Black-TGirls: Lola Bunniie Pops A Load

Description: Following a two years long hiatus, beautiful Lola Bunniie mad an amazing comeback two weeks ago with a smashing solo scene produced by KilaKali! Lola looks hotter than ever and what’s even better: she LOVES showing off her amazing body and that perfect booty of hers! Today, she returns for another solo scene and she’s about to have fun! Watch her as she strips out of her sexy tight dress, rubs her boobs, plays with her ass and strokes her cock until she shoots a huge squirting cumshot on the table! That’s not all, after she cums – she bounces her ass and rubs the cum all over it! Producer KilaKali said, “Detroit native Lola Bunniiee is a verse new girl. She has a cute set of dimples that would make any man’s cock jump. A petite young lady she is bound to turn heads. She is the type you hate to see go , but would love to watch walk away.. If I ever work with her again I will bring a raincoat and goggles. She shot her cum all over me.”

This is Lola’s 4th spectacular photo and video set on in the last two years. She makes fast work out of getting out of her two piece yellow dress in this update. The bottom comes off first, revealing Lola’s magnificent bottom. She has the most adorable set of tiny chocolate nipples on a lovely pair of small hormone boobs. 

Last to be removed are Lola’s black booties. Then she’s soon laying back in a chair masturbating. The thing I love most about a long curved cock is thinking up creative new ways to straighten it out. I’m not sure I could do that from tip to base with a prick this long orally, but I’d give the old college try. That’s if I wouldn’t be too busy trying to get my she-cock inside Lola’s flawless black girl magic ass! 

Lola moves around in her chair with the flexibility of a gymnast during her fap session. She’s standing when she makes her extra long member shoot a huge load of creamy white cum! Then she does a sexy little twerk and rubs some of her own spunk across her rosebud like she’s ready to get fucked…after she just came on!

“Girls will be boys, and boys will be girls
It’s a mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up world
Except for Lola, lo lo lo lo Lola”

– The Kinks

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Black-TGirls: Nubian Barbie’s Climax!

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Nubian Barbie shared Model of the Month for May on with Amber Flawless. They’ve both made stunning debut sets and they both have encore cum shot updates live on the site now! The white down comforter and red bodysuit she wears enhance the color of her skin as she poses before and on the bed.

Omar Wax brings a totally different style to the Nubian Barbie debut I raved about on Caramel’s TGirls that you can read here. There’s a different color palette but Barbie does her killer twerk again. Her cock manages to escape her lingerie and shake wildly beneath her as she gyrates her hips and ass.

When she strips nude, she teases by hiding her cock between her curvy thighs. This torment comes at you with Barbie standing and then laying on her back. That’s the position she’s in when she begins playing with her lovely rod.

More rump shaking makes me recall something she said: “From one look you may think that with all this ass I like to bottom. Don’t get me wrong, I do but I 100% like laying into a firm or soft muscle butt!” Nubian Barbie aka Brionna Pleasant said it and I’ll just let it penetrate your mind.

The first three quarters of the video make it seem like Barbie is in need of getting fucked. But the last quarter of this update is where you can tell what kind of railing she could do. Her cock is raging hard and she doesn’t hold back from thoroughly enjoying her climax.

Black-TGirls Cumshot Thursday: Tiara Cums!

Description: Gorgeous Tiara returns this Thursday to star in a brand new episode of our “Cumshot Thursday” series brought to you by Omar Wax! Looking sexy as hell, Tiara can’t wait to show you what she got for you! Tiara has been with us for four years and she keeps looking hotter and hotter! Watch her stripping, posing and stroking her cock until she cums!

I love the way Tiara moves around the kitchen like she owns the place in her Cumshot Thursday special update. She’s fully dressed yet so sexy in a form-fitting t-shirt and who would have thought that denim shorts and thigh-high boots could look this hot? Well, it’s the way she fills out the shorts, being blessed with curves for days.

Tiara flashes a hint of nudity with some under boob but she doesn’t begin stripping for quite some time. She touches herself through her clothing however. Tiara can easily make one hard without taking off her clothes.

But when she does finally begin to strip, it’s an amazing show to witness. It begins with her shorts and the tiny red thong underneath. What a perfectly rounded ass Tiara has. Then come the lovely globes of her tits and she’s still coyly hiding what’s inside her panties.

The long boots that are sexy but cover way too much come off to reveal Tiara’s long, shapely legs and bare feet. Then we finally see her cock. Its shaft is the darkest part of her, but the suckable head is much lighter and quite glossy.

When Tiara makes her dick hard, it grows to massive proportions. Fully engorged it stands at a seemingly impossible high angle. She then presents us with a most explicit view of her ass again, much more explicit than before! That’s while she’s wagging her huge hardon around.

Tiara is pretty quite until she’s jerking off and squeezing a nipple, about to climax. Then she lets out a high-pitched moan and her big cock lurches, its bulbous head blasting large amounts of creamy white cum to land on her pretty, dark skin. This update is a keeper if I’ve ever seen one!

Review by @tscaramel on Twitter

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Black-TGirls: Beautiful Megan Snow!

Description: Megan Snow is back for the first time in 2018! Megan is without a doubt one of our hottest models for years and we are always excited to have her back! As always, Megan looks even more beautiful than before and she is ready to have some fun! Watch her stripping and stroking her cock just for you in another smashing solo scene brought to you by KilaKali!

It took me awhile to realize what was going on downstairs with the outfit Megan Snow is wearing. There’s a lot of sexiness going on upstairs like her beautiful face and deep cleavage. Then it becomes clear that her bare pubic region is exposed as she sits on the bed.

The Dominican/Filipino beauty from Phoenix, Arizona has made 10 solo and hardcore performances on and Megan seems to be learning creativity with her modeling by osmosis. She’s definitely become more vocal.

Megan does some heavy boob hoisting before exposing her wide hips and trim waist. She then bares and shakes her big tits. Megan moves gracefully through a series of nude poses that are tame at first yet incredible to witness.

While masturbating, Megan tends to rub her fun spot rather than finger bang herself. She uses no toys to develop a big erection – just her firmly stroking hand. And she changes positions while jerking off completely nude with great frequency.

Is this the finest representation on Megan Snow on No, it’s more like a teaser to encourage you to go back a scene or two to see this phenomenal talent at her best.

Black-TGirls: Beautiful Raven Babe Cums!

Description: Raven Babe is ready for more! Definitely one of the hottest Femout graduates of 2017, Raven has an amazing slim body, a perfect ass and of course an amazing HUGE cock! Watch her stroking her big dick just for you until she cums in another hot solo scene brought to you by KilaKali!

This beautiful Springfield, Illinois native’s producer said, “Raven is barely legal she just turned 18 a couple of months ago. She is a former Femout.XXX graduate. I have known her for a bit as she is a webcam model and I moderate for her. She hails from Iowa and is completely verse. She stands 5’9 and has a huge cock to match. A real joy to work with I look forward to seeing more of her.”

Raven babe rules live when she’s performing. It’s not just because she’s so well hung, but it’s the whole package, please pardon the pun. I wanted to add a preview of her latest shoot to my TS Dreamland YouTube page to let everyone there know I reviewed this update. But it begins with Raven’s balls hanging out, so I think I’ll pass on that.

She reveals her big Hershey’s brown nipples and she firmly fondles her lovely hormone breasts. Raven then exposes her cock and balls fully – the darkest parts of her. She’s not fully aroused yet, but she’s obviously packing.

After removing and discarding her undies, Raven sits on the bed to remove her stockings. Once completely naked, she lays back and lubes herself up for some deep penetration. Raven Babe can do phenomenal things with a large butt plug with and without using her hands. Next comes a large multi-colored sex toy that she uses. Before long, her massive cock is fully erect. It’s absolutely fascinating to watch how she coaxes a big, creamy climax with that beautiful, humongous thing in this update!

For her LIVE webcam shows, go to It’s free to register so give her a follow.

Black-TGirls: Raven Babe is Back!

Official description: Guess who’s back! We haven’t seen Raven Babe in a while and we were very excited that KilaKali brought her back! Following her Femout.XXX debut in early 2017, this beautiful Springfield doll was quick to graduate to Black TGirls… We were amazed by her beauty! Looking sexy as hell, Raven Babe returns today and she is ready to have some fun playing with her BIG hard cock! Watch her stroking it just for you!

I remember when I first began viewing trans porn. In its inception, the only trans porn actresses hung like Raven were honestly not as pretty as Raven. No shade to the legendary stars that paved the way for new models to come. In all of my reviews looking back I see that it’s uncommon for me to describe a tgirl model as both super pretty and hung like a horse. I’ve only had one cock that big in my lifetime and it was way more than I needed, yet fascinating. That massive dick was in my life for a few years and I never really got used to it. That said, if you ever get your hands, mouth or whatever on one, just keep trying as hard as you can is the best advice I can give you.

I was wondering if Raven Babe was going to perform the way she does live on her webcam shows in her third BTG performance and the answer is no. She immediately begins lowering her Batman panties without doing much talking. She has to be way more vocal on

Even though her schlong is bigger than average when flaccid, I wouldn’t call her a grower. She asks if we want to see her cock grow hard while casually making it swing above her low-slung balls. Then it’s showtime once again on once again, my friends. And obviously Raven Babe isn’t about to dispel any myths. *wink* 

Black-TGirls: Koya Rose Cums!

Description: Gorgeous Koya Rose (formerly known as Sakoya Minx) made a smashing comeback two weeks ago! Amazed by her beauty, we had no other choice but to make her our February 2018 “Model of the Month”. She is stunning! She returns today with another scene, horny and ready to have fun! Watch beautiful Koya stripping, showing off her smoking hot body and stroking her cock until she pops a nice sticky cumshot just for you!

Producer KilaKali presents his 4th update of Koya Rose and I think she’s looking her best in this update. This scene begins with a very vocal Koya on the bed about to deliver her striptease. She first reveals her large, lovely breasts and then gives us a tantalizing rear presentation.

Koya is quite skilled at giving an explicit butt show without revealing her cock for the first couple of minutes. She’s amazing at twerking her fine ass once completely naked. But she focuses on jerking herself to an erection about eight minutes in.

A big bead of pre-cum emerges from Koya’s cock head as she squeezes her long hard shaft while kneeling. Koya then stretches her dick as if she’s going to fuck herself with it, tapping the bulbous head against her rosebud. Then she moves through a variety of sexy positions before making streams of cum spurt out of her erection. You can watch the free scene trailer on!

Skylar White & Country Boi Fuck Hard!

Description: Turn down service stops by and pays Skylar White a visit. During process of fluffing pillows, servant discovers that there’s something else that needs immediate attention! He can easily tell by Skylar’s body language. He makes a move and without hesitation Skylar obliges by taking a mouth full of his manhood down her throat. The two engage in passionate adult fun. Turns out Skylar received the ultimate turn down service!

On Skylar’s profile the gorgeous Texan says, “Young, sophisticated, unique just a few “safe” words to sum me up. On the naughtier scope of things I’m open sexually but enjoy being a girl. Rough me up a bit choke me, spank me pull my hair! Originally from Miami but relocated to Houston. Travel frequently so I could be in any city at any given point in time. If you happen to run into me, please say hi”

This is Skylar’s 13th update since her debut in May of 2014! She even has a set on from July 2014. It’s funny when Country Boi fluffs the pillows and Skylar interrupts him fixing the bed for her by bending over.

He suggests she needs the pillows of her ass, not in those exact words, and the action begins. Omar Wax has a signature style of filming and makes shooting porn look easy.

What’s new to me however is the ultra-masculine male actor. I think it’s pretty cool that he sucks Skylar’s cock before fucking the hell out of her and blowing his load across her beautiful face.

Skylar can top whenever she wants to, but I’m glad the pretty veteran model bottomed only for this particular scene. You can watch the free scene trailer on the Black TGirls landing page.

Black-TGirls: Peachez Returns!

The official description reads: Gorgeous Peachez is back! This sexy St. Louis cutie was discovered by KilaKali two years ago and she went on to shoot a few amazing solo and hardcore scenes with us. She’s returns now after a while and she looks smoking hot, better than ever! Watch her as she strips, twerks and strokes her hard cock just for you! So nice to have this young doll with us again! Also, Peachez is our first “Model of the Month” in 2018! Well deserved!

This is the 8th update with pretty Peachez including one hardcore scene and you should check out her visual porn resume on

Peachez starts out by undressing on the bed. It’s not at all complicated but it’s exquisite to watch. In less than three minutes she’s stroking her massive erection.

She’s one of the quietest returning models, but she’s apparently decided not to try and make an acting career develop from her strip and stroke videos.

With her twerking and full split talents, Peachez displays more dance abilities than anything else. I’d actually be surprised if I found out she’s not earning coin from dancing somewhere. This girl’s ass is a machine. Don’t miss seeing it in action on

Black-TGirls: Xmas Special: Megan Snow!

Watch The Free Scene Trailer

Christmas is the most important holiday in my life, but I’m usually not feeling these holiday videos. The videos in my personal collection in heavy rotation are not dated by specific events.

However, this is a 19:06 minute long production – the 10th featuring the Dominican/Filipino stunning trans girl from Phoenix, Arizona. Megan says she loves her outfit but it’s rather hot in the room she’s in. In other words, it’s time to start stripping. First comes the spilling out of her large breasts.

Next, there’s the baring of her torso from behind including that of her magnificent ass. Producer KilaKali provides some tight closeups on that thing of wonderment. Then comes some strategic toying with her candy cane. I’ll leave that for you to visually unwrap. Megan’s big cock lengthens and thickens, pointing upward, as she removes her gloves. She needs her bare hands to pour some lubricant on her stiff dick.

Most of her fap session that follows is seated but she stands up and jerks off also. Megan performs a series of penile acrobatics before sitting down to bring herself off. Some might say that the way she shoots her creamy white load of cum is a bit narcissistic. Haters gonna hate.

I think it’s brilliant. If this holiday special is your first time as a subscriber, you’ll get a lot more holiday wishes and stupendous update all year ’round!

Black-TGirls: Bubbles Cums!

The official description reads: Our most recent Femout.XXX graduate and the December 2017 “Model of the Month”, beautiful Memphis doll Bubbles, returns with her second BTG solo scene! Bubbles is stunning! She’s unbelievably cute and her yummy round booty is from another world! She loves posing and showing off her perfect body and we definitely enjoy watching her! Looking gorgeous in a sexy pink see-through outfit, she slowly strips out of it, twerks, plays with her sexy ass and strokes her hard cock until she shoots a nice sticky load! Keep an eye on this cutie, hardcore coming soon too!

Producer KilaKali adds: “Bubbles is a pretty young girl from Memphis. I met her about a year ago through Alana Longcawk. She made her debut on our other site (Femout.XXX as a Fort Lauderdale, FL resident) . I am happy to bring her to you all to this site. She stands 5’8 and just 19 years old. She is full of energy and is ready to be pounded or will pound you if you want her to. Bubbles has a very nice bubble ass so be prepared to see her twerking all over the place. She also has some sexy little blonde pubic hairs for you guys that like that. A real joy to work with she has a hardcore coming soon so be sure to see her get a pounding. A clear new favorite of mine this year…. Enjoy!”

The direct link to my “Gorgeous Bubbles Graduates!” review is here so let me update you on her new orgasmic set. Bubbles greets us while sitting on the bed, flashes a nipple and unsnaps the crotch panel of her scandalous lingerie to expose her big cock.

Then she strips down to her fishnet stockings and all this action unfolds within the first two minutes! I don’t know what it is about this chick but one look at her fills my entire being with lust. I swing both ways but Bubbles is my number one dream girl of the moment.

Every physical attribute I could hope for in a trans girl is right there with Bubbles. Her creamy white cum spurting cock might actually be a bit too big for me. But I’m primarily a top anyway.

Listen to me going on like I have a chance. Well who knows? Stranger things have happened. Enjoy the two splendid sets of Bubbles on and don’t forget about her incredible debut and encore shoots of Femout.XXX!

Cumshot Thursday: Ariel Smith!

“Beautiful Ariel Smith returns to star in the latest episode of our exclusive “Cumshot Thursday” series! One of our cutest models ever, Ariel has been with for four years and it’s such a pleasure watching this girl getting more and more gorgeous! Looking super hot as usual, horny Ariel is ready to show that stunning body and that round booty of hers! Then, just for you, she strokes her cock until she shoots a hot creamy load!”

February 2017 Model of the Month made her debut back in December of 2013. She was originally introduced by Omar Wax and as a team they’re like fine wine. They just get better with age.

If you haven’t cum with Ariel before I can’t think of a better time to. Aren’t you curious to see how she reacts when an orgasm hits her incredible body? I don’t know about you but my big black she-cock is circumcized. I’m alway curious to see what it looks like when streams of spunk fly out of an uncut cock.

Mr. Wax presents Ariel closing the blinds and posing quietly yet boldly while standing in sheer lingerie. He moves in for some tight closeups when she takes a seat and begins caressing her boobs. Ariel pinches her nipples firmly and sits back deeply into her chair. She then parts her thighs and reaches inside her panties.

It’s crystal clear that Ariel is already aroused. Her big shiny cock is fully erect when she withdraws it from her undies! She strips completely naked for some explicit frontal and rear poses. I’m wondering if this hung babe is going to require the use of any sex toys to fulfill the promise of this Cumshot Thursday update. Nope. A few beads of pre-cum emerge from the swollen head of the cock she’s stroking.

Then she increases the rhythm of her jerking hand furiously trying to nut. Ariel finally hits her climax and fires strong jets of creamy white cum right into her stomach piercing! That wraps up this torrid update with an extraordinary performer and producer.

Black-TGirls: Gorgeous Bubbles Graduates!

Official description: KilaKali got another gorgeous Memphis girl to introduce to you! Following Kupkakes’ and Keyuna’s debut scenes, today we welcome beautiful Bubbles! Even though this is her Black TGirls debut scene, Bubbles is not exactly a new face. She already shot with Jack Flash in Florida this summer and made her debut on Femout.XXX in July. She’s is 19 years old, super cute and has a perfect bubble-butt! Along with with this scene being her Femout graduation, we’ve decided to make Bubbles our December 2017 “Model of the Month”! No need to explain, Bubbles is stunning!

I raved about Bubbles on Caramels TGirls (direct link) and I’m so happy for her. I might be one of the few fans who sees Femout not as an academy site but possibly a final destination any model can be proud of being featured on. But when the powers that be elevate a model in any way, shape or form, it’s well worth celebrating.

What I really like about the way KilaKali does in this session is an opening interview. I’ve never been a huge fan of silent movies and I always find it nice to learn something about the models. Bubbles tells us what her status is in the top/bottom spectrum and her favorite sexual position.

This producer and model have known each other for about a year and you can get a good sense of the comfort and trust established between them. Uncomfortable shoots make viewers uncomfortable too and thankfully we don’t see that here.

There’s more of Bubbles to come that sounds so exciting, but let’s stay focused on this update for now. The gorgeous 20 year old proceeds to tell us what she gets the most compliments on. Not surprisingly it’s the whole package that’s usually admired. Right after that, Bubbles begins to strip and I get it. It’s tough to decide where to focus on this girl because she’s so good looking from head to toe! Get to to watch her scene trailer.

Beautiful Holly Strokes Cums!

Holly Strokes, November Model of the Month, poses in the shower, flexes her glutes and bares her cock in the beginning of this update. She’s in the shower but she’s apparently not going to get her lacy outfit wet – at least not with any water. Just as I’d predicted, she removes her garment completely before turning the water on.

After letting the water flow across her exquisite form, Holly grabs a thirsty white towel and dries herself off. In the next sequence, she’s seated in the living room area of the hotel room KilaKali chose for this shoot. Holly is what I guess you could call a “grower” since her cock goes from pretty big flaccid to extra long when fully erect.

She sits quietly stroking her huge member and it appears that she’s going to come. But then she rises to her feet instead and allows her erection to stand out from her loins. I’d have thought a BBC like that would be too heavy to rise as high as it does. I guess if someone’s mouth or ass was at a high enough level, Holly would only need to move straight forward to begin penetration. Unless she’s a bottom. Speaking of bottom, the only flaw I see with this update is I would like us to have been presented with more of Holly’s curvy ass. I remember how hot it looks from previous performances.

But this scene is still extraordinary and suddenly Holly’s fap session moves into hyperspeed. Holly is in 100% concentration mode with no porn playing and she’s just pumping frantically to get her nut. You ought to get to to see exactly how Holly shoots a big creamy white load of cum!