Bailey Jay Gym Slut Bitch

We’re not really in a gym, but a bedroom with a weight set with Bailey Jay, but I wouldn’t want to be associated with anyone who has a problem with that. There’s a big bust encased in her pink and white one-piece and a big bulge, too. She pulls the garment to the side to release her large cock and smoothly shaven balls, letting her beloved dick air out and swing around. Then the stroking begins and her hefty boobs are exposed. Bailey’s thick prick is right before you for a moment. Then the raven-haired lifts her legs, props her bare feet on the bench and starts fucking a purple dildo. The camera closes in on her beautiful face as she moans loudly, doing what she needs to for a powerful climax. A big load of creamy white cum pours along Bailey’s fist and she licks some of it up. Check out two recent photo galleries and video previews from Gym Slut Bitch live now on TS-BaileyJay.

Kelli Lox and Bailey Jay

The video begins with Kelli and Bailey kissing on the bed, then devouring each others lovely breasts. Both of their big dicks are withdrawn from their skimpy panties and Bailey performs the first blowjob.

Bailey lays back on the bed, gets a ticklish foot briefly kissed, and then Kelli sucks her thickness balls deep. This describes the first 4 minutes of the 17 minute transbian scene on TS Bailey Jay.

Bailey Jay and Shyvie Shiv

I first saw trans punkhouse porn starlet Shyvie Shiv aka Freya Wynn masturbating on Chaturbate Transsexuals, then making a major studio porn debut. But I never actually saw her having sex until I saw her with Bailey Jay. I absolutely love their video!

I just had to throw in the “Art Whore” sample gallery in case you forgot how gorgeous Bailey Jay looks in her photo sets (as if forgetting that is humanly possible).

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Bailey Jay and Koko Beanz

Have you ever seen hung 20 year old Miss KoKo of Philadelphia, PA on Chaturbate? She’s an amazing cam performer you should follow to catch her next show under her thosedamncows profile. You should also see her sizzling sex scene with her favorite porn star Bailey Jay! Click on the images for video previews.

Cum with Miss KoKo and Bailey Jay!

TS Bailey Jay and Cyd St. Vincent

I think you should order extra butter for your Popcorn Penis and have some fun looking at TS Bailey Jay vaping with a big boner on her New Duvet. When you’re ready to cum, watch the 19:35 minute video of Bailey and the FTM porn star and talent manager for Bonus Hole Boys, Cyd St. Vincent.

TS Bailey Jay | Bonus Hole Boys

Bailey Jay and James Darling Hardcore

This is a first for TS Bailey Jay – hardcore sex with a trans man and the 23 minute video was filmed by Bailey’s husband Matt. After a brief introduction, Bailey and James Darling start making out and the sexy FTM start featuring on Bailey’s exposed boobs and stroking her stiff cock. They both strip nude on the bed and the hot guy with a pussy begins sucking Bailey’s big erection as she moans softly.

James has a sweet clit Bailey tugs at and squeezes before laying back to eat her pussy and they slide into a 69. Even though I saw the telling photos first and know that Bailey is going to fuck James, I was still in anticipation, not to mention incredibly aroused. I’d almost forgotten how hard Bailey Jay can fuck since I’m so used more accustomed to seeing her getting railed these days. There’s fucking in position changes, more muff-diving and cocksucking until the couple start kissing again while Bailey masturbates. Finally, she explodes with one of the biggest, creamiest cumshots I’ve seen her blast in quite awhile! This instant classic MTF/FTM scene ends with a brief exit interview and I’m so glad I have it! You should download “Feels Like The First Time” too on the official TS Bailey Jay website.

Here are two new sample photo galleries of Bailey Jay for good measure:

TS Bailey Jay and FTM Fucker with James Darling

TS Bailey Jay on The Approval Matrix

If you’re a fan of the TS Bailey Jay website or The Bailey Jay Show podcast, you ought to see her on The Approval Matrix if you haven’t already. This is my favorite (unscripted) performance by the groundbreaking adult transsexual performer who is also making a big name for herself in the mainstream world.

The “America’s Hall Monitors” show on The Approval Matrix with TS Bailey Jay on the panel originally aired on August 25, 2014 and will be on until October, 2015. Don’t forget to check out the updates on her official website and listen to her podcast!

Bailey Jay Sunflower Window

If TS Bailey Jay asked you to lick it up, would you hesitate or would you just do it? The first two photos will take you to previews from her new “Lick It Up” video and the last one goes to the “Sunflower Window” sample gallery.


When you take the TS Bailey Jay Tour, you’ll notice something different in the filming of her new “Amateur Apartment Sex” hardcore video.

TS Bailey Jay in Cummin’ In My Own Face

I don’t have a cum fetish, but if I were next to TS Bailey Jay while she jacked off, that cum just might not make it to her face. I just might want a sample. Check out the video previews of “Cummin’ In My Face and the “Overalls” and “Pink Heels and Yellow Panties” photo sets.

Here are her latest photo galleries:

The Official TS Bailey Jay Website

Bailey Jay and Kylie Maria in Wifebeaters

First, here are two new photo galleries from TS Bailey Jay:

Bailey continues to broaden her horizons with a torrid, freak nasty transbian video with the gorgeous cam performer Kylie Marie. Bailey is still getting banged by her husband for us, too. I love open marriages! Check out the video previews:

Also check out the 4 new TS Bailey Jay updates from June, 2014!