Good Bed Fuck With Natassia And Soldier Boi!

TEA Award Winner and two time AVN & XBIZ Nominee Natassia Dreams meets three time TEA nominee Soldier Boi for a killer hardcore Shemale.XXX update! The sexy are all worked up from a wild bachelorette party in Las Vegas.

Natassia is especially pre-heated from the hot girls, male strippers and her studly date. Being the perfect gentleman, Soldier Boi’s attention is solely focused on Natassia in the bedroom. He first pays attention to her magnificent bottom after the hem of her dress goes up in this steamy update.

Natassia wiggles her sexy bottom while perched on the ottoman and gets a rimjob for her efforts. I hope the walls of this posh bedroom are insulated because her moaning is loud! Once Soldier Boi’s shirt is off, revealing his rippling muscles, Natassia seeks out his love muscle. She proceeds to give him a blowjob, with her dress and panties just barely on.

She gags on his BBC, but in a fun way. Natassia then lays back on the bed with her long legs open widely. Soldier Boi gets in position for a torrid bareback side saddle drilling next. Natassia jerks off while getting pounded and reveals her large, firm breasts.

Natassia also gets a tremendous doggy style fucking! Then she rides Soldier Boi’s rock hard prong in the reverse cowgirl position. Her cock swings this way and that and in circles until she jerks off again while riding her man’s turgid organ. See how the rest of this fabulous Omar Wax production plays out.

Also check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi and the official website.

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Sexy Big Cocked Bailey Love!

Model/Producer River Stark presented the debut and follow-up shoots with gorgeous Bailey Love. Radius Dark is responsible for her third set. In this one, the Green Bay, Wisconsin fox is Sin City wishing she had a big dick to deepthroat. She pinches the pert nipples of her natural 32D tits and stands up asking if we like her little pink outfit. “This is what you want, isn’t it?” Bailey asks with her back facing the camera, raising the hem of her skirt just above her g-string. Lawda mercy! The camera pans down Bailey’s bare curvy legs to her platform heeled feet and cruises back up to her magnificent bottom. She says she likes having her butt spanked and claps it hard to prove it. When she faces the camera again, her smoothly shaven nuts are working toward escaping her thong and the outline of her cock is clearly visible. It’s so cute the way she later deceptively describes her cock as “little”.

Bailey takes a seat next and proceeds to ask if we like her g-string. Moments later, her cock is fully exposed and she confesses her love for dick. What she loves most about dick is the hot, sticky, salty man-cream it produces. She likes pussy and girly cum too, she clarifies while curling her fingers around the shaft of her rod. It expands rapidly as she strokes it firmly and Bailey knows that everyone watching her masturbate would love to suck it.

It doesn’t take long before Bailey’s bulbous cockhead is straining up towards the ceiling. She plays with her ball sack that’s hanging before her g-string pouch, perfectly presented for tea bagging. I’m left-handed so I picked that trait up about Bailey from previous displays of her jerking off. She stands up after awhile to remove her dress and we get an aerial view of her lowering it down her lovely legs and stepping out of it. Her amazing boobs are now in full display and her cock stands out from her creamy thighs raging hard now! As she resumes stroking the hard shaft, she begins moaning softly. Bailey seemed seriously horny at the beginning of this update, but now she’s really into it. She pauses her fap session to remove her tall platforms for her foot fans and does some teasing with her pretty peds.

When she resumes her fap session, a big bead of clear pre-cum emerges from her swollen cockhead. Bailey tastes some of it and says it tastes sweet like strawberries. I’ve only described about three quarters of this sizzling hot Shemale Yum update.

For more information about this absolute stunner, check out caramels-interview-with-bailey-love which is exclusive to TS Dreamland. Also don’t miss the phenomenal scene with Bailey Love fucking stunning Valentina Love on the hottest trans lesbian website on the Net! Check out the TGirls.Porn Bailey Love Profile!

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It’s Getting Hot With May And Suzy

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Brunette May from Isaan introduces herself at the beginning of this wild hardcore scene on filmed by VC. She’s now a go go dancer at Stringfellows in Pattaya, Thailand and a highly requested porn star on this long-running site with eight updates. Her fabulous top has been here three times before under the name “Susie” in her solo performances. Suzy from Petchabun is shown fucking May within the first minute! May is on top, bouncing up and down on Suzy’s stiff cock as she lays across a sofa. She then pile drives May’s tight ass and eases into a more comfortable missionary position. The frosted blonde who made her debut in 2007 doesn’t let up on the power of her thrusts however. May strokes her erection while moaning out her pleasure. Suzy bangs May doggy style next making her bottom’s large breasts jiggle like crazy. Then May rides her partner’s cock in the reverse cowgirl position. She continues to stroke her boner as Suzy mauls her boobs while thrusting upward. It’s a protected sex fucking and once Suzy lays back on the couch, May sinks to the floor between her legs to suck her hardon while playing with herself. May is so turned on that she’s ready to cum before the girl she’s giving head does. She stands up and shoots her big load across Suzy’s hard cock! Suzy uses May’s cum as lubricant and stands above May to coat her big tits with creamy white spurts of cum!

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Beautiful Domino Presley Highlight Her Booty!

“Oh, you want me to get naked already?” Domino Presley asks after introducing herself on in this update. There’s no bra beneath her midriff-baring top, so her full, luscious breasts are rapidly exposed.

She then begins popping the buttons of her denim-cutoffs open. But before taking her shorts off, she shows off her curvy rear end, pulling the legs up to make the garment almost look like a thong. She lowers the shorts and kicks them off her feet. Domino then raises her top over her head and discards it.

On the sofa, she spanks her butt while just wearing lacy black panties and her sexy little booties. Then she exposes and begins stroking her cock. In the next sequence her panties are removed. Domino suggests letting it get all hard in your mouth as she jacks off. When she sits up on the couch to continue her masturbation, the tiny wrinkled button of her rosebud is exposed. You hear producer Buddy Wood utter the word “perfect” as he films.

Domino then leans back and opens, then scissors her legs with her stiff cock mashed between them. She then gets off the couch and rises to give a standing butt show. Then she’s back on the sofa simulating getting fucked.

This beautiful award winning trans icon has her own website and she’s also added live webcam performer to her adult industry resume. You can register for free on our favorite webcam platform to watch her shows on!

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Stunning Victoria Mazhevski Cums!

This Shemale.XXX update comes from producer Teodor Grekov who brings us prolific updates from Beautiful Victoria Mazhevski lives in Moscow, but used to live in Belarus. She works for an elite Moscow escort agency and her life is an infinite holiday – clubs, parties, business trips across Russia to regular customers.

Teodor opens this beauty’s encore performance with Victoria, also known as Vika reclining on a sofa wearing an exquisite bra, panty and garter set. She wears no hose or heels and she wiggles her red painted toes with the photographer helping her raise her shapely legs in the air. She giggles because she’s put into compromising position with her feet way over her head.

Next, she poses on the couch with her back facing us. She wiggles her full bottom enticingly and then Teodor zooms in on her beautiful face. I don’t speak Russian so I’m not sure what the producer is saying when her has Vika’s g-string pushed over to the side to expose her tiny wrinkled rosebud. Proceeding with a trans lovers dream job move, her withdraws Vika’s cock and balls and hefts them in his palm.

Her uncut shaft is hardening and her cockhead looks moist with pre-cum. When Vika turns to face us, her nipples are exposed over the top of her brassiere. As her hardon bobs and sways before her thighs, she removes and discards her bra and Teodor seems to find an erogenous zone at the back of her neck.

Victoria makes her boner bounce up and down, then runs circles around her pretty fingers around her nipples. She fondles her boobs and Teodor pushes her face down on the sofa a bit roughly. With her firm as thrust out enticingly, Victoria’s begins finger banging her tight, horny center.

After the midway point of the scene, Vika faces us stroking her fully engorged cock. Eventually she’s stripped completely nude, edging her way to orgasm as she lays back on the sofa. I’m not sure what sort of porn she watches briefly on her phone before discarding it.

Whatever is turning her on so much that Vika’s big cock sends thick ropes of creamy white cum into the air to land on her tummy. Talk about young, hung and full of cum! You can find Victoria Mazhevski’s contact information on Shemale.XXX when you stream or download her two remarkable scenes.

Beautiful Valentina Mia Strokes Her Sexy Cock!

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Congratulations to stunning Valentina Mia on her debut which comes as no surprise to fans who’ve seen her on Femout.XXX and with gorgeous Bailey Love on TGirls.Porn! She’s also a prolific webcam broadcaster on and you ought to see her perfoming live if you haven’t already. This petite beauty slinks her way through her Omar Wax produced Shemale Yum debut with the grace of a cat on a sofa when her scene opens. Just after two minutes, she pulls down her thong a bit and her incredible ass seems to strategically move it aside further on it’s own! Perhaps her miniscule panty deserves credit as Omar’s directing assistant. This is an editorial shoot and if you’ve seen Valentina’s work since she first entered the adult industry, you’ll notice how she keeps getting better and better. Her body’s acceptance of her hormone regime is sublime. Valentina has a most succulent looking set of breasts and she’s a grower. Her uncut cock when flaccid isn’t huge, but once she strokes it to erection, it literally appears threatening! Everything about her intense masturbation sequence screams sexual need and pent-up lust.

To learn more about this exquisite young star, check out the

Meet Stunning Annabelle!

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Annabelle is like a new song that gets massive airplay from an artist you’ve never heard before. She’s exquisite in two performances, but the first one I’m focusing on is her debut. Buddy Wood does an opening poolside interview with Annabelle as she’s seated wearing a skimpy bikini. She’s into passionate kissing and she’s a verse bottom. One of her fantasies is public sex and she’s serious about having a successful adult industry career. She rises from her seat to pose while standing barefoot and tugs at the bikini top strings and loosens them. She removes her top pretty quickly and you don’t need me to tell you how pretty her bare breasts look. Without pushing her bottom far down her hips, Annabelle withdraws her growing cock and begins stroking it. You’ll see that the bulbous head is fully exposed when Buddy zooms in. He directs her to take a seat again and Annabelle continues to masturbate, this time with her legs raised to give you a clear view of everything she’s got. She’s completely nude so you really can’t miss any of her incredible form. There’s more tight footage in some special places and across her pretty face until she complies the request to pose in the doggie style position. Buddy is astounded by this sight and I’m pretty sure you’ll be too. This model is simply ravishing. Anabelle strokes her erection from behind while giving you direct views at her fun spot. The she jerks her boner while standing with spectacular full frontal footage in this killer Shemale Yum debut!

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Now time to get to her smoking hot performance on Buddy’s new website. It opens with a soundtrack and outdoor footage like you’d see in a Buddy Wood feature film with Anabelle walking down the street to his house. The opening interview this time around is much like the one on Shemale Yum, but the 21 year old adds that she’s an artist. She talks about a fantasy she hadn’t mentioned in her other video and then she begins taking her clothes off. Annabelle’s masturbation sequence here is absolutely intense!

Aira: My First XXX

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This first hardcore scene of 2017 on comes with producer Terry’s fantastic new girl Aira, who lets both her hair and her panties down for a sizzling session of suck jobs and butt-fucking guaranteed to brush away those January blues! Aira made her debut late in 2016 and immediately began building her fanbase here on SMJ and beyond. You can watch the free trailers of her debut “Introducing Aira” and her follow-up solo scene “It’s All About Aira” to see what she’s like in action. Her hardcore scene with my favorite Japanese male AV performer went live on January 4th and obviously to me, it’s a must-see video and photo set! Both actors smile a lot and their pairing seems a bit awkward at first when the guy sits on the couch before the standing Tokyo beauty. He tentatively admirers her thighs and her panty bulge beneath her sweater dress. But Aira is obviously turned on and it’s obvious by the way her rigid cock head rises above the waistband of her panties. Her partner isn’t a first timer with trans girls, but he seems fascinated with Aira’s stiff dick. He exposes the stiff shaft and strokes it before licking the head lovingly. He’s got a boner in his briefs when his blowjob commences. He plays with her lovely breasts when she removes her dress and brassiere and her cock stands at a 45 degree angle. He sucks on it again while Aira plays with her sensitive nipples. Next, the cute guy gives us an explicit display of Aira’s plump ass before giving her a rim job. Aira strokes her own hardon while sitting on the sofa and sucking her mate’s erection. Aira’s cock is raging hard when she sinks down on the man’s cock and it bounces up and down as she rides him. The action continues in the bedroom and Aira looks amazing stroking her hardon, especially in the missionary position sequence. You can stream or download all three of stunning new-half Aira’s stunning sets.

Jenna Tales Takes A Shower!

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Beautiful Jenna Tales takes a shower and jacks her big hard cock in this sexy shower scene on Shemale.XXX filmed by Jack Flash! This is Jenna’s 8th scene on this acclaimed site (including two hardcore scenes). It might be considered a strange thing for me to notice, but Jack’s bathroom lighting really brings out her exquisite looks. I sometimes prefer real life settings over studio shoots so perhaps that’s another reason why I like this shoot so much out of all of their collaborations. But since everyone doesn’t care about technical details so much, let’s get down to what happens here. Jenna is a pro at webcam performances and she’s just as vocal here as she is live. That’s a wonderful thing because her voice is as sexy as her naughty talk. Her body looks absolutely sick as she invites you into the shower wearing her skimpy one-piece that sort of fits like a bikini. She uses the portable shower head to soak herself with water, then removes her swimsuit. She uses moisturizer to coat her big tits and her cock and balls. You might wish you could come back in your next life as a sponge with what happens next. Jenna teases a bit by wrapping her body in a towel upon emerging from the shower. But it’s discarded quickly and there’s breathtaking closeup of Jenna stroking her large, raging hard erection! She adds some finger banging to the mix and that leads to Jenna fucking herself with a huge dildo. She jerks off of course while ramming the toy in and out of herself saying she wishes it were a real dick (perhaps like the one she had in her previous Shemale.XXX scene). When Jenna sits on the phallus after setting it upon the vanity, she’s so turned on that the swollen head of her big dick it pointing up directly toward the ceiling. At this point I’m absolutely sure that Jenna is not going to make it through this session without making herself climax. She jacks off furiously with her big jugs quivering and the toy is deeply embedded inside her. Moaning loudly, Jenna explodes into orgasm, her big cock shooting streams of creamy white cum across her thigh, all over her stroking hand and across the vanity! To catch Jenna performing LIVE, check out

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Brooklyn Roberts Jacks Her Huge Cock!

Brooklyn Roberts is such a fine performer and she’s always candid in scenes where she gets to talk about herself. Her Radius Dark producer in this hones in on her striking looks, skills and charm. 

I remember the first time I saw her on Femout.XXX and knew she’d go far in the adult industry from her first porn shoot. In this Shemale Yum update, Brooklyn talks about a first date with a guy she skinny dipped with on a terrace overlooking a balcony where other people could see them. She bares and fondles her breasts while recalling the experience. With her tops off, she rises to her feet and lowers her denim shorts.

Her huge cock peeks out from the bottom of her purple and black panties as the shorts drop to her feet. The bulbous head of her dick is exposed and shiny as she begins stroking the long shaft, making it as hard as it can get. Continuing with her erotic story, Brooklyn takes a seat again with nothing on but her tall sandals.

She spritzes lube across the surface of her tremendous erection and resumes jerking off. It takes two hands to handle her whopper and she rises again for fans to focus on her sexy, fuckable ass. Some finger banging follows and later, Brooklyn throws her long legs up high and removes her skyscraper sandals.

Look out if you’re a barefoot fan because at about eleven minutes into this update, you might not make it to the end. Brooklyn then rubs her cockhead against her fun spot making me wonder if she can fuck herself. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen her work her own cock head inside her tight ass, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she could do it.

I do know that she’s got the flexibility to fuck her soles and insteps with her big dick. That’s exactly what happens next! Don’t miss the third or all performances of Brooklyn Roberts on, on Femout.XXX and in HARDCORE action on TGirls.Porn!

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Jenna Tales’ Christmas Come Early

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South Florida’s Jack Flash presents beautiful Jenna Tales in her 6th shoot originally released on December 19th. It’s a Christmas Eve tale that shows Jenna waiting for her date, but he has to work late tonight. She promises that she’ll wait before opening her present, but she can’t resist seeing the surprise. It turns out to be a sexy Santa outfit and a nice big dildo she can’t wait to break in! There’s also a cute teddy bear and more lingerie. She asks us not to tell her boyfriend Jack that she’s going to try on her sexy gifts before he gets home. I don’t know if the producer or Jenna came up with the comical lines in this holiday scene, but they’re quite funny and refreshing. Keep in mind that Jenna knows her way around cock-stiffening naughty talk because she’s a top live performer on 

I’m pretty sure that you’ll find Jenna removing her lingerie even more than watching her wearing it, but that’s subjective. That’s because once she’s naked from head to toe, Jenna rides the big dildo with her large breasts jiggling and her big hard dick head pointing up toward the ceiling! Well, the few times she’s not stroking it firmly. This is a erotically fun little holiday porn masterpiece.

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