Bailey Jay & Dom in Size Queen

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

Bailey Jay gets right down to the business of sucking Dom’s huge cock in “Size Queen” and that’s some serious business. Adult Model and Artist. Nonbinary, GenderFluid, Demiboy, Demisexual, Pansexual, Dominant, Kinkster, Sexworker Dominic Rystan from Arizona isn’t shown from the waist up in this scene. That’s a pity for those of us who know and love Dominic from Chaturbate in room=domthestud. But I get it. Most Bailey Jay fans aren’t here for her sex partners. Bailey Jay looks stunning as usual, making eye contact with us while giving head. Her large breasts spill out of her cotton top and she develops a big ole’ boner while jerking both of their organs. First they’re both on the bed and then she sinks to the floor as the combination blowjob / handjob continues. Things heat up mostly for me when she’s lying on the floor with Dominic standing above her. They’re both beating off furiously and a little self finger banging helps Bailey Jay’s swollen cockhead release a big, creamy white cumshot. She licks up some of her own elixir and Dominic’s is soon to follow. She laps up Dom’s nectar, too!

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Bailey Jay in Backyard Rubbing Party

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The “Backyard Rubbing Party on the official website is a solo party that begins with the hostess stroking her big dick wearing denim shorts and a t-shirt. She twists her palm around her swollen schlong and wacks it before standing up to expose the large orbs of her breasts. If you happen to have an oil fetish, you’re in trouble because she sprays those babies down and continues jacking off with her wet hand. By the time Bailey Jay kneels down on the lawn chair, her t-shirt is raised to show off her tits. The reason she’s kneeling on the furniture is because she rides a long black sexy toy. She sinks all the way down on it and her moaning begins. This usually signals one of her world famous impending cum shots. Boy, this is a big one! I rarely rave about one of Bailey Jay’s movies without throwing a few sample photos sets in. I hope she likes springtime and scorching summers in Florida. It’s hot up in this bitch already! From the looks of things, she’s got a good handle on the heat.

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Bailey Jay in Unplanned Blowjob

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I’ve only had one unplanned blowjob as far as I can remember. You see what had happened was, I was at a nightclub run by a hotel resort (in Florida, the name of which I’ll keep private to protect the innocent). I’d met a trans girl on FetLife the same night I was throwing a trans and admirers party. My date trailed behind the rest of the group with me on the way back to our rooms. As soon as we passed an alcove, ducked in to make out. We’d pretty much established online who’d most likely be the aggressor once we finally met in person. But she surprised me by lifting my skirt, pulling down my panties and taking the head of my stiff cock inside her mouth. It turned out to be a delightful sucking, but we cut it short for for fear of getting caught. We continued indoors and the “Unplanned Blowjob” scene on the official Bailey Jay website takes place behind closed doors. What does this have to do with what happened to me? Absolutely nothing. The video just makes me horny and sorry, I digress. Bailey Jay is sitting on the sofa stroking her big dick in this scene wearing a purple top and nothing else. An exemplary butt, leg and foot show occurs about two minutes into the video. Then you hear a male voice asking, “Do you wanna suck my cock?” She’s eager to, but first it’s time to expose her big boobs. Then it’s time to sink down on the floor to begin sucking it. This is a really nice dick she’s presented with and Bailey Jay jerks off while giving head, of course. Well that’s what happens in the first half of the video. If everything didn’t happen that I wanted to see happen, I wouldn’t be telling you about it. Go watch it and I hope that you’ll either get or give an unplanned blowjob yourself soon!

Bailey Jay in Dat Ass

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In “Dat Ass” Bailey Jay hops on her bed and presents you with dat front first by baring her large, firm breasts and unzipping her shorts. Her thick cock is almost as hard as it gets when she whips it out. Along with her heavy, bare ball sack, it’s suspended by her panties and the crotch of her cut-offs and she makes it bounce up and down a bit. Then she slips both her panties and shorts down past her slipper boots and off. There’s dat ass now as she’s on her hands and knees. After a brief finger banging, she’s laying back in a full frontal view, stroking her big, stiff dick. Her t-shirt is raised well above her cleavage and this is when her sexy moaning begins. Bailey Jay simultaneously rubs her fun spot while jacking her wet cock. Most of her eye contact is with you, but she occasionally glances off to the side. I can’t really hear any porn playing, but I noticed a tablet in the screen cap, so there’s some smut running in the background. Whatever it she’s watching while masturbating propels her to a convulsive climax with a stream of creamy white cum spilling from her swollen pink cock head. She tastes a bit of it and squeezes some more out of her large, spent prick. For good measure, she gives one more explicit view of dat ass you know that you want so badly. Get this video and tons more at the official Bailey Jay website of with your TGirl Network multi-pass. Don’t forget to grab the 55 image slightly spooky “Balien” and 68 image “I’m Standing in Front of a Big Sliding Wood Door” photo sets.

Sample Photo Set
Sample Photo Set

Bailey Jay Trapped in a Glass Case of Sexy

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Video Preview

“Trapped in a Glass Case of Sexy” is another hot one, especially if you’re committed to never missing a Bailey Jay video. The glass case is a shower in which she’s wearing the go-go boots from the “These Boots are Made for Bailey” photo shoot. She already has a hardon beneath the bodysuit she’s wearing and a little wet spot of pre-cum has escaped from her swollen cock head. She releases her big boner within the first minute of the video and her smooth, hairless balls are suspended by the fabric of her sexy outfit. Her legendary cock points directly at your face until she makes it swing from side to side. She strokes it for a moment, then exposes her full breasts. Bailey Jay slaps her big slab of meat against her palm, then turns around to present you with her heart-shaped ass. She fully exposes her fun spot and waves her erection around again before crouching down to jerk off. After about 5 minutes into the video, you can tell by the sounds she making that a climax is soon to come. In the position she’s filmed in, it looks like Bailey Jay is hovering about you, about to drop her load of cum on your face (or into your mouth or wherever else you might want it). As you may have suspected, she tastes a bit of her own spunk before this scene ends. You can download her latest work from her official website of course, or with your TGirl Network multi-pass.

Bailey Jay in Cum Addicted Slut

Video Galleries

I chose to go with two photos from the “Seventies Den” photo gallery to describe Bailey Jay’s Cum Addicted Slut video. She’s sitting on the couch with the crochet top on and nothing else with her big dick pointing upward when it begins. The stroking begins right away and she bares her big boobs within five minutes of the video. Bailey Jay then lies back to give a more explicit display of her magnificent form while she continues to beat off. There’s a lot of soft moaning and the sounds only a firm, wet hand jerking a stiff dick can make. Then all the sudden, her hubby’s long cock makes a guest appearance. It ends up in her mouth and then hovers about her for awhile. She takes it into her fist, but has to let it go for a moment to make herself cum with two hands. After shooting a creamy white load of cum, Bailey Jay resumes sucking and jacking off her man. In this POV scene, she stares into the camera to make you feel like it’s your cock she’s working on. You’ve got to see the way she takes your cum… I mean his cum on the official TS-Bailey Jay website or with your pass to the TGirl Network.

Bailey Jay Fucking Lance Hart’s Butt

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If you don’t know about Lance Hart, he’s a premier Sunshine State porn star/director. I’ve been living in Florida for almost 14 years and I’m quite sure I’ve never seen a hotter guy face-to-face. When I’m attracted to a masculine guy, I usually think of myself with him in a passive role. I’m more dominant with effeminate males. Bailey Jay chose to top Lance and you may have read my post about their oral scene here on TS Dreamland recently. Well, they’re back again on Bailey Jay’s official website in a totally hardcore scene. “Bailey Jay Fucks Lance Hart’s Butt” begins with Bailey Jay’s thick member swinging before Lance’s handsome face as she stands above him. He sucks her cock like his life depends on it. His life in porn actaully does depend on it because what porn star (or anyone else, for that matter) wouldn’t want to do a good job sucking her legendary cock? Anyway, she holds the hem of her skirt up while getting head with her big tits bared. Then she sits on the early 70’s style sofa to fully enjoy the magnificent head she’s getting. Lance is so aroused by the time his turn comes that his boner is standing straight from his loins when he gets his pants down. After sucking Lance for awhile, Bailey Jay rises to have one of those erotic sword fights with Lance. Bailey Jay then has Lance bend over and spanks Lance’s cute ass to prime it up. Did I say I usually don’t like to top masculine males? There goes that life-long trend out the window. The next thing you know, Lance is riding Bailey Jay’s big dick with a full-on boner pointing at the cleavage of her large boobs. I haven’t even described half of this mesmerizing new scene on the official Bailey Jay website yet. I’ll go into a little detail about her “Cum Addicted Slut” blowjob scene with her husband’s extra long schlong next time, which is also on the TGirl Network.

Bailey Jay In: Gamer Girl & Alone By My Pool

Sample Photo Gallery

Sample Photo Gallery

mp4 Trailers

Flash Trailer

In Gamer Girl, Bailey Jay is wearing an outfit that reminds me of Donna Douglas as Elly May Clampett in Beverly Hillbillies reruns I grew up watching. This puts me in the mind of she’s the girl next door…who’s also your cousin. And she’s lookin’ pretty cute. She actually looks incredible and there’s something bulging in her shorts that Elly May didn’t have, as far as I know. I don’t think Elly May’s tits were as big as Bailey Jay’s or a big schlong, for that matter. Whatever was happening before Gamer Girl began caused Bailey Jay to develop an erection… a big one she swings from side to side other after yanking it out of her short-shorts. She slaps her big slab of meat across her palm and proceeds to jerk off before lowering the denim to bare and smack her magnificent ass. She’s still wearing her red checkered top when she sits on a gaming table to continue masturbating. But it’s strategically bunched up below her heavy breasts. When she steps back down to the floor, her prick stands straight out from her thighs, begging for attention again. Bailey Jay’s ass needs attention also and gets some in the form of a rapidfire finger banging. I can’t recall seeing her shoot a big, creamy white load of cum in the position she’s in ever before. If it ever happens again, I’m not going to miss it, nor should you. In Alone By My Pool, she can’t really be actually alone and filming. When asked what she’s doing, she replies, “Not wearing underwear,” and parts her thighs to show us. Her dick is flaccid in the beginning. She experiences the same problem I have watching porn somewhere in Florida – slow Internet speed. But that’s not enough to prevent a massive erection from developing or a big tummy cum blast. Get Gamer Girl and Alone By My Pool from the official Bailey Jay website or with your multi-pass for The TGirl Network.

Bailey Jay & Lance Hart

It was in the mid 80’s throughout most of last week in Central Florida. But the weather wasn’t the only thing I found extraordinarily hot. Sometimes porn dreams you never even imaged happen near where you live. In this case, it went down between Lance Hart and TS-Bailey Jay. Lance’s body is a prime example of the type that made me question my sexuality at a young age and he has a strong, handsome face too. The scene opens with Bailey Jay looking exquisite while she sits on the sofa as he stands before her. His big dick is rock hard and her big dick is rock hard also! She’s only wearing a cute bow on her head and black panties which makes it easy for Lance to get a taste of her meat like she just did his. Lance jerks off while he goes down on Bailey Jay like any man on the planet would, I’d imagine. When Bailey Jay stands up, I’m reminded of some of the controversy her cock has caused on the Internet over the years. Apparently a lot of folks don’t know that if a trans woman is on a heavy hormone regime, her penis undergoes atrophy. So when they look back through the years of her original content, her cock looks let humongous as is does in her newer scenes. She’s not pumping. She’s just eased up on the ‘mones. I’m surprised that people can’t tell by the velocity of her cumshots and the creamy whiteness of them in recent months. I was reminded of this issue when she stood up before Lance with her heavy schlong swinging in the air before him. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, now is the perfect time to compare the load of spunk she shoots into her Florida-based partner’s mouth to some of her older scenes. Check it out on the official TS-Bailey Jay website of with your TGirl Network multipass. In closing, thank goodness for open marriages.

Bailey Jay in Dirty Anal Slut

Check out the fantastic new “Dirty Anal Slut” mp4 and Flash previews and the “Double D’s” and “Mama-san” sample photo galleries! The exquisite and extremely prolific TS-Bailey Jay is killing it this year. In the video I’m describing now, she’s wagging her big wet dick in the shower while and holding a black dildo in her hand. The pink fence net bodystocking is bottomless and there’s nothing stopping her from fucking herself with it. The rear view is perhaps as devastating as the front. You’ll have to decide for yourself when she turns to face you again and begins jerking off. She crouches down and resumes pumping her ass with the toy while stroking her world famous cock. The full body wide angle footage is spectacular. So are the closeups! This video is one of those you might not want to prolong your climax for before it ends. Whether you stream or download it, it’s the orgasmic gift that keeps on giving. I am now officially sold on her recent flood of grey hair photo sets and videos. Get them all today on the groundbreaking TS-Bailey Jay website or get a multipass for The TGirl Network for a dazzling array of incredible trans women including Penny Tyler, Victoria di Prada, Sarina Valentina, Ashley George, Angelina Torres, Sunshyne Monroe, Olivia Love, Kimber James (and Busty Kimber), Tiffany Starr, Kelly Clare, Vaniity, TS Jesse, Eva Paradis, Mandy Mitchell, Nody Nadia, Mia Isabella, Jessica Fox, Kimber Lee, Natassia Dreams, Jonelle Brooks, Natalia Coxx, Sexxxy Jade, Carmen Moore, Jasmine Jewels, Morgan Bailey, Bianka Nascimento and Adriana Lynn Rush!

Bailey Jay In: I Get Lost In Your Ass

“I Get Lost In Your Ass,” is something this trans superstar’s fingers might say if they could speak. Or it could be something every Bailey Jay fan’s cock would like to say who possesses one. Or it could be the name of these video galleries and the brand new scene they’re named after. She’s standing in a rustic livingroom barefoot with an animal print romper on when the video opens. Almost immediately, she raises the hem of the dress and her stiff cock is pointing straight out at you. She swings her hips to make it sway sideways and makes it spin around, too! Then she bares her big tits and we get some closeup footage of her jacking off. Bailey Jay sits on the sofa to masturbate more furiously and then she lays back to show off her rosebud. Next, she begins to penetrate herself with a purple dildo. There’s not enough lube on it at first, so she sits up to fix that problem. It fits inside her ass a little easier the secong time around. Her cock looks massive at this point. You know how hard anal penetration can make a girl’s dick get. I wasn’t feeling this silver hair period until I saw her new photo sets. It was too trendy for me at first, but now I wanna rock this look myself. But with Bailey Jay, is there any color in the rainbow that wouldn’t look good on her? I think not. Back to this scene, she plays with the beads of pre-cum oozing from the swollen head of her cock and tastes a bit of it. After she continues fucking and stroking herself, she doesn’t do the same with a bit of the baby-making cum that shoots out. But that would be redundant. This video has the perfect ending. You can watch it or download it on the official Bailey Jay site or the TGirl Network!

Bailey Jay in One On One Butt Fun

Bailey Jay hops down on the sofa but quickly jumps back up to show you the subject of “One On One Butt” fun in one her most recent solo videos. She pulls her rainbow panties down and shows you with her wet fingers that her cock is oozing pre-cum. It’s not even fully erect yet. But it’s about halfway there within 3 minutes. She slaps it in her open palm like it’s a big slab of steak, then sits back down to show you her big tits. Within four minutes her large, famous schlong is fully erect and she sits back on the couch to jack off with a full wide angle view. Her a-shirt is hoisted above her breasts and she lubes up a big black dildo. It’s about the same size as the trans icon’s dick. Bailey Jay is really working in this one. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen her get up and sit back down so many times. When she’s naked except for her cute cap and a-shirt, she begins fucking herself with the sex toy. She stands up again to give you a rear view of this rapid penetration. Then she sits back for a finger banging while working her swollen prick. She rises again for more of the same. By this point, her member is as hard as you’ve ever seen it and her moans become louder and louder. There’s more standing and swinging and palm slapping. Then she goes back to furiously masturbating with both hands. Before our 10:36 second scene is up, Bailey Jay releases a torrent of creamy white cum into her hand. She licks some of it up, gives you a classic wink and waves goodbye. Her “Bluekini” gallery is also exquisite. As for videos, I think her “I Get Lost in Your Ass” video filmed on the same sofa might be even hotter! I’ve yet decide if I’m down with the silver hair, but I’m definitely sold on her amazing performance. I’ll tell you more about it soon, but you should really see it for yourself on the official TS-Bailey Jay website or with your TGirl Network multipass.

Bailey Jay Cock Obsessed Natural Beauty

I’ve known that Bailey Jay was a “Natural Beauty” since long before her official website launched in 2010. I didn’t know she was cock obsessed until she made that the title of her new video. Actually, I kind of had a hint after downloading years of her hardcore content with her husband and with other gorgeous transsexuals. At any rate, her cock looks massive as she strokes it while lying next to her hubby. She’s wearing an a-shirt and her swollen prick has escaped from a side opening of her denim cut-offs. Matt’s long prick is hard too when his wife begins sucking on it. The brand new video is shot POV style so if you have a schlong that looks like his, it’s easy to imagine that it’s your meat she’s stroking and sucking on. Bailey Jay manages to lift her top up to expose her full breasts while jerking off her man and her own erection lays across one of his thighs. As you might suspect, she takes his cream into her mouth. They don’t fuck in this video, but if you’re a member of her website or the TGirl Network, you can see their hardcore action also. How do you prefer Bailey Jay – as redhead or as a brunette? She’s a modified ginger in her latest video.

Bailey Jay in Insatiable Anal Slut

I thought you might like a few new sample galleries from TS-Bailey Jay to go with these “Insatiable Anal Slut” trailers. The video samples pretty much tell the full story of what’s going on here with that purple dildo in the tub. She faces us, turns around to butt fuck with that big ole’ toy, then plants it on the tub. It almost seems like she’s taken a cue from amateur porn, fucking a suction phallus, and I like that. Some of the best ideas for porn come from everyday, ordinary people just doing what turns them on. Or maybe it’s just something she thought of on her own without ever seeing it before. At any rate, there’s a good balance of closeup footage on her massive-looking prick, rear footage and full body views. There’s fingering, foot fetish content and a creamy white cumshot that she prettily laps up. Watch or download the full video on the bountiful updating TS-Bailey Jay website or get a TGirl Network Multipass to love on a variety of stellar performers.

Bailey Jay In Car Job

Here’s a preview gallery of the stunning “Red Wall of Sex” photo shoot to whet your whistle. For what I consider to be the main event in motion, The “Car Job” video begins with Bailey Jay sucking her hubby’s long member in their ride. Then she sits up to give us a long look at her large breasts and the big boner between her legs. The blowjob resumes with a little tea bagging and the beautiful trans babe beats off naked except for the a-shirt hiked above her tits. The camera is apparently on night vision setting and it lends uniquely amateur video production values. The mainstream and porn star’s cock looks huge because there could have been no way to shoot a scene like this from far away. After giving Matt’s long dick enough attention for now, Bailey Jay sits back in the passenger seat to jack off while gazing at us. Well, that’s when her eyes are open. At one point I think the swollen pink head of her schlong is just inches from her bare boobs. After she cums, it’s time to grab her husband’s stick shift again and smile at us while jacking him off. Tell me you don’t wish she wasn’t playing with you! Swing on over to the official Bailey Jay website to see her new blow job video and watch her lick it up!

Bailey Jay in My Alien Skirt

If you’re not a member yet, enjoy the preview Photo Gallery and mp4 and Flash Video previews. If you already are one, go to TS-Bailey Jay, see “My Alien Skirt” and watch her reveal her big bosom and the large erection between her legs. The swollen head points straight at you and then the entire length of her cock bobs and sways this way and that. Then she lays back on th sofa to jerk off. She satisfies bare leg and foot lovers again and next comes the lubrication of a big black dildo. A dual jacking and pumping follows and you should be well on your way to cumming in by the first third of this 13 minute video! She stands up for a full-frontal closeup and an amazing side view. Soon, her legs are wide open and in the perfect position for you to dive right in. The dildo she’s fucking herself with is kind of in the way, but that changes when she turns her incredible ass your way. Next comes her seductive moaning and a lubrication of her pendulous breasts. Goodness gracious, she looks extra hot oiled up! The best closeup ever comes next when she moves her big dick in for another closeup, squeezing her balls and the base of her thick shaft. Are you ready for another big, TS-Bailey Jay cumshot? It’s waiting right in her palm and in her mouth, too. Visit her free-standing website or the magnificent T-Girl Network.

Bailey Jay in Cam Girl

Cam Girl begins with Bailey Jay sitting on the couch with her big tits half out of her skimpy little white top. She’s fully erect already and her big cock as swinging around beneath her tartan plaid skirt. She gives us an explixit view of her coveted ass, then sits back on the sofa to jack off. This video is entitled “Cam Girl” but it’s not shot with the fuzziness of a live webcam show. It’s 100% high definition. There’s one part in the early footage of this scene where Bailey Jay stares at you smiling with her heavy tool straining up towards her tummy. It seems almost unreal that a dick so large can defy gravity like it does. After that presentation, she lubricates a big purple dildo and lies back with her stockinged legs spread widely. Then she begins fucking herself with the toy. She jerks off again for awhile, rides it for a bit, then shows you how it goes in and out of her from behind. Then it’s back to her frontal show, penetrating and stroking at the same time. The way she fixes the camera does actually make it seem like you’re almost watching her live. Her moaning is sexy as fuck throughout the process and a big load of creamy white cum pours out of her swollen cockhead at the end. Also, here are a couple of ridiculously beautiful photo gallery previews also from the incredible TS-Bailey Jay website I thought I’d throw in for good measure.

Bailey Jay Alone in My NYC Crashpad



The “Tank Top” photo set is so well shot, it was incredibly hard to choose just two photos for these video previews. They go perfectly with the “Alone In My NYC Crashpad” Bailey Jay video, in which she pulls of her white platform sandals and lays back in her t-shirt and panty briefs. She gives you a little foot show with her smooth soles and pink-pedicured toes and turns around to show off her incredible butt. Then she gives an explicit display of her rosebud and flips around again. When she pulls her undies off, her cock is flaccid. Then she bares her lovely breasts and begins jacking off rapidly. If I’d never seen her penis before, I’d be surprised at how huge it gets when it’s fully erect. She starts moaning and really beats her dick hard before laying back for another tantalizing ass display. The bulbous head of her cock is blue-ish pink and if you’re hoping for a creamy white cumshot, you’re going to get it. This solo stroking set goes on for 10:42 minutes with Bailey Jay fingering herself also until she spurts. There’s so much cum in this scene. She tastes a bit of it before waving goodbye. You do not want to miss this. 

Bailey Jay



In the cumtastic “Alone In My NYC Crashpad” video, Bailey Jay pulls of her white platform sandals and lays back in her t-shirt and panty briefs. She gives you a little foot show with her smooth soles and pink-pedicured toes and turns around to show off her incredible butt. Then she gives an explicit display of her rosebud and flips around again. When she pulls her undies off, her cock is flaccid. Then she bares her lovely breasts and begins jacking off rapidly. If I’d never seen her penis before, I’d be surprised at how huge it gets when it’s fully erect. She starts moaning and really beats her dick hard before laying back for another tantalizing ass display. The bulvous head of her cock is blue-ish pink and if you’re hoping for a creamy white cumshot, you’re going to get it. This solo stroking set goes on for 10:42 minutes with Bailey Jay fingering herself also until she spurts. There’s so much cum in this scene. She tastes a bit of it before waving goodbye. The video previews aren’t up yet, but click on the images above for the “Welcome To My Frisky Heart” and “Old Victorian Bed” sample photo galleries.

Bailey Jay and Natalie Mars




Did you click on the photos above for video previews of Bailey Jay with Natalie Mars? In “Crashpad Cock Slut” these gorgeous ladies waste no time with passionate kissing and mutual breast admiration. Bailey Jay’s big cock is already almost fully erect when Natalie gets her thighs open. “I can’t get over your ass,” she tells Natalie and you’ll see exactly why. Ravishing Natalie has a big dick herself that grows fully erect while her mainstream media and porn star friend strokes and sucks on it. The end of the video showed me why Natalie’s Chaturbate transsexuals room is so appropriately named Natalie Loves Cum (room=natalielovescum). If Natalie Mars isn’t online when you log in, just follow her to be notified of her next show. Since I’ve mentioned TS-Bailey Jay here about a gazillion times before, let me tell you a little about her co-star. Natalie started HRT on November 5th, 2014 and really blew up this year. I recognized her from amateur trans chan sites when I saw her with Bailey Jay. Also in case you somehow managed to forget how hot Bailey Jay looked all by herself, there’s a preview gallery behind that last shot up there.

Bailey Jay Dirty Couch BJ




The couch is indeed dirty, but I’ve seen the Bailey Jay video and quickly forgot about it. She shows off the big boner between her legs and wastes no time sucking on her hubby’s hot hardon. She teabags and strokes him while stroking herself and her sensual moaning and whimpers kick into gear. Matt starts moaning too. How can he help it?! He’s holding the camera for POV angles and getting side footage by switching hands. He also manages to get some closeups of Bailey’s beautiful face, full bare breasts and throbbing member. I wasn’t disappointed that they’d released a blowjob video because I’ve seen him fuck her a few times before. “Dirty Couch BJ” is a reminder of all the amazing content to fap to on the spectacular Bailey Jay website.