Kate Violin Plays

I didn’t pick it up right away while looking at the Kate Violin debut photo set, but once I saw the video from her Russian-TGirls.com debut, I knew I’d seen her somewhere before. Then it came back to me. She’s also an incredible live webcam broadcaster on chaturbate.com/kate_v. I’ve actually raved about one of her live performances before. It wasn’t too long ago that I watched this fox in her early 20’s with “Nylon Fever” as her nickname.

Her webcam show began with Kate in a pink bra, black miniskirt and sheer black stockings. She peeled a banana and sucked it into the shape of a cock, with a realistic looking head and all. Then she stroked her real cock fully erect and it’s much bigger than a banana. She removed her stay-up stockings to show off her sexy feet and pedicured toes. Then she slipped into a pair of nude pantyhose and jerked off in them! She actually made a bodystocking out of the garment. Back in the black stocking, her two hour Chaturbate show led to Kate in chastity with dildo fucking!

She slipped her feet into clear stripper heels and stroked her big dick like mad! With a large butt plug inserted, Kate used a magic wand vibrator along the exposed part of her CBT device. A huge blast of cum coated her tummy and stockinged legs! The lovely blue-eyed Russian blonde removed the chastity device and let her spent cock hang freely while she accepted a flood of tips for this incredible Chaturbate performance.

Kate’s Russian-TGirls.com studio debut filmed by Teodor is a lot different, but no less erotic. Plus, there are many more crisp photos here than on her webcam profile to get a better idea of what she actually looks like. Her behavior is that of a total submissive willing to please in her solo debut.

Kate doesn’t have much breast growth yet. In fact, she enhances them with makeup tricks I don’t even think are necessary. When you see her in action, I don’t think her tits would be what you want to fuck anyway. Since I’ve seen her in action before, I knew about the big uncut surprise she had held captive inside her silver chastity device.

When Teodor asks her name, the way she replies comes out like Kate Wyolin and her voice is sultry. When she begins to remove her cocktail dress, you can see that her full bottom is embedded wit ha butt plug and she turns to show off the chastity belt in place. There’s some totally acceptable narcissism in the mirror as she becomes increasingly aroused.

Kate toys with the key to her chastity as if you’re her Master and it’s soon to be yours. Then she moans deeply and loudly as she fucks her tight ass with her sex toy. I guess you’ve given Kate permission to unlock herself because soon, Kate is stroking her freed big dick. You see more of its bulbous throbbing head when she beats off in the video.

Kate fucks herself with wild abandon with her toy and cries, “Oh yeah, while stroking her big hard cock. I remember she speaks English from her live show. She also gives one of those leg admirer and foot fetish teases I remember from her explosive Chaturbate broadcast.


Canada TGirl – Dita Dior Back In Black!

Sample Photo Set
Sample Photo Set

It’s been too long since the last time we saw Dita Dior on the canada-tgirl.com mega-site. This is her fourth solo performance and there’s also an explosive hardcore scene I absolutely love. Dita is is a face very well-known to members of the original site and of course, from her four dynamic appearances on shemaleyum.com. The formerly brunette blonde is from tiny Prince Edward Island, Canada’s ‘potato’ province which is famous for their fertile land perfect for harvesting the best potatoes around. She loves the 420 lifestyle and is also back to doing frequent LIVE webcam performances on chaturbate.com/tsditadior! You should register for free to beat off and cum with her. Dita also loves cooking, baking and retail therapy. She’s adore couture brands including Hermès, Chanel, and Gucci. Her favorite food is salad, and her favorite drink is champagne. She considers sperm a beverage as well. In “Dita by Vito” which is her canada-tgirl.com, the fully functional primarily bottom trans beauty reminds us how long it’s been since we’ve seen her last seen her. She goes from posing like a runway model while stripping and stroking. About ten or so minutes into the new video, Dita is completely naked, doing leg admirer and bare foot fetish poses. Then it’s back to the business of furiously stroking her cock. Next up is “Dita Dita Back In Black!” in which Vito presents Dita posing before a floor-to-ceiling mirror in a plush bedroom wearing lingerie and heels. She straddles the bed and confronts you warmly, yet boldly at the same time. Then she presents one of the most enviable rear ends on the site and exposes her lovely breasts when she turns around for frontal footage again. Dita moves gracefully through a variety of tantalizing positions while removing every stitch of clothing. Dita masturbates furiously and it appears that her climax will hit after the midway point. But she holds back and poses again standing while beating off. Then she’s on her back jerking off when the scene is close to ending. The producer hears when Dita whispers that she’s going to have an orgasm and it gives him time to capture her cum shot brilliantly.

You can watch the Free Trailers of Dita Dior on the canada-tgirl.com multisite!
You can watch the Free Trailers of Dita Dior on the canada-tgirl.com multisite! 

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Russian-TGirls Presents Miya!

The launch of Russian-TGirls brings the Grooby multisite roster to EIGHT premium trans porn sites with 776 models + 196,742 photos + 1470 videos and rising at ONE crazy $29.99 USD price. “We’ve been trying for a long time to get content from Russia as we know the girls are there, so we jumped at the opportunity when Teodor Grekov approached us,” said Grooby.

The value is unbelievable. If you’re already a member of one of the these sites eight, you already have FREE TOTAL ACCESS to all of them.

I chose Miya as the first Russian-TGirls model to present with this announcement because this stunner reminds me of a popular website for escorts. My frustration with that site was overly airbrushed photo sets and with Russian-TGirls, we get Teodor Grekov’s videos! 23 year old Miya is presented as a dungeon dominatrix in her debut wearing shades, a jacket, tall boots and panties supporting a nice bulge. Her full breasts are revealed early in the scene and as her ripe bottom is revealed, its also handled by the producer. The large male hand helps to fully expose her fun spot until Miya is instructed to turn around to reveal her cock and balls.

She grasps her organ and gives it a few strokes, then braces herself against the wall behind her to perform a hip-gyrating dance. Once seated, you’ll see that Miya is what you might call a “grower” with a seemingly small cock when flaccid, but a long thick one when it’s raging hard.

It’s not all about her gorgeous body however. There are closeups of her beautiful face and penetrating blue-green eyes also, and those pursed lips that seem to made just for kissing and sucking. Her bare ass looks tremendous as she sits with her hard dick straining against the chair she’s seated upon. I actually gasped when the producer curled his fingers around Miya’s straining cock.

Miya looks like an imperial Mistress is an evening dress sitting on a throne in her second Russian-TGirls set. She parts her thighs and allows her cock and balls to fall out into the open. Then she begins stroking, gasping and moaning her pleasure. She toys with her nipples after exposing her exquisite breasts and she performs a killer ass display in a variety of positions.

With one full breast exposed from the bodice of her dress, Miya is shown laying back in her chair with her dress bunched high up around her waist. Her long legs and dainty feet are bare as she makes her cock expand larger. Soon she’s completely naked except for a string of pearls and the full body footage of Miya is breathtaking. Strings of pre-cum oozing against the black leather chair signal what’s to come before this Russian-TGirls multisite comes to an end. While finger banging her tight ass and stroking her big cock faster and faster, Miya’s orgasm sends a creamy white load of cum splashing across her flat tummy and pumping hand. In this case, the Cold War is over.

PornOCD Interview with Jelena Vermilion

You may have seen Jelena Vermilion on Canada-TGirl, the tremendous free-standing trans adult website that was relaunched as a multi-site. This beautiful Kitchener, Ontario resident is a dancer, artist and courtesan with a lust for life and a brilliantly multi-faceted career. I hope you’ll enjoy my interview with Jelena!

Canada-TGirl Lovely Suckable Candy!

Montreal minx Candy is a classy chick with a great smile that matches her great personality. She has a lovely round ass, a 36DD rack and a nice 8.5″ lollipop that she just loves her guys to gag on! Another fantastic Vito girl who invites you to sample her flavours over in the Canada-TGirl update area right now!

That’s the official description but it’s not what enticed me to download Candy’s new scene. After seeing her three previous sets since June 2016, I didn’t even have to see her new set to know it would be absolutely fantastic.

Vito runs his camera lense from Candy’s high heeled feet to her pretty face as she holds a stick of licorice and we’re off to a sexual garden party when she takes a few steps and sits down on a towel on the grass. Candy lowers her bikini top and lays back with her curvy legs splayed open. She rubs the bulge between her legs with a palm and French-tipped fingernails, then withdraws her suckable candy as we’re calling it today.

Candy uses a two finger banging method in and out of her tightness while pumping her cock stiff. Then she rolls onto her knees to give us a tremendous rear view. She’s resting on a lawn chair after moving gracefully through several sitting and standing positions.

I still haven’t decided if Candy looks hotter with her long blonde tresses or the cornrows from her previous sets. But I do know that you should definitely see all of her incredible sets on Canada-TGirl!

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Canada-TGirl – Jelena’s Homecoming!

Sample Photo Gallery

You can watch a free video trailer of hauntingly beautiful Jelena on Canada-TGirl! I never thought we’d see Jelena in the adult industry again. For awhile there, I never thought we’d see Canada-TGirl back again! Sadly, the Kevin Dong era is over, but producer Vito comes to the rescue with a whole gang of stunning newbies and other veteran models like the still young and fresh Jelena! This also comes with full access to UK TGirls, Shemale Pornstar, Asian American TGirls, and the Hazel Tucker archives. It’s a multi site without now without a mega price. I never would have said, even to myself, “Hey, Jelena. Lighten up on the snacks. You’re really letting yourself go.” But she’s thinner than when on hiatus and looks absolutely incredible. The Kitchener, Ontario model is a dancer and that’s explains her amazingly toned form. Jelena asks if we missed her when her 14th Canada-TGirl video begins. I can almost hear shouts of, “Are you kidding me? Of course!” Lowering her top just expose some boobage and give us some nipple action, Jelena suggests what she’d like you to do involving being touched, sucked and even bitten. She raises the hem of her skirt to rub her center firmly and when she crouches down, her cock slips out of her panty. After this deliberate wardrobe malfunction, Jelena caresses her breasts and they seem to be quite sensitive by the way she moans. After losing her skirt, Jelena produces a large black vibrating dildo that recalls some of her previous performances. She jacks off while penetrating herself with the huge toy. Jelena’s dirty talk is absolutely mind-blowing and cock stiffening. If you already know Jelena, welcome her back to Canada-TGirl. If you’re just getting to know her, consider this your lucky day!

Watch Jelena’s Trailer on canada-tgirl.com

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Canada-TGirl: Some Sugar from Candy

Sample Photo Gallery 

Producer/Photographer Vito and his gorgeous model Candy pulled an exciting new twist on us on the Canada-TGirl multisite! In her debut and follow-up videos, she wore her hair in braids. The gorgeous French Canadian stripped down to a matching animal print bra and panty set. Some intense cock stroking and finger banging has Candy sinking to the floor for more of the same. She stood back up to show of her magnificent form while fapping with one foot on a leather chair. I wasn’t expecting Candy to shoot a big load of creamy white cum across the surface of that chair, but that’s exactly what she did! For her encore performance, Candy wore a hot pink bathing suit in a luxurious hot tub. But she also sat on the tub’s edge to masturbate and expose more of her hot body. Wet and completely naked, this trans porn newbie looked simply dreamy. Next on the Canada-TGirl megasite, Candy returned as a blonde with her hair flowing, as you can see, which took me by surprise. I can’t decide which look suits the Montreal beauty better. But it probably doesn’t matter anyway. Candy is into men – verse guys we know who would just love to enjoy her full round ass, 36DD cup breasts and 8.5″ cock! You’ve got to see the way Candy enters a room with her ridiculous curves in her third video. It might be redundant to say the way she makes herself come is sexy, but when you see it, you’ll know what I mean. At any rate, take note of the four other full access websites the revamped Canada-TGirl site includes. Take the tour, subscribe, stream or watch and enjoy.

Canada-TGirl Multisite 

Yuuki Trap – Asian American TGirls Relaunch

Yuuki Trap is a great model I was familiar with from webcam before she became a professional major studio model. She’s been on Shemale Yum twice, but this is her Asian American TGirls debut, filmed by the same photographer, Omar Wax. Even though this gorgeous Dallas-based trans girl doesn’t say much in her new skyline striptease and cock stroking performance, it’s distinctly American. I’ll never forget that jackhammers drilling she took from producer and former Grooby girl Mayumi Sparkles on Two Tgirls that I raved about here.

On June 12, 2016, Steven Grooby announced the relaunch of Asian American TGirls and Canada TGirl as part of its new multi-site, combining FIVE websites with UK TGirls, Shemale Pornstar and the archival site of Hazel Tucker joining the lineup. Grooby said, “The decision to combine the Canada TGirl and UK TGirls site was based on both sites having a solid number of devoted members, but neither site having enough to maintain a solid budget and get enough new girls in. Adding one of my pet-project sites, Asian American Tgirls which also suffered the same problem, just should provide extra content to the members and if we can get enough budget to continue shooting for all those sites, then we’d be happy. Shemale Pornstar updates regularly with hardcore content from all the Grooby websites and Hazel-Tucker.com has many amazing scenes of one of Grooby’s best ever models.” Canada TGirl, UK-TGirls and Asian American TGirls will get updated regular with at least three sets per week amongst them. Shemale Pornstar updates with one or two sets a week (alternating). That means members are getting an update every day of the week for only $29.99 of newly shot material. “I’d encourage everyone who enjoyed Canada-Tgirls.com in the past to take another look,” Grooby added. “Those who loved Asian-American-Tgirls.com to rejoin and encourage us to get more Asian girls like the lovely Yuuki and for those who want to see us continuing shooting in the UK, to rejoin and see everything else you are now getting included for the same price.

Take the Grooby Multi-Site Tour

Sinful Sister Alexandra Vexx

Sample Photo Set

It’s time to atone and suffer the penalty for your sins. Alexandra Vexx is going to administer your punishment. This is her 7th solo performance (her hardcore scenes brings that to a total of 9 movies) on UK-TGirls. If watching her strip out of her habit is wrong, you won’t wanna be right. While revealing more and more of the body she trains daily, the dominant nun asks if you want to be frisky take a look. She’s about to lower her panties. Sister Alexandra gives you a peek at her un-cut cock which is beginning to stiffen. She takes a seat to remove her panties and lays back to jack off and give her naughty ass a hard spank. Sister Alexandra’s cock head is flushed bluish-purple while she strokes her raging hard shaft. This horny nun is a grower. In other words, if you’ve seen her for the first time flaccid, you might never guess that her dick would expand to such large proportions. Yet somehow, Alexandra manages to make her organ point up towards the ceiling in this video. When she turns around to present her bare, curvy ass, you might lose your nut before this scene ends. But if you can hold out, watch the nun fuck herself with a big black dildo. I don’t want to tell you too much more because I want you to stream or download this video and grab the full photo set shot by Kalin. At the end of this taboo UK-TGirls video, Alexandra orders you not to forget to go to church on Sunday. If you can’t manage to behave yourself, don’t worry about it. Obviously, I didn’t either. There are also three explosive hardcore scenes featuring Alexandra Vexx on TGirls.Porn.