Chelsea Marie Cums!

I’ll take a cum shot any day of the week, but Monday’s are extra special on Shemale Yum. Steven Grooby recently said, “As requested by the members, we’re trying to get more cum shots into the sites. Because of the large array of trans girls models we work with – and the difficulties some models seem to have in cumming, it’s difficult to know how scenes are always going to play out – but we also recognize that a large section of fans, are looking for cum shot scenes. In May we introduced ‘Cum Shot Mondays’ to Shemale Yum. Instead of shooting our usual two sets per shoot (with the second being a cum shot) we’re investing in having these scenes shot as a one shoot solo – and choosing models that we know can deliver the money shot.”

Enter the fabulous Chelsea Marie with her cumtastic June 12, 2017 photo and video set. Get to to see a teaser video trailer if you think you can stand it. I didn’t have to because whenever Chelsea Marie and Radius Dark do a new shoot, I’m always absolutely certain it’s going to be an explosive, savage update.

Their best model/producer chemistry is one of the finest I’ve seen in porn ever. Before Grooby rolled out collaborative individual model websites with ModelCentro, there was a site that was all about Chelsea and it’s

It hasn’t been updated in awhile, but it’s still available for subscribers who don’t want to miss out on a precious body of work from this phenomenal adult industry star.

Chelsea’s 9th Shemale Yum shoot reminds me of the way her individual website was launched, in a new apartment, only now she’s in Sin City.

She was a Florida resident when she first entered the adult industry. Her vocal teasing and striptease are scorching hot with a tremendous build-up. After Chelsea releases her promised cum shot, she moans, “It’s your turn to cum now.”

It makes me wonder how many fans were able to hold off for that long. Get to and you’ll see what I mean.

Ladyboy.XXX: Beautiful Yuki Returns!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

I went to take a look at the updates on one of my favorite sites and noticed something different right away. There’s a third photo set of a Bangkok, Thailand cutie pie I’d seen in sets by Terry that were blazing hot. She came in the last one in fact.

With this third update of Yuki, I noticed that the credit was for Mistress Murmer. I’m learning more and more about this producer and her incredible work as time passes. Hopefully soon I’ll have more information and work by her to share. When her new scene opens, Yuki is clearly going for ultra cuteness and it’s working so well. The braces and little wave don’t hurt with that impression as the video begins.

She delivers some enticing upskirt views when she hops upon the kitchen counter and the most she’s exposing so far are her legs and feet. A little panty play is followed by the exposure of a big pair of knockers for such a petite girl. Yuki pulls herself out of her dress and she’s left wearing a rather unusual pair of panties. A closer look shows that they’ve got a bit of strategically placed padding.

But when she lowers the undies and reveals her wide hips and bottom, I’m absolutely certain that the padding isn’t necessary. Yuki has curves for days. Yuki exposes her fun spot explicitly. This is a Ladyboy.XXX shoot and there’s nothing to be shy about! Her uncut cock begins to lengthen and thicken as her undies fall lower down her legs. Yuki’s cock expands before our very eyes as she skins the foreskin from the head and she caresses her boobs.

She makes her raging hard pecker swing back and forth and the fully exposed head looks incredibly shiny. At this point I begin to lose track of the amount of tantalizing positions this exquisite totally nude model moves through. I can’t wait to see the next production by Mistress Murmer and more of Yuki on Ladyboy.XXX!

Chuling Cums For You!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Below the “Filmed by Terry” description of this scene reads: Gorgeous Chuling returns once more for another hot solo scene! Chuling is simply perfect: she’s beautiful and she has a smoking hot slim body with an amazing firm booty! Watch her posing and stroking her cock until she cums for your eyes only!

Her full write-up goes: In Japan, young cross-dressers are the latest flavor of the month. On SMJ we have also featured quite a few cross-dressing cuties, namely Risa, Serina and Kanato. Chuling is our newest addition. Cute as a button while still hormone-free, and 18 years young with lush, jet-black hair, Chuling is already a bit of a starlet with her own cult following in Japan. Her hobbies are watching late-night TV shows, reading and quite unusually, listening to traditional Japanese folk music. “I just don’t get modern pop. All my friends are listening to the girl-group AKB48 though,” said Chuling. Chuling falls easily for bad-ass, terrifying-looking guys – whatever you make of the meaning of it. She likes her inner-thighs and her neck to be touched but she is a virgin and would very much like to find out more about sex!

Her stats are Height: 170cm (5 ft 5), Weight: 54kg (119 lbs), B75/W60/H78 (30/24/31) and her contact information follows on This is Chuling’s 10th set since her Shemale Japan debut in mid April of 2013! She was fucked silly in August and that scene is epic. I haven’t missed a single Chuling update since she debuted as a brunette. Although she’s so slender and petite I sometimes wonder if she could handle a bigger girl like me, she’s irresistibly gorgeous. Those long legs destroy me when she withdraws the from the hot tub water. Her blue swimsuit is a bit too loose fitting but who cares? It’s coming off soon anyway. I love the way Chuling finger taps her tiny nipples. She’s a CD which means she’s a part-time girl who’s not on hormones. I don’t care about that either. If a guy looks cute as a girl and finds themselves attracted to me, we’re having sex. I just want to lick the nipples she tweaks, give her cock a good sucking and fuck her cute little ass until she cums! Wait until you see how much jizz this beautifully inked babe shoots at the end of this update.

Her cock resembles a big red microphone when she’s close to reaching climax. A microphone that stands straight up toward the ceiling even when it’s done its job. I’d love holding her spunk shooting, spasming cock while filling her tight ass with my lady seed.

Shemale Yum: Cassidy Quinn Gets Naughty!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Gorgeous Cassidy Quinn is all over the place this week in porn terms and that’s a wonderful thing. Her total domination over ravishing Jenny Flowers is perhaps the finest trans lesbian videos of the season. But the solo scene of “Cassidy Quinn Gets Naughty!” is also brilliant!

Radius Dark is responsible for both exquisite productions. First things first, let’s begin with a quick yet horny description of the solo scene. Naturally I think of all adult industry actors as extremely sexual people. But Cassidy Quinn seems to exude sex from every fiber in her being. I’m still trying to figure out how she got black-lined green panties to match her party dress let alone how she knew the frock would go so well with her fetish boots.

Cassidy makes this masturbation a very vocal one-on-one event. She rubs clear beads of pre-cum out of her cock head once she’s fully aroused. When she’s down to just her heels she makes her raging hardon hang and bounce in the air. Cassidy then asks if you want to see her pretty toes and unzips her boots one by one. Then it’s a bit of foot fetish posing before she mentions how much she wants your cock in her ass.

She shows you just how much she wants your hardness by fucking herself with an orange sexy toy while beating her turgid meat. Then this video evolves into a display of Cassidy at her horniest. I could be wrong though. I’d have to look at her first two videos once again which is easy enough to do. And tempting.

MP4 Scene Trailer 

But for some reason I just can’t seem to get past her scenes on TGirls.Porn especially her most recent one Cassidy & Jenny Flowers. You won’t want to miss that either!

Shemale.XXX: Julia Enjoying Soldier Boi’s Cock!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

The profiles of the gorgeous model with Soldier Boi across three websites reads the same: Julia Winston is a popular escort in Japan. She is Tokyo-based but works in Osaka, Nagoya, Yokohama and wherever her clients arrange for her to be. She also works regularly in Hong Kong and is particularly popular with affluent clients and even their wives and girlfriends.

Julia is multi-lingual, (Julia is a halfu, her parents are Japanese and Filipino-American) and has a training certificate in Thai pressure massage. At home in a 5 Star Hotel or the local Izakaya (snack bar), Julia provides premium services and 5 Star quality evenings of pleasure. The Shemale.XXX description of this scene reads: Beautiful tgirl Julia Winston is modeling her see through purple dress with black lingerie and she´ll soon be joined by Soldier Boi that cant wait to fuck her. There´s a blowjob and then she gets her ass-pussy ready and the hot tgirl sex begins. It’s an incredible hardcore sex and Julia loves it so much that she can’t wait to do it again.

Omar Wax presents Julia entering a hotel room and her soliloquy reveals that she’s tired from flying 18 hours from Tokyo, Japan to Houston, Texas. Now she’s all dressed up with no place to go. She calls room service for a suggestion and is offered the hotel’s BBC Special. She slips into something more comfortable than the business attire she was dressed in. Her new outfit is sexy lingerie and a tall pair of slides. When room service arrives, it’s indeed with the BBC Special. Soldier Boi has it tucked away in his trousers for now. It’s actually a service and Julia understands exactly what this means. The service begins with a foot massage and leg rub.

While the customer sits back and enjoys the massages, she says that this is her first BBC service and they’re not available in Japan. The service includes a rim job and finger banging that has Julia shouting loudly with pleasure. Then realizing that the best way to ensure that a BBC service is administered correctly is to give that big black cock a good deep sucking. The service is a total success as evidenced by Julia’s big creamy white cumshot while getting railed bareback in the side saddle position. Check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi especially if you’re a guy who’d love to know what it takes to become a successful male porn star.

This hardcore scene is Julia’s hardcore debut on Shemale.XXX but you can see more of her in similar situations on Shemale Japan (profile here) and on Shemale Japan Hardcore (profile here).

Kayleigh Coxx & Rob Fuck Hard!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Gorgeous webcam performer and studio model Kayleigh Coxx wears sheer blue and black lingerie sitting on the bed stroking her cock and saying she’s ready to get fucked by big dick in this torrid Shemale Yum update. Her new boobs make a special appearance in this scene also! Radius Dark’s camera pans out and there’s Yaegerman prepared to fulfill Kayleigh’s needs.

Rob Yaeger rises from his seat, led by his raging hardon directly to the fox awaiting with an open mouth to accept it. Kayleigh strokes the long shaft she can’t manage inside her mouth with her hand. Rob shows his appreciation by giving Kayleigh a rimjob and then she strips down to her birthday suit just like her partner. Her POV blowjob comes next and Rob tosses Kayleighs salad again before thrusting his ominsexual meat deep inside Kayleigh’s tight ass!

They go from missionary position to piledriver to side saddle and Kayleigh’s hard cock bobs and sways while she gets railed hard and fast. This tumultuous bareback fucking evolves into cowgirl riding and Kayleigh’s pretty dick makes an attempt to defy gravity with its hardness. Then Rob drills Kayleigh while she’s on her back jerking off. Rob’s creampie is the most explicit I’ve seen yet on but his job is not quite over yet.

He’s got to finish this off by helping Kayleigh squeeze all the cum out of her erection. They finish off with a kiss and some cock rubbing frottage before this update comes to an end. Rob is also the producer of The Fuck Chronicles and can be seen on

Check out our Exclusive PornOCD interview with Rob to learn more especially if you’re a guy who wants to know what it takes to become an amazing male performer.

Kayleigh is also a live performer and you can follow her on!

Shemale Yum: Redhead Beauty Ashlee Alespia!

Scene Trailer 

I can’t believe this is only Ashlee Alespia’s 3rd Shemale Yum appearance. I’ve been a fan for so long. So when Radius Dark films her reminding us that she was previously known as Ashlee Nova, I knew that already. I became a fan through her amazing webcam performances. She’s still very active on Chaturbate but more about that later. It’s time to tell you about her latest studio shoot.

While sitting in a little black dress and sandals on the bed, Ash tells us about some of the good clean fun things she likes to do. She’s recently moved to Seattle, Washington and finds no problem getting sex. In fact it might be too much sex if there’s such a thing! “I can either ride a dick or eat a pussy,” she says adding that it’s fantastic. I couldn’t agree more!

Ashlee proceeds to tell us about what happened when she moved to her new location. Her roommate as it turns out is named Alexia and she has a massive dick. Way to turn us on without even removing a stitch of clothing yet! I’m not going to spoil this trans lesbian first time encounter for you but things turn out differently than you might expect. But it turned to be 100% successful. So does the striptease that follows when Ashlee rises from the bed. It doesn’t take long before she exposes one of what I’d call one of the prettiest sets of tits in the adult industry. After playing with them for a bit Ashlee hops up on the bed with her cock shaft projecting from her panties. It has a “turtleneck” on by the way. One of the things that makes Ashlee a great webcam and studio performer is her skill in taking about sex. Combine that talent with her turning around and spreading her wide butt cheeks and you might have all you need to cum before this scene comes to an end!

She still goes by her former name for webcam and you can find her on Also, Anya The Blushing Rocker & Ashlee Nova on TGirls.Porn is an amazing hardcore not to be missed.

Shemale Yum – Addie Toys Her Tight Ass!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

While being filmed by Omar Wax on Shemale Yum, Addie saunters across the floor in sneakers, a baseball jersey and reveals that underneath it she’s wearing world famous UK designer panties. She does so by lifting her butt cheeks and patting her lovely bottom. She bends over and makes her ass wiggle and then teases with just a hint of the bulge in her undies next.

She’s awfully quite for a model who has a wildly successful Chaturbate presence, but that’s to change shortly. She begins moaning audibly as she rubs herself between her legs. Addi also rubs her boobs beneath the shirt and reveals that she’s wearing a leopard print brassiere over her orbs. This is going to be a long, hot and heavy update that ends with a cum shot, but until then Addie teases mercilessly!

A killer leg show is preceded by a sexy bare foot tease when she removes her sneakers and little socks. She then bares her hormone breasts, stands up and smacks her ass hard and releases the cutest cock and balls. Addi is in the flaccid state for now. But when she rises to lower her panties, she’s silently confessing that there’s a pink butt plug between her butt cheeks! Her balls are tightly drawn up and her pretty penis jiggles as she poses while standing completely naked! Then she makes herself comfortable on a leather chair to begin masturbating. Addie becomes more vocal, saying how good it feels while finger banging her tight ass. Her cock stroking is to follow in a variety of positions that leave nothing to the imagination.

Then she does something I’ve seen on one of her live webcam shows (when not getting fucked by a real man). Addie penetrates her ass with another sex toy. Her dirty talk increases and her cock lengthens and thickens. She jerks off frantically in attempt to reach her climax. Addi shouts in ecstasy while fucking herself hard and pumping her hand on her erection furiously! “I’m cumming!” she screams as jets of cum fly out of her swollen cockhead! This update doesn’t end until Addie is completely spent.

If you think you can handle seeing Addie getting fucked LIVE by a real man’s stiff cock, register free on my favorite webcam site and get to!