Stunning Chanel Santini Takes A Bath!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Here we go with the strikingly beautiful and prolific Chanel Santini again. It’s an exquisite, don’t wanna miss it 9th photo and video set of Chanel filmed by Omar Wax. If there’s any possible way you’ve never seen this top ten model in action before, she has her own website,, performs live on and she’s also been featured on and in hardcore action that will blow your mind on TGirls.Porn. In her new bath scene there’s no need for any sort of story. Chanel draws a bubble bath while dressed in a bra and panties. She bands over to test the water’s heat while bent over with her undies halfway down as you can see in the free video trailer on Shemale.XXX. Her dialogue with you begins after all she has on is her bra while sitting at the edge of the tub. The first half of this scene features Chanel posing in a variety of tantalizing positions, blowing bubbles, fingering, breast fondling and moaning softly. She develops an erection about halfway through. Chanel is a grower with a small peen when it’s flaccid, but it’s surprisingly big when it gets hard. If for any reason you haven’t seen her performances since she entered the adult industry with a big bang at 18, her boobs have grown much bigger than they were back then. That’s important to some trans porn fans and not to others. But what chick isn’t proud of her tittie growth? The focus of the second half of this scene is mainly the growth of her big dick. Although this is a straight up furious stroking video, it sort of plays like art porn because of the high production values. Omar captures Chanel jerking her cock like mad from head to toe with mainly just suds and a little water by the end. Chanel’s orgasm is loud and powerful and her big cock shoots a tremendous creamy white cum shot. While coming back down to earth, she squeezes out every last drop before waving goodbye. “Chanel Santini Gets Bubble Bath Boner!” is the title of the sample photo gallery. Treat yourself by streaming or downloading the full video with its cumtastic conclusion.

You can Watch the Free Trailer on Shemale.XXX
You can Watch the Free Trailer on Shemale.XXX

Chanel Santini: Hot Trans Girl with Sexy Feet and Juicy Meat Is Such A Treat!

MP4 Scene Trailer
MP4 Scene Trailer 

This is a solo scene that blows my mind. Check out the MP4 trailer of Chanel Santini undressing before taking a bath with her sex toys.

Visit for a longer preview.

In her second Shemale Strokers scene, Chanel kicks her panties away and poses completely nude. It’s basically upskirt footage without the skirt from the front and then the rear. If she’s your favorite new adult industry star, watching Chanel sitting at the edge of the tub stroking her cock to a full erection might be devastating for you. If she’s not your favorite or if you’ve never seen her before in action, she might become your new one. Chanel wags her long, thick sex organ around and it rises higher and higher in the air next.

Chanel raises her feet by the ankles for a leg show, then swivels around on her knees with her erection squeezed firmly between her thighs. There’s a little leg and foot show from the back that evolves into an explicit butt show.

About 11 to 12 minutes in, Chanel begins to play in the water. She gets soaking wet from head to toe and moves gracefully through too many poses to list. She shakes her ass like a stripper and there’s slow motion footage before the scene resumes to normal speed. Chanel simulates sucking cock with a clear dildo before fucking herself with it. She then strokes her stiff cock with a pink toy.

Chanel is making high-pitched moans and talking dirty when her climax hits. This scene runs just under a half hour on A big blast of creamy white cum blasts from the head of her cock while she uses the clear toy again to fuck herself. She sits up after tasting a bit of her own cum and her lovely dick is still standing up.

You can also catch this stunning beauty on which is her official website powered by the Transerotica team. As of now, her last LIVE performance was just over 7 hours ago on

TransErotica – Chanel Santini

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Chanel Santini In Kinky Hardcore With Jasmeen

Don’t go looking for the official Chanel Santini website just yet. But you can find “Chanel Santini in Kinky Hardcore with Jasmeen” on TransErotica now. You’ll also find “Chanel Santini Creampies Jasmeen” on TransErotica. I could tell you all about both videos, but let’s focus of the kinky hardcore update today and I’ll get to the creampie scene in a future update. Chanel is a Domme who has captured the intruder Jasmeen and knocked her out with chloroform. When Jasmeen awakens, she’s tied and ball-gagged on a sofa in a luxurious apartment. There are a few things I didn’t know about Chanel. First, I didn’t know how convincing she could be as a Mistress until I saw her administering verbal humiliation and rubbing her pussy and swatting it with a riding crop. Chanel pleasures and torments Jasmeen’s large breasts and nipple in the same manner. She holds gagged Jasmeen by the neck firmly as she sucks one of her nipples. She proceeds to rip the bodystocking Jasmeen is wearing with her long talons and exposes her pretty petals. Then she spreads Jasmeen’s lovely labia wide and moves in for the kill face first. This is when the second thing I didn’t know about Chanel happens. She’s straight in her personal life, but I wouldn’t have guessed she’d be so incredible to watch with a cisgender female star, or that I’d ever see this happen at all. The chemistry between Chanel and Jasmeen is magical and the balance of glam and BDSM is just right. This is my favorite porn niche and the killer footage for me is watching Chanel fucking Jasmeen bareback completely naked. The pairing of the hostess of and Chanel Santini is absolute casting genius. Until TransErotica announced the official launch of Chanel’s website, this scene plus the creampie set is available now. You can also watch Chanel LIVE on Chaturbate. Her webcam broadcast channel is

Chanel Santini & Joe Hammer

In “Sexy Trans Girl Works The Pole To Get The Goo!” on Shemale Strokers Chanel Santini is dancing on the pole for Joe Hammer at a strip club. But he can’t help but admire another stiff pole poking out from under her short, pink skirt. It’s not long before she asks him if he wants to go the back room for a private lap dance. As she straddles him, he starts sucking on her natural trans girl tits. She removes his leather belt, bends over, and begs him to give her a spanking. She must like this type of discipline, because she rewards Joe with a messy, slobbery blow job. In fact, giving him head makes her so hard that she teaches him how to suck hers too! The two passionately kiss in between rounds of ball licking, sword fighting, and ass eating. Joe finds himself in heaven as he sniffs and licks the bottoms of Chanel’s sexy feet. Finally, he gets to stuff that sweet, tight hole of hers with his throbbing cock. Sitting on the Joy Rider, he slams into her while her trans girl dick bounces up and down, slapping against her stomach. She begs him to pound her harder and harder, until her cock finally erupts with a massive wad of jizz. Then, she gets on her knees and sucks his balls, until he gives her a huge gob of goo all over her mouth and forehead. That’s the official Shemale Strokers synopsis that stole the fun of describing all the fun myself! Well, except for the slow motion instant replays off Chanel’s coveted cumshot and the slo-mo footage of licking Mr. Hammer’s cock clean. Watch the trailer on Shemale Strokers!

Beautiful Chanel Santini

There are now four photo sets and videos of Chanel Santini on Shemale.XXX shot by photographer Omar Wax. One of them was a hardcore production with Chanel and a cute guy named Danny I’d never seen before. I raved about that one but then I pretty much rave about everything this Dallas, Texas native who currently resides in Las Vegas does. She takes a small sip from a cup that suggest coffee, tea or me before moving from the kitchen counter to undo her jeans at the beginning of this scene. I don’t know exactly why Chanel is not only one of my favorite performers of 2015 and 2016 but all time, but perhaps you’re also a super fan who gets it. This is another performance of hers that makes the mind scream “damn!” straight from the start. Chanel is dangerously sexy on so many levels to look at from head to toe. She’s vocal in this scene also and her dirty talk is as seductive a her face and body are pretty. I don’t think that any trans porn collector who doesn’t own these Shemale.XXX Chanel Santini performances can truly say they have an optimal collection. Her masturbation sequences, stroking her rock hard cock and letting it swing around defying gravity are to die for. If you want to see her performing live, it’s been about two weeks since I’ve seen her beating off and cumming on Chaturbate in room=chanelsantini. I guess when you’re one of the hottest commodities in trans porn on the planet, it’s hard to keep up with all the requests. She must feel like she’s being pulled in a thousand different directions at one. I’m sure some of them feel pretty damn good, though.

Sexy Chanel Santini Takes a Bath

Sample Photo Gallery

Although this beauty who’s new to Sin City wears a sexy barely legal outfit, most of the photos in the photo gallery that accompany the video are NSFW. But you didn’t plan on watching or downloading these Shemale.XXX sets from there anyway, did you? I hope not because gorgeous Chanel Santini gets right down to stroking her big dick naked in the tub and she wants you to cum with her. In some of the videos Omar Wax has captured her in, you get to hear her sexy speaking voice. Take her hardcore scene with Danny I raved about here on March 8, 2016. But there’s mostly lots of moaning in this one in the beginning. But as the scene progresses, Chanel starts talking dirty as she gets her svelte body clean. Mr. Wax films Chanel posing and stroking her raging erection in so many different positions, I’ve lost track of them all. I didn’t forget about the big, creamy white cum shot that blasts out of her swollen cock head. Or the way she rubbed her spunk across the surface of her long, gravity-defying shaft. When you see this gem on Shemale.XXX, I doubt you will either, especially if you save it.

TS Cici (Chanel) Santini

You can watch the trailer of the 25:47 minute video of the debut performance of Chanel Santini on Shemale Strokers right now. Her introduction reads, “Hi, my name is Chanel Santini. I’m a glamour girl fashionista currently living large in Las Vegas. These painted on jeans are super tight so I’m going to slip into something more comfortable for you. You know what I really enjoy? Having my big dick sucked and my tight little hole rimmed. I would love for you to tongue fuck me someday. I’m also really into feet. I love sucking on toes and I love to have my own toes sucked. Wouldn’t you like a taste of these pretty little piggies? Maybe once you’re done playing with my feet, you could play with my bubble butt as well. Then you can help me stroke my big trans girl cock, while I stroke yours. And we can let our sticky cream drip all over our sexy little feet.” It’s no coincidence that I just mentioned her in my last post. I simply believe in striking the iron when it’s hot. Who is hotter than Chanel Santini right now? I mean, seriously. You can watch her LIVE on!

Chanel Santini on Chaturbate

This 18 year old beauty is such a fireball as a newcomer in the adult industry, she has a Chanel Santini category here on TS Dreamland already even though her official website isn’t up and running yet. If you periodically or frequently browse trans girls jerking off or having sex on Chaturbate TRANS you may have seen her performing LIVE a few days ago. She looked stunning with a shorter new hairdo and was wearing a red and black bra and a skimpy black thing when I logged in. Chanel was telling fans about her favorite current kink, which is rimming hot guys. A few moments after I logged in, a viewer wanted to see Chanel’s bare feet. She was happy to show them off, even after not having had a recent pedicure. So she raised her pretty peds and flexed them like a dancer and I couldn’t tell that they needed any work. After more interaction, she raised her legs and played with her ass a bit. Another request came in for Chanel to put on some heels and she let the fans choose. She settled on a pair of tall strapped red sandals to make her foot loving fans lose their minds. Time flies when you’re having fun and about 20 minutes later, Chanel was sucking on the head of a huge black dildo. Then she sat back on the bed to stroke her big dick to erection after removing her thong. The sight of her on all fours working that enormous toy inside he tiny rosebud was mind-blowing. Next, she laid back to jack off again and then asked the fans how they wanted to see her cum. They requested that Chanel lose her bra to expose her lovely hormone breasts and jack off until she shot her spunk into her mouth and across her face. She did it! As of now, her last Chaturbate TRANS performance was just 5 hours ago. Check out room=chanelsantini who I’d rate a 15 on a scale from 1 to 10.

Chanel Santini & Danny Get Turned On

There’s what I consider somewhat of a bonus for you in the 21:30 minute hardcore video on Shemale.XXX with Chanel Santini and Danny – the solo masturbation footage. About 15 minutes into the scene, after she’s been soundly railed by cute Danny’s big dick, it’s one-on-one with this svelte Las Vegas fox. More specifically, she’s lying back playing with her freshly-fucked rosebud and jacking her big, swollen cock while lying back on the sofa. On top of that, she’s butt naked and photographer Omar Wax captures every lovely inch of her magnificently. This video could actually have been split in two. Chanel gives you everything while posing in a vareity of positions and interacting verbally. If you’re hoping to see her swollen cockhead shooting big streams of cum, you’re gonna get that, too. Back to the opening of the scene, it’s a story driven one. Chanel is in the living room and Danny is in the bedroom beating his meat through his shorts while fantasizing about her. Chanel quickly enters the bedroom to see what he’s doing and catches him sniffing her panties. Unphased and flattered, Chanel leads Danny to the kitchen, sinks to her knees and pulls his shorts down. What a hung new male stud we have here and a beautiful, newbie on a meteoric rise sucking on his massive cock. Soon, Chanel is spanking her ass and Danny is too before his fucking begins in this instant classic Shemale.XXX hardcore scene. This is an incredible follow-up to the sizzling hot Barely Legal Chanel Santini debut.

Chanel Santini on Bob’s Tgirls

The debut of Chanel Santini on Bob’s Tgirls might make you cum in record time. Watching it is like getting into a car while it’s already speeding down the road. This stunning Las Vegas teen introduces herself saying, “I’m really in the mood. My dick is really hard right now,” and whips her erection out from her wrap skirt in the first few moments of the scene. She starts stroking it and it points to the ceiling when she lets it go. Then she asks if you want to play some pool, but she’s clearly joking around. The only game she plays is The Masturbation Game until she cums. That’s if you don’t include the glass toy fucking she gives herself while stroking her big lube-up cock. You’ve got to see Chanel’s pretty legs kicking and flexing as she brings herself to an almost violent climax. If you’re a creamy white cumshot lover, you’re probably going to play Chanel’s orgasm over and over a few times. But this video, complimented by an incredible photo set, is so damn sexy I don’t think you’ll get there the first time around. Bob’s Tgirls is the first adult website I’ve ever joined and that was years ago. Chanel Santini on Bob Maverick’s top shelf website reminds me of why this site was an instant hit when it first launched 707 models ago. In a way it’s like déjà vu all over again. I almost want to dare someone to watch Chanel in action and not cum right away.