Transsensual: Transition – River Stark, Mercedes Carrera

When handsome James (River Stark) goes off to war, beautiful, devoted Angie (Mercedes Carrera) spends her days awaiting his return. But when James is unexpectedly discharged, Angie finds that the person who comes home to her is not the same man who left. In an emotional exchange, Angie discovers James has begun gender reassignment surgery, and her world is turned upside down. As their marriage implodes, Angie tries to open her mind to sex with a TS woman (Aspen Brooks), while James finds solace in the arms of an ex (Erica Lauren). Can their love survive the Transition? Starring Mercedes Carrera, River Stark, Aspen Brooks, Roman Todd and Erica Lauren. In this scene, River’s character home to pick up her things after divorcing Angie. The only thing she wants is one last hug goodbye. Angie tells her how beautiful she looks. The two still have chemistry and love for each other the hug goodbye ends up turning into one last fucking session between the two. They fuck each other deeply this one last time will be the best one ever, leaving both of them shaking into climax.

Transition is based on the real life story of TS porn star River Stark. Transition features Mercedes Carrera in her first ever TS sex scenes. The groundbreaking film also stars Aspen Brooks, Roman Todd, and Erica Lauren, also making her TS sex scene debut. Transition was written and directed by Nica Noelle. “Nica took the true story of River Stark’s transition and brought it to life, capturing all her emotion and struggle,” explained Mile High Media Vice President Jon Blitt. “This is a film sure to redefine what fans expect from the trans genre – and regardless of your sexuality, there is no denying the power of Transition.

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In an emotional exchange, Angie discovers James has begun gender reassignment surgery, and her world is turned upside down. As their marriage implodes, Angie tries to open her mind to a new life—sex with a TS woman (Brooks) – while James finds solace in the arms of an ex (Lauren). The question becomes whether their love survive the Transition.

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River Stark teamed with Nica and Mercedes to deliver Transition, stating, “Everything fell in its place with this film. Mercedes and I got to work on something meaningful that went beyond just bodies coming together on camera; thankfully it involved a lot of other equally dedicated people. I believe Nica’s amazing directing allowed pieces to shuffle and fall in the right order to give everyone involved an immense sense of ownership in what we were creating, which you don’t see a lot of in what we do. “I feel like that all culminated in the naming of the film itself,” River continued.

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“The title Transition came up, and it just made sense. For me it meant a few different things. It was a social and medical transition of a character in a film; transition of a soldier from battle to civilian life; a transition away from the narrative that sex workers are exploited drones; a transition from the stigma that stands between trans people and mainstream porn; a transition away from casting cisgender [non-trans] people as trans people, and so on. The first time I heard the film’s name I was all about it, as was the case with the entire film. It has definitely turned into one of the best projects I’ve been a part of and something I plan on doing more of in future work.” TransSensual exemplifies Noelle’s distinctive style with a slight twist, producing trans-positive erotica, deviating from the typical TS porn genre. New releases, trailers, and the best of Noelle’s TS erotica are available on the official member site, website, and DVDs on the theater and on

The Adventures of Sunshyne DVD

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The Adventures of Sunshyne: Come along with Sunshyne of as she explores her sexuality. Sunshyne meets Penny for the first time and can’t help herself when she sees her giant tranny cock. She does whatever Penny asks and does nothing but smile after receiving her she-cum. If trans feet are your thing, you will love this hot solo where Sunshyne teases you with her perfectly manicured toes even licking her own feet… talk about flexible! Speaking of flexible, Sunshyne shows just how far her legs can bend in this stunning hard-core with TS porn star Chelsea Marie. After receiving a powerful ass pounding she gets a wet facial that is a must-see! Kelli Lox has been wanting to fuck Sunshyne for years and Sunshyne is more then happy to bend over and take that big trans cock like a porn star should. She rides, flips, bends and finally gets a big cum filled kiss form Kelli. The ride ends with a spectacular solo shoot in the Las Vegas desert. The views are mind blowing and the sand in her catwalk . Sunshyne glides up to a convertible and shows just why she is “The Body.” If you don’t get on the ride, you will never experience the adventure. SMC Productions in conjunction with presents The Adventures of Sunshyne on Adult DVD Empire.

Bianka Nascimento & Allan

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Before I saw the torrid hardcore scene with Bianka Nascimento and Allan, I saw the solo scene with Bianka stripping and jacking off by the pool. She tells us how she gets so excited thinking about naked guys on the beach. She looks ravishing with shades on, a sheer lacy one-piece and tall pumps by the pool. She bares and fondles her large breasts, then simulates fellatio with the arm of her sunglasses. The closeups on her lovely face and bright eyes are exquisite and so is her completely nude form as she strokes her cock to a full erection. Bianka takes a brief dip in the water and continues jerking off. If you’ve been craving to see another video with Bianka playing with herself naked from head to toe, you must get this.

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In her scene with handsome, muscular Allan, Bianka is already grabbing his boner through his briefs as the kiss when it begins. As for the oral action, Bianka does most of the cock sucking and Allan devours her with a rimjob. Doggy style is the first position he fucks her in. You simply must subscribe to either the official Bianka Nascimento website or get a TGirl Network multi-pass for the entire lineup of legendary SMC stars. For more of this top trans star, take a look at the Bianka Nascimento Filmography on Adult Empire. Her body of work is incredible!

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Cici in TS Beauty Goes Anal

Cici in TS Beauty Goes Anal on Adult DVD Empire

TS Beauty Goes Anal, from Desert Wind Studios, is split into two scenes featuring the new sensation Cici of Las Vegas, Nevada. The preview video and scene shots (plus my blogging about this exquisite vixen before) should tell you most of what you need to know about this 66 minutes of HD streaming perfection. When the movie begins, Cici is posing on the bed in a skimpy little halter top, a tartan plaid skirt, and tall black platforms. She’s not wearing panties and her cock is partially exposed beneath the hem of her skirt. It begins to swell as she gyrates on the bed, presenting her lithe form in various angles. The director has employed the use of multiple cameras including a hand-held for tight closeup footage. Cici pours oil on her cock and strokes it fully erect. Then she turns around and spanks her sexy little ass hard. After this magnificent solo posing and masturbating, a man with a hot body appears on the bed with his stiff dick standing proudly from his loins. His face is never really shown as the focus is meant to be mainly on the gorgeous young trans girl. After sucking the stud’s erection, barely legal Cici lays back on the bed so she can rub her hardon against her man’s and stroke them together. Cici gives the dude another blowjob, purring how much she loves his cock. Cici plants her bare feet on the guy’s back as he gives her a rim job next. After she returns the favor, the cute guys fucks the hell out of her. What I almost forgot while reading the promo was that Cici gets her turn and fucks him just as well! By the end of the scene, all Cici is wearing is the little mini skirt that’s bunched up around her slim waist. Her body is fantastic and her cumshot rivals the velocity of her lover’s jets. Something tells me we’re going to see a lot of Cici this year (under slightly different stage names). Cici in TS Beauty Goes Anal on Adult DVD Empire is a must.