Redhead Cutie Brooklynn Cums!

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“Brooklynn’s Most Awaited BTG Action!” on Black TGirls was something I didn’t see coming but it was a spectacular debut. Her profile that goes with the scene presented by Omar Wax reads:

“Hi, I’m Brooklynn. I’m originally from Long Island New York. I grew up in the suburbs and moved to Atlanta when I was 11. I love to sing, do hair and make-up, Is actually just graduated from cosmetology school. I don’t like inconsistency and I’m huge on communication. Some of my desires include; 3somes, 1-on-1, passionate sex, role play. I’m more of a lover than just a “fuck.” I like romance and passion. I’m on hormones, have been for 4 months now. I’m pretty passable and pre-op. That’s all about me!”

Her dress has a sheer insert strategically placed to show off the shelf of her perky bottom when she lifts one leg on the counter. Wow, this newbie is stunning! Her ass is perfectly rounded and she’s not shy about showing every millimeter of it once it’s fully bared. She’s a grower. Her cock looks so cute and tiny until she gets aroused. You’ll see it begin to stiffen when she removes her dress and renders herself completely nude.

A leg and foot admirers segment comes next and then Brooklynn holds one breast and uses the other hand to stroke her stiffening shaft. Then she’s got a full-on boner. In her follow-up scene also filmed by Mr. Wax, Brooklynn models in her red dress like a seasoned professional model. She’s completely naked within the ninth minute or so seated, standing and kneeling.

Brooklynn is not shy about showing off her amazing ass explicitly with its big pucker. She simulated getting fucked before laying back to stroke her big cock. Then it’s off to climax land and the stunning new performer breaths heavily while making her erection shoot puddles of cum across her tummy. This is an incredible update!

Black TGirls – Kinky Khia Cums!

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New Orleans, Louisiana native Kinky Khia made her Black TGirls debut getting fucked by a stud named Romeo in 2014. She followed her hardcore scene with five solo shoots, another hardcore scene and three solo sets later, here she is presented by Omar Wax in “Kinky Khia Cums”. With all that experience under her belt it’s no wonder why she performs for the camera so well. She spends the first part writhing on her two poster bed with her full breasts practically spilling out of her lingerie. Her pierced nipples are actually exposed just from Khia sitting up on the bed.

A bare leg and foot tease comes next and eventually Khia reveals her red panties. When she moves to stand on the floor, Khia’s cock is just barely hidden by her undies. It enlarges pretty quickly as she exposes it and begins to masturbate with a killers view from the rear. Khia then sits back on the mattress and plays with her big tits with her legs spread wide open. Her cock head is fully exposed and after awhile Khia strips completely nude! She continues to pose in a variety of scintillating positions and she taps her fingers against her fun spot invitingly.

It’s pure penile stimulation that brings Khia to the boiling point. She jerks off furiously and squeezes her thighs tightly together until streams of creamy white cum pour out of her swollen cockhead. Her big dick is completely covered with jizz at the end of this update. There are currently 1,274 models on this long-running site and Kinky Khia is in my top favorites. She’s simply exquisite!

Black TGirls – Salina’s Affair With Her Dildo!

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I find it so refreshing that gorgeous Salina Samone is featured in a straight-up glamorous masturbation/toying scene. Some of my favorite scenes by this star elsewhere feature her dominating alpha male types. I love that she works with girls and boys and I’ve always understood that she has no racial or gender bias with her work.

This scene produced by KilaKali reminds me of her control of a situation all by herself. She comes off not like a dominatrix, but a lover with a sweet disposition when the scene opens. Right off the bat I’m thinking about how versatile she can be.

She’s open and vulnerable, stating that she has to take care of her needs herself and then the stripping begins. Salina bares her large breasts and moves into a position where she can flex and stretch her legs showing how well-toned they are. This includes a sexy bare foot and bare ass show before she thrusts her legs up to lower her panties. She lightly slaps her bottom which looks virtually flawless.

While undulating her hips with her widely rounded ass facing you she asks, “Is this how you’re gonna hit it when I see you?” The next ass slap she gives herself is more brisk than the last one and it makes her heavy looking ball sack and cock jiggle a bit.

Soon you’re treated t othe sight of Salina laying back on the bed fucking a pink vibrator. Her big cock expands when she turns the sex toy on and she talks with you like you’re on FaceTime with her.

Salina confesses how good it feels and the closeup footage with her massive dick in your face is absolutely mouth-watering. Salina rolls elegantly through a variety of positions sometimes debut in April of 2016 with a smoldering hardcore scene with male talent Ruckus.

Salina Samone was Model of the Month in May 2016 and “Salina’s Affair With Her Dildo!” is her 5th dynamic performance on the longest running and finest black trans porn website on the Net…

Black TGirls – Alana Is Back!

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The return of Alana Longcawk begins with the Kansas City, Missouri bombshell exposing her large breasts just enough to expose bits of her chocolate nipples. KilaKali films her sitting up on the bed baring and tweaking her nubs firmly and dropping the top of her lingerie set.

She moans deeply while using the insides of her upper arms to create a deep cleavage just perfect for an oiled cock to slip into. Next she reveals the pretty ink around her pierced tummy that accentuates her narrow waist.

While on her knees, Alana lowers her panties as if she’s going to show you what’s hiding inside her panties. But then she stops! This April 2017 Model of the Month made her Black TGirls debut in June 2015. With five photo and video sets before this one under her belt, she’s well experienced in the art of the striptease.

Even when she finally exposes her uncut cock, it’s only for a moment before she changes her position and hides it. But then it’s back again and she draws the foreskin back from the beautiful head. Alana proceeds to stroke her cock and then she straddles the bed on her hands and knees in profile. She shakes each ass cheek like they’re in no way related to one another and gives one a hard spank. Then she sits back up and applies some lubricant to her pretty dick.

The second time she applies lube she’s lying on her back with her wrinkled rosebud clearly visible and lubricated as well. This makes fucking it with a vibrator a bit easier. She really gets into it once she rolls over with her big wide ass facing you. She doesn’t turn the unit on until her cock is raging hard and this girl is a grower! Who would have thought seeing Alana in action for the first time that her member would be so big when aroused?

Her ball sack also looks big and heavy as she tugs way at her thickened shaft. Once she’s done toying, Alana rises to her knees again and continues beating off. See how she does it on where you can also check out her hardcore action!

Innocence’s Most Awaited Comeback!

MP4 Scene Trailer

She’s a beautiful Omar Wax presented ingenue named Innocence and I’m not here to judge her stage name, just to provide a review. For all I know she’s as innocent as can be off camera, but not in her latest scene on Black TGirls!

There are plenty of places to find gorgeous black babes displaying their innocence but this ain’t one of them. This hot Texan made her debut here in 2014 and has a total of five blazing hot scenes. But she’s been laying low since July 2015.

Her new scene begins with the gorgeous model sitting on the sofa removing her pumps, doing sexy things with her mouth and exposing some tantalizing underboob from her brassiere. She briefly reveals one pretty nipple but hides it quickly. It’s obvious from the start that she’s mastered the art of the striptease.

She does something similar with her lower extremities. For a moment, we get a flash of what’s beneath her skirt before she raises her legs upon the couch. Once standing topless, Innocence states that she knows how much we want to see more of what’s under her skirt and proceeds to show off the growing cock that’s escaping the panel of her panties.

The head is fully exposed and she rubs the shaft and turns around to drop her skirt while bending over. Her sinuous g-string is still on but she’s able to expose a great expanse of her backdoor while pressing her dick against the sofa. Once completely naked, Innocence produces a turgid erection with one bare foot propped up on the sofa. Her masturbation is coupled with dirty talk in this stunning update.

Lovely and Playful Miss Jizzabelle!

Miss Jizzabelle reminds me of one of the twin sisters on last season’s America’s Next Top model. I can picture in my mind how well she could rock a Grace Jones look with a short afro. She has that type of presence on Black TGirls in both shoots by KilaKali. She looks great with long hair, but I’m just saying…

At any rate, I tend to prefer people either lighter or darker than my skin tone and Miss Jizzabelle’s darker tone seriously turns me on. She’s fit as a fiddle, so much so that I’d be careful what I said to her and I’m no shrinking violet. Yet she appears so much softer and very friendly on video than in her photos.

Her nudity is displayed immediately with the baring of her lovely hormone breasts. She tucks momentarily while sliding her sexy red lingerie downward, but then her large semi-erect cock springs out from her toned thighs. The width of her hips from the front promises a killer ass when she turns around. But before showing a full view from the back, Miss Jizzabelle perches herself on the sofa and jacks her hips, simulating either fucking or getting fucked. The way she smacks her ass very hard puts naughty thoughts of her bottoming in my mind however.

The thoughts that flood my mind while she sits up, touching her lips with a long finger and curling her other hand around her big dick are pretty much exclusively oral. When Miss Jizzabelle’s prick is raging hard, it’s massive. She’s obviously viewing some off-camera porn to stay aroused but she also makes plenty of full on eye contact. Her producer also films her with floor level and full frontal footage, swinging her big schlong around and stroking it firmly.

Miss Jizzabelle has a high-pitched sweet voice and her moans become louder as she continues masturbating. “It feels so good jacking this fucking cock off,” she purrs. I’ll bet it does! As the scene moves forward, the look on Miss Jizzabelle’s face signals her impending climax. She also announces her climax verbally and OMG, Miss Jizzabelle has been saving up so much creamy white jizz!

KilaKali is in no rush to stop filming and there’s a pretty long sequence of this super sexy babe rubbing out every last drop of her cum.

Black TGirls: Welcome Back Gorgeous Nala!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Omar Wax brings gorgeous Nala back for her fifth Black TGirls photo and video set. This is a solo mission for the beautiful Texan, but she’s got two hardcore scenes on the sight that are not to be missed also! Those sets are both with men, but to say that she’s verse would be a major understatement.

In the new video, Nala wiggles her tantalizing butt while looking out the window, the turns around to introduce herself. She takes a seat on the plush ottoman, crosses her legs and proceeds to say something naughty. She exposes one nipple and then the other, eventually sliding her swimsuit top to her trim waist.

Another sexy butt show follows, this time with more of a twerk than a wiggle. She gives her lovely bottom a couple of hard smacks too. Then she swings around to present a full frontal view lowering her panties. With the exception of the bikini top rolled around her middle, Nala is completely nude.

She begins stroking her pretty uncut cock next and Omar’s use of sun-drenched photography enhances this model who’s in a class by herself. She’s a lot more vocal than she was in her earlier days and that’s the mark of confidence and experience. By the time she’s masturbating while standing, that little top of hers is gone.

Her show becomes increasingly explicit as time goes by and one of your favorite segments might be when Nala humps her dick against the pink, fluffy furniture. Nala then begins stroking her cock furiously, moaning and gasping softly. She’s also cursing things like, “Fuck yeah” and you might find yourself doing the same thing.

This beautiful set is available on and she’s also featured on, Shemale.XXX and Shemale.Porn.

Black TGirls – Christal Strokes By The Pool!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Previous to this Black TGirls photo and video set, this beauty from São Paulo, Brazil was also filmed in a solo shoot by Khan who also shot her getting fucked by gorgeous Barbara Perez and she banged stunning Victoria Carvalho just as viciously as Barbara railed her on On, Christal fucked Marcus in another scene by Khan and fucked Kampfer in a set by Louis Damazo. Click on those links if you’d like to see her profile on each website.

Her Black TGirls profile reads: Christal is a newbie and she will make our customers very happy and we explain why. A quick description of her skills will make you fellas salivate: brightening beauty, lovely body, huge and impressive cock and totally natural look. I couldn’t resist adding her filmography because #1, she’s exquisite and #2, you really ought to see what I’ve seen from this totally verse performer.

Louis Damazo presents Christal in her follow-up shoot touching her thighs and reaching inside her bikini top as if nobody’s watching. She licks one of her fingers and rubs it across a nipple beneath her bikini top. She stands up to show off the large globes of her derriere, makes them jiggle a bit and then she completely removes her top.

Christal then rubs her nipple again, licking her lips seductively. She uses her free hand to reach inside her bikini panty and she’s tucking in a way that doesn’t reveal how massively hung she is. Damazo uses his camera as an instrument of teasing even when she lowers her bottoms. You know she must be only wearing her tall sandals at this point, but you can’t see what’s between her legs just yet. But when the camera finally pans down Christal’s lithe form, you see that she’s stroking a long, thick schlong. The bare-breasted babe uses two hands on her monster meat, but switches to just one hand when increasing the speed of her strokes.

This masturbatory activity occurs while she’s seated, but she stands up and lets her massive organ hang in the air for a moment before her fap session continues. The sight is phenomenal when Christal squeezes her organ between her thighs with her back facing you. She pushes her large ball sack back and thrusts her big slab of cock toward your face and the fun continues with seated and standing close up footage.

That’s until she makes herself climax in this fabulous update! Wait until you see how she handles a long stream of creamy white cum.