Cassidy Quinn Barebacked By Kai Donec! – the flagship site for Grooby – has been rebranded as “ is the biggest and most important of our sites, and this site had to be first otherwise we’d look hypocritical,” Steven Grooby said of the change. “We’d also look hypocritical if we didn’t re-brand the other sites and we have plans for all of them; we just ask people to be patient. Most of our sites already use ‘tgirls’ (a word which we helped define) or ‘transsexuals’ but for the rest we’ll change; we’ve an amazing domain for Shemale.XXX so watch for that.” 

In the first official rebranded scene on, Cassidy Quinn comes to Kai Donec for a business loan. When he scoffs at her ideas, she knows how to get him to change his mind. She sucks his dick and he fucks her quickly, after a few different positions, she sucks his dick and then they cum in the shower!

In this Radius Dark production we have the 5th Grooby Girls shoot with Canadian beauty Cassidy Quinn (if we’re not counting her 4 sizzling sets on another hot Grooby site – Cassidy Quinn on Foot Fetish TS.

Her handsome partner on is a relatively new male performer to the trans adult world, Kai Donec. The business plan “Cassandra” has in mind is way over the top and her business knowledge is way under expectations. Mr. Donec is willing to take time out of his busy schedule to sit down on the sofa with the client to give free advice.

During their conversation, she decides to replace her evaluation with a new business plan and to explore what sucking the loan officer’s cock might get her. About six minutes of an obviously amazing blowjob, Mr. Donec decides that his client should be allowed to borrow his big dick with her tight ass. It’s hard to forget how fine Cassidy Quinn is to look at, but I’m reminded by her performance with Kai of why she’s quickly become a top model/performer.

What a way to break in – with a blazing hot bareback hardcore scene! I’ve seen the talented Mr. Donec in action before, but I firmly believe he’s got some good acting skills to add to his adult industry resume.  


Shemale Yum: Alexa Vex Cums For You!

It’s such a pleasure to write about this exciting new model again. “I’m gettin’ up to no good,” sexy Alexa Vex confesses when her encore Shemale Yum scene begins. Radius Dark films her kneeling on the bed with a form-fitting pink top and famous British designer panties raking her fingernails along her bulge. Oooo, that’s quite a long bulge too!

The shaft and bulbous head of her large, delectable digit are raging hard already as evidenced by it’s springy withdrawal from the undies. Alexa’s “secret” it out and getting stroked firmly. Alexa actually does seem hornier than she was in her debut of on Foot Fetish TS.

I think you’ll really love the way Mr. Dark captures her erection in various angles including a POV that makes it seem like Alexa is operating the camera.

When Alexa moans, “Mmmm, I wanna get fucked so hard right now,” I’m reminded of her spectacular Chaturbate LIVE shows. That medium is so much different than studio filming so I can’t say that one is better than the other. That’s unless we’re talking about production values.

Videos on are far superior in quality than any live production I’ve ever seen. It depends on whether you want to interact or not which medium you’ll prefer. The best initial but show occurs when Alexa is bent over beating off with her panties around her ankles.

While she remains clothed for a good portion of this scene, she’s completely nude before it’s halfway over! This is important because her body is a masterpiece of good genes combined with obviously hard work.

Alexa’s big dick fap session is assisted with her application of lube this changes the trajectory of her masturbation. It goes from casual at this point to more intent and focused. In fact, Alexa lets you know when she’s about to climax so you can time your orgasm with hers. She’s sitting upright when streams of cum eject from her swollen cock head in “Alexa Vex Cums For You!” on!

To watch Alexa Vex performing LIVE, register free and catch her on

Review by @tscaramel on Twitter

Shemale Yum: Alisia Rae Returns!

Her Shemale Yum announcement reads: Guess who’s back! Gorgeous teen hottie Alisia Rae is back! Discovered by Omar Wax she was introduced to the world in February and starred in two solo scenes and one smoking hot hardcore scene! We know you were waiting for this 18 years cutie to come back – so here she is looking sexy as hell and eager to get naughty for our camera! She’s just unbelievably cute! Watch her stripping and showing off her perfect body! Well, okay. “Don’t mind if I do,” I told myself.

Omar introduces her this time sitting at the edge of a tub wearing sheer red lingerie and black and white panties. Bare legs and feet, ankle bracelets and a pedicure that matches Alisia’s babydoll emerge from the tub and there’s so much beauty happening it’s hard to decide where to focus next. Outside of the tub, she lowers her panties and presents a mesmerizing butt show. Her cock and balls are visible but not completely until she turns around for a full frontal view, peeking beneath the hem of her garment.

Alisia does a little nipple play before using her lingerie like a burlesque dancer who must have scene a retro striptease or two in her 18 year old life. She smacks her ass rather hard and calls her stiffening dick nice and juicy as she strokes it. If you think that you might have a chance to meet Alisia one day, take special note of the way she masturbates while moaning deeply.

She has an original way of running her fingers across her cockhead with her thumb gliding across the top. Her left hand is applied firmly against her pubic region. She also likes rubbing her nipples when playing with herself. Just something I’ve noticed about this stunning beauty her latest spectacular update!

Meet Sexy Alexa Vex!

The title of her Shemale Yum debut by Radius Dark is entitled “Meet Sexy Alexa Vex!” but I already did that, not in real life mind you. Mr. Dark also presented her on Foot Fetish TS in “Alexa Vex Removes Her Flip Flops & Wants a Foot Rub!”. I also knew of her as a remarkable Chaturbate model.

MP4 Teaser Trailer

On FFTS her video profile description reads: Alexa Vex stands 6’2″ with some pretty, wide size 12 feet that would absolutely stuff your mouth. She’s got some long sexy toes and they curve so nicely. Alexa takes off her flip flops and shows off her sexy soles, commanding you to put your tongue in between her toes. She spreads her toes and shows off her plump soles. She stands up, leaving your face by her feet as she tip toes and shows off the soles of her feet from ground level…Well, you can see how the rest of that sexy scene plays out on But Radius Dark also produced the debut of Alexa Vex on and let’s focus on that now if you don’t mind. She says she likes video games, skinny dipping, art and dancing as her debut scene open. Alexa is wearing a black top, pleated skirt and mid-heel sandals as she adds that she enjoys sucking dick. “As long as it’s big and juicy,” Alexa says and then she exposes the one between her legs. She takes hold of it and begins pulling firmly.

Then she turns around and bends over this her colorful panties failing at hiding her ball sack and most of her heart-shaped ass. Alexa has a great set of thighs to support that curvy bottom of hers and she pushes her cock back between her thighs. It was already stiffening when this video began running. She asks if you want to see her get harder and continues stroking. Alexa unsnaps and removes her skirt as her fap session becomes a seated one. You’ll see that Alexa’s bra matches the panties she’s barely wearing and her big stiff cock stands upward when she briefly releases it.

Alexa removes her brassiere next and begins hefting her gorgeous natural breasts. When she removes her sandals, you’re instantly reminded why she’d be chosen for a website dedicated to foot lovers also. But what follows is an incredible bare ass show that’s perfect for this site.

Alexa steps out of her panties and with the exception of her stylish eyewear she’s completely naked. She raises her long legs and opens them widely as she continues to masturbate her big boner in this spectacular debut. You can also catch her performing LIVE on!

Chanel Noir Cums For You!

Radius Dark presents the return of beautiful Chanel Noir sitting on a sofa informing us that she’s from Ft. Collins, Colorado. With her legs crossed properly she says that she likes to read a lot, play video games and spend a lot of time outside. Being outdoors translates to a sexual thing for Chanel too, not just clean wholesome fun.

If you want to know if she’s a top or a bottom, she tells us. Chanel also talks about something that you can do to her and you’re pretty much in. Unless you can come by viewing long legs and pretty feet in sexy heels as many do, nothing pornographic occurs until Chanel withdraws and cups her lovely breasts. They’re freaking big and all natural! She bares them and her faint caps look incredibly suckable.

I don’t know what this babe does to stay in shape but when she sits in profile, Chanel’s waist is waspish yet she doesn’t appear too thin. Flashing her pearly whites and caressing her boobs, Chanel purrs, “I love having my tits sucked.” Then she parts her thighs after further opening her dress.

When you look at the photo set you can see photos of a swelling boner in Chanel’s panties. When she withdraws her cock from her undies in the video, she’s in the same condition. Her throbbing erection lurches upward and she quickly begins stroking it.

When she stands up, I don’t think you’ll be able to not imagine wrapping your lips around her big dick. When she removes more of her clothing and bends over with her bare ass facing the camera, this might be the point many fans lose it. She pushes her panties over her heels and she’s soon barefoot in a position that just screams, “Will you please come and fuck me?!”

Then stunning Chanel is bare assed naked with her tiny wrinkled rosebud winking at you. She’s got a raging hardon and this isn’t even halfway through yet! Chanel finger bangs herself and plays with a long string of pre-cum. I’ve visually let the cat out of the bag about the way she shoots off. If you download this update, it could end up being your amongst your all-time favorites.

Looking into my crystal ball, I see Chanel rapidly becoming an actual porn star, cranking out trans lesbian shoots although I’m pretty certain she prefers men. Perhaps hardcore scenes with hot men and branching out with more major studios – the whole nine.

If you also register for free on my favorite trans webcam site, you can constantly cum with her while interacting LIVE on 

Addi Is Beautiful!

I like the following description of Addi so much, I’m not changing a word: Ever since she graduated from Femout, gorgeous Addi continues to amazes us by dropping one hot scene after another and looking more and more beautiful! This has it all: a pretty face, an amazing body, long legs and long blonde hair… She’s perfect! Omar brings her back once again for you. She arrived dressed casually as a girl next door and we don’t even have to mention that she looked beautiful! Watch her as she strips down and starts showing off her perfect body and her sexy ass! Perfect set-up.

Addi reintroduce herself and asks the rhetorical yet enticing question as to if you’re ready to see her take off her clothes and play with herself again. She pulls together the cutest outdoorsy look with her little hat, boots and flannel because that’s the type of lifestyle she leads. Her striptease is so tortuously teasing. That’s a good thing though because she gives us plenty of time to get aroused to a fever pitch.

With this beautiful face and hot body, I’m always reading descriptions of The-Girl-Next-Door. That came with her debut and encore scenes on Femout.XXX. I see that also but damn. These fans must live in some wonderful neighborhoods! Addi is still wearing her form-fitting tube top when she gives us a peek at her ding-a-ling adding, “You’ll have to wait to see the rest.” Then she flashes her healthy lifestyle firm butt. Her black panties are still on and I told you this was tortuous!

If you think that’s bad, wait until she’s rocking while bent over on the chair with her curvy bottom facing you. Eventually her sports bra and panties come off. I’ve never seen a hotter model on before and it’s been online for what…20 years? Addi’s next butt show involves a deep finger banging and the winking of her tender rosebud to show you what it would feel like squeezing your stiff cock.

If you think you can handle seeing Addi in LIVE solo and hardcore action, register free on my favorite webcam site and head on over to!

Shemale Yum: Stunning Chanel Noir!

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Chanel Noir before in an adult industry scene but I’m still stunned by how stunning she is. Radius Dark introduces her to us however on Shemale Yum all by herself, flipping one of her wedges against a bare heel and showing us she’s not wearing panties. It’s not an explicit revelation, just a flash of bare hip and pierced tummy. She says in her sultry voice that she’s also not wearing a bra.

There’s a moment for admirers of legs that seem to go on forever and barefoot lovers and things quickly kick into high gear. With the somewhat slow stages of nudity in the photo set, you might not expect to see Chanel’s naughty bits so fast if you browse the pics first. But early into the scene, Chanel lays back on the bed with her bare cock, balls and even her love button exposed!

Her sex is literally expanding right before your very eyes as she withdraws her succulent looking breasts and caresses them. The smiling beauty tweaks her nipples and resumes stroking her hardening cock. “It’s making me hard, rubbing my tits,” she utters and she licks one of her pretty nipples. In less than two minutes of this video rolling it looks like her dick is as hard as ever and the head is so swollen and flushed!

She mentions how she’s got some pre-cum going on and uses her fingers to make lewd strings with it. Then she throws her legs behind her shoulders while laying back on the bed to show you how flexible she is. Chanel begins softly rubbing what you know the target of your cock head should be. Then she gives a rear view of her perfectly heart-shaped bottom.

When Chanel sits back up and raises the hem of her dress around her midsection, her raging hard boner stands straight out toward your face. Chanel then raises her dress above her head and then she’s completely nude. Her hardon rises to new heights when she plays with her tits again. Chanel pours some oil across the surface of her shaft and emits a soft moan when she faps again.

My word she has a big dick and she keeps stroking it firmly when her super-high arched feet hit the floor again. Chanel jacks off slowly with her firm butt facing you in an invitation that could not possibly be more direct. Then she’s back on the bed moving gracefully through a variety of positions again in this top shelf update. This is one of the best debut sets ever!


Shemale Yum: Bailey Love Strokes And Cums!

This Shemale Yum update presented by Radius Dark features one of my all-time favorite stars – Bailey Love and it’s all about her encouraging you to cum with her! It’s an installment of the new Cumshot Mondays series. She’s just returned from the hotel’s pool and she says she doesn’t tan. I didn’t think of asking her about that during our interview so maybe we’ll cover that in an update.

As the scene progresses with Bailey fully dressed, She rises and strikes a full frontal pose and then turns around for a long focus on her firm and virtually flawless butt. I don’t even really know why I added “virtually” but no one is supposedly perfect (?). Well, this is about as close to perfect as any set of buttocks I’ve ever seen.

Being in the sun all day makes Bailey horny and she can’t stop thinking about Daddy’s big dick. She made a mold of it and it just happens to be sitting on the bed behind her. She grabs the huge phallus and simulates oral sex with it. She’s going to play with it more of course but now it’s time to take off her top and reveal her natura D-cup tits. How often do you see hormone induced boobs this big?

Bailey shows how sensitive her nipples are and even tweaks them a bit painfully. Then she lays back, stretches her curvaceous legs and asks if you like her heels. It’s impossible to not notice her meticulous sparkly pedicure. Bailey then withdraws her cock from her panties and it’s already standing up on its own. When she rises from the bed, her lovely cock head is swelling right in front of her face.

Her smoothly shaven, wrinkled ball sack is just begging to be tea bagged. She strokes the firm shaft momentarily and then we get views of it bobbing and swaying from what looks like her own POV. Her cock is so hard now and you can still see it bobbing between her thighs when she bends over on the bed to present an explicit view of her ass. I’m once again trying not to use the word “flawless”.

She says that she knows you want to fuck it and then turns over again after saying you’ll have to perform a rimjob first. Then she’s seated facing you, gently rubbing her fingers up and down the length of her big hardon. Bailey beats off more intently while kneeling and she reaches back to play with her butt also. Then her gorgeous ass is in the frame again because it’s time for that huge dildo to reappear.

I should perhaps say the phallus disappears because it’s slowly sinking inside her tight bottom. After the midway point of this Cumshot Monday update, Bailey is completely naked, taking a ride on the enormous tool with her erection pointing directly up at the ceiling! Kudos to you if you can hold back your climax before Bailey shoots her big creamy white load of spunk!

Watch the Free Teaser Trailer

Grooby Girls Top 12 for June 24th

Video Trailer

It’s pretty easy to determine what your biggest hits are when you own a website. This ranking list is something I see as one unaffected by opinions. Whatever you thin of the results, you’ve got to admit that the following is a smoking hot collection of models. The links below will take you to each model’s previews pages with more explicit teaser trailers! Decided on by Grooby staff and producers, their choices for the most interesting 12 models of the last week are…

#1 Ava Bloom – Canada TGirl
#2 Mya – Black TGirls
#3 Hayley Hilton – Shemale.XXX
#4 Beth Bell – Shemale Yum
#5 Valentina Velasquez – Shemale.XXX
#6 Loveliie Wood – Bob’s Tgirls
#7 Bailey Paris – UK TGirls
#8 Red Vex – UK TGirls
#9 Kendall Dreams – Black TGirls
#10 Nikki Vidic – UK TGirls
#11 Mini J – Franks TGirl World
#12 Yadira – Shemale Yum

Video compilation courtesy of the Grooby Girls YouTube channel.

Chelsea Marie Cums!

I’ll take a cum shot any day of the week, but Monday’s are extra special on Shemale Yum. Steven Grooby recently said, “As requested by the members, we’re trying to get more cum shots into the sites. Because of the large array of trans girls models we work with – and the difficulties some models seem to have in cumming, it’s difficult to know how scenes are always going to play out – but we also recognize that a large section of fans, are looking for cum shot scenes. In May we introduced ‘Cum Shot Mondays’ to Shemale Yum. Instead of shooting our usual two sets per shoot (with the second being a cum shot) we’re investing in having these scenes shot as a one shoot solo – and choosing models that we know can deliver the money shot.”

Enter the fabulous Chelsea Marie with her cumtastic June 12, 2017 photo and video set. Get to to see a teaser video trailer if you think you can stand it. I didn’t have to because whenever Chelsea Marie and Radius Dark do a new shoot, I’m always absolutely certain it’s going to be an explosive, savage update.

Their best model/producer chemistry is one of the finest I’ve seen in porn ever. Before Grooby rolled out collaborative individual model websites with ModelCentro, there was a site that was all about Chelsea and it’s

It hasn’t been updated in awhile, but it’s still available for subscribers who don’t want to miss out on a precious body of work from this phenomenal adult industry star.

Chelsea’s 9th Shemale Yum shoot reminds me of the way her individual website was launched, in a new apartment, only now she’s in Sin City.

She was a Florida resident when she first entered the adult industry. Her vocal teasing and striptease are scorching hot with a tremendous build-up. After Chelsea releases her promised cum shot, she moans, “It’s your turn to cum now.”

It makes me wonder how many fans were able to hold off for that long. Get to and you’ll see what I mean.