Adorable Miran Hammered By Soldier!

MP4 Scene Trailer

2017 TEA winner for Best Internet Personality Miran meets three time Best Male Performer nominee Soldier Boi in “Adorable Miran Hammered By Soldier”! Omar Wax is responsible for this bareback hardcore blowout.

Anyone who follows the annual Transgender Erotica Awards ceremonies and before and after events could have easily guessed that Miran and Soldier Boi would be there. But this horny surprise was well kept under wraps. I could have posted more explicit photos from the 220 image set, but I didn’t because I really want you to check out the full set on Shemale.XXX.

Sorry about being such a cocktease #sorrynotsorry. I think the scene trailer says a lot about this scene as it is. But not quite enough and that’s what I’m here for. Prolific producer Wax uses his signature style of outdoor photography to set up the first time meeting of Miran and Soldier Boi. She lights his cigarette yet warns him about the hazards of smoking. After she goes on about her way, he admires her figure and regrets not making a move.

In the next sequence, Miran is in her room sauntering barefoot across the floor in her bra and panties. Propping herself up on the sofa, she gazes out of the window and sees the handsome stranger she met briefly walking down the street. She gets his attention and waves an invitation to join her. Not wanting to appear too forward, Miran puts on a dress to answer the expected knock on the door.

Since she’d given him advice about quitting smoking, she proceeds to offer some help by striking up a deal. If he promises to stop smoking, he can have her body. While seated across from Miran, Soldier Boi promises to try and gets a warm kiss that leads to a torrid bareback fucking! Did I mention the two big cumshots?

One thing I did not forget to mention is where else you can enjoy the masterful performances of beautiful Miran –,, and also on! For more information about her incredible partner in this scene, check out our exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi.

Nikki Vicious, Lena Kelly And Soldier Boi!

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Three time TEA nominee Soldier Boi slides into a threesome with relative ease when he returns home to find his girlfriend Nikki Vicious in bed with her bi-curious friend Lena Kelly. These beauties previously exposed and admired each other’s cocks, not knowing what might happen if they got caught.

He’s not mad when he catches them. He’s just turned on and doesn’t want to be left out. Lena admits that she’s been curious to see his Soldier Boi’s cock and luckily, Nikki isn’t the jealous type. The only thing hotter for a horny man than having a smoking hot trans girl in bed is having more than one. That goes for some of us ladies too.

Soldier Boi mentions that these pre-heated girls should wake his cock up while they’re about to undress him. By the time they expose his BBC, it’s already hard. Lena gets to see how he likes having his cock sucked by his girlfriend and then it’s her turn to show what she’s learned. I’d give the instructor and the learner an A+.

When it’s time for the fucking to begin, the bareback fucking I must add, Lena is on her back with her sexy legs wide open. Soldier Boi enters her tight ass and when he establishes a steady rhythm, Nikki leans down to suck her cock. I was hoping for some trans lesbian action in this Omar Wax production and glad to see some!

When it’s Nikki’s turn to get fucked, Kelly spanks her luscious bottom while her friend gets railed in the doggy style position. Soldier Boi claps it too and the red marks arouse my Domination/submission sensibilities. This is no BDSM scene, but there’s enough of a hint of it to whet my whistle. It continues with Lena holding Nikki down firmly while she gets drilled by the masterful fucker. Not that he needs any help fucking Nikki, but it’s fun to see Lena lend a talented hand by guiding his strong black cock back inside her when it slips out.

When Soldier Boi enters the guest again, he and Nikki kiss ravenously while he jacks his hips. Nikki then moves across the bed to get her cock sucked by her friend taking the powerful doggy style banging. Nikki then gets a missionary position bareback screw! Watch how this torrid scene plays out from there on Shemale.XXX!

If you’d like to get insight on how to become a successful male porn star, check out our exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi. Go to the Nikki Vicious category for her previous performances raved about here. You can also check out reviews of Lena’s past performances under Lena Kelly and Lena Jade.

Redhead Cutie Lucy Blue!

MP4 Trailer

Sexy redhead trans girl Lucy Blue made her debut on Femout.XXX a few months ago and now the moment has come for her to make her first Shemale Yum appearance!

Radius Dark films Lucy sweetly reintroducing herself while perched on a sofa in a tight blue top, leather mini-skirt and chunky sandals. This 22 year old always surprises me by often appearing like a dominatrix in photos and, in stark contrast, angelic in motion on video. The Tuscon, Arizona explains her love for travel and dating.

When her dialogue turns more sexual, she goes into detail about an experience she had in L.A. after texting with a friend of a friend. They met for a drink and this person came on strong in a good way. Lucy gets turned on recalling the experience and opens her thighs to show us her panty bulge while talking.

Lucy is used to taking on the more dominant role in bed, but this new partner took the lead. Lucy stands up and rubs her bulge as she proceeds to describe how her partner pushed her to the bed, overpowering her with superior strength and getting her out of her dress.

The more aggressive partner forced Lucy to lay back and enjoy a cock sucking and as Lucy describes what played out, she releases her pretty cock from her undies and we can see it expanding quickly. She touches it and begins to stroke it as she continues with her erotic recollection. The partner then lubed up Lucy’s erection and forced themselves downward along the shaft. Lucy jacked her hips up for somewhere between an hour or two, fucking the new “date” and ended up getting fucked in return.

By this point, Lucy’s cock is at full mast, arcing up toward the ceiling. She shows off her supremely fuckable ass and sits down to strip further. Lucy ended up getting a mouthful of cum before the sex ended. Once completely naked, Lucy’s erotic dialogue doesn’t come to an end, not even close.

She moves through a variety of positions, including leg poses, foot teases and doggy style posturing. This is one of the sexiest debuts I’ve ever seen! Lucy Blue is on fire!

Kitchen Is Fun With Naughty Nala

MP4 Scene Trailer

Omar Wax presents beautiful Nala on Shemale.XXX, a solo and hardcore Dallas, Texas native who also has killer performances on She reintroduces herself sitting on the kitchen’s black bench table and begins to expose her gorgeous hormones boobs right off the bat. But she hides them again and rises to show off her hot ass which is clad in a wisp of a g-string.

Everything is strappy from her bra to her open-toe platforms. Nala then begins rubbing the overflowing bulge in her panties, propping both feet on the bench. A moment later, both points of her nipples are fully exposed. So are her cock and balls, suspended by the pouch of her panties as she lowers the garment down her legs.

Nala then begins tugging away at her uncut sex organ. She continues stroking while standing in a full frontal view, then starts jerking off with her ass facing the camera. Soon, her cock is fully erect with the swollen pink head exposed from its foreskin almost entirely.

She then sits in a position with her legs wide open and you can see her tiny wrinkled rosebud as she jacks off. Her hard spike stands at a 45 degree angle when she’s not touching it. Nala also poses in profile laying across the bench while spanking her firm bottom.

This is Nala’s 11th incredible set on Shemale.XXX! She has a total of four hot sets on where she made her adult industry debut including two scorching hardcore scenes.

Chanel Santini in Chanel’s Hot One-Two Punch!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Omar Wax presents another killer photo and video set with blazing hot Chanel Santini – Chanel’s Hot One-Two Punch! The tastefully furnished bedroom enhances Chanel’s beauty as she touches up her makeup in a colorful bikini and clear lucite platform heels. She checks her emails with her phone and comes across one she’d forgotten about concerning the prospect of a gangbang with a bunch of hot guys. She’s a bit nervous about it since she’s never before had so much cock at once. But the thought of it turns her on so much that she bares her lovely breasts and begins tweaking her nipples.

“Just the thought of two huge cocks in my tight little hole. Ahhh, it would be like a dream come true,” she considers while getting more an more aroused. With her breasts fully exposed above her bikini top, Chanel lowers and removes her panties, then proceeds to stroke her cock. Then she arranges her exquisite form on the little love seat at the foot of the bed and raises her butt in the air. She then sits back and focuses on her dick again, amazed at how many men want it. Chanel rubs her tiny wrinkled rosebud and fingers it deeply.

“Oh, my cock is getting so hard,” she moans while jacking off with both feet on the floor. She’s thinking of all those boys taking advantage of every inch of her body. Once her shiny cock is fully erect, she sits back and crosses her legs then uses her cell phone again. In the next sequence she’s sitting at the vanity doing her makeup again in a different skimpy bikini.

It’s a new day and she’s decided to go through with the gangbang. She checks the time and realizes she has a few moments to please herself before the lucky guys arrive at her place. With one leg perched on a chair, she checks out her perky ass in the mirror. She bares it completely and sits down to masturbate.

The only article of clothing she has on this time around is her skimpy bikini top as this fap session gets underway. Chanel renders herself totally naked and heads toward the shower to retrieve a clear butt plug and some lube. She primes her gorgeous ass, props one bare foot on the chair and proceeds to fuck herself with the sexy toy. The butt naked Vegas babe then crouches on the floor to continue stroking her cock while ramming the plug in and out of her tight ass.

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