Shemale Yum: Introducing Jenny Crystal!

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Radius Dark presents Colorado cutie pie Jenny Crystal in a fabulous debut on Shemale Yum! She tells us her very enviable stats first and tells us what she likes to do for fun. When confessing what she likes to do sexually, I find it very intriguing coming from the perspective of someone who’s primarily dominant.

What makes it so exciting is that Jenny isn’t dominant at all. As she sits on the sofa, the focus is on Jenny’s exquisite legs and sexy high heeled feet until it glides up along her svelte figure. She has a permanent friendly, sexy resting face and no desire to keep us waiting too long for her to strip.

Once out of her skirt, Jenny’s got a big lovely bump in the front of her black panties and two glorious rounds in the back. I see it as a virtually flawless ass that’s accentuated by a tiny waist and the flaring out of a well-toned pair of thighs. Once her top is removed to show off her pretty hormone boobs, Jenny mentions how rough you could get with her. Her long hair would be just perfect for a dominant top to lead her along with. As she sits on her knees on the sofa, then lowers her panties, we see that she’s getting turned on by this shoot. Jenny’s cock is really getting stiff! She seems so light as she poses in profile on the couch. Wait until you hear her actual weight.

I don’t know if you’ve ever lifted a hot trans girl while fucking her but I’ll just leave that there. Jenny proceeds to masturbate in a variety of sitting and standing positions. She removes her tall sandals for some prolonged bare foot teasing and the way she explicitly exposes her ass makes it impossible not to wonder how tight it must feel. I’ve seen pretty Jenny Crystal around online but I’ve been waiting for her debut to pop up. I’m always rooting for new adult industry talents who seem to be really sweet. Believe me, this debut was well worth the wait!

Jizzy Jezebel Rides Her Dildo!

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Producer Omar Wax brings back the candylicious beauty of tightly packed Jizzy Jezabel to cum on Shemale Yum. This model reminds me of a phrase that became popular back in the day, “thick in the right places.” What I think of when I hear that is curvaceous, voluptuous and just right. Jizzy asks what we think of her sexy new lingerie in her follow-up video. She poses in a frontal view and then turns around to present a rear view as well and wow, she is built!

Jizzy has a bit of an edge over new studio models because she’s already a well-known name in the webcam industry. Therefore, you’ll be seduced not just by her looks but also by her naughty dialogue all throughout this scene. One big difference I notice between this studio version of Jizzy produced by Omar Wax is how much fun it is to see her in a full wide angle frame from head to toe.

Webcam viewing is often very tight and it’s refreshing to see full body footage. Jizzy also has the space here to move around a lot while stripping.

Since she’s started out only in a brassiere and panties, she gets down to full nudity pretty quickly. But her masturbation method is nice and slow, leading up to some intense and deep finger banging and dildo fucking.

I think you’ll love the sound of the sofa squeaking when she jousts up and down on the big sex toy.

I think you’ll love every minute of this extraordinarily erotic update right down to Jizzy Jezebel’s explosive cumshot.

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Shemale.XXX – Enticing Kylie Maria Returns!

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Whenever beautiful Transgender Erotica Awards 2017 winner for “Best Solo Model” Kylie Maria makes an appearance on a porn site other than her own great one, I think of it as more of a major event than just a shoot. It doesn’t matter that it seems like a gorgeous new trans star enters the adult industry every day. Kylie is the type of young megastar that creates a stir wherever she goes.

You’ve seen the trailer and now you simply must see what producer Radius Dark has done with the full-length scene and the entire photo set! This one sent a few videos on the way to my tablet into the trash bin because it raised the bar so high.

The official synopsis on Shemale.XXX reads: Dressed in hot revealing gothic swimsuit Kylie Maria certainly looks like the fierce and happy one. Getting naked she slowly reveals her assets one by one until she goes completely naked and is jacking off her throbbing cock.

Her photographer wrote in her on-site profile, “I really enjoyed working with Kylie Maria when she came down from the Philly area. Very fun and easy to work with girl, within minutes of meeting we were comfortable with each other.”

“She has great enthusiasm in front of the camera and is practically bursting with sexual energy. I’m really hoping she’ll come back soon as I have a couple guys begging to come and get freaky with her, and I’d love to get them all on camera.”

I can’t top that but I’d like to add a few horny thoughts and facts. This is Kylie’s 10th set on Shemale.XXX and her body of work also includes some killer hardcore scenes. You can get more of this stunner on and on

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Meet Gorgeous Kayleigh Coxx!

MP4 Scene Trailer

“Meet Kayleigh Coxx! Kayleigh is a gorgeous trans girl from Oregon with a beautiful smile and a smoking hot body!” That’s what I read on this babe’s Shemale Yum profile and with her looks and the talents of producer Radius Dark, I knew they’d smash this debut! I thought I’d spotted her on my favorite webcam site Chaturbate not too long ago and figured she’d transfer her home filming to the studio very well.

When this scene begins, Kayleigh lists her enviable stats of 5’7″ 120 lbs and mentions her favorite foods and everyday activities. Then bingo! She is definitely the same girl I saw jerking off live as she confirms that she’s a cam model. As she speaks, she’s wearing a white top and stay-up stockings ad you can catch a glimpse of blue lace panties as she sits with her legs crossed. Then she suddenly parts her thighs and you’re quickly confronted with her lovely cock. The art of surprise isn’t just a great war tactic. It’s also a great way to create raging hardons for everyone watching this update! Kayleigh loves having he dick sucked by men, and she also loves sucking a nice big dick. But her favorite thing is when a hot guy can suck her entire cock. Kayleigh looks so prim and proper on the outside so the contrast of hearing this sexual talk while watching her beat her meat is as transfixing as it is arousing. 

When she stands up for some aerial view stroking, Kayleigh removes her top and lowers a cup of her white brassiere to do a little breast and nipple play. She then removes the bra altogether and straddles the sofa on her knees to present a killer butt show. She shows you everything and then we get POV footage of Kayleigh stroking her fully erect boner as if she’s holding the camera with one hand. The sounds of her masturbating hand pumping up and down the shaft are incredibly sexy and it doesn’t seem like she requires lots of moisture on the shaft.

Eventually she arranges her sexy form into a position I remembered from one of her cam shows. Her legs and feet are high in the air and her wrinkled rosebud is winking below the turgid erection she’s pumping. Not only that but there’s more of her incredible brand of dirty talk too! This is a debut not to be missed on!

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Bob’s Tgirls – Miran Doll Part 1

MP4 Scene Trailer

If you’re not familiar with the gorgeous trans girl in this delicious duo, she’s Miran, the 2017 TEA winner of Best Internet Personality. She’s been on Bob’s Tgirls before and it’s like a major event each time. Lucy is the lucky girl who gets to play with Miran as a sexualized Barbie in Miran Doll Part 1 of 3.

Lucy displays how wonderful her mouth can be while chewing on bubble gum and licking a huge lollipop when the first installment begins. A blow pop comes next and it’s as playful as it is erotic. She creates bubbles and attacks more candy in her playroom and rushes to the door when a delivery arrives.

The precious cargo is smiling Miran in a toy box. The petite fox is stronger than she looks and she pulls the human toy in the box into the room with relative ease. Upon withdrawing her Miran doll from the packaging, she’s elated that her toy looks just like the vision in the photos she loves. The doll is animated and actually talks while being admired. Lucy decides to put Miran into pajamas which involves removing her top.

The deeply-tanned toy has amazingly firm boobs and a streamlined torso. The strange thing is that once the shorts are off, the bulge in Miran Doll’s pretty panties is “Kind of bumpy” as she puts it. Lucy says that hers isn’t like that, drawing her own panties along the soft ridges of her pussy. Lucy pulls down the doll’s undies and she’s fascinated by what she finds inside. She didn’t understand what a tgirl doll meant in the description, but Miran doll informs her.

She touches the doll’s body saying it looks like that of the other dolls she has. But she then curls her finger around the toy’s cock and balls exclaiming, “But this is extra.” Miran informs Lucy that it’s for extra fun.

Lucy insists that if Miran Doll stays, she must do everything she says. Consider who the girl playing the doll’s new owner in this scene. She’s actually a Los Angeles Dominatrix named Mistress Lucy Khan and I was wondering when this useful talent was going to kick in. Dress up games follow and candy eating but Miran Doll goes about sucking Lucy’s finger the wrong way. There’s still candy under her nail.

Punishment is in order and the doll is going back to the factory unless her owner is pleased. It’s time for a bare bottom spanking in this first installment of Miran Doll on It starts out pretty light, but the BDSM play with a glamorous touch gets really, really kinky!

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