Brittany Jane Jacks Her Pierced Cock!

“Brittany Jane Jacks Her Pierced Cock” is the follow-up scene to “Brittany Jane Fucks Herself” on This is the fourth of her photo and video set and these last two I’m about to describe are produced by the multi-talented model/producer Amy Space Kitten.

Starting with video three with Brittany Jane, the Philly fox introduces her self sitting on a sofa in a baseball jersey, denim shorts and sandals. She tells her photographer Amy about what she’s been up to lately and for more information on all that good stuff. Brittany is an incredible broadcaster on and seeing her live and recorded just doubles the fun with her.

Brittany’s striptease in smoldering hot and she wears a black bra beneath her jersey. Her puffy nipples are revealed when she briefly bends over to display her cleavage. Cool ink adorns her skin and her shorts are cut-off on the waistband and the legs.

You’ve just got to hear the sounds Brittany makes after she removes her brassiere and begins stroking her cock. Her shorts are still on, but she plays with the exposed shaft while cupping the bulge of her balls inside the shorts.

I don’t think anyone could ask for a more explicit view of Brittany’s killer ass when she bends over on the couch. When she rises to her feet, she does her signature eye rolls and sexy things with her tongue and mentions that her boner is beginning to leak a bit. Back on the sofa with her bottom up, she finger bangs herself and prepares to penetrate her butt with a big dildo.

Brittany really gets into fucking herself with that toy! She goes cross eyed at times and often closes her peepers while riding it full frontal on the couch. Her hard pecker wags about skyward as she jousts up and down and then she plays with a long string of pre-cum and tastes it. All rear footage is to follow and lets move on to her next and latest scene.

Her latest video is filmed on a bed with Brittany wasting no time raising the hem of her dress to show off the butt plug she has inserted in that most special area. She teaks one of her puffy nipples after withdrawing her cock to play with. Writhing on the bed while masturbating in variety of positions, Brittany gets lost in pleasure again. She really goes deep and her final arrangement of that lovely form is sitting back against the bedroom wall. Watch your sound level because her high-pitched moans are very loud as she forces spurts of creamy white cum to blast from her beautiful pierced cock! Amy zooms in for a closeup as she rubs out every last drop of spunk.

Koko, Amy, Brittany & Jenn Chaturbate Trans Foursome!

thosedamncows on Chaturbate

I can’t believe what I saw on Chaturbate last night! Miss Koko Beans and Amy Space Kitten were already two of my all-time favorite webcam teams performing on I’ve raved about them here before. When I signed in, these four beauties were fully dressed. That’s the beauty of checking in regularly. The four babe bared their butts and added a bit of spanking first. The first girl to expose her cock got a finger banging and then got naked. Then more clothing was shed and two other sexpots went topless. Soon all four were nude or damn close to it and one hottie got her cock sucked. I’m not going to say who did what to protect the innocent, but once the suckee got an erection, she began fucking the one who made her big dick hard. The girl getting fucked while standing then got blown and she was railed. The pretty girl who was doing the fucking then began fucking another girl! Someone else got a strap-on fucking and then a chick got her salad tossed while she was making out. Nipple clamps were brought in and a very useful Hitachi magic wand vibrator. My favorite part of the cam session came when all four girls began making out and sucking each other off. Actually, that was my favorite part before the fucking resumed! I saw this incredible foursome in room thosedamcows where I’ve loving Miss Koko Beans and Amy Space Kitten getting it on for months. Next, I discovered gorgeous Brittany Jane who cams live on I’m now a fan of, too! This was the first Chaturbate trans girl live hardcore fourway I’ve ever seen. It was better than I could have ever imagined.

Brittany Jane on Shemale Yum


Photographer Remy X Kitano presents her dazzling new video and photo set of 23 year old Southern sweetheart Brittany Jane on Shemale Yum! She’s a talker with a sweet voice and a horny gleam in her eyes. Wow, when she moans from caressing her breasts through her t-shirt and bra, I think it’ll keep you focused if you weren’t already. Brittany’s nipples are so sensitive! She’s been on hormones for three years and her boobs are incredibly soft, yet firm looking. When she slips out of her dress and starts stroking her pierced cock, there’s precum oozing from the tip. Don’t worry, the piercing is just passing through the skin! But I digress. She wants you to know how her precum tastes and she tries some. She also tries laying back on the leather sofa and fucking herself with a clear dildo! As Brittany Jane comes close to shooting her cum, I remember why she’s so great in front of the camera. Practice makes perfect. She has that hot little room on! Follow her there so you won’t miss her next mesmerizing performance.