy magically appears. This must be some kind of mistake because Mayumi hasn’t lost any teeth! Now she’s never get back to sleep. At least not without the help of the Tooth Fairy who admires the bulge in Mayumi’s pajama bottoms. Even though Mayumi loves her blowjob and her cock is raging hard, she’s still not feeling sleepy. When the Tooth Fairy allows Mayumi’s erection to slip out her her mouth and asks if there’s anything else she can do, the girl beams, “You can fuck me in the ass.” The Tooth Fairy’s jackhammer railings are in a multitude of positions. This is one of the most powerful poundings I’ve ever seen Mayumi take! Fucking with the Tooth Fairy is an instant classic porn scene and Mayumi Sparkles has launched the first and currently only tgirl on tgirl porn site with 4K versions of every video available. also has 1080p, 720p, and 480p versions available of each video. You have the option to stream or download any of the formats! If your Internet supports the bandwidth needed for 4K, then stream it! (4K (2160p) is much faster than the adoption curve of FullHD (1080p). To learn more about Mayumi’s lovely co-star, click here for the TS Dreamland exclusive PornOCD Interview with Isabella Sorrenti.

Isabella Sorrenti and Artemis Faux

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I was already a big fan of this adult actress and I thoroughly digested the PornOCD Interview with Isabella Sorrenti here on TS Dreamland. But nothing could have prepared me for how incredible her performance on TS Seduction would be until I saw it. The official synopsis reads, “Isabella Sorrenti is hot as fuck with a cock that doesn’t quit. Today she is working her shift at the spa when one lucky fella, Artemis, comes in and gets his complimentary massage…and so much more. Isabella notices his cock getting increasingly swollen under that flimsy towel and uses it to get her pretty self off. First, she straddles the hot benches and lets Artemis give her a sloppy, desperate blowjob until she’s rock hard. Then she bends his horny ass over and stretches his hole out until he’s begging for more. Always the tease, Isabella makes him worship her perfect tight body before finally giving him the pounding he deserves. Talk about customer service: when she’s done, she even lets him choke down load after load of her hot cum.” The description is perfect but I had no idea that Isabella was such a skilled Domme! Within 10 minutes with super cute Artemis, her dominant side really begins to kick in. She gives him one of the most tremendous railings ever on this site I love so much, but her verbal humiliation technique is what makes her domination so powerful and memorable. Artemis said that the doggy style banging over the bench was his favorite part of the session. For Isabella, hearing him moan while fucking and degrading him were her favorite parts. She really loved all the slapping she got to deliver. As for me. my favorite part of this TS Seduction scene are yet to be determined. I’m going to have to play it over a few times before I can decide. As a lifestyle Mistress, I know one thing for certain after seeing this- Isabella Sorrenti is an incredible Dominatrix.

Robert Axel Does Isabella Sorrenti

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My nickname for Robert Axel’s cock is “Visa” after the slogan “Everywhere you want to be.” When you see this incredibly handsome man with Isabella Sorrenti on Shemale.XXX, I have a feeling you’ll get a better sense of what I’, talking about. Isabella looks like a cross between Madonna’s Dita from the Erotic video and a retro-Hollywood beauty queen here. There’s a recurring theme with Robert working as a bartender on Shemale.XXX and Isabelly is a bored pole dancer on a slow night. Looking gorgeous in a lacy getup and a riding crop in her hand, Isabelly needs someone to entertain her. So she approaches sweet Robert and gives him a kiss. We to get entertained when he begins removing Isabella’s clothing. If you’ve been following Isabella @isabellasorrnti on Twitter, you knew this scene was coming. Now you can see the Italian Barbie cumming. This torrid photo and video set is presented by Blackula for Shemale.XXX.