Yuuki Trap – Asian American TGirls Relaunch

Yuuki Trap is a great model I was familiar with from webcam before she became a professional major studio model. She’s been on Shemale Yum twice, but this is her Asian American TGirls debut, filmed by the same photographer, Omar Wax. Even though this gorgeous Dallas-based trans girl doesn’t say much in her new skyline striptease and cock stroking performance, it’s distinctly American. I’ll never forget that jackhammers drilling she took from producer and former Grooby girl Mayumi Sparkles on Two Tgirls that I raved about here.

On June 12, 2016, Steven Grooby announced the relaunch of Asian American TGirls and Canada TGirl as part of its new multi-site, combining FIVE websites with UK TGirls, Shemale Pornstar and the archival site of Hazel Tucker joining the lineup. Grooby said, “The decision to combine the Canada TGirl and UK TGirls site was based on both sites having a solid number of devoted members, but neither site having enough to maintain a solid budget and get enough new girls in. Adding one of my pet-project sites, Asian American Tgirls which also suffered the same problem, just should provide extra content to the members and if we can get enough budget to continue shooting for all those sites, then we’d be happy. Shemale Pornstar updates regularly with hardcore content from all the Grooby websites and Hazel-Tucker.com has many amazing scenes of one of Grooby’s best ever models.” Canada TGirl, UK-TGirls and Asian American TGirls will get updated regular with at least three sets per week amongst them. Shemale Pornstar updates with one or two sets a week (alternating). That means members are getting an update every day of the week for only $29.99 of newly shot material. “I’d encourage everyone who enjoyed Canada-Tgirls.com in the past to take another look,” Grooby added. “Those who loved Asian-American-Tgirls.com to rejoin and encourage us to get more Asian girls like the lovely Yuuki and for those who want to see us continuing shooting in the UK, to rejoin and see everything else you are now getting included for the same price.

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