Canada TGirl Luna Loveless: Luna Doesn’t Get Bored

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The description of this photo and video set reads: Beautiful tgirl Luna doesn’t like being alone of course she likes to hangout with friends and get into a wild party. In Luna’s wild world, sometimes being alone means having some “naughty” time with yourself, so she always finds a way to get herself occupied. Watch her as she will show you how horny as hell she can be, alone.

Vito films the lithe, leggy Ontario babe who made her debut on Femout.XXX (model profile) in her second Canada TGirl shoot flashing a dazzling smile and asking if you’ve come to punish her. She’s been a really naughty girl, she adds, but it takes a few moments to find out what exactly she’s talking about. As Luna sits in bed with her legs open wide, Vito’s lens captures a peek between her thighs. It looks like she’s been wanking her huge wiener again.

When she sits up to face the mirror, giving us a rear view of her hot body. Luna’s low slung ball sack and big cock are hanging loosely from her fence net stockings and one of the leg openings of her panties. She removes her glasses and begins fondling her boobs beneath the fabric of her top. She then raises the hem of her tartan plaid naughty schoolgirl skirt and gives and explicit view of her perky ass.

Luna reaches down to stroke her uncut cock for a moment, then removes the cami top above her halter top, and her lovely nipples come into view. Next, she lays back on the bed and tosses her legs into the air to remove her panties. Her big dick grows harder yet as she opens her legs and rubs her fun spot.

She then begins stroking her large schlong in earnest, with one hand at times and then with two hands. After beating off for quite some time while laying down, Luna sits up to remove her skirt. The panties she had on earlier was hiding the fact that her stockings were crotchless. Her long tool hangs lewdly from the opening and she curls her fingers around it to fap again.

Luna lets her hair down after the midway point of this scene with Vito filming from a low vantage point. This footage makes it seem like Luna’s enormous organ is right in front of your face. She sits back down for some full frontal footage jacking off furiously with her left hand.

Luna also jerks off while standing on the bed and her massive cock explodes, shooting creamy white spurts of cum in one of the most creative methods I’ve seen in awhile. You’ll see what I mean when you get to But we’ve got a great Q&A with this strikingly gorgeous model exclusively on TS Dreamland. Check out the PornOCD Interview with Luna Loveless.

Canada TGirl Miss Dita Dior Fucked by Thor!

Dita Dior’s sixth multisite video and photo set is another hot hardcore scene and it’s produced by Vito, co-starring Thor Johnson. It begins with the lady in red posing solo, exposing and playing with her naughty bits before her partner arrives. There’s no need for a storyline and it’s just torrid, unbridled sex! A good three minutes pass with Dita getting herself all worked up. Thor pays her lots of stimulating manual and oral attention when he arrives fully dressed. After some intense kissing, Dita releases Thor’s cock from his pants and it’s in a state of arousal that one would expect it to be. Dita’s blowjob that follows makes Thor’s dick raging hard and he’s quite vocal about how good it feels.

As more and more of Dita’s clothing is shed, she moves around on the bed in a variety of different positions. Then she gets her cock sucked and a rimjob along with it before a deeply penetrating finger banging. Dita sucks Thor’s cock again and it’s even more intense this time around. Thor goes back to digitally priming Dita’s magnificent ass again while stroking his lucky erection. The first position he fucks Dita in is doggy style and this tremendous railing is expertly filmed. Dita always turns out fantastic studio performances and she’s also a prolific live webcam performer you ought to follow on When I did my exclusive Interview with Thor Johnson in December of 2016, I raved about his website with expectations of more great things to come on other great websites. Therefore, I’m not surprised at all about how well this Canada TGirl hardcore scene turned out. You should also check out Dita’s Shemale Yum Profile to preview her four fabulous performances dating back to 2011.

You can Watch the Free Trailer on

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Curvaceous T-Milf Nina Russell Cougar With a Cock!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

Welcome back to the adult industry, Nina Russell of Quebec! She’s formerly known as NinaTV. I remember her original website that was launched in 2003 peaking at around 2005 before she took it down. She doesn’t talk about her illustrious past in her debut, but rather goes straight into a seduction and striptease. She does however speak with the super sexy French-Canadian accent I remember from way back when. The photo will not lead to because the site is now closed.

Former Website Closed
Former Website Closed

Nina reveals her luscious boobs quickly and the crinoline beneath her skirt teases with what’s hidden between her legs. She writhes on the bed, obviously horny as hell already. Nina’s producer Vito displays a pre-heated hung stunner with a huge hard cock when it’s revealed. It’s uncut and a lot for one hand to handle. Nina briefly sits up on the bed to remove her high heels and resumes masturbating with her dress and lush undergarments bunched around her waist. She stands on the bed stroking her thick dick and crouches for a few moments before setting back for an even more intense fap session. It looks as if Nina had to hold back from climaxing.

In the encore performance of buxom Nina Russell, she’s not interested in much dialogue here either. Vito pans his camera from her tall elaborate sandals, up along her blue dress clad form to her pretty face. She has a seductive smile that lets you know just what her intention is – to make you cum. The last scene was a bedroom romp, but this time we’re in the living area with Nina as she gives us a tantalizing ass display on the black leather sofa. After following the reveal of her large breasts, Nina finger bangs her fun spot more intensely that in her last scene.

Nina’s moaning is louder and heavier than last time as she cups her boobs and furiously strokes her super thick organ. She pauses only to give us another butt show. Then she lays back for a rapid strokefest again. Although it’s obvious that Miss Russell is going to cum, the volume of her creamy white cum is astonishing and so is Vito’s slow motion recap. I think that Nina even surprised herself by shooting all that creamy white spunk in her encore.

You can Watch Nina's New Trailer on
You can Watch Nina’s New Trailer on

Vancouver Vixen Nikki Vicious

“It’s hard to believe that smokin’ blonde Nikki Vicious is brand new to the adult entertainment business when she owns the lenses the way she does,” says producer Vito of beautiful Nikki Vicious.

“A gorgeous example of a trans girl and a born natural performer, Vancouver bombshell Nikki marks her second site exclusive dressed in killer heels and a tiny pleated mini-skirt which compliment those wondrous long legs beautifully,” he adds. “I have a feeling we are gonna be seeing a lot more of this Canadian sweetheart in the coming months. Watch this space!” Her debut video begins like you’ve just entered her apartment while she’s gazing out the window.

If you’ve just come to watch, she doesn’t mind, she say and proceeds to let her tartan plaid skirt drop to the floor. This leaves her in a black mesh halter top, grey panties and tall black strappy sandals. She fondles her big tits through the top that leaves little to the imagination while allowing you to drink in the sight of her bare midriff and full curves.

Nikki has no discernible accent you’ll notice during the vocal part of her teasing. This is the followup scene to “Delicious Nikki Vicious” which was a spectacular debut. Nikki begins to get aroused while running circles around her nipples with her fingers. You can hear it in her soft moans.

If you couldn’t tell just how remarkably fit she is from the front, wait until you see the rear view when she turns around and bends over. She spanks her ass hard and runs a finger between the crevice of her wide butt cheeks. When she says, “I want you to fuck me,” and “I want your dick so bad,” The intention is clear that she wants you beating off before you even see what’s between her legs.

Her uncut penis is semi-erect as she pulls her undies down while perched upon the window seat. The head is just barely visible in its fleshy sheath, but you can see that its already oozing drops of pre-cum. Nikki is very flexible. She raises her long legs high in the air in the spread eagle position with ease. Her cock stroking method is rapid and intense.

Her hardon is so thick and ready looking when she stands up to give you upskirt views without a skirt. Vito captures Nikki laying on her side when her climax approaches. Big spurts of syrupy cum eject from her swollen member to pour across her hand and tight tummy.

You can Watch Nikki's Free Trailer on
You can Watch Nikki’s Free Trailer on

That’s a wrap for Nikki’s dazzling second scene on this incredible website. Your membership comes with FULL ACCESS to 7 other great websites!  

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Canada TGirl – Dita Dior Back In Black!

Sample Photo Set
Sample Photo Set

It’s been too long since the last time we saw Dita Dior on the mega-site. This is her fourth solo performance and there’s also an explosive hardcore scene I absolutely love. Dita is is a face very well-known to members of the original site and of course, from her four dynamic appearances on The formerly brunette blonde is from tiny Prince Edward Island, Canada’s ‘potato’ province which is famous for their fertile land perfect for harvesting the best potatoes around. She loves the 420 lifestyle and is also back to doing frequent LIVE webcam performances on! You should register for free to beat off and cum with her. Dita also loves cooking, baking and retail therapy. She’s adore couture brands including Hermès, Chanel, and Gucci. Her favorite food is salad, and her favorite drink is champagne. She considers sperm a beverage as well. In “Dita by Vito” which is her, the fully functional primarily bottom trans beauty reminds us how long it’s been since we’ve seen her last seen her. She goes from posing like a runway model while stripping and stroking. About ten or so minutes into the new video, Dita is completely naked, doing leg admirer and bare foot fetish poses. Then it’s back to the business of furiously stroking her cock. Next up is “Dita Dita Back In Black!” in which Vito presents Dita posing before a floor-to-ceiling mirror in a plush bedroom wearing lingerie and heels. She straddles the bed and confronts you warmly, yet boldly at the same time. Then she presents one of the most enviable rear ends on the site and exposes her lovely breasts when she turns around for frontal footage again. Dita moves gracefully through a variety of tantalizing positions while removing every stitch of clothing. Dita masturbates furiously and it appears that her climax will hit after the midway point. But she holds back and poses again standing while beating off. Then she’s on her back jerking off when the scene is close to ending. The producer hears when Dita whispers that she’s going to have an orgasm and it gives him time to capture her cum shot brilliantly.

You can watch the Free Trailers of Dita Dior on the multisite!
You can watch the Free Trailers of Dita Dior on the multisite! 

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Canadian Sensation Emma Sirens!

Sample Photo Gallery #01
Sample Photo Gallery #01

The debut of Emma Sirens on Canada-TGirl is one of the most passionate self-loving sessions I’ve seen in recent memory. The way she masturbates is like the metal music she loves listening to and playing, hard driving and fierce. One of the first things Emma does in her Canada-TGirl debut video filmed by Vito is to turn her full ass clad in shorts to face us and give it a hard spank. The outfit she wears is not the same one as in the video. She’s wearing a jean jacket and t-shirt supporting a favorite iconic band, but that’s all it seems at first. Emma is not a shy performer. She knows she’s hot and I love her confidence. She’s wearing a skimpy garment beneath her t-shirt that seems a bit like swimwear and a matching black thong panty. Emma makes full use of the bed by posing while seated, lying down and standing. She’s on her knees when she exposes her stiff cock in a full frontal view. The head and first inch or so of her erection are flushed a deep shade of pink from her arousal. When she bares her full breasts, her tan lines are clearly visible. Emma strips completely nude while standing on the bed and concentrates more intensely on stroking her raging hard dick. She sinks back down and lays on the bed beating off in profile and next comes an incredible rear view once again. She also lies on her back and at this point I lose track of how many position changes she moves through gracefully. Emma’s masturbation includes breast fondling and hard finger banging. Then her boobs jiggle wildly as her stroking session kicks into overdrive in this superbly sexy Canada-TGirl update.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery #02

In her follow-up scene, Emma moves from the sofa to the floor in a tight red dress exposing deep cleavage, lots of leg, and her full, pantied bottom. Back on the couch, she lowers the top of her dress and cups the big boobs in her brassiere. She bares her dress and teases by playing around the bulge in her panties once her frock is removed. Emma then withdraws her cock and balls from her panties and begins stroking it. Then her panties drop and she gives a dazzling display of her gorgeous ass from behind, squeezing her stiff cock between her creamy thighs. Wearing nothing but her high heeled sandals, Emma sinks to the floor and resumes stocking her stiff dick. I’m going to leave the rest for you to see for yourself on Canada-TGirl.

PornOCD Interview with Jelena Vermilion

You may have seen Jelena Vermilion on Canada-TGirl, the tremendous free-standing trans adult website that was relaunched as a multi-site. This beautiful Kitchener, Ontario resident is a dancer, artist and courtesan with a lust for life and a brilliantly multi-faceted career. I hope you’ll enjoy my interview with Jelena!

Canada-TGirl Lovely Suckable Candy!

Montreal minx Candy is a classy chick with a great smile that matches her great personality. She has a lovely round ass, a 36DD rack and a nice 8.5″ lollipop that she just loves her guys to gag on! Another fantastic Vito girl who invites you to sample her flavours over in the Canada-TGirl update area right now!

That’s the official description but it’s not what enticed me to download Candy’s new scene. After seeing her three previous sets since June 2016, I didn’t even have to see her new set to know it would be absolutely fantastic.

Vito runs his camera lense from Candy’s high heeled feet to her pretty face as she holds a stick of licorice and we’re off to a sexual garden party when she takes a few steps and sits down on a towel on the grass. Candy lowers her bikini top and lays back with her curvy legs splayed open. She rubs the bulge between her legs with a palm and French-tipped fingernails, then withdraws her suckable candy as we’re calling it today.

Candy uses a two finger banging method in and out of her tightness while pumping her cock stiff. Then she rolls onto her knees to give us a tremendous rear view. She’s resting on a lawn chair after moving gracefully through several sitting and standing positions.

I still haven’t decided if Candy looks hotter with her long blonde tresses or the cornrows from her previous sets. But I do know that you should definitely see all of her incredible sets on Canada-TGirl!

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