Black-TGirls: Gorgeous Girl Cums For You!

October 2017 Model of the Month, Gorgeous Girl, returns with her second solo scene! Once again she reminds us why making her Model of the Month was such an easy decision for the producers of I’ve been so busy that I didn’t have the chance to describe her debut by Omar Wax but better late than never!

Enclosed is a mashup of photos from both sets. If I hadn’t seen her photos first, watching this new model crawling across the sofa in her first scene would have informed me that her stage name fits perfectly. She takes her time with her striptease with a little ass slapping while standing and delivering tremendously sexy rear views.

Once she lays back down on the couch in profile, her scantily clad exposure is tortuous! Her panties just barely contain her genitals. Then she lowers the designer garment to show off what she’s got explicitly. Goodness gracious, it’s hide-and-seek until she finally renders herself completely nude. Gorgeous Girl adds some vocal teasing to her fantastic visuals next while jerking off.

She makes her cock stiff and she knows that it’s a pretty big one. Gorgeous Girl’s encore video, also beautifully shot by Omar Wax, has an equally stunning opening sequence.

It may be more inviting however considering this time she’s posing in bed. She makes us all wait again as she’s so highly skilled in the art of the striptease. But when the clothes come off, this babe opens up more and more – literally.

As for the cum shot sequence, it’s one of the most beautifully shot climaxes in history.

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Black-TGirls: Natassia Dreams Is Back!

It always bugs me when I’m reminded that so many superb models don’t have any significant presence outside of this awesome website. I don’t have to worry about that today with TEA Lifetime Achievement Award winner Natassia Dreams who made her BTG debut in 2004. Buddy Wood is the type of experienced producer to present Natassia professionally and beautifully.

She’s out in a leather chair in a bikini by the pool reintroducing herself as if that’s necessary. I think you’d kinda have to be brand new to trans porn not to know who she is. The swimsuit accentuates her curves and her platform heels give her ass the perfect tilt. I’m not sure if there is an oil fetish or if it’s just me, but when Natassia applies the shiny liquid to her beautiful body, I’m transported to a new level of eroticism.

Natassia loses the swimsuit just before the midway point of this update. She then straddles the chair and makes her fines ass move in ways that almost seem humanly impossible. Her cock begins swelling visibly with this rear view and she’s got a full hardon when she faces us again.

What follows is a full-blown rosebud winking fap session! Just because Natassia has 15 solo and hardcore scenes on doesn’t mean you’ll get enough of her.

Don’t forget about her long-running official website and out exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Natassia Dreams!

Black-TGirls: Mya Badd Cums!

Mya Badd got it all: she’s beautiful, she got a sexy slim body, big boobs and amazing long legs! She’s just perfect! This Houston cutie returns to you once again horny and ready have fun! Watch beautiful Mya stroking her cock for you until she cums in another hot solo scene brought to you by Omar Wax!

This description sets up the action perfectly. Leave it to me to make things complicated by adding that it’s also marvelous seeing Mya Badd getting railed on too (Mya Badd Black TGirls Hardcore)!

Mya’s third scene however is what I’d suggest for those just looking for a one-on-one type of experience. It begins with Mya laying in bed facing you in lingerie, PVC and strappy heels looking stunning and inviting. Mya has never been very vocal in her scenes. When you look like that you really don’t need to be.

She’s got her large breasts fully exposed while standing next to the bed one moment. Then she’s crawling toward you on the bed barefoot with just her skirt on the next.

Mya then begins to raise the hem of her skirt revealing her big black uncut cock. She begins moaning softly as she jerks off and begins to develop a full erection. Producer Omar Wax zooms in for a closeup on her huge schlong and then moments later she’s jerking off with her curvy butt in the air.

She points at her fun spot while stroking her long, thick shaft, silently summoning you to go for it. Near the end, you get a bird’s eye view of Mya masturbating with the obvious intent on reaching her orgasm. Then there’s profile footage of May doing everything she needs to do to get her nut.

Her beautiful body tightens and her big dick fires a blast of cum high into the air enough for the first few spurts to splatter across her upper arm! She raises her cum-laden hand to he pretty face to blow you a kiss as this update comes to a close. Mya Badd is so damn good!

Black-TGirls: Beautiful Aqua Snow Cums!

Two weeks ago following her comeback scene, Black-TGirls subscribers voted Aqua Snow as the “Model of the Week” in their regular weekly poll. I’m not surprised because I raved about “Aqua Snow Returns” in case you’d like to read about it.

This is some of producer KilaKali’s best work with one of the finest Black-TGirls models ever. I cannot figure out why she has virtually no Web presence, especially now when there are so few well-known prolific black trans adult models in circulation now.

I don’t know what that’s about but let’s get to the video. This is the 4th update with this gorgeous slimmed-down 5’4 model. This petite teen Kansas City, Missouri resident originally from Atlanta, Georgia moves gracefully on the bed as she sheds her nightwear.

It’s a not quite as minimal as Aqua’s last performance that moved from the bedroom to the shower. She still doesn’t speak a lot. Aqua let’s her body do the talking. Deep finger banging makes her gasp and moan.

She makes faux kisses with her full, juicy lips and eventually settles down to produce a raging hard erection. This is followed by a heavily lubed stroke session. I actually like Aqua’s previous performance a little better except for the creamy white cumshot Aqua releases. With that in mind I guess both beautiful sets are equally hot. Judge for yourself when you get on

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Black TGirls: Megan Snow’s Sticky Load!

“Megan Snow’s Sticky Load!”, huh? That’s the stuff dreams are made of. Producer KilaKali brings back a stellar Dominican/Filipino beauty from Kansas City, Missouri for her 8th blazing hot Black-TGirls shoot! This includes the 2 scenes with Megan fucking and getting fucked!

In this update, Megan stands before us in resort wear flipping her long skirt open to show off her curves in shorts. She rolls her top down to reveal her firm supple breasts and perky nipples. Megan uses the easiest way to get out of the top by letting it drop to the floor and kicking it away with her clear heels. She then begins to push the skirt and shorts down together. It looks like she’s wearing a g-string until she turns to reveal that it’s a v-string that hugs her phenomenal ass even better.

You might feel a ripple of extreme lust coursing through you when Megan bends over to drop these garments. She places her hands on the sofa momentarily to allow you to drink in the wonders of her form. Then she duplicates the killer moves she employed while dropping her v-string. Megan caresses her large breasts with one hand and hides her bare cock and balls with the other. She finally gives you a peek downstairs after raising a juicy nipple to ler full lips to give it a tender kiss. She pulls the panty completely of while resting back on the sofa that was behind her. Megan stands up again to present a wondrous series of booty claps. Then she crawls across the sofa with the grace of a cat until it’s time to get lewd. Megan then turns up the heat with some explicit ass play and cock stroking until she develops a hardon and beyond. Megan is pretty quiet until she approaches orgasm.

Megan becomes increasingly louder as streams of creamy white cum spurt from the head of her beloved cock in this stunning update. Be sure to watch the Free Scene Trailer!

Black-TGirls: Aqua Snow Returns!

Gorgeous Aqua Snow is back! Discovered by KilaKali, Aqua made her debut in 2016… Now she’s back looking even hotter! This teen cutie is only 5’4 tall and from Kansas City, Missouri – a native of Atlanta, Georgia. “She was a joy to work with and was instantly hard before she was out of her clothes,” her producer said about her first of three performances.

She was thick in all the right places in her November 2016 debut and follow-up scene. Now she’s just petite and still just as hot as before. Her new video is minimalist and her producer makes it seem like an easy shoot. But if you study the photography you can get some idea of the painstaking attention to detail that this scene took to shoot.

Aqua’s performance is minimal as well but super sexy. She doesn’t go into and dirty talk. She simply strips and looks amazing while doing so in the shower area. Aqua turns on the water and come to think of it, the photo set and actual video are quite different.

Aqua’s sexy bottom is the focus of both the images and the movie but she’s just a lot more fun when animated. She saves the dialogue for much later into this exquisite scene. By this time it’s all about Aqua playing with her cock.

Black TGirls: Crona Valentine’s Fleshlight Fun!

“A very nice surprise for today’s episode of “Cumshot Thursday” series: Crona Valentine is back!” says the Black-TGirls profile message. “This Vegas hottie has been with us since 2013 when she made her debut and then went on releasing a few hot solo scenes over the years! She was more than happy to return as a star of our new series! She brought her toys with her ready for action! Watch her as she strips, pumps her ass with a pink dildo and then fucks her fleshlight until she shoots a thick load!”

We’ve just had another Cumshot Thursday and if you didn’t produce one yet, there’s still time before the week has ended! I think I had the honor of interviewing Crona for Transformation magazine at the time of her debut. Twelve updates later she still looking as beautiful as ever (Is she even 30 years old yet?). It doesn’t look it.

She reminds us that she’s a nerdy type and that she’s into BDSM. Her striptease begins in under two minutes. When she exposes her lovely hormone breasts, there’s a tiny wet spot forming in front of her panties. Her nipples are no longer pierced but they will be again someday soon. Piercing is what made them hyper-sensitive.

Watching Crona undress should make your cock extra sensitive. Crona’s belly button is still pierced I notice just before she lowers her panties to expose her swelling cock. She gives us a nice and long butt show on all fours before her full frontal fap session continues.

Then she begins fucking her tight ass with a purple sex toy. This gets Crona’s cock nice and stiff but it’s raging hard during the Fleshlight fucking sequence. Crona pumps that baby hard and fast! Finally, the Thai and black beauty shudders in orgasm and streams of creamy white cum pour from the swollen tip of her thick, meaty erection!

Welcome back to Crona Cookie and thank you for sharing your much needed release with us!

Black TGirls: Raven Babe Strokes And Cums!

Femout graduate, gorgeous 18 years old Raven Babe, returns for her second BTG scene! West Coast producer KilaKali presents Raven in a hotel room pulling down the top of her grey dress with it’s sheer top. She pushes her natural breasts together and gives a tease with her puffy nipples before fully exposing her pretty tits.

Raven continues pushing her form fitting dress downward past her pierced belly button and over her lacy black panties. She glides her frock over her boots and quickly discards it. Then Raven jiggles her butt cheeks with both hands.

If you’ve never seen Raven on, on Raven Babe Femout.XXX or read my two raves about Raven on Caramel’s TGirls, she prefers being fucked in the missionary position and that she likes to top doggystyle. Raven also has a huge cock. She wears a cock ring in this scene and her penis is threatening even before fully erect.

The ring encircles Raven’s cock shaft and balls and it doesn’t appear to be uncomfortable at all. Raven takes a seat to untie her knee-high suede boots one-by-one and removes them.

I was kind of wondering if they’d ever come off because Raven’s fans have really gone nuts over the shape of her lovely legs and dainty bare feet. I’ve seen the reactions of her previous studio porn sets and have heard it while watching her live Chaturbate shows.

Once Raven’s enormous cock is fully erect, she doesn’t simply stroke it. She wags it around and makes it bounce. Raven is obviously watching porn when her fap session increases in speed. The height this huge prick stands at is spellbinding when she releases it considering how heavy it looks.

It’s so impressive to watch Raven Babe stand up and rub out her cum shot at the end of this update! To catch her performing LIVE, get your free registration with my favorite webcam site and follow this babe on!  

Black TGirls: Cassandra Grande Cums Hard!

KiliKali presents the ninth photo and video set for stunning Cassandra Grande since November of 2015 and it’s absolutely magnificent! The December 2016 Black TGirls Model of the Month from Kansas City, Missouri does something that totally surprises me when her new scene opens and I’m not easily surprised.

I’m paying such close attention to Cassandra’s face and hands opening her top to bare her breasts that it takes me a moment to notice that her cock is already pitching a tent in her shorts! You might think she’s going to expose her erection when she sinks her hands inside the garment. But she stands up and turns around to do a little butt cheek wiggle. Then she turns to the mirror and lowers her shorts, bending over that the wrinkled rosebud at the center of her miraculous mounds is revealed.

With Cassandra presenting a glimpse of her ball sack and the big cock before it, you realize that the impossible not to notice bulge was created by a semi-erection. If you haven’t seen Cassandra in action before, you might be asking yourself, “Exactly how well-hung is this chick?”

She answers that question quickly by thrusting her big dick between her thighs. It almost looks like she could fuck herself with that schlong of hers! She continues to dance with each skull crusher thigh moving each firm ass cheek. A series of flexible contortions follows on the chair.

What comes next is Cassandra in her clear heels with her legs spread wide open. She jerks of firmly but not too fast. Eventually, Cassandra’s long, thick member becomes fully engorged. When she’s not stroking it from the front and back, she makes it spin around in circles.

Then we can sense a climax approaching. Her big tits jiggle wildly as she pumps her massive organ furiously. Cassandra is seated while big, creamy white dollops of cum pour from the tip of her cock head. She blows a kiss and walks out of the room at the end of this killer update.

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Black TGirls Cumshot Thursday: Mya Cums For You

Every Thursday will feature the release of a brand new exclusive episode of the new Black TGirls “Cumshot Thursday” series! It’s one exclusive video featuring a sticky cum shot from some the site’s hottest models! The very first episode is stars gorgeous Texan doll Mya who has eight killer updates on Shemale.XXX (as seen here)!

Mya is a perfect choice to kick off the new series, she’s beautiful and has a smashing body and she gave us an amazing thick cumshot! Omar Wax presents Maya of Houston on in one of her most interactive scenes ever shot with an opening interview that provides insight about her.

It’s been an exciting and erotic ride for Mya fans who’ve enjoyed her previous performances, but some of wanted to know what makes Mya tick. It’s a little bit distracting to see her nipples protruding like bullet points against her swimsuit as she sits on the edge of the tub speaking. But as we move forward, Mya gives us some of her social media links and proceeds to caress her breasts.

Then she rises and focuses all of your attention on her virtually flawless ass. The lower front panel of her garment does a poor job of containing her goodies, but it’s not what I’d consider a bad kind of failure.

Mya teases mercilessly by giving a few peeks until things begin to fully slip out about halfway into her scene. A full-length mirror provides double vision as she continues to pose while standing with her uncut cock out and about. Mya doesn’t have to do an extreme amount of masturbation to get aroused.

Her thick cock just keeps expanding on its own without much stroking. When it’s time to seriously concentrate on getting off, Mya sits back down on the tub with just her tall strappy sandals on. Her tits jiggle wildly and she moans and gasps sharply as her huge cock shoots its load of creamy white cum! It’s obvious in this update that Mya even surprised herself.

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Black TGirls: Pinky Strokes And Cums!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Pinky, who was previously known as Stacey, is back for her 9th performance here and it’s explosive! She’s from Indianapolis, Indiana and was the Black TGirls Model of the Month February of 2016. She made her debut in December of 2014. In her previous video, The stark white background sets off her complexion beautifully and she flashes the sexiest brief smile after hefting her large breasts while sitting on the tub. We’ve seen Pinky as a blonde and as a redhead before this brunette look and if you’re like me, it’ll be hard to determine how she looks more gorgeous. As Pinky poses and plays with herself through her clothing, you’ll notice the faint outline of her cock beneath her long skirt. But

Pinky makes you wait for over ten tortuous minutes before she lets you see it. The view is from behind, dangling between her firm ass cheeks. She wears no panties beneath her fence net stockings. Pinky masturbates her lovely cock to a full erection while sitting on the counter. Finally! She has such a thick shaft and I do believe she’s left-handed. It looks like she’s uncut too but you should take a look at all of her scenes in the last three years on including her hardcore scene with Soldier Boi. I could be wrong about that. It’s always fun to check on erotic mysteries like these. In her latest scene, Pinky looks phenomenal in a sheer dress and latex boots. hefting her large breasts and she reclines in bed. When she stands on the floor at the foot of the bed, her goodies downstairs are as visible as her pierced nipples up top.

Her cock and balls are bared completely when she bends over. She gyrates her hips simulating getting fucked but she looks kind of like a dominatrix with the boots so maybe she’s thinking about being the one doing the fucking. Eventually, Pinky loses the boots and raises the hem of her dress all the way above her big tits. The way she plays with her ass makes me think she’d prefer getting fucked though. I’m so confused. Another amazing butt show follows while she’s standing beside the bed. But she’s lying on the bed on her back lost in deep concentration next. “I’m about to cum,” she moans with her firm breasts heaving as she pumps her shaft with her left hand. White and translucent puddles of cum coat her tummy right below her pierced belly button in this super sexy update.

Redhead Cutie Brooklynn Cums!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

“Brooklynn’s Most Awaited BTG Action!” on Black TGirls was something I didn’t see coming but it was a spectacular debut. Her profile that goes with the scene presented by Omar Wax reads:

“Hi, I’m Brooklynn. I’m originally from Long Island New York. I grew up in the suburbs and moved to Atlanta when I was 11. I love to sing, do hair and make-up, Is actually just graduated from cosmetology school. I don’t like inconsistency and I’m huge on communication. Some of my desires include; 3somes, 1-on-1, passionate sex, role play. I’m more of a lover than just a “fuck.” I like romance and passion. I’m on hormones, have been for 4 months now. I’m pretty passable and pre-op. That’s all about me!”

Her dress has a sheer insert strategically placed to show off the shelf of her perky bottom when she lifts one leg on the counter. Wow, this newbie is stunning! Her ass is perfectly rounded and she’s not shy about showing every millimeter of it once it’s fully bared. She’s a grower. Her cock looks so cute and tiny until she gets aroused. You’ll see it begin to stiffen when she removes her dress and renders herself completely nude.

A leg and foot admirers segment comes next and then Brooklynn holds one breast and uses the other hand to stroke her stiffening shaft. Then she’s got a full-on boner. In her follow-up scene also filmed by Mr. Wax, Brooklynn models in her red dress like a seasoned professional model. She’s completely naked within the ninth minute or so seated, standing and kneeling.

Brooklynn is not shy about showing off her amazing ass explicitly with its big pucker. She simulated getting fucked before laying back to stroke her big cock. Then it’s off to climax land and the stunning new performer breaths heavily while making her erection shoot puddles of cum across her tummy. This is an incredible update!

Black TGirls – Kinky Khia Cums!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

New Orleans, Louisiana native Kinky Khia made her Black TGirls debut getting fucked by a stud named Romeo in 2014. She followed her hardcore scene with five solo shoots, another hardcore scene and three solo sets later, here she is presented by Omar Wax in “Kinky Khia Cums”. With all that experience under her belt it’s no wonder why she performs for the camera so well. She spends the first part writhing on her two poster bed with her full breasts practically spilling out of her lingerie. Her pierced nipples are actually exposed just from Khia sitting up on the bed.

A bare leg and foot tease comes next and eventually Khia reveals her red panties. When she moves to stand on the floor, Khia’s cock is just barely hidden by her undies. It enlarges pretty quickly as she exposes it and begins to masturbate with a killers view from the rear. Khia then sits back on the mattress and plays with her big tits with her legs spread wide open. Her cock head is fully exposed and after awhile Khia strips completely nude! She continues to pose in a variety of scintillating positions and she taps her fingers against her fun spot invitingly.

It’s pure penile stimulation that brings Khia to the boiling point. She jerks off furiously and squeezes her thighs tightly together until streams of creamy white cum pour out of her swollen cockhead. Her big dick is completely covered with jizz at the end of this update. There are currently 1,274 models on this long-running site and Kinky Khia is in my top favorites. She’s simply exquisite!

Black TGirls – Salina’s Affair With Her Dildo!

MP4 Scene Trailer

I find it so refreshing that gorgeous Salina Samone is featured in a straight-up glamorous masturbation/toying scene. Some of my favorite scenes by this star elsewhere feature her dominating alpha male types. I love that she works with girls and boys and I’ve always understood that she has no racial or gender bias with her work.

This scene produced by KilaKali reminds me of her control of a situation all by herself. She comes off not like a dominatrix, but a lover with a sweet disposition when the scene opens. Right off the bat I’m thinking about how versatile she can be.

She’s open and vulnerable, stating that she has to take care of her needs herself and then the stripping begins. Salina bares her large breasts and moves into a position where she can flex and stretch her legs showing how well-toned they are. This includes a sexy bare foot and bare ass show before she thrusts her legs up to lower her panties. She lightly slaps her bottom which looks virtually flawless.

While undulating her hips with her widely rounded ass facing you she asks, “Is this how you’re gonna hit it when I see you?” The next ass slap she gives herself is more brisk than the last one and it makes her heavy looking ball sack and cock jiggle a bit.

Soon you’re treated t othe sight of Salina laying back on the bed fucking a pink vibrator. Her big cock expands when she turns the sex toy on and she talks with you like you’re on FaceTime with her.

Salina confesses how good it feels and the closeup footage with her massive dick in your face is absolutely mouth-watering. Salina rolls elegantly through a variety of positions sometimes debut in April of 2016 with a smoldering hardcore scene with male talent Ruckus.

Salina Samone was Model of the Month in May 2016 and “Salina’s Affair With Her Dildo!” is her 5th dynamic performance on the longest running and finest black trans porn website on the Net…