Stefani Special Good and Nasty on Bob’s Tgirls

Stefani Special luxuriates in be wearing a silk robe and stay-up stocking on Bobs-TGirls asking if you’d like to see her masturbate. After a nip slip, she opens her leg widely and her balls are spilling over the edges of her skimpy panties. You’re a naughty boy for peeking and Stefani isn’t ready to show you everything just yet. She teases by flicking one of her nipples and then the other pretty hard. How kinky is she and and why are there bandages on her knees? Well, she says she’s been naughty and flips around on the bed to give you a devastating view of her self-administered spanking. Oh that’s how kinky she is – those strikes are really hard! But her cock isn’t hard yet and she uses the silk belt of her robe to tie up her ankles. Calling you “daddy” she writhes on the bed to show you what it would be like if she were your submissive. She knows she’s not allowed to talk and stuffs her thing into her pretty mouth. Then she spays her cock with lube and lays back to jerk off. Her cock is soon raging hard and oozing so much pre-cum it almost looks like a full-on cum shot. Bob zooms in on her oozing cock head and pan up to her face as she stuffs an entire fist inside her mouth. Next she’s prepping her rosebud for a big red dildo she’s come up with. With her raging hardon trapped between her thighs, Stefani begins pushing the huge toy in and out of herself. “Don’t let me cum yet,” she practically begs with her legs raised, stroking her big cock and pumping the phallus. She’s soon gaping and not only is vocal, Stefani is loud! Download this incredibly kinky scene with gorgeous Stefani Special on Bob-Tgirls.

Kelly Klaymour in Unusual Orgasm

Different methods of stimulation work for Kelly Klaymour of and they’re all super sexy to watch – major turnon. Seeing Kelly pressing her big cock against the mattress while playing with herself is as fun for me as watching her fucking herself with a glass dildo. I love her new Bob’s Tgirls video and the peeing scene in her debut was a memorable one, too! Click on each image for Video and Photo Gallery previews.

Cum with hung Kelly Klaymour on Bob’s Tgirls!

Tori Mayes on Bob’s Tgirls

POV (point-of-view) video means different things to different viewers. For instance, watching gorgeous Tori Mayes sucking and fucking herself with a large black phallus on Bob’s Tgirls puts me in a POV state of mind. I loved the every second of Tori’s 15 minute video, especially when her big cock unleashed that massive cumshot!


TS Domino Presley on Bob’s Tgirls

Domino Presley is so breathtakingly gorgeous to me, I’m usually at a loss for words when I see her photo sets and videos. This time it’s no different. Bob Maverick of Bob’s Tgirls has done another magnificent job, don’t you think?  

It’s been a long time since Domino Presley has been on Bob’s Tgirls and as Mr. Maverick says, “It was a long time in coming, but worth the wait.”

Jessy Dubai in Cum On Her Eyes on Bob’s Tgirls

The 20 year Internet anniversary reminded me of the first transgender website I ever subscribed to – Bob’s Tgirls. If I were joining for the first time today, the first video and photo set I’d save would be “Cum On Her Eyes” featuring the stunningly gorgeous Jessy Dubai. She can’t find her panties and contemplates going out in her mesh dress without them. Jessy is so horny, she has to climax before going anywhere. This is one of the best erotic displays of narcissism I’ve scene in quite awhile. Click on each photo if you’d like to zoom in.

I couldn’t get mad at Jessy for getting so turned on by herself and ironically, one of my pet peeves is immodesty. But how could Jessy not know she’s one of the most beautiful performers in the adult industry? That would be impossible and her video was done with a good sense of humor. It’s mesmerizing to watch right up to Jessy’s explosive cumshot. If I were to show a transsexual porn solo scene to someone who has never seen TS erotica before, this would be at the top of my list of clips to show them and the 145 image “Fantastic Curves” photo set is also a must save for collectors.