Black TGirls – Christal Strokes By The Pool!

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Previous to this Black TGirls photo and video set, this beauty from São Paulo, Brazil was also filmed in a solo shoot by Khan who also shot her getting fucked by gorgeous Barbara Perez and she banged stunning Victoria Carvalho just as viciously as Barbara railed her on On, Christal fucked Marcus in another scene by Khan and fucked Kampfer in a set by Louis Damazo. Click on those links if you’d like to see her profile on each website.

Her Black TGirls profile reads: Christal is a newbie and she will make our customers very happy and we explain why. A quick description of her skills will make you fellas salivate: brightening beauty, lovely body, huge and impressive cock and totally natural look. I couldn’t resist adding her filmography because #1, she’s exquisite and #2, you really ought to see what I’ve seen from this totally verse performer.

Louis Damazo presents Christal in her follow-up shoot touching her thighs and reaching inside her bikini top as if nobody’s watching. She licks one of her fingers and rubs it across a nipple beneath her bikini top. She stands up to show off the large globes of her derriere, makes them jiggle a bit and then she completely removes her top.

Christal then rubs her nipple again, licking her lips seductively. She uses her free hand to reach inside her bikini panty and she’s tucking in a way that doesn’t reveal how massively hung she is. Damazo uses his camera as an instrument of teasing even when she lowers her bottoms. You know she must be only wearing her tall sandals at this point, but you can’t see what’s between her legs just yet. But when the camera finally pans down Christal’s lithe form, you see that she’s stroking a long, thick schlong. The bare-breasted babe uses two hands on her monster meat, but switches to just one hand when increasing the speed of her strokes.

This masturbatory activity occurs while she’s seated, but she stands up and lets her massive organ hang in the air for a moment before her fap session continues. The sight is phenomenal when Christal squeezes her organ between her thighs with her back facing you. She pushes her large ball sack back and thrusts her big slab of cock toward your face and the fun continues with seated and standing close up footage.

That’s until she makes herself climax in this fabulous update! Wait until you see how she handles a long stream of creamy white cum.

Black TGirls – Bonnie’s Hot Comeback Scene!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Jack Flash does yet another fine job with Miami, Florida fox Bonnie for her third shoot. She says she’s been living life to the fullest since her last appearance, traveling and when asked if she’s been a bad girl, she says she’s actually been good. But she then confesses she’s been bad, but it was only with one person.

As she lays back posing and ready for naughty things to come following her brief interview, Bonnie looks amazing in her blue dress and tall sandals. She has a great smile and pearly whites – obviously a girl who takes good care of herself. So the focus initially is on her pretty face and gorgeous bare legs.

When Bonnie stands up, the large points of her nipples are visible against the fabric of her dress. You’ll see a telltale bulge at the center for a moment, but when she proceeds to walk across the room, the focus is on her curvy bottom.

Jack asks Bonnie to kick things up a notch while seated and she does so, parting her legs and hiding that bulge we got a glimpse of with her gathered up dress. Then she exposes the swelling tube that was hidden.

Some of us girls have cocks that are much darker than the rest of us, but Bonnie’s is the almost same beautiful shade as the rest of her skin. She’s so charmingly shy that Jack has to ask her to smile because she’s so serious.

Her smile lights up a room so you’ll be glad that he’s got the experience to know when to help her out. In the sequence that follows, she’s standing with her dress off with nothing but her heels on. Her hormone breasts look incredible and her physique doesn’t have one extra ounce of fat. She’s not skinny however, just fit and well-toned. Bonnie fondles her boobs and plays with her nipples as suggested.

This update could serve as an Adult Industry Photography 101 course for aspiring photographers who want to know learn how to successfully get a model to loosen up. After awhile, Bonnie needs no instruction to turn up the heat. For example, she knows when it’s time to show off her bare, sexy ass again. I’m assuming the “sexy red” tattoo at the small of her back is in reference to her redbone complexion.

If she had ink at the front near her cock, it should read “big red” because Bonnie is a grower with a dick that swells to tremendous proportions when aroused. It’s long, thick and absolutely delicious looking with the head fully exposed as she strokes the shaft. This lovely young trans model manages to lick one of her nipples with her pierced tongue as her latest shoot continues.

Tgirl Skylar White Is Back In Action!

Skylar gives out her email, Instagram and Snap chat addresses in this scintillating shoot presented by Omar Wax. She’s wearing a satin baseball jacket, but most of her legs are bare and you can see the straps of her tall sandals encircling her calves.

Since you’ll now have her social media information, she encourages you to show you how much you love her. She proceeds to show you how much she loves you. Skylar does so by standing up and wiggling her lovely bottom. Then she straddles the bed ass up with her thong just barely hiding all the goods. She then lies on her back and does scissors movements with her sexy legs.

Skylar then braces herself against the wall after hopping off the bed. You might fantasize being a cop about to frisk her. She crawls across the floor as if she’s ready to see your nightstick. Once back on the bed, her jacket is opened and then removed, leaving her in just heels, panties and brassiere. Skylar teases mercilessly by posing in a variety of positions before stripping down to her stiletto sandals.

She offers her ass again, but her tiny wrinkled rosebud is hidden by the strap of her thong. After stroking her cock for a few moments, she eventually removes and discards her panties.

With her lovely breasts and body bared, Skylar masturbates slowly and you can hear the slick sounds of her hand on her lubricated erection. She then gets lost in arousal until a series of creamy white spurts of cum leap from her hardon to land upon her pelvis. This is Skylar’s 8th Black-TGirls shoot since 2014 including two hardcore scenes with handsome three-time TEA nominated Best Male Performer Soldier Boi.

Gorgeous Alexxxa Jacks Her Big Hard Cock!

Pump the brakes! It’s time to back up to the January 11, 2017 update on before moving forward. It’s all about the follow-up shoot by KilaKali that cannot be passed up on mentioning.

This beauty’s description reads: Alexxxa is a new girl from St. Louis. She is 100% top and loves to make a man tap out from her huge cock. A bit nervous for her first shoot, she was able to put it together and give you cum fans a nice load. She would like to do more in the future …We shall see..

So, here we go with the dirty lowdown. I detect no nervousness at all as Alexxxa sits on the bed and exposes her big tits as she introduces herself. The second time around seems free and easy for this curvaceous babe. She does a little boob rubbing and nipple licking as she works her bodysuit downward. Alexxxa also does lots of moaning while touching herself and continuing with her sultry striptease.

Once Alexxxa gets naked down to her cute little socks, she simulates fucking by jacking her hips while facing us. I understand that Alexxxa is a top, but she’s quite good at making one dream of making her the bottom. There’s something about the way she exposes her ass that makes it impossible not to imaging her getting fucked. Eventually, she removes her socks also, leaving her in her neckband and pricey looking watch and that’s it! Before the midway point, Alexxxa goes through a series on poses like a true pro and she strokes her cock stiff while moving gracefully.

When Alexxxa’s cock is flaccid, it doesn’t seem all that threatening. But once she’s fully aroused, damn this chick is hung! She slaps it against her thigh likes it’s a club. That thing could probably actually hurt someone’s face. She looks amazing writhing on the bed, but about three quarters through, she also stands up to show off her body from a new perspective. Then the gorgeous model sits back on the bed to concentrate on reaching her climax.

Finally those full thighs of Alexxxa’s get splattered with big spurts of creamy white cum! This video does not just end as soon as Alexxxa cums. Take the time out to watch her rub out every last drop. Her big dick is still hard and it seems to wave goodbye to you before the scene fades to black. You can watch the free scene trailer of stunning Alexxxa on

Misty Long & Soldier Boi Fuck Their Brains Out!

Misty Long aka Mistyy Longg and Toni Michaels is stunning in her hardcore scene with TEA nominated super stud featured in the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi on This is the sister site of that has launched countless careers of black trans girls, something I’m particulary thankful for. Every serious trans porn fan, reviewer and model knows precisely which adult websites support black trans and male performers more than any others. These sites are #1 in this niche.

“Hi, everyone. I’m your explicit black tgirl from Va. I love being verse with the right men that can take my joystick and give me a hard pounding too I can usually be found in the local clubs dancing and getting my drink on. Now that we are getting to summer I will most likely be out the Ocean Front in Va Beach, so look for me in my sexy bikini on the strip. I’m really hoping you guys like my solo shoot so that I can have a chance to do a hardcore. I just love sucking on nice throbbing cocks, and while I usually top more than I bottom, I just might be willing to let the right guy into this tight pleasure palace if he can work it right. *wink* xoxo ” These words are from straight from the source on where she has 4 stunning photo and video sets! Check out her Toni Michaels Profile on Black TGirls.

The confidence these adult industry actors display is empowering and they both have great acting chops in the building intro sequence with Soldier Boi dropping by to see his gorgeous friend. Misty invites him inside dressed as a bespectacled naughty schoolgirl with her big tits spilling out of her crop top.

MP4 Scene Trailer

The enclosed trailer pretty much shows you what goes down after the initial makeup session on the sofa. I just have to add that this is perhaps my favorite scenes ever from the opening moments to the torrid creampie ending!