Sunshyne Monroe & Angelina Torres

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I just had to see what went down with Sunshyne and Angelina’s new hardcore scene. How hardcore is it? Well, there wasn’t a single disappointment for me! Everything I hoped to see happen, happened.

It begins with Angelina requesting the 411 on how things went with a cute pool boy Sunshyne met as they casually lay across the bed. The conversation turns flirty and when Angelina announces that she’s ready, Sunshyne begins untying the strings of her sexy getup and compliments her breasts.

She kisses and licks her nipples and Angelina moans softly. She wants to see Sunshyne’s boobs and does what was done to hers. Angelina begins to rub the growing bulge in Sunshyne’s panties when she parts her thighs. “Who needs boys?” She adds, “We don’t need boys,” and Angelina replies, “No we don’t.”

They both absolutely love boys actually and if you’ve subscribed to or, you already know that. They just don’t need boys right now.

Sunshyne’s small hand works just as well as any boy’s when it comes to withdrawing Angelina’s cock and stroking it fully erect while flicking her tongue across her nipples. Sunshyne sucks Angelina’s big hard prick like a champ too! The next thing you know, Sunshyne is riding Angelina’s schlong in the cowgirl position. The side views are incredible as is the footage shot from the rear with Sunshyne hoisting her fine ass up and down to meet Angelina’s upward thrusts! By the time Angelina switches to a doggy style railing, Sunshyne is butt naked except for her tall sandals. Angelina’s lingerie leaves little to the imagination and two sets of large boobs are jiggling freely.

Angelina doesn’t employ a let’s fuck a little bit technique. She fucks the hell out of Sunshyne! She needs to because she’s got a huge load of pent-up cum to release.

This torrid scene is on both amazing performer’s official websites and on the where you’ll find a plethora of high profile stars.

Angelina Torres in: Stroking By The Pool

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The Spanish beauty many often mistake as French as a result of her upbringing is absolutely radiant in her “Stroking By The Pool” video on She poses, struts, bounces and jiggles in bra and panties upon introducing herself in a plush estate in Spain. Angelina uses her hands to show off how pliable her butt is, then steps into the water which isn’t too cold. She plays with herself, thrusting one hand inside her panties, then proceeds to remove her top. Her pretty, exposed boobs reveal that she’s been tanning topless. When she turns her back to you, you’ll notice that she’s been tanning totally nude. When she lowers her panties, there are no tan lines on her lovely form. Angelina has a unique way of diddling her fun spot that so many adoring fans dream of duplicating for her. Next, she lowers her panties and slowly begins stroking her cock. Soon she’s got one dainty foot planted at the edge of the pool, jerking a now turgid erection. This scene is available now on Angelina’s free standing, long-running official website. It’s also available on the! 

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