Bob’s Tgirls – Candy Licious Behind The Scenes

I once asked one of my art teachers if he liked my painting style and he replied, “You don’t really have a style until you’re really good, so don’t worry about that just yet.” It took years for me to fully understand what he meant and by that time, I was making a living with my work. Bob of definitely has a style with his art, developed over years of practice and honing his skills.

It doesn’t hurt that he has access to the finest trans adult models in the industry like the new Candy of Tennessee. I’ve seen examples of Bob’s time lapse filming before and they remind me of how he runs circles around so many competing photographers. It’s not sad, really. It just makes the others work harder. It’s healthy competition.

At this point, it’s like Bob could almost present full length traditional scenes in his sleep. So every once in awhile, he mixes things up with a different sort of erotica like you’ll find in his behind-the-scenes videos. I’m sure that Bob is aware that many of his fans are aspiring producers who love getting insight as to how a modeling session goes. What you see in this scene is how fun it must be shooting a fox like Candy with you’re favorite music blaring in the background. You also see Bob moving around with his top notch photo equipment as Candy strokes her big cock to a turgid erection while sitting on the pool table.

Best of all, he doesn’t get in the way of your enjoyment of the beautiful model he’s capturing. I did an Interview with Candy Licious on and she mentions how fun it was shooting with Bob. It’s one thing to hear her telling me that, but more exciting to see how it all went down for yet another remarkable shoot.

Casey Kisses Sports Drink & Fetish Workout

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“It’s hot in here,” beautiful Casey Kisses purrs while pausing from her leg lifts on to remove her top. She says that feels a lot better while squeezing her firm bare tits. She rises to push her panties down her thighs and her semi-erect cock flops out, ready to be stroked. She takes a sip from her sports drink and moves to another machine. Casey pumps her now fully erect schlong and works it out more than her long, sexy legs. Bob zooms in and out for full body footage of completely nude Casey beating off furiously and for close-ups on her big hard dick. The view of her standing nude with her big organ bobbing and swaying is magnificent right before she places the swollen head of her erection at the mouth of her big cup. She releases a steady steam of pee into the cup, fills it about a quarter full and hands it to Bob. He’s not sure it’s going to be enough as he’s really thirsty. If you haven’t seen Casey performing live, she’s on of the hottest broadcasters I’ve ever seen. If you happened to be watching my favorite webcam site today, you’ve probably seen her in the number one spot on She’s absolutely gorgeous and so talented! 

Twitter: @tscaramel

Kendall Dreams – A New Star is Born

Sample Photo Gallery

Sample Photo Gallery

Kendall Dreams is horny as hell when her Bob’s Tgirls chaise lounge shoot begins and she’s quite vocal about it. The Southern Californian black Barbie isn’t wearing panties beneath her dress and she loses the dress fast. She begins playing with her semi-erect uncut cock while completely nude. This is not a striptease, but rather a straight up fap session. Along with lots of dirty talk, Kendall makes the most astounding gasps and moans while stroking her stiff cock. She keeps this up until she cums and Bob says, “That’s all, folks.” Don’t miss the Kendall Dreams New Cummer scene on Bob’s Tgirls.

Alexa Scout in Creamy Fun and Behind The Scenes on Bob’s Tgirls

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In Creamy Fun on Bob’s Tgirls with beautiful Alexa Scout, the model is pretty quiet in the beginning as she stands before the kitchen table in her bra and panties. She discards her bra quickly to reveal her full breasts and puffy nipples and proceeds to drop her panties. She dances around a bit, making her tits, cock and balls jiggle. Next thing you know, Alexa is lying on the table in a breathtaking head to toe view completely naked, stroking her uncut cock furiously! All this action occurs within the first minute. Bob zooms in for closeup footage and about three minutes into the scene, Alexa starts applying whipped cream from a spray can to her boobs. It doesn’t hide much however, especially when she pours more across her tummy and smooths it around. Alexa also sprays some of the cream on her cock and works up a tasty lather to coat her erection. In just under ten minutes, we see the double entendre in the title of this scene reveal itself. After the natural cream pours out of Alexa’s swollen cockhead, she relaxes and has a brief, yet naughty discussion with her photographer. This video ends with Alexa showering off all that mixed cream. But she still looks absolutely delicious. Bob is of camera during that shoot, but there’s also a Green Day behind-the-scenes video for those into not only hot models, but the production side of things. With Alexa posing outdoors in a halter top, camo shorts and wedges, then slowly stripping, it’s fap material. Especially when she slips out of the shorts with her semi-erect cock hanging there. But with Bob directing, you can catch a glimpse of what camera and accessories he’s using as well as an example of how he directs. About what’s more educational between Alex stroking her boner outside and the technical how-to footage, I guess that’s subjective. She goes on to oil her breasts and stiff dick and then we’re on to a brief peeing segment and the making of the Creamy Fun shoot. You’ll feel both hornier and smarter when you see both videos on Bob’s Tgirls.

Bob’s Tgirls: Mara Nova in Shades of Blue

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Mara Nova returns to Bob’s Tgirls with another blazing hot photo and video set and a stunning July 2016 desktop calendar. This set is yet another example of why Caramel was so excited to present her exclusive TS Dreamland interview with Mara in May of this year. This San Diego, California native’s rise in the adult industry can be described as meteoric and it continues to flourish. Caramel described her interview as one of the most pleasurable and candid discussions she’s ever presented on one of her sites. This stunning petite 21 year old trans girl a petite powerhouse who has worked with just about every major trans porn studio as well as performing live on webcam. Check out Mara’s dazzling new set on Bob Maverick’s tremendous Bob’s Tgirls website which was launched in 1999.

Office Cutie Miran on Bob’s Tgirls

March of 2015 was when I first saw Miran on Bobs-Tgirls. I loved the Sushi Girl video with Bob Maverick dining on Miran’s svelte form. The interview was great, too and the photo set with over 150 images was mind-blowing. I also loved the bedroom shoot, perhaps even more. There are some killer mountain shots also. Miran was in Bob’s neck of the woods for the Transgender Erotica Awards Show where she was awarded Best Non-US Performer. She picked up the award once again at this year’s ceremony and Bob took advantage of her rare U.S. visits again. The Office Cutie / Quick Cum set is self-explanatory but I couldn’t resist raving about it a little in depth. I don’t know if it’s all that quick when it comes to Miran’s climax. She moans, “I’m cumming,” after the 5 minute point before shooting a big blast of creamy white cum. Miran is probably back in Nagoya Prefecture, Japan or somewhere around there by now. But if you can’t get all the way there, you can always find her on Bobs-Tgirls.

Aspen Brooks on Bob’s Tgirls

One of the best things about The Aspen Brooks video on Bob’s Tgirls is the fact that she doesn’t shoot pool. This allows you more time to watch her masturbating. The scene opens with Aspen sitting on the pool table barefoot in a blue print dress and bra. You can catch a glimpse of the bulge in her panty and something threatening to slip out. But the first actual exposure is of one of her pierced nipples. As she tweaks one of them, Bob zooms in for a close up. Then she releases the other pierced tip. There’s some good heavy metal playing in the background, but Bob always knows when to stop the music. The track ends when Aspen is standing on the floor stroking her stiff cock and approaching her climax. I don’t want to spoil the way she shoots a blast of creamy white cum. I know I could have shown you Aspen’s delectable cock and balls, but if you visit Bob’s Tgirls, you can see them in the sample photos the famed photographer and webmaster has provided. Taking notice of the Andy Warhol painting on Bob’s wall reminds me of his high standards for art, photography and stunning models like Aspen. We have pretty high standards at TS Dreamland too. For example, you can click here to read the exclusive PornOCD interview with Aspen Brooks.

Beatriz Melo on Bob’s Tgirls

When I saw the debut of Beatriz Melo of the Jardins District of São Paulo, Brazil on Bob’s Tgirls, I knew immediately that I’ve never seen a prettier model in the adult industry of any niche. There’s a great show on Viceland where actress Ellen Page explores LGBTQ culture around the world called Gaycation. I wish that Ellen and her best friend Ian Daniel had bumped into Beatriz for an interview for one of their trans segments while in Brazil. Beatriz is just insanely gorgeous in the turquoise lingerie photo set and the “Cumming for You” video on Bob’s Tgirls. If I were trying to sell trans adult entertainment to someone who’s never seen it before, this is perhaps the first scene I’d show them in my collection today. I know I’d get mixed reactions from genetically born females. Some would be a little jealous, others would want to be fucked ny Beatriz and some might absolutely hate her for being so beautiful and not born female as they were. Beatriz is mesmerizing to watch moving gracefully across the bed in a thirsty bathrobe and heels. Her striptease is supremely erotic and the look of pleasure on her face as she strokes her big cock is incredibly intense. It culminates in a cumshot of course, which is no secret. Sorry to tease you with no full nudity in this post, but I really want you to head over to Bob’s Tgirls to see more of stunning Beatriz Melo. This is the first adult website I’ve ever subscribed to. After all these years, its quality and content hasn’t been surpassed.

Chanel Santini on Bob’s Tgirls

The debut of Chanel Santini on Bob’s Tgirls might make you cum in record time. Watching it is like getting into a car while it’s already speeding down the road. This stunning Las Vegas teen introduces herself saying, “I’m really in the mood. My dick is really hard right now,” and whips her erection out from her wrap skirt in the first few moments of the scene. She starts stroking it and it points to the ceiling when she lets it go. Then she asks if you want to play some pool, but she’s clearly joking around. The only game she plays is The Masturbation Game until she cums. That’s if you don’t include the glass toy fucking she gives herself while stroking her big lube-up cock. You’ve got to see Chanel’s pretty legs kicking and flexing as she brings herself to an almost violent climax. If you’re a creamy white cumshot lover, you’re probably going to play Chanel’s orgasm over and over a few times. But this video, complimented by an incredible photo set, is so damn sexy I don’t think you’ll get there the first time around. Bob’s Tgirls is the first adult website I’ve ever joined and that was years ago. Chanel Santini on Bob Maverick’s top shelf website reminds me of why this site was an instant hit when it first launched 707 models ago. In a way it’s like déjà vu all over again. I almost want to dare someone to watch Chanel in action and not cum right away. 

Demii D Best on Bob’s Tgirls

Demii D Best is stunning on Bob’s Tgirls! She has d best tits, d best ass, d best cock and d best orgasm in her new Bob’s Tgirls set! The Armenian Latina bombshell’s video is shot entirely on the infamous red chaise and it opens with Demi exposing her full breasts and pulling her cock from the side of her panties. She gets herself worked up while stroking her dark, pretty dick and makes it bounce up and down in a full frontal wide angle view. Bob Maverick zooms in for a close up as Demi begins jerking off furiously. Her big tits jiggle wildly as she beats off and moans softly. This is a straight up 8:50 minute jack off scene that culminates in a high velocity cumshot! After Demi gets her nut, she says it was d best one she’s ever had. Bob asks how it tastes, so she laps some of it up. Find out how she describes it on Bob’s Tgirls. It’s no longer part of the SMC Productions family of websites. Bob’s magnificent site is back to solo management and Mr. Maverick hasn’t missed a beat. I knew it wouldn’t though. How many years has he been at this? You’ll see when you take the tour. 

Michelle Firestone on Bob’s Tgirls

It’s so good to see gorgeous Michelle Firestone on Bob’s Tgirls again. I still haven’t gotten over a bondage set she did about a year ago. Her new video opens with one of Bob Maverick’s fucking machines with a cock sleeve running. It’s pumping Michelle’s stiff cock as she stands naked, sometimes controlling the pace. She doesn’t allow the sleeve to hide her erection for long. Sometimes there’s no replacement for a girl’s stroking hand. Her long hair flows over her shoulders, but it doesn’t hide her gorgeous hormone breasts. The wide angle views of her upper torso are fantastic as are the close-ups of her cock stroking. The photo set is to die for, especially if you can’t get enough of the beauty that is Michelle Firestone from head to toe. In case you didn’t know, Bob’s Tgirls is no longer a part of the SMC network. But as far as scintillating content goes, Bob hasn’t missed a beat. See what you’ve been missing and catch up with all of his latest incredible work on all all new Bob’s Tgirls site!