Noon: Naked In The Kitchen!

I love the insight the producer of this exquisite Ladyboy-Ladyboy update provides saying, “I came across Noon in a mall. She was working in those small phone case shops. She was just 17 at that time so we exchanged our numbers and the day she turned (18) she sent me a message asking if she could come take photos! She did pretty good and was not that shy. She has a Thai boyfriend at the moment so she doesn’t want to share her contact info but keep checking here in case she changes her mind.”

I’m intrigued by the way this scene went into development. “Noon: Naked In The Kitchen!” is this stunning model’s debut but the man who discovered and filmed her is the producer behind Franks-TGirlWorld where he captured her in a debut and cum shot follow-up scene! “Hung Noon Gets Naked!” was her debut there followed by “Cum Shooting With Lovely Noon“.

These titles alone are stretching out my panties, let alone the performances! But I digress. Noon’s kitchen performance on She uses the small area more like a catwalk than a place to cook and eat wearing a white dress and clear mules with black platforms and sparkly heels.

If you’re not paying close attention you’ll miss the moment she flashes her bare cock and balls. She’s greeted and welcomed by Frank as she caresses her boobs through the shift. Noon says her name and age, adding that she’s from Bangkok, but not as a bar dancer.

Noon has an adorable face as you can see and I don’t think it’s odd or pedo that she still wears braces. I do like the way she licks her lips often and confirms that it’s true that she has a big banana.

Breast and nipple stimulation seem to be big parts of Noon’s arousal. One of my biggest turn-ons is watching her stroking her big cock with the fabric of her dress. We’ve seen it flaccid but not erect as of yet.

But just wait until you see the monster that Noon is packing between her lovely legs on!

Shemales From Hell: Isa Potter & Marcus

Producer Khan presents a sizzling hardcore scene with veteran male star Marcus with the relatively new to the adult industry model Isa Potter. This Shemales From Hell update was a must see having been introduced to Isa on Brazilian Transsexuals in July in another hardcore scene with another trans beauty by the name of Giulia Palomares.

Isabelli had a spectacular follow-up solo performance on that site two weeks ago. To save you some time, you can check out the Isa Potter on Brazilian Transsexuals profile page for previews. But today’s focus is on Isabelli and Marcus on

First of all, there’s a lot of buzz about the fact that Isa rocks short hair. I’m biased and prefer longer hair myself, but Isa Potter’s facial structure and overall personae makes a short coiffure look exquisite. The color compliments her complexion beautifully too.

This scene opens with Isa and Marcus making out in bed. After baring and orally devouring Isa’s big boobs quickly, Marcus pulls down her cut-off denim shorts and black panties at the same time. His girl’s big cock is raging hard already and Marcus proceeds to suck it with no hesitation. Sorry if you wanted a warm-up before foreplay because all this happens within the first two minutes. Isa’s body is a chiseled masterpiece of athleticism and it’s a sheer pleasure to see her completely naked. She spends a lot of time going down on Marcus in return and I love seeing how stiff her big dick remains while she sucks his super-sized erection.

Isa strokes her boner while getting railed by Marcus in the missionary and side saddle positions. Isabelli makes the term “fully functional” seem like an understatement by straddling Marcus and fucking him just as powerfully as he managed to bang her lovely ass! Marcus is on his back beating off with Isa giving him her jackhammer thrusts when he loses his cum all over his abs. Gorgeous Isa shoots her creamy white cum across his face in this torrid update.

A subscription to this site includes full access bonus memberships to and Trannies Fuck! That’s THREE SITES for one price.

Karina Shiratori’s Solo Fun!

I always seem to zig while most others zag but it is what it is. For instance, Karina (Misaki) Shiratori was and is my all-time favorite Japanese adult industry performer ever. That’s not to take anything away from the runners-up in my mind.

I just have a special place in my heart for Karina because I simply can relate to her for reasons yet unknown. Hiro is one of my favorite producers ever. Karina is a celebrity show-dancer who enjoys mainstream success in Japan. She is a Tokyo born and bred but her mother is from the North-east of Japan. Her stats are: Height: 160 cm (5’2″), Weight: 46kg (102 lbs), Measurements: 92/58/90 (36/23/35).

This is Karina’s twentieth scene! It begins with Karina facing us seated and dressed as a classic Geisha girl. Her small, dainty feet are bare as well as the lovely legs we begin to see more and more of. Then we get a peek at the pretty cock between her legs!

Can you imagine having your own personal Geisha girl with a robe that covers so much, yet she’s naked underneath? After presenting a long foot fetish and leg admirers show, Karina pleases firm breast lovers next. She makes them jiggle and sway as she caresses them and then she takes hold of her exposed cock.

Soon it’s fully erect and pointing upward toward the rice paper ceiling! There are sparse hairs curling around the base of the thick shaft and Karina’s cock head is now fully visible. It looks so needy of being sucked!

Karina’s masturbation continues with her standing and then she turns around for a devastating butt show. Then we’re suddenly transported into the sauna with this beauty jerking off completely nude!

If that’s not enough eroticism and photographic wizardry for you, we’re outside in the water with Karina. Go see this masterpiece theater on!

Shemale.XXX: Nicole Mancini – Naughty Babe In The Kitchen!

Does confidence turn you on? If so, check out the words of this stunning new model: “I am the baddest BITCH! My tight slim figure will make your jaws drop. I can give and take dick like no other. It turns me on when guys are with their home boys and try anything to get my attention. Like literally at the park working out in yoga pants and sports bra. This guy playing basketball with his boys, walked clear across the park to come over and hit on me. After I told him about my little ‘big secret’, said he didn’t care because I was so hot. But yeah, it’s stuff like that, that makes me moist.”

With all this recent R&B singer Bobby V and Lil Scrappy/Breakfast Club controversy going on, I’m especially glad to hear about at trans revealing the truth about her status. It’s true indeed that Nicole’s cock is big when it’s erect. Hell, her fun spot is even big – impossible miss with your swollen cock. I think her best feature is her face however. She’s just so damn pretty! On top of that, she has an unpredictable side that’s riveting. You never quite know what’s going to happen next with her. My Nicole Mancini education seems sort of backwards.

MP4 Scene Trailer with Soldier Boi

Before she was doing major studio work like her two Shemale.XXX updates, I know of her from as a tremendously talented LIVE performer. Traditionally we see most models doing solo scenes before hardcore.

But many of us saw her hardcore debut with Soldier Boi or at least the scene trailer the website first. Her solo video kicks into high gear after the first half. I’m specifically referring to the sequence where Nicole spanks her ass while standing and then starts jacking her hips with a big, juicy hardon. Every moment from then on is erotically magical.

Shemale Yum: Alexa Vex Cums For You!

It’s such a pleasure to write about this exciting new model again. “I’m gettin’ up to no good,” sexy Alexa Vex confesses when her encore Shemale Yum scene begins. Radius Dark films her kneeling on the bed with a form-fitting pink top and famous British designer panties raking her fingernails along her bulge. Oooo, that’s quite a long bulge too!

The shaft and bulbous head of her large, delectable digit are raging hard already as evidenced by it’s springy withdrawal from the undies. Alexa’s “secret” it out and getting stroked firmly. Alexa actually does seem hornier than she was in her debut of on Foot Fetish TS.

I think you’ll really love the way Mr. Dark captures her erection in various angles including a POV that makes it seem like Alexa is operating the camera.

When Alexa moans, “Mmmm, I wanna get fucked so hard right now,” I’m reminded of her spectacular Chaturbate LIVE shows. That medium is so much different than studio filming so I can’t say that one is better than the other. That’s unless we’re talking about production values.

Videos on are far superior in quality than any live production I’ve ever seen. It depends on whether you want to interact or not which medium you’ll prefer. The best initial but show occurs when Alexa is bent over beating off with her panties around her ankles.

While she remains clothed for a good portion of this scene, she’s completely nude before it’s halfway over! This is important because her body is a masterpiece of good genes combined with obviously hard work.

Alexa’s big dick fap session is assisted with her application of lube this changes the trajectory of her masturbation. It goes from casual at this point to more intent and focused. In fact, Alexa lets you know when she’s about to climax so you can time your orgasm with hers. She’s sitting upright when streams of cum eject from her swollen cock head in “Alexa Vex Cums For You!” on!

To watch Alexa Vex performing LIVE, register free and catch her on

Review by @tscaramel on Twitter

Shemale.XXX: Chanel Noir Fucked By Kai Donec!

The official synopsis of this scene produced by Radius Dark reads: This hot brunette Grooby babe certainly has that seductive look to her and she has no troubles seducing this horny butt loving Kai Donec.

The couple enjoy a sensual make out session before the real action begins where Chanel and Kai passionately exchange sucking their cocks. Then Chanel spreads her legs wide to give a way for Kai’s hungry hard cock and gives her one great fucking experience.

I don’t know why I had a strong feeling that we would see a hardcore scene with beautiful Chanel Noir soon. Perhaps it’s because I knew of her status as a bottom and about her desire for hot hung men from her in-depth video interviews with Mr. Dark from previous scenes.

This Shemale.XXX scene has a plot that begins with Chanel in deep thought as she awaits and interview with Mr. Donec. We know how attractive she finds him since we’re reading her private thoughts.

Chanel is intent on nailing this job and on Kai Donec nailing her. She’s getting excited just thinking about them having sex and she begins rubbing the front of her dress as she sits on the sofa. Finally, the man enters the room and she’s right – he is cute.

As the story unfolds about what this job entails, you can feel the sexual tension building, mostly from Chanel. This is because her statements about why she would be so right for this job is full of double entendre.

There’s no lack of communication going on here and at the appropriate moment, Mr. Donec rises from the couch to unbuckle his belt and unzip his jeans. Nothing about this job interview was a gateway for sex on either’s part, but it’s where things are headed now! Mr. Donec’s cock is headed between Chanel’s pretty lips and deeply within her gorgeous and tight ass!

I really love that the potential boss had no reservations about sucking Chanel’s erection before bareback fucking her! I also love both cum shots and the intimacy that plays out before this Shemale.XXX update comes to a close.

Ladyboy-Ladyboy: Very Naughty Schoolgirl Cindy!

I’m shaking my head watching my Ladyboy-Ladyboy video with Cindy beginning with the Ultra 4k opening. Back in the day, who would have thought these productions would be crystal clear, still going strong for almost 20 years? This model dressed as sexy school girl introduces herself in English and it occurs to me that she’s probably about the same age as the site she’s on.

Cindy is from Bangkok, Thailand and her waspish waist is emphasized by the short midriff baring top she’s opening. I’m not sure when the last time was that I’ve been with a trans girl so tiny. I don’t see any breast growth yet but looking at her hair and overall style, I tend to believe she’s in early transition stages. If she’s not, that makes me no less attracted. When I saw her preview photos and video clip on, I noticed this sexy thing she does with her lips.

When Cindy is turned on, it’s obvious by the way she curls her lips into a snarl. This little thing transforms her from an innocent waif into brazen sex kitten. She strips completely naked in less than two minutes and begins tweaking a nipple and stroking the shaft of her dark uncut cock. As she sits at the edge of the tub jerking off, I’m saying to myself, “You’re moving so fast, girl.”

I know this video runs over 16 minutes so what else is there left for her to do? The answer is to allow Sampson Dark to capture unexpected angles of this cutie pie playing with herself. I’m not sure if she’s edging or if she’s going to cum after all this build-up. Whatever happens this makes me want to see her debut video also by Sampson Dark entitled “Incredibly Naughty Cindy Strokes!” I just love watching her and I also might check out what she’s done on also.

Watch Cindy’s Trailers on

Shemale Yum: Alisia Rae Returns!

Her Shemale Yum announcement reads: Guess who’s back! Gorgeous teen hottie Alisia Rae is back! Discovered by Omar Wax she was introduced to the world in February and starred in two solo scenes and one smoking hot hardcore scene! We know you were waiting for this 18 years cutie to come back – so here she is looking sexy as hell and eager to get naughty for our camera! She’s just unbelievably cute! Watch her stripping and showing off her perfect body! Well, okay. “Don’t mind if I do,” I told myself.

Omar introduces her this time sitting at the edge of a tub wearing sheer red lingerie and black and white panties. Bare legs and feet, ankle bracelets and a pedicure that matches Alisia’s babydoll emerge from the tub and there’s so much beauty happening it’s hard to decide where to focus next. Outside of the tub, she lowers her panties and presents a mesmerizing butt show. Her cock and balls are visible but not completely until she turns around for a full frontal view, peeking beneath the hem of her garment.

Alisia does a little nipple play before using her lingerie like a burlesque dancer who must have scene a retro striptease or two in her 18 year old life. She smacks her ass rather hard and calls her stiffening dick nice and juicy as she strokes it. If you think that you might have a chance to meet Alisia one day, take special note of the way she masturbates while moaning deeply.

She has an original way of running her fingers across her cockhead with her thumb gliding across the top. Her left hand is applied firmly against her pubic region. She also likes rubbing her nipples when playing with herself. Just something I’ve noticed about this stunning beauty her latest spectacular update!

Shemale.XXX: Nicole Mancini Fucked By Soldier Boi

Omar Wax presents a bareback hardcore scene with two stars so hot that I can’t see how this could possibly be on fire. It is. Soldier Boi is in a hot mess under scrutiny by beautiful Nicole Mancini, and actress who’s new to major studio adult entertainment, but not new to the industry. She’s an incredible LIVE webcam performer and I’ll provide her link after this brief scene write-up.

It takes a strong man to handle an explosive fox like this who in this scene seems like she could easily inspire cable shows like Bad Girls Club to launch and thrive. She portrays the type of volatile, unpredictable chick who makes you think to yourself “Thank God!” when she settles down and you know you’re out of trouble. Soldier Boi’s great performance reminds us of why he keeps getting nominated for top industry honors. As for Nicole Mancini, her looks rank a 15 on a scale from 1 to 10.

I just saw her performing on Chaturbate and I can’t remember exactly how long she’s been a prolific webcam goddess there. Back to the video, it’s so torrid and based in so many people’s reality it’s disturbing! Is there any such thing as too real for a couples scene? No, not for me. I won’t go into further detail about all the details of this production and spoil the theme for you. I appreciate how well thought out it is too much. To find out what it’s like to be an award nominated male porn star, check out the PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi.

You can watch the free teaser trailer of Nicole Mancini and Soldier Boi on Shemale.XXX. Catch Nicole Mancini performing LIVE on Yep, all that beauty AND a big dick.

Lastly, this is easily the most explosive scenario I’ve ever seen on Shemale.XXX!

Meet Sexy Alexa Vex!

The title of her Shemale Yum debut by Radius Dark is entitled “Meet Sexy Alexa Vex!” but I already did that, not in real life mind you. Mr. Dark also presented her on Foot Fetish TS in “Alexa Vex Removes Her Flip Flops & Wants a Foot Rub!”. I also knew of her as a remarkable Chaturbate model.

MP4 Teaser Trailer

On FFTS her video profile description reads: Alexa Vex stands 6’2″ with some pretty, wide size 12 feet that would absolutely stuff your mouth. She’s got some long sexy toes and they curve so nicely. Alexa takes off her flip flops and shows off her sexy soles, commanding you to put your tongue in between her toes. She spreads her toes and shows off her plump soles. She stands up, leaving your face by her feet as she tip toes and shows off the soles of her feet from ground level…Well, you can see how the rest of that sexy scene plays out on But Radius Dark also produced the debut of Alexa Vex on and let’s focus on that now if you don’t mind. She says she likes video games, skinny dipping, art and dancing as her debut scene open. Alexa is wearing a black top, pleated skirt and mid-heel sandals as she adds that she enjoys sucking dick. “As long as it’s big and juicy,” Alexa says and then she exposes the one between her legs. She takes hold of it and begins pulling firmly.

Then she turns around and bends over this her colorful panties failing at hiding her ball sack and most of her heart-shaped ass. Alexa has a great set of thighs to support that curvy bottom of hers and she pushes her cock back between her thighs. It was already stiffening when this video began running. She asks if you want to see her get harder and continues stroking. Alexa unsnaps and removes her skirt as her fap session becomes a seated one. You’ll see that Alexa’s bra matches the panties she’s barely wearing and her big stiff cock stands upward when she briefly releases it.

Alexa removes her brassiere next and begins hefting her gorgeous natural breasts. When she removes her sandals, you’re instantly reminded why she’d be chosen for a website dedicated to foot lovers also. But what follows is an incredible bare ass show that’s perfect for this site.

Alexa steps out of her panties and with the exception of her stylish eyewear she’s completely naked. She raises her long legs and opens them widely as she continues to masturbate her big boner in this spectacular debut. You can also catch her performing LIVE on!