Lianna Lawson 2

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The official website synopsis reads: Do you like beautiful trans girls with beautiful cocks? Lianna Lawson is just the lady for you. She may seem prim and proper at first, but once she’s got her dress hiked up to her waist and dick hanging out, you realize she is quite the dirty pervert. The next thing you know, she’s completely naked, legs spread wide open, with her feet up in the air.

Those soft beauties could really do a number on your stiffening prick. She likes giving foot jobs too! Especially when she’s got a big trans girl boner throbbing between her legs. She looks up at you with her innocent eyes and sweet lips, begging you to stroke with her. When you’re both hard as rocks, she lies face down on the couch so you can fuck her doggy style. Her cute pale butt pokes out just right and jiggles against your stiff member.

And when Lianna mounts the Joyrider and bounces up and down on the dildo cock beneath it, her long pink lady stick does jumping jacks. This talented sex athlete, still being penetrated, finally squeezes out a drippy sticky mess of lady jizz for you to enjoy. Well, that works for me! Colorado’s Lianna is stunning in her second movie! I first saw her on Chaturbate and decided immediately that Lianna was one of the finest live performers I’d ever seen. She’s since very successfully become a stellar studio porn actress.

The theme of this set is Lianna telling a friend over the phone about a first date. The guy didn’t know she was trans and upset when he found out. Another guy took his place and was pleased to find out about her status. Lianna wears a little black dress with no panties on giving us a plain view of her lovely cock, the very thing that gave her away to one man who wasn’t interested and the other man who was. You owe it to yourself to cum at least twice with the two scenes of Lianna Lawson on

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Kayleigh Coxx & Rob Fuck Hard!

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Gorgeous webcam performer and studio model Kayleigh Coxx wears sheer blue and black lingerie sitting on the bed stroking her cock and saying she’s ready to get fucked by big dick in this torrid Shemale Yum update. Her new boobs make a special appearance in this scene also! Radius Dark’s camera pans out and there’s Yaegerman prepared to fulfill Kayleigh’s needs.

Rob Yaeger rises from his seat, led by his raging hardon directly to the fox awaiting with an open mouth to accept it. Kayleigh strokes the long shaft she can’t manage inside her mouth with her hand. Rob shows his appreciation by giving Kayleigh a rimjob and then she strips down to her birthday suit just like her partner. Her POV blowjob comes next and Rob tosses Kayleighs salad again before thrusting his ominsexual meat deep inside Kayleigh’s tight ass!

They go from missionary position to piledriver to side saddle and Kayleigh’s hard cock bobs and sways while she gets railed hard and fast. This tumultuous bareback fucking evolves into cowgirl riding and Kayleigh’s pretty dick makes an attempt to defy gravity with its hardness. Then Rob drills Kayleigh while she’s on her back jerking off. Rob’s creampie is the most explicit I’ve seen yet on but his job is not quite over yet.

He’s got to finish this off by helping Kayleigh squeeze all the cum out of her erection. They finish off with a kiss and some cock rubbing frottage before this update comes to an end. Rob is also the producer of The Fuck Chronicles and can be seen on

Check out our Exclusive PornOCD interview with Rob to learn more especially if you’re a guy who wants to know what it takes to become an amazing male performer.

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Shemale Yum: Redhead Beauty Ashlee Alespia!

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I can’t believe this is only Ashlee Alespia’s 3rd Shemale Yum appearance. I’ve been a fan for so long. So when Radius Dark films her reminding us that she was previously known as Ashlee Nova, I knew that already. I became a fan through her amazing webcam performances. She’s still very active on Chaturbate but more about that later. It’s time to tell you about her latest studio shoot.

While sitting in a little black dress and sandals on the bed, Ash tells us about some of the good clean fun things she likes to do. She’s recently moved to Seattle, Washington and finds no problem getting sex. In fact it might be too much sex if there’s such a thing! “I can either ride a dick or eat a pussy,” she says adding that it’s fantastic. I couldn’t agree more!

Ashlee proceeds to tell us about what happened when she moved to her new location. Her roommate as it turns out is named Alexia and she has a massive dick. Way to turn us on without even removing a stitch of clothing yet! I’m not going to spoil this trans lesbian first time encounter for you but things turn out differently than you might expect. But it turned to be 100% successful. So does the striptease that follows when Ashlee rises from the bed. It doesn’t take long before she exposes one of what I’d call one of the prettiest sets of tits in the adult industry. After playing with them for a bit Ashlee hops up on the bed with her cock shaft projecting from her panties. It has a “turtleneck” on by the way. One of the things that makes Ashlee a great webcam and studio performer is her skill in taking about sex. Combine that talent with her turning around and spreading her wide butt cheeks and you might have all you need to cum before this scene comes to an end!

She still goes by her former name for webcam and you can find her on Also, Anya The Blushing Rocker & Ashlee Nova on TGirls.Porn is an amazing hardcore not to be missed.

Shemale Yum – Addi Toys Her Tight Ass!

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While being filmed by Omar Wax on Shemale Yum, Addie saunters across the floor in sneakers, a baseball jersey and reveals that underneath it she’s wearing world famous UK designer panties. She does so by lifting her butt cheeks and patting her lovely bottom. She bends over and makes her ass wiggle and then teases with just a hint of the bulge in her undies next.

She’s awfully quite for a model who has a wildly successful Chaturbate presence, but that’s to change shortly. She begins moaning audibly as she rubs herself between her legs. Addi also rubs her boobs beneath the shirt and reveals that she’s wearing a leopard print brassiere over her orbs. This is going to be a long, hot and heavy update that ends with a cum shot, but until then Addie teases mercilessly!

A killer leg show is proceeded by a sexy bare foot tease when she removes her sneakers and little socks. She then bares her hormone breasts, stands up and smacks her ass hard and releases the cutest cock and balls. Addi is in the flaccid state for now. But when she rises to lower her panties, she’s silently confessing that there’s a pink butt plug between her butt cheeks! Her balls are tightly drawn up and her pretty penis jiggles as she poses while standing completely naked! Then she makes herself comfortable on a leather chair to begin masturbating. Addi becomes more vocal, saying how good it feels while finger banging her tight ass. Her cock stroking is to follow in a variety of positions that leave nothing to the imagination.

Then she does something I’ve seen on one of her live webcam shows (when not getting fucked by a real man). Addi penetrates her ass with another sex toy. Her dirty talk increases and her cock lengthens and thickens. She jerks off frantically in attempt to reach her climax. Addi shouts in ecstasy while fucking herself hard and pumping her hand on her erection furiously! “I’m cumming!” she screams as jets of cum fly out of her swollen cockhead! This update doesn’t end until Addi is completely spent.

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Mandy Mitchell: T Girl Sex Tape with Casey Kisses

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“Very excited to bring you this sex tape I made at home with TS newcomer sensation Casey Kisses! I first noticed Casey as another girl on Niteflirt about a year ago and thought to myself, wow what a gorgeous girl I hope she does porn…Not much time had passed and she started to grow in popularity and soon appeared on all the old familiar sites…Our paths soon crossed and we decided to make a sex tape together! Sweet kissing, hand jobs, rimming, blowjobs, bareback fucking… everything I love out of a TS on TS scene!”

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Mandy Mitchell consistently delivers everything I love out of a solo scene as well as hardcore trysts with whatever mix of partners she’s with. Seeing her in action with Casey Kisses is one of the best porn surprises of 2017. Mandy’s brand has been a staple for me since I’ve been reviewing trans porn and she’s one of the main reasons I began doing this in the first place. That said, I know that whatever she’s comes up with next is gonna be lit without a doubt.

First off, I could sense the excitement of both models just knowing they were going to set a date to make this scene happen. Mandy delivered the killer tease of uploading the photo set and making us wait in anticipation for the full-length video. But good porn comes to those who wait. There’s always the right touch of fetish to Mandy’s work. She exposed me to fetishes I never knew I had with her overall content long ago to the point where I never knew what to expect in the future. That’s so exciting! I think that anyone who’s been in a trans lesbian relationship, wanted to be in one, or simply can’t live without seeing it will sense the intimacy from jump.

The sight of Casey’s hand stroking Mandy’s stiff cock is electrifying, followed by passionate kissing, nipple play and cock-stiffening tea bagging. The actual cocksucking footage is remarkable and it’s mixed with rimming before the phenomenal bareback fucking begins. The climactic finale is as explosive as the production values are high. I can’t rave enough about this production. Get to for “T Girl Sex tape with Casey Kisses” or for every top name model’s website on Mandy’s scorching hot sex stable.

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Jonelle Brooks – Purple Wall

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Gorgeous Jonelle Brooks peeks out of the window at the corner of her purple decorated room and tells us she’s staring down at all the boys. It’s lonely there by herself and she’s trying to make new friends. But since you’re here watching, she’d like to know if you’d want to be friends with her. As much as she likes her new lingerie piece, she thinks it would look better on the floor. Help her take it off, won’t you. She massages her full breasts when you do and you can’t help notice the bulge in her panties. Help her pinch her nipples. She says she can feel her dick getting hard and it’s slipping out of her panties. Then she raises her legs and asks if you like the shoes she’s wearing. “Do you like looking at my toes while they’re in my hands?” They’re encased in skyscaper black sandals. Jonelle rubs the thin panel of her panties and asks you to put your finger into her hole, showing you how she likes it done. She says it’s so tight and you can hear how good it makes her feel. When she rises from her seat, she slowly lowers her panties and her semi-erect cock springs out. The head is fully extended and she turns to show you the curves of her bare ass. She kneels over on the chair. Would you like to taste it of would you prefer to ease your stiff cock inside? Jonelle can feel her cock getting harder yet and begins jerking off while facing you. You can see her pre-cum spreading across her fingers as she pumps her stiffening shaft. Jonelle releases her now turgid erection and its head points toward the ceiling. It strains toward her tummy when she leans back. Now she’s finger banging her tight ass while jacking her hardon. It looks like if she doesn’t stop, she’s gonna make herself cum! Yep, she’s right about to make sticky white rivulets of cum shoot out of the head of her cock. She’ll need some help cleaning it all up. “Purple Room” and it’s exquisite matching photo set available now on and Register for FREE and see Jonelle performing LIVE the next time she’s on!

Proving to Tinder Date Casey Kisses That I’m the Guy From the Pics

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The man behind The Fuck Chronicles on Clips4Sale describes this scene in his own words: Long, tall beauty Casey Kisses and I did another great scene. In this one, we went out on a Tinder date. Apparently she liked something about my profile, but she didn’t tell me what it was until I brought her home. She showed me what she was talking about on her phone… then I proceeded to show her the real thing! Casey shows off her amazing oral skills on me, then I pull down her panties, lick her ass and dick her down right on the couch where were chatting. She’s an incredible performer, and in the end I drench her down with a customary Yaeger-load. “Slow Fuck With TS Beauty Casey Kisses” is the last scene I reviewed starring Casey and Rob. I like this scene even better than they’re last one together because of one main thing – Casey’s climax. I don’t want to give away exactly how it happens and spoil it for you, but it’s electrifying! My omnisexual friend recently said, “Male talent in trans/straight porn is like a frame on a painting: Easily missed, but makes the painting prettier and holds it on the wall.” If you’re like me, you’re likely to be as interested in the male star in a TS/Male porn scene. If you’re only there for the trans girl however, Rob Yaeger has a special talent when it comes to showcasing his co-star’s looks, sense of humor and acting ability. Check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Rob Yaeger and get insight to what’s it’s like to be a male porn star and for more links of course. I can’t talk about the beautiful trans model in this scene without directing you where to see her performing LIVE. First, register for FREE at my favorite webcam site, then follow her on! Rob is also on performing LIVE now and his webcam page is!

Trans500 – Casey Kisses & Kai Bailey

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Beautiful Casey Kisses is considering what to do with some cold cash with a friend over the phone. It’s rent time, but she’s not planning on blowing it on the stupid rent. She gets off the phone upon hearing a knock on the door and it’s Kai Bailey coming to collect. When she withdraws some cash from the pocket of her robe, Mr. Bailey swiftly grabs it stating it will go towards her late rent.

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Casey reads him and orders him out, but the man decides to tour her apartment observing how much she must spend on furniture. This is none of his business and Casey is furious. She grabs his tie and when she looks downward, she sees a big bulge in his pants. The collector confesses that Casey owing his employer rent is kind of a turn on. She removes her robe and spins around in her body conscious white outfit asking if what he sees is what he’s been looking for. Of course it is and a blowjob would be right on time too!

Scene Trailer

Next thing you know, the gorgeous tenant is stroking and sucking Mr. Bailey’s big dick on the sofa! Casey retracts the money he took while he’s not looking and he’s soon behind her lowering her bottom. He digitally and orally manipulates Casey’s fine ass and gets her to admit that she likes being late on her rent.

With this kind of treatment followed by a big bare cock easing inside her tight ass, who could blame her? Casey is obviously getting fucked in a variety of positions. But her big cock is expanded to its fullest during the missionary position railing. The scene ends with two big cumshots and a humorous ending. is the branch of the network where you’ll find this exemplary production.

Actor, musician, and LGBT activist Kai Bailey delivers a solid performance once again and his co-star continues to deliver spectacular LIVE performances on!