Delia Tops Trixie’s Lover Boy

If I ever get married, it’s going to have to be an open relationship. In adult entertainment one of my favorite relationships is between Delia DeLions of Delia-TS and Trixie Fontaine of Tasty Trixie. For example, the type of situation that goes down in this sizzling hot new video is on my bucket list. Trixie has left her “lover boy” and Delia alone to get acquainted with one another. When she returns from the power room, she sees that they’ve already established great chemistry. When Trixie finds Zenith stroking and sucking Delia’s big cock, she asks if they’d prefer to be alone. Luckily for us, they don’t care if she keeps the camera on. Before I watched this video, I wondered if this would be the first ever Delia-TS video I wouldn’t feel the need save for eternity in my personal archives. I mean, I didn’t know who Zenith was, but I do now and he’s very attractive. Usually, seeing guys sucking cock doesn’t turn me on unless it’s mine they’re sucking or they’re feminized. But Zenith has nice eyes and he’s really sexy. If you’ve never read about my opinion of Delia and Trixie before, you’d have to have lots of time on your hands to read my previous posts about them over the years. Back to the video, Trixie’s HD footage of Delia skull fucking an frottage with Zenith is magnificent. Trixie’s favorite part after that is also mine – when Delia prepares Zenith to get railed bareback. I’ve only described the first part of this hardcore scene on Delia-TS. No one produces better independent porn on the Net than Delia and Tasty Trixie.

Delia TS Orange Maxi in The Woods

I showed a teaser photo of Delia DeLions from this set on back in July 2015, but I don’t think I did her justice by not presenting more images. I was in the midst of changing that site to a domain for more trans issues and less porn. After looking back into my archives, I noticed this little mishap while watching her “Orange Maxi in The Woods” video again. In this Delia-TS scene, you can see her developing a big, gravity-defying erection beneath her sheer summer dress as she walks around in the woods. The HD quality of this video shot by her hot cisgender female wife Tasty Trixie makes you feel like you can jump right into the setting. The sound of a bee flying by actually freaked me out for a second. Delia looks her best in this scene with her large breasts bared while jacking off with the dress hiked up around her waist. There’s amazing full-frontal footage and you’ll see that Trixie Fontaine filmed Delia’s explosive climax while kneeling at her feet. Delia came close to shooting her huge, creamy white cumshot across Trixie’s camera! From the looks of this video and the huge photo set, it must be an expensive one. I had to reduce the enormous average size 1066×1600 px images for this post. Wait until you see the enormous originals and more explicit shots on Delia-TS!

She-Male Idol: Delia DeLions and Kate England



Click on “Scenes” on She-Male Idol for the incredible updates. One of the videos that made it into my personal TS/GG bareback Hall of Fame is the scene with genetic girl porn star Kate England and transwoman icon Delia DeLions of Delia-TS. Joey Silvera introduces lovely Kate first, who bares her spectacular boobs and tells us she’s ready to get fucked by the hottest girl with a cock. Then we see Delia lounging by the pool tanned and oiled. There’s a big bulge in her swim suit bottom as Delia decides to give her big tits some sunlight. Next, she’s dipping her feet in the water and Kate soon approaches in a bikini and tall platforms. The breast admiration leads to mutual indoor play. These beautiful blondes are really into each other’s tits and kissing, too. Kate tea bags Delia’s perfectly smooth balls and unties her bikini panty. That makes it easy to stroke and suck on her big cock. The best way I can think of to describe the way Delia fucks Kate with her naked schlong is to have you consider the fact that her real-life wife is a hot, busty cisgender female. I knew this She-Male Idol scene would be one of my favorites of 2015 because of both Delia and Kate. I hope this porn obssession with TS/GG beauties is not just an adult entertainment trend. You’ve got to see Kate’s toying climax and Delia’s creamy cumshot that her horny partner got to lap up.

Delia TS and Nina Lawless



Most of the time, I can write about porn scenes without getting overly aroused all over again just thinking about them. But not this time! The name of this transbian masterpiece is The Birds & The Bees on Delia-TS and All In The Family on “Mom! Why are you in my room again?!” asks Nina and finds Delia sucking on a gigantic dildo. Now I’ve seen some incredibly hot taboo sex with Delia DeLions and her hot GG wife and another cisgender female on their sites before and knew exactly how kinky this could get. That was before Delia was getting railed by sexy males and gorgeous transsexuals like Nina Lawless. I like age play in my personal life, so this scene was right on time for me. Delia was already one of my all-time favorites. Nina’s bright career is still relatively new, but she’s already in my top favorites as well. I’m absolutely certain that some will find this video to be too taboo. It’s incestuous of course, but don’t cross any underage lines. I hope it wins tons of awards this coming winter. I give it 5 very big cocks up (or perhaps I should have said 2 considering the hung and beautiful co-stars! “Someday you’ll be a good cocksucker just like Mommy.” I think I’ve actually used that line on someone before.

Delia TS in The Tranny Bunch

Devils Film presents “The Tranny Bunch,” the world’s first-ever hardcore transgender parody that pokes fun at one of America’s favorite families. “The Tranny Bunch” hit streets on DVD June 1! So far, I’ve watched Scene #01 with Mrs. Carol Brady, played by Delia DeLions of Delia-TS and her step-son Greg Brady, played by Ruckus (Florence Henderson, Barry Williams were the original TV series actors). The scene opens with Greg jerking off in the bedroom when Mrs. Brady walks in to make sure he’s ready for school. She decides that he shouldn’t go to school in the state he’s in and helps solve the problem he’s having by stroking his big cock. Mrs. Brady doesn’t seem surprised that Greg has fantasized about Marcia. But she wants to know if he’s fantasized about her. Of course he has! Let the blowjob begin. After several positions of coitus, Mrs. Brady cums while getting railed in the missionary position, looking fabulous completely naked. Greg blasts his load on her face and lovely tits. Then she tells him to get ready for school. Each photo below will take you to trailers and a sample gallery of this forbidden, incestuous XXX scene. Take the Devil’s Film tour and don’t forget to visit the official Delia-TS website!

Delia TS Beauty and The Beach

I’m about to tell you about the Beauty and The Beach, but first a thought about the photo set. Her gorgeous wife Tasty Trixie edited it down to 134 photos, and I just realized how hard that must have been. When you photograph Delia DeLions, it’s hard to snap bad pictures. It was hard for me just to choose only six of them for this post as not to blow out my bandwidth. I left out the explicit one naturally because I want you to join Delia-TS. You’ll feel good about supporting a fantastic independent website that rivals the best of all of the major adult studios I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen them all. That though takes me back to the new video. It’s an exquisite, erotic solo scene shot on a windy day. When Delia bares and fondles her breast in public and withdraws her cock from her panties, there’s just nothing like it. She strokes herself fully erect and has what seems to be a mind-shattering climax. She looks so happy tasting her own cum at the end. Like I said before, Delia-TS is exquisite.

Delia TS in Blue

There’s another sizzling set on Delia-TS shot by Delia DeLions and her hot wife Tasty Trixie! This type of lingerie only looks good on a physique like hers. The high heel sparkly sandals give her already perky ass the perfect tilt. When you get up to about the 160th photo, you’ll see Delia squeezing cum out of her big cock. The pictures continue and it’s like her dick is attached to her by tightly sprung hinge as it strains up to her belly button.

Delia TS Scorpion Ring

The “Scorpion Ring and Red Stockings” video is much more explicit than these photos shot around the same time suggest. Once Delia DeLions has pre-cum streaming from her swollen cock head, you know a big money shot is on the way. You’ll want your friends to see it too and by the way, Delia’s legs look so hot, Cecilia de Rafael hosiery ought to pay her for this one!

Delia TS | Tasty Trixie | Delia CD

Delia TS in Sultry Solo Stroking

“Sultry Solo Stroking in 100% Nylon Stockings” is the full title of the video that these photos of Delia DeLions compliment. The music in the soft, yet intense background music builds to a crescendo just like Delia’s explosive, creamy climax. Leg lovers will appreciate her Cecilia de Rafael nylons and foot fetishists might lose it when Delia TS kicks off her heels in less than 3 minutes of this sensuous mini movie. The sight of Delia’s full breasts bobbing and stroking while she strokes her large, rigid cock blurs the line between porn and fine art. The closeup footage of Delia coaxing beads of pre-cum out of her swollen cockhead are magnificent. So is the backdoor and fingering footage.

With the help of her longtime partner Trixie Fontaine aka Tasty Trixie, Delia never just mails it in. The camera work reminds me a bit of the work of Andrew Blake, yet it’s totally original. If you want the best of the best in transsexual solo and hardcore porn, join Delia TS.

Delia DeLions and Tyra Scott Hardcore

Here are a couple of sample photos from the new 21 and a half minute bareback scene with two of my all-time favorite hot blonde transsexuals – Delia DeLions and Tyra Scott!

The scorching transbian scene is available now! Coming soon, Delia and Tyra return to their hotel and find Christian XXX of Christian’s Shemales passed out. They decide to take advantage and pull his cock out to see how big it really is. They can’t control themselves and, next thing you know, they’re sucking it together and then getting fucked hard bareback!

Delia TS Orchid Teddy and Shiny Pantyhose

Delia TS megastar proprietress Delia DeLions says, “I think deep v-cut teddies like this are so sexy! I know some of you pantyhose fans will really appreciate this pair of high sheen tan Cecilia de Rafaels as well. I wound up with some great shots in this picture set and a hot video as well. Hope you stop by my site and check out my latest content.”

I don’t usually care for nude pantyhose, but they look exquisite on Delia DeLions because of the way she fills them out. Plus, she always wears the best hosiery. Treat yourself to a satisfying orgasm on Delia TS and if you love the sensation of pantyhose clinging to your erection, now is the time to pull them on. 😉