Redhead Doll Hiromi!

When I think of a redhead or “Ginger” I don’t usually think of a Japanese trans girl model. Not unless I’m thinking of someone perhaps like beautiful Hiromi presented by Hiro on She now has five stunning updates here including a blazing hot hardcore scene!

Producer Hiro describes how he discovered Hiromi and made her a new-half star. “Akihabara of Tokyo, which is said to be the Mecca of Anime fans, is a unique town where there are always lots of girls dressed up in maid, nurse or other Cosplay costumes. I was strolling around the town one day by myself and spotted a super cute girl with a killer figure. I talked to her and found out that she was a newhalf! That’s how I met Hiromi.”

“She is now 23 years old and works at a coffee shop as a waitress. Although Hiromi has never done porn before, she was so eager for the sex and so curious about the experience that she had to do this photo-shoot for”

“In this (her first) photo-shoot, Hiromi is wearing the same maid costume that she wore when I first met her in Akihabara. She looks awesome in it, with her beautiful pale, translucent skin, natural hormonal breasts and a huge cock. She even completes her role-play with a perfectly hyper-girlie, `cum-and-dominate-me` voice in an anime-voice-over fashion. Hiromi claims to be a bit obsessive about things. She is a big anime fan, is into cosplay, Karaoke and video games. She prefers older men – old enough to be her father that is – who are protective and reliable.”

Her stats are: Height: 165cm (5ft’ 4″), Weight: 48kg (106lbs), 80/61/84 (31/24/33). In her 5th scene, Hiromi displays her trademark shy cosplay cuteness as a submissive maid exposing herself. She withdraws and strokes her cock, then massages her pretty breasts. She actually gets some help with her straining hardon from her horny producer.

Hiromi’s erotic high-pitched exclamations enhance the sight of her getting jerked off. Hiromi also gets fondled from behind and I think you’ll wonder how Hiro restrained himself from fucking her! I don’t know if I would have had that kind of self-control. She simulates foot fucking a cock with a big dildo in stockings and then with her cute and sexy little bare feet.

All this occurs while she jacks her erection and the sex toy is slickened with lube that resembles cum. Don’t miss this torrid update on

Mike Panic Fucks Kellie Shaw!

This is my third rave about the statuesque beauty Kellie Shaw. Check out my Introducing Kellie Shaw and Pretty Kelly Toys and Cums! if you like the way this is going so far. Her Shemale.XXX profile reads: Lovely Kellie Shaw made it clear. She’s a butt slut. She loves to be fucked doggystyle and missionary and prefers to only bottom.

She said her big, 7.5″ cock hadn’t seen this much action in three years. She was very professional and prompt. The shoot took far less time than usual with a new model. She’d done some modeling in the past, but when I directed her, she just executed. She’s another one of those ‘Tall Goddesses’ standing 6’3″. She’s got crazy long, muscular legs that are probably my favorite physical trait about her.

Radius Dark presents his 3rd Kelli Shaw update and it’s a hardcore blowout with Mike Panic who completely takes advantage of topping this beautiful passive model. Before Mike actually fucks Kellie, they begin making out on the bed. They’re fully dressed and start helping each other out of their clothing. Kellie’s top and bra come off, exposing her gorgeous hormone breasts. As she lays back with Mike hovering over Kellie, her skirt rides up to expose the big bulge in her panties.

He withdraws her big uncut cock and starts jerking it firmly. Once Kellie’s long rod is fully erect Mike proceeds to give it a sucking. Then a finger banging comes with the blowjob. Mike gets his big dick out of his jeans and then Kellie eagerly takes it inside her mouth. The full body footage of this babe is amazing while she gives head. At about the midway point, Mike begins fucking Kellie in the doggystyle position!

Kellie’s yelps and moans as she gets railed are the sexiest I’ve heard in awhile. I love Mike’s aggressive hair-pulling style of fucking and Kellie obviously does too with her jerking off and her wild sounds. I love the way she stares at us once she’s flipped over. Her big dick is still hard as Mike pounds in and out of her! There’s cowgirl fucking and reverse cowgirl penetration too. Kellie is getting laid in the missionary position with a hand clasped around her slender neck – her own hand wrapped around her erection. That’s the way things are when her big dick shoots its load!

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Mike stops fucking her to taste her nectar. Kellie takes a huge facial and sucks Mike’s cock dry. This torrid Shemale.XXX update ends with passionate kissing.

Seira Mikami Toys Her Ass!

This update produced by Hiro is the 10th update with beautiful Seira Mikami! Her measurements upon her debut were: Height: 165 cms (5ft 4in), Weight: 49kg (108lb), Stats: 90/59/85 (35/23/33) and it looks like things thankfully haven’t changed much since Seira’s first shoot in December of 2008.

We’re looking forward to the new watermark and name change of (as well as High contrast sexiness begins with Seira in a kimono dress and clear stripper heels. She sits upon a work station stretching and crossing her lovely legs and opening to expose a bulging panty pouch. Seira has small dainty feet and she rocks grey toenail polish.

Her breast exposure is just ravishing with Seira cupping her perfectly round orbs. Seira looks intensely aroused when she slips a hand inside her undies and begins to masturbate.

As her sensations deepen she makes high-pitched squeals and moans many of us have come to adore from Japanese trans porn. While she’s jerking off her thick cock it kinds of sounds like you’re having sex with Mini Mouse.

That might seem absurd but it’s very arousing in a weird way. It’s the kind of weirdness we love, especially when combined with the huge dildo that appears beneath her sexy bottom. Seira takes her time reaching the peak of arousal in which she can no longer stand not having that dildo inside her. She hovers above it and slowly sinks down.

After jerking off for quite some time with the sexy toy embedded to the base, she lays back and intently fucks herself with it! Those sounds of ecstasy she makes get louder and wilder as this update continues.

Sofia Cums Especially For You!

Gorgeous veteran model Sofia Ferreira glides into the living room area of producer Buddy Wood’s Southern California home in a long red gown and tall sandals with old Hollywood glamour.

High style and elegance are the first things I think about whenever she returns for an update. Sex is included of course! Sofia asks if we like her new gown, if we’d like to see what’s under it and if we can guess what’s under it.

Then she bares a big, round set of large knockers. This Shemale.XXX scene is heating up quite quickly! Sofia arranges the gown to reveal her big sexy bottom next and she bends over with the dress gathered about her waist.

She then begins rubbing the spot you’d most likely want to insert your erection deeply. Sofia rises to her feet to let her gown slip down off she steps out of it. A more naked butt show follows and she then stands up facing us.

Sofia jerks off flaccid at first and continues laying on the sofa fully erect. I can’t imagine any top not craving to fuck this beauty in the missionary position at this point. Sofia moves through a series of positions while jerking off furiously.

But she’s on her back when we know her climax is about to take place. Her tremendous orgasm occurs with warning and then Sofia’s cock fires jet after jet into the air to land as high up as her bosom!

I don’t know what’s sexier – the sight or sound she makes when she cums in the Shemale.XXX update. Sofia made her debut here back in September of 2012.

Shemale.XXX – Pretty Kellie Toys And Cums!

I just had to review Introducing Kellie Shaw and that move was a good indicator that this fantastic new model would inspire me to also review Pretty Kellie Toys And Cums! which is her encore Shemale.XXX performance.

She’s standing in a tastefully decorated hotel room near the bed in a midriff-baring top, semi-sheer long skirt, black stockings and pumps looking absolutely stunning! You can see the seams of her stockings when she sits on the bed causing the hem of her skirt to ride up her long legs.

“Do you wanna see my girl cock get hard and cum for you?” she asks. Then her striptease begins. She kicks off her pumps first and performs a brief foot tease. Then she slips out of her skirt and top which leaves her only in her stockings and lingerie.

Kellie moves her panties to one side to withdraw her uncut cock. Kellie is not a grower. She has a big dick and it’s clearly evident even when flaccid that it’s going to swell to impressive proportions. Kellie strokes her prick until it’s fully erect telling us that she’s getting hard just thinking about you fucking her.

Kellie is a bottom and you’re going to be the only one doing the fucking…. always. There’s stunning footage that Radius Dark captures of Kellie baring her breasts and playing with her beautiful nipples. But her massive cock and tiny rosebud take focus when she’s masturbating pantiless.

Kelli shows how tight her ass is by fucking herself with a rather large sex toy. this self-fucking/fap session might have you wondering if you could suck the bulbous pink head of her cock while you’re fucking her!

I’m just saying. If the sight of Kellie making the cum blast out of her long and thick rod doesn’t make you shoot off, perhaps her sexy sounds of arousal already took you there. I look forward to raving about her again on Shemale.XXX!

Shemales From Hell: Isa Potter & Marcus

Producer Khan presents a sizzling hardcore scene with veteran male star Marcus with the relatively new to the adult industry model Isa Potter. This Shemales From Hell update was a must see having been introduced to Isa on Brazilian Transsexuals in July in another hardcore scene with another trans beauty by the name of Giulia Palomares.

Isabelli had a spectacular follow-up solo performance on that site two weeks ago. To save you some time, you can check out the Isa Potter on Brazilian Transsexuals profile page for previews. But today’s focus is on Isabelli and Marcus on

First of all, there’s a lot of buzz about the fact that Isa rocks short hair. I’m biased and prefer longer hair myself, but Isa Potter’s facial structure and overall personae makes a short coiffure look exquisite. The color compliments her complexion beautifully too.

This scene opens with Isa and Marcus making out in bed. After baring and orally devouring Isa’s big boobs quickly, Marcus pulls down her cut-off denim shorts and black panties at the same time. His girl’s big cock is raging hard already and Marcus proceeds to suck it with no hesitation. Sorry if you wanted a warm-up before foreplay because all this happens within the first two minutes. Isa’s body is a chiseled masterpiece of athleticism and it’s a sheer pleasure to see her completely naked. She spends a lot of time going down on Marcus in return and I love seeing how stiff her big dick remains while she sucks his super-sized erection.

Isa strokes her boner while getting railed by Marcus in the missionary and side saddle positions. Isabelli makes the term “fully functional” seem like an understatement by straddling Marcus and fucking him just as powerfully as he managed to bang her lovely ass! Marcus is on his back beating off with Isa giving him her jackhammer thrusts when he loses his cum all over his abs. Gorgeous Isa shoots her creamy white cum across his face in this torrid update.

A subscription to this site includes full access bonus memberships to and Trannies Fuck! That’s THREE SITES for one price.

Shemale.XXX – Introducing Kellie Shaw!

On a hot website with a proper name change on the way, Radius Dark presents the delicious eye candy of new model Kellie Shaw from Phoenix, Arizona and writes, “Lovely Kellie Shaw made it clear. She’s a butt slut. She loves to be fucked doggystyle and missionary and prefers to only bottom.

She said her big, 7.5″ cock hadn’t seen this much action in three years. She was very professional and prompt. The shoot took far less time than usual with a new model. She’d done some modeling in the past, but when I directed her, she just executed. She’s another one of those ‘Tall Goddesses’ standing 6’3″. She’s got crazy long, muscular legs that are probably my favorite physical trait about her.”

While watching Kellie’s debut, I was wondering if I’d find her legs the most prime real estate of her body also. She’s wearing short shorts and gladiator sandals while seated at first so it’ll be easier to judge once she stands up.

The things I love most about her opening interview are that she loves reading and cooking. She’s had lots of public sex and doesn’t have a type. She’s open to gender and she’s addicted to anal sex. I wouldn’t have guessed by her super cute girl-next-door attire but she’s also into BDSM, specifically rope work.

Moving forward, Kellie goes into detail about a time she had sex on a bus. I’ll let you hear it from Kellie’s own pretty lips. Her breasts are all natural and one of the first results of her HRT. Kellie loves her super sensitive and super perky boobs and they’re perfection in my eyes.

I wouldn’t change a thing about her boobs or her slenderness. Any chick with a tummy that looks this cute while she’s sitting down is on the right side of physical fitness. I could go on and on about the Kellie Shaw Shemale.XXX debut but this is a gem I really want you to see and hear for yourself.

Lastly, my favorite physical traits about her are currently undecided. I’m leaning toward that shapely ass for fucking and big cock for sucking but that’s when I’m not looking at her strong, lovely legs.

Watch Kellie’s Free Trailer

Shemale.XXX: Nicole Mancini – Naughty Babe In The Kitchen!

Does confidence turn you on? If so, check out the words of this stunning new model: “I am the baddest BITCH! My tight slim figure will make your jaws drop. I can give and take dick like no other. It turns me on when guys are with their home boys and try anything to get my attention. Like literally at the park working out in yoga pants and sports bra. This guy playing basketball with his boys, walked clear across the park to come over and hit on me. After I told him about my little ‘big secret’, said he didn’t care because I was so hot. But yeah, it’s stuff like that, that makes me moist.”

With all this recent R&B singer Bobby V and Lil Scrappy/Breakfast Club controversy going on, I’m especially glad to hear about at trans revealing the truth about her status. It’s true indeed that Nicole’s cock is big when it’s erect. Hell, her fun spot is even big – impossible miss with your swollen cock. I think her best feature is her face however. She’s just so damn pretty! On top of that, she has an unpredictable side that’s riveting. You never quite know what’s going to happen next with her. My Nicole Mancini education seems sort of backwards.

MP4 Scene Trailer with Soldier Boi

Before she was doing major studio work like her two Shemale.XXX updates, I know of her from as a tremendously talented LIVE performer. Traditionally we see most models doing solo scenes before hardcore.

But many of us saw her hardcore debut with Soldier Boi or at least the scene trailer the website first. Her solo video kicks into high gear after the first half. I’m specifically referring to the sequence where Nicole spanks her ass while standing and then starts jacking her hips with a big, juicy hardon. Every moment from then on is erotically magical.

Shemale.XXX: Chanel Noir Fucked By Kai Donec!

The official synopsis of this scene produced by Radius Dark reads: This hot brunette Grooby babe certainly has that seductive look to her and she has no troubles seducing this horny butt loving Kai Donec.

The couple enjoy a sensual make out session before the real action begins where Chanel and Kai passionately exchange sucking their cocks. Then Chanel spreads her legs wide to give a way for Kai’s hungry hard cock and gives her one great fucking experience.

I don’t know why I had a strong feeling that we would see a hardcore scene with beautiful Chanel Noir soon. Perhaps it’s because I knew of her status as a bottom and about her desire for hot hung men from her in-depth video interviews with Mr. Dark from previous scenes.

This Shemale.XXX scene has a plot that begins with Chanel in deep thought as she awaits and interview with Mr. Donec. We know how attractive she finds him since we’re reading her private thoughts.

Chanel is intent on nailing this job and on Kai Donec nailing her. She’s getting excited just thinking about them having sex and she begins rubbing the front of her dress as she sits on the sofa. Finally, the man enters the room and she’s right – he is cute.

As the story unfolds about what this job entails, you can feel the sexual tension building, mostly from Chanel. This is because her statements about why she would be so right for this job is full of double entendre.

There’s no lack of communication going on here and at the appropriate moment, Mr. Donec rises from the couch to unbuckle his belt and unzip his jeans. Nothing about this job interview was a gateway for sex on either’s part, but it’s where things are headed now! Mr. Donec’s cock is headed between Chanel’s pretty lips and deeply within her gorgeous and tight ass!

I really love that the potential boss had no reservations about sucking Chanel’s erection before bareback fucking her! I also love both cum shots and the intimacy that plays out before this Shemale.XXX update comes to a close.

Shemale.XXX: Nicole Mancini Fucked By Soldier Boi

Omar Wax presents a bareback hardcore scene with two stars so hot that I can’t see how this could possibly be on fire. It is. Soldier Boi is in a hot mess under scrutiny by beautiful Nicole Mancini, and actress who’s new to major studio adult entertainment, but not new to the industry. She’s an incredible LIVE webcam performer and I’ll provide her link after this brief scene write-up.

It takes a strong man to handle an explosive fox like this who in this scene seems like she could easily inspire cable shows like Bad Girls Club to launch and thrive. She portrays the type of volatile, unpredictable chick who makes you think to yourself “Thank God!” when she settles down and you know you’re out of trouble. Soldier Boi’s great performance reminds us of why he keeps getting nominated for top industry honors. As for Nicole Mancini, her looks rank a 15 on a scale from 1 to 10.

I just saw her performing on Chaturbate and I can’t remember exactly how long she’s been a prolific webcam goddess there. Back to the video, it’s so torrid and based in so many people’s reality it’s disturbing! Is there any such thing as too real for a couples scene? No, not for me. I won’t go into further detail about all the details of this production and spoil the theme for you. I appreciate how well thought out it is too much. To find out what it’s like to be an award nominated male porn star, check out the PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi.

You can watch the free teaser trailer of Nicole Mancini and Soldier Boi on Shemale.XXX. Catch Nicole Mancini performing LIVE on Yep, all that beauty AND a big dick.

Lastly, this is easily the most explosive scenario I’ve ever seen on Shemale.XXX!